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Martinez: I want more and I will not stop until I get what I want

Emi Martinez says that his goal is to consolidate his position at Arsenal, as well as reaching the Argentina national team, and that unless he gets enough game time in North London he’ll seek to move elsewhere.

It’s a message he’s sent before, but not with the kind of authority he can use now having taken his chance in the team due to Bernd Leno’s injury.

The 27 year old, who has been at Arsenal for 10 years, performed outstandingly well when the German was sidelined, and played a big part in helping the cup to a famous FA Cup win against Chelsea last weekend.

Speaking to radio station Continental in his home country, he reiterated his desire to play more regularly.

“I demonstrated to the club, that, that I can play and also when I return in the next season I need to play more games,” he said. “And that’s the only way that I will stay at Arsenal.

“I want more and I will not stop until I get what I want – to consolidate my place with Arsenal and to reach the national team as number one.

“If I don’t play for Arsenal I would clearly move on. I am not a conformist and I always want to advance in my career, so wherever I play more games I will go there.”

At his age, you can’t blame him, and after showcasing his talent after so long in the shadows in North London, you can also understand why he’s not willing to play the role of understudy anymore.

Emi sounded positive about what the future would bring though, after the cup success and as the club comes through a difficult period which saw the lowest league position in over 25 years.

“I think that now with the structure that there is, the new sports directors, new coach, next year we are going to be much better,” he said.

Let’s hope so.

Our information is that right now Arsenal want to keep both Emi and Bernd Leno, but if there’s a bid for one of them, they may consider it due to the financial situation.

At best though, we’ve got two excellent goalkeepers who will push each other for the number 1 position, and that can only be a good thing.

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Phew, this guy … glad we have loyal souls like Özil, they will gladly stay even without a single minute of game time.
Sarcasm over.




350K per week anyone will stay, cannot blame Ozil.


What about Alexis?


I too am loyal to my employer just like Özil. In that I do as little as possible without getting canned.


He’s number 1 next season, Leno can stay and fight for his place or get sold. Either way, great goalkeeper, he’s an Arsenal man.

Johnny 4 Hats

I wonder if Leno has created his serial killer wall of cut out pictures of Neil Maupay yet?

“Oh, you’ll pay Maupay. You’ll Maupay alright” *Demonic cackling*


If Guendouzi gets sold to PSG, and rots in their bench to eventually get sold to an outfit in Turkey in a year or two, I imagine he’ll do the same and turn into a rogue hitman for Maupay.


He’ll go ‘undercover’ with a disguise – dressed as the KISS guitarist dude, Paul Stanley. A few bars of ‘Crazy Crazy Nights’ and then he’ll bring the guitar smashing over Maupay’s head.


Maupay is lucky – imagine if the ‘keeper in question had been Crazy Jens……


Leno is one of our best players. I wouldn’t sell Leno to keep Emi. Leno is still my no.1


After a strong end to the season and a decade at the club, I would be surprised if Martinez still agreed to be second choice. He’s 27 now, he’s clearly demonstrated that he can be a top Goalkeeper and many other teams would be glad to have him. If I had to pick between him and Leno, I’m picking Emi. And it wouldn’t be a very hard choice. He’s the better, bigger, sharper and more commanding of the two goalkeepers. Of course Leno played under a more unstructured defence, but you always knew that even after a very strong performance,… Read more »


I am also leaning towards EMI because of his height, mentality and homegrown status..but I wouldn’t say it is an easy choise between him and Leno


I am sure that we can keep both happy for at least one more season. I would agree that EMI needs to play PL till he loses form. We need to give him a new contract so that in case we have to lose him next year, we can get big money.


The thing is Leno should be at his top market rate now if his recovery is going as planned. Leave him in the bench for a year won’t help anyone.


Football over economics. Sorry.


Not an easy choice. Good point to note: you mentioned Leno faced shots with an unstructured defence and did it with consistency. We’d Be near relegation without Leno and Auba lest we forget. I think arteta will stick with emi next season who IMO is the more impressive of the two currently, but we are yet to witness consistency


I hope Arteta makes him our number 1. I was already won over by his performances since Leno got injured, but when he broke down on live TV, it was cemented. We need all our players to feel like that after a cup win – man, I’m welling up now just thinking about it.
Bless Martinez – he understands what it means to play for Arsenal. I wish all our players did.


Interesting that Leno was runner-up in POY award but may now not even be fans’ first choice keeper.

Nahum Mwila

Martinez is unbelievable…Leno is good but i have never felt so comfortable with a goalkeeper in a long time like i have done in past few weeks. His presence is huge and the way he holds crosses is so assuring..So its Emi for me…


I can definitely understand him. He is too good not to play regularly for at least a decent PL team. While I would love to keep him whether it’s as a backup or first choice eventually, I would sincerely wish him all the best. He’s been such a loyal servant and without him, or someone equally good, we would never have won the FA cup.


I do hope Martinez remains our number one. I’ve said this before, but he is a strong goalkeeper who has the ability to play out from the back. As good as Bernd is, I don’t think he’s as good with the ball at his feet as Martinez. Nor is he as physically imposing.


