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Lille: Gabriel Magalhães to choose Arsenal or Napoli in next 48 hours

Lille owner Gerard Lopez has confirmed that the Ligue 1 side have accepted offers from both Arsenal and Napoli for Brazilian defender Gabriel Magalhães.

Both clubs are understood to have submitted €30 million offers for the 22-year-old centre-back and it’s down to him where he decides to go next.

While Napoli have been in contact with Gabriel’s representatives for longer, the Gunners are confident that they will get their man. Various reports have suggested the player is keen on trying his luck at Arsenal with Mikel Arteta keen to have him as part of a new-look defence.

Speaking to talkSPORT, Lopez said: “I think he [Gabriel] has narrowed it down. I think it is far to say that Arsenal are high interest to him. Napoli is high interest to him. We’ve given him plenty of time to make up his mind.

“We’ve always said, as we did with Pepe, that if we have an agreement with a club or two clubs or three clubs, and the agreements are the same, we’re not going to create a bidding competition. We said, whenever we have the number that we want, you are free to choose.

“That choice, and I don’t think I am giving up too much if I tell you, is going to be made probably between today or tomorrow. I’m unable to tell you at this stage what it is.

“We’ve given him some recommendations but we don’t like to talk about them in public, we don’t want anyone to feel bad or whatever, but we’ve told him where we think he should go. At the end of the day, he’s in an environment to make his choice and we support that.”

If he were to choose Arsenal, Gabriel would be joining a burgeoning Brazilian enclave in N5 with David Luiz, Gabriel Martinelli and Willian all joining in the last 14 months.

Possibly in an attempt to ward off Napoli, who are set to sell Kalidou Koulibaly to Manchester City, it’s also been reported that Sokratis has been offered to the Serie A side. The Greece international, 32, has played in Italy previously for Genoa and AC Milan and could be tempted by a return with playing time at Arsenal likely to be limited.

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Big fan of tall left-footed centrebacks from Lille.


Meanwhile, Emery is apparently close to signing our old Gabriel.


Who? Paulista? I thought he was happy at Valencia.


Think they’re in a financial mess and need to sell.


OK. I follow them to a degree and I’ve understood that the fans aren’t keen on the owner. Not that I know exactly what he’s done but they hold him responsible for the loss of prestige, players and form. I’ve seen many angry online rants at him.

Now where have we heard that story before?


yes but the urge to play with Le Coq again is just irresistible

Pat Rice and Beans

Sorry Matt, but didn’t get your reference ?


Summer 2002, Arsenal are champions, Tony Adams is retiring, Leeds need to sell a young Rio Ferdinand to pay debts…

We sign Zinedine Cygan.

Hamburg Gooner

But he went for a then world record sum (for a defender) to MU, which we absolutely couldn´t afford having just commited to build a new stadium. And Cygan was (at least) a good squad player. No more, no less. Had lots of games in those years, which were probably the best the club has ever had (football wise at least ..)

A Different George

I thought Toure and Campbell were pretty decent after Adams left. Didn’t they go for a while without losing any?


Yes, a year later after we lost the league while over-relying on an ageing Keown whilst having our best ever team.


Really hope he comes! Exactly what we need. COYG!

Johnny 4 Hats

Kind of admirable, but why the hell not start a bidding war? If two people wanted to buy my car I’d take no shame in asking them both what their best offer was. 30m euros feels like a steal. Seems a strange tactic.


Don’t tempt fate Johnny four hats! Else we make you sell one of your hats to cover the extra cash a bidding war would require!

David C

I actually think Lille’s statements and transparency are to be admired.

Johnny 4 Hats

Well put it this way. If our lot did it, I’d be pissed.

Tierney Turner

No need to worry man, we always went for the old let them run down their contracts and walk out the door. No bids no bidding war.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

30M is the price of a luxurious business aircraft. 72M (Pépé) is the price of a modern commercial aircraft that carries 200 people.

It Is What It Is

Emirates. Duh!


I wouldn’t worry for Lille. They sold us Pepe for a huge fee and they just sold Victor Osimhen to Napoli for 70M€.

I think this strategy is also a way for them to attract young promising players : they have a certain amount that they want to get, and after that the player is free to go wherever he want. The risk of a bidding war is that your player has only one choice of team, and maybe young players don’t want that.


Well if being around compatriots is important to him, it’ll be Arsenal, with Luiz, Willian, Martinelli as well as Edu upstairs. My brief research shows Napoli only have Allan. Apparently he’s from Brazil but with that name I reckon he’s actually from Hartlepool.


Never underestimate the powers of Allan from Hartlepool!


He’s a bit rude though. He never responds.
Allan, Allan, Allan…

Artetas Assistant

Lille: Gabriel Magalhães to choose Arsenal or Napoli in next 48 hours

“Well, congratulations gentlemen”

Parlour’s Pay Packet

So he’s joining The Arsenal


Hopefully he chooses us.

Jeremy DG

Remember Higuain? Don’t be too sure


Don’t count your chickens, son..

Fingers crossed though. ??


The tension, the tension… . I think we may just shade it over Napoli. It would be good to get a transfer done and dusted – as long as it’s the right one, of course. There’s been a mountain of speculation but a molehill of movement so far.


They like to mess with us

SB Still

“It would be good to get a transfer done and dusted – as long as it’s the right one” – left one in this case. I’ll get my coat!


Napoli: If you come here, you can play next to Sokratis!

Arsenal: If you come here, you won’t have to play with Sokratis!


(I like Sokratis)


Genuinely excited that if he joins we have a quick strong ball playing centerhalves in him and willy Sab.

I still think we should play a trio even if and when we sign him with Luiz in the middle.

If we do sign Gabriel MK2, new and improved guy who can pass , then it makes the Mari Signing all the stranger unless Mari can play in the center of a trio.

I really didn’t think we would be anywhere near this guy so excited for it and hope comes through.


irrespective of arsenal current status, most players still wants for arsenal because of the club culture, style of play its historyetc. He is a gunner, i know it


London vs Naples in the current climate can’t be much of a question either.


London v Naples would never be a question.

Cannon Balls

There’s also no volcanoes in London! That’s got to be a plus..


Naples isn’t what is what it used to be without Don Ciro.

It Is What It Is

You know. Twas a sad day brother.


Watch the film! L’immortale


London vs Naples in current Covid situation should be easier choice too


I think it has more to do with Arteta atm. Would Emery still be here, it would be more difficult to convince players to come, I guess.


Agreed on tne Arteta point, seen as a young hungry manager with strong principles and already won a trophy? That’s got to appeal to an ambitious player, hopefully it makes our dealings easier for years to come!


Genuinely excited that if he joins we have a quick strong ball playing centerhalves in him and willy Sab.

I still think we should play a trio even if and when we sign him with Luiz in the middle.

If we do sign Gabriel MK2, new and improved guy who can pass , then it makes the Mari Signing all the stranger unless Mari can play in the center of a trio.

I really didn’t think we would be anywhere near this guy so excited for it and hope comes through.


I guess you need 4 centre halves, and two of them need to be left footed. Mari looks pretty decent too.


I got tired of this guy’s stories from twitter itk.


If this is the guy we want, and Napoli are genuinely our only obstacle, then surely a Sokratis sized sweetener to Napoli to walk away is on the cards?


Yep, good point well made.

Sac, Lac & Crack

I’d obviously rather live in Naples than London so don’t think this is cut and dry. That said who would rather play for the ARSENAL.

Pizza or football, can’t say I envy the man. Let’s just hope he’s not like Wellington Silva.

Sac, Lac & Crack

Who wouldn’t! Stupid fat fingers.


Too much pizza


YOu’ve obviously never been to Papagone’s on Stroud Green Rd


Have you been to Naples?

Sac, Lac & Crack

Yeah, I spent two months there in the great sanitation workers strike of 2007. Beautiful place, wonderful people, foul smells. I didn’t go for an away game though which I hear is a different experience.


It’s literally one of my favourite places on Earth….so vibrant and full of life!


I’ve seen he’s already made his mind up and is heading to Arsenal for a medical today/tomorrow. Someone get the plane tracker on the go!


Friday was traditionally always the day that we signed new players.

That said, the words ‘Arsenal’ and ‘Tradition’ have about as much in common these days as The FA Cup Final and a 3.00pm kickoff.


Can we send Gilberto Silva to Lille with his guitar to serenade him?


I’m sure he would be playing the mandolin.

Charles MMM

The suspense is overbearing. Come on Gabriel, book your one way ticket to London.


very rare to have such an openly disccused transfer – we’ve accepted the bids, you are free to go


This really needs to happen. We desperately need a good central defender to partner Saliba.

Come on mate, sign for The Arsenal. Don’t condemn us all to yet another season of Mustafi’s Mustafis.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

All the reports I’ve read say he’s on his way to London for a medical


There was one that said he’ll have the medicals in france

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Yep you’re right, due to the quarantine.

Excited now, and hopefully won’t be disappointed.

The Kolkata Gooner

Wow, Lille sounds like a really considerate club! It must be a good environment for talented youngsters who aspire bigger things eventually. To not start a bidding war and even advice their assets on their future is really from another world.
We should maybe consolidate our business relationship with them.

Corona XY

Didn’t the 79 Million € we paid for Pepe consolidate enough? 😛

The Kolkata Gooner

I’d like to think so, but apparently 20 million out of that went to agents and Raul. :\


I’m sorry, totally off topic. But why the hell is there an ad running on this site about the remedy to quick ejaculation


Probably down to all those posting rubbish about us making the top four next season, when we’re clearly not ready.

Jeremy DG

I think we all have different ads. They are targeted based on your search history


I was going to give you a thumb up… but that seemed wrong somehow.


Apparently not. I just got the phone this week, and all I’ve searched since then has been football related. Thanks though.

Drogheda Gunner

Stung. Lol


Mekus… I hate to say this, but ads are more often than not tailored to content you’ve been browsing elsewhere.

We’re here for you buddy!


Perhaps he visited mistakenly assuming it was the main Sp*rs blog….

Good Ebening

An easy mistake to make but why would anybody want to visit a Sp*rs blog?


The biggest signing we can make is still Aubameyang


It’s very refreshing to hear these words from Lille. They don’t want to create bidding war, supporting player in his decision.


Why don’t we offer E30 Million +1

Didnt that work before?


8 senior center backs, its time for a fire sale!
Either that or we are going to play really defensive next year.


Sokratis up top a la Mertesacker?


I once got off a train in Naples and felt sufficiently uncomfortable that I climbed right back on again. I did the same thing in Bologna.
But not in Verona, that was pretty.
I regularly got off the train in London, and was always late for work accordingly. So I bought a bicycle.

Conclusion? If Gabriel Mk. II likes a comforting and educational environment he will choose Arsenal. If he prefers punctual transport and sleazy men giving him “come hither eyes” he will be off to Napoli.

Granit(e) hard!

Well I am quietly excited, if we are able to sign him?…with that many talented Brazilians in one squad, you bet there’s bound to be exciting attacking football because they dont know any other way to play and coincidentally?…thats the Arsenal way too!, and with Arteta at the helms?, good times are coming back, i can feel it!


Hopefully he’ll see the energy Arteta is bringing to the dug out, and want to be part of an exciting rebuild. He might be encouraged by all of the other Brazilian players we have currently. You’d hope Luiz, Willian, and our own Gabriel will be sending him loads of messages telling him to join them.

Glasgow Gooner

Sign le ting

john mark

I hope Napoli are not stalling for time .. While they offload Koulibaly to Man City


To my understanding this is the case. He is waiting to see how long it may take as there may be complications there.

I believe he is more keen on Napoli.

But timeline may work to our favour unless he prefers to take a risk and see if City do go for Koulibally. City have added Ake so question marks and resolve ultimately by price..


No Premier League experience, no international experience and part of a Lille defence that conceeded 14 goals and picked up a solitary point in six Champions League games. Sorry, but I’m not convinced this guy is the answer to our problems. Who’s actually seen him play?


Fair points. Its not conclusive, we will take a risk bedding in a new CBack. OTOH none of our options have been terribly convincing. Saliba also untested. Mari looks promising but we’ve only seen a short amount of appearances before injury. Manghalles won’t be as clear cut as Koulibally or Upamecano but those ships have sailed for us and we are no longer able to compete for them. BUT if he does come in my main concern is bedding in 3 relatively new Cbacks in Mari, Saliba and Manghalles. We may opt to keep one of Holding, Chambers or Mustafi… Read more »

Group Captain Mandrake

I believe they had the 4th best goals against record in the French League. And they were definitely the minnows in their CL group with Ajax, Chelsea and Valencia. In addition to that, it is a team game you know, you can’t put the results all on one player.

Pepe The Frog

Of course, there’s no guarantee that he’s going to be an instant success. But do you really want to judge him based on his team’s performance in the champions league? Robertson played for a Hull City team that got relegated. So did Maguire. Ake’s a pretty solid defender and his team got relegated.

Cash plus Guendouzi

Never seen him play, but I like him just because he’s tall. The way a cb should be imo


We have been saying in the last week and now sky sport is saying that PSV and Man United has come in for him


Surely this deal can’t collapse at this late stage. One thing for sure if this deal comes off, will be a major coup.


Yes, looks like it’s Utd who are emerging as a possible destination for Magalhães. If they are interested, I think it’s likely he’ll go there rather than to The Emirates, but we’ll see.


Not oppose to getting another Cback. However it will mean we have 3 relatively untested players starting next season. Mari of course injured or returning, then Saliba jury still out so caution, and of course if he signs Gabriel. Luiz I suppose will be the insurance. We will likely lose Sokratis. We will have to sell Chambers and Mustafi albeit not clear cut as they are injured and they may be on the books till January. Holding is the other question. I expect if Gabriel comes in (along with Mari and Saliba) Holding’s days are numbered. He may generate reasonable… Read more »


On Magalhães, several news reports say Man Utd are sniffing around. If true (who knows) then I’d think he’d be Old Trafford bound, for CL football. On centre backs generally, we have far too many very average players in that position. Quality not quantity is needed as all successful teams are built on solid defences – which is the main reason why we’re not. Arteta not only needs to bring in said quality, he needs to offload the dross – far easier said than done as evidenced by the fact, so far, that there are no buyers for any of… Read more »


The Times’ are reporting he passed Medical with us yesterday. Apparently the Man U thing was click bait. I hope so, I’m excited about this purchase 2 tall powerful centre backs Saliba/ Magalhães, sounds good. I do think this could be the end of Holding, not sure Arteta rates him, and I must admit I felt he came up short in FA Cup final, he seemed to be turned easily by Pulisic. I think Chambers might survive the pending defender culling due to the fact he is injured and Arteta will want to have a look at him before he… Read more »


Mustafi is the one we need to move on, injury not withstanding. To be fair, there has been a recent degree of mitigation, but overall I dread to think how many crucial top four Premiership points this club has dropped due to his school boy errors. And that’s the point; they have been some of the softest goals I’ve ever seen Arsenal concede and more often than not, they’ve cost us dearly. From what I gather, he’s a lovely guy, with a great personality and loved by everyone at the club and you cannot argue with that. I also wholeheartedly… Read more »


Yeah Chambers did overlap with Arteta as a player. As did Ozil, Emi, Bellerin, Elneny and AMN.

All of whom it’s rumoured the club is now offering to sell!

Artetetet Artetetet tetetet

Arteta is so convincing and charming that if Gabriel has spoken to him then I think he’s on his way to us. Fingers crossed.


Let’s hope so. There are quite a few reports that United are seriously interested and, if true, the rewards of CL football may be a clincher. Pounds winning over personality? We should know soon though.


Hopefully rumors of a Man U gazump are exaggerated…


Fourth place might not be a trophy, but it’s a fucking good card to have up your sleeve in situations like this.


Fucking Manchester United.

They always were a pain in the arse when it came to transfer windows; baiting Frank Stapleton, sniffing around Charlie Nicholas before we signed him, baiting Viv Anderson, trying to tap up Tony Adams and Patrick Vieira and the less said about van Persie and Alexis, the better.

Fucking Manc cunts.


Update: It’s looking more likely that Arteta is going to get his man, so I’ve calmed down a fair bit!

(United are still cunts though)


Time’s up….


The longest 48 hours I’ve ever known!

This signing is as crucial to our rebuilding aspirations as getting Auba to ‘Sign da ting.’

It’s absolutely imperative that Saliba has a good central defensive partner and I’ve got a good hunch about this that I haven’t felt since Sol Campbell signed up to partner Tony Adams.

Could our long, long quest since then to find a decent centre back partnership be finally over? I do hope so. ?


* Toure and Campbell, not withstanding.

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