This guy always had massive confidence in his own ability and it turns out he was right. I think Leno has been exemplary too though. Such a tough decision for Arteta. They always say this is a ‘nice dilemma’ for a manager to have, but give me an easy decision any day if I was in his shoes! Guess that’s why I’m not. For what it’s worth, I would start next season with Martinez as no. 1, if for no other reason than he’s the man in possession now and hasn’t put a foot wrong so it’s his to lose.


Actually, he did put a foot wrong in the Cup Final, but luckily not a hand, just about…


I agree as per the Arsecast that I just like Emi’s bigger frame over Leno. I feel like goalkeepers with more physical presence have an advantage in the EPL. It turns out he’s not a bad shotstopper either.

I just wonder how different Wenger’s subsequent years could have been had he not stuck with Almunia – I believe that was the worst mistake in his 22 years.


I agree. How someone can go from Jens Lehman to Almunia is beyond me.


Side note: Martinez is probably not on a big wage. That must surely be a factor in keeping him?


OTOH that could mean he’s on a lowish release clause and they’re looking to renew his contract?


Release clauses in England don’t mean shit. Ain’t that right, Luis?


Good teams, and certainly great teams, are built on a solid defence – which is probably why we’ve been neither for a while now. However, I think Martinez has done well considering what’s usually (not always, as there have been improvements) in front of him. It would be ideal to have and keep two good keepers but that’s often tricky. The article suggests that an offer could lead to the transfer of one. I hope not, but we may have to get used to the possibility/probability of losing players that we wouldn’t ordinarily expect to sell.


Only one keeper at a time and fortunately the ones that have played this season have done a good job. The midfield vary from poor to excellent depending on the opposition. The defence are uncoordinated and need to gel. There is insufficient pace and intelligence. The attack needs to understand hunger and leave the arrogance at home.
The whole squad need a few coaching sessions on the art of kicking. How to kick a dead ball knowing it’s trajectory and destination. The pace comes with practice after the technique is mastered.


Which of our attackers is arrogant?

Public Elneny

You genius… Kicking… That’s we’re going wrong!


People seem too forget Leno was one our best players before his injury. Martinez has been good these last couple of games. But as of this point in time nobody knows he can carry that form throughout the entirety of the coming season. We know leno will continue to be a consistent performer, because he has proven that for two seasons now.

djourou's nutmeg

totally agree, but guess you won’t find much support in a fanbase that only cares about the last 2 matches


Martinez has played far more than 2 matches for supporters to see that he’s a superior keeper.


Actually Leno hasn’t been consistent. He’s inclined to flap at crosses and his ball distribution is poor. Yes he’s a great shot stopper but still prone to errors as he did against Chelsea. Martinez has looked far safer in all areas.


I disagree that it would be good to keep them both. Competition amongst outfield players is easier to manage because there are simply more spots available. But there is only one spot for a goalie and sooner or later the competition will lead to frustration and friction. From what I’ve seen of Emi he appears to have the edge. He and Leno seem equal in everything but Leno has more first team experience and a longer consistent track record, Emi has the advantage in being more rooted to the club and better at collecting crosses. But we must remember that… Read more »

Houston Gunner

Sounds like my last boyfriend


Feel our goalkeeping unit has been better when inaki cana joined. A better coaching system can do wonders too.

David J M

Prefer Martinez for his command of the area and his handling of crosses which isn’t one of Leno’s strengths.

Public Elneny

Emi Martinez England no. 1!

Arman chango

He is surely deserve my respect and I am eager to see him play inside the Arsenal net because he did what he has to gain that position.

Teryima Adi

Clash of the Titans

Merlin’s Panini

Great that we have to excellent keepers. I hope there’s some way we can keep both but they’re both of that quality that they’ll want to play every game. It’s also better for the defence when they know and trust the keeper. Leno has done nothing wrong since he’s been with us and it’s hugely unfortunate if an injury enforced by an arse like Maupay spells the end of his time with us. Emi has 100% deserved all the accolades he’s received. He was utterly brilliant in the last few games. For me it’s a really tough choice and it… Read more »


We have a bit of a problem and a good problem. Keeper is one of our stronger positions. I don’t think we should rush it, we should endeavor to keep BOTH Leno and Martinez for this season and resolve it next season preferably. BUT powers that be seem keen to hold on to Auba and hawk off Laca so won’t be surprise if they sell one of the keepers either… Again personally, I would keep Laca bc he is 29yrs has two seasons left and plays in others for us/retains the ball. We don’t get sufficient ball retention with Auba.… Read more »


Anyone calling for Emi as no1 is suffering from recency bias. Yes, he was excellent, for 12 games.
Leno, with Aubameyang kept us in the season(not just games). We will be playing about 50 matches or more next season. There are enough games for 2 gk.


Well if he has a good start to the season then make the selection hard for Arteta not to drop you.
Unfortunately for him I would say 1 loss and Leno would go straight back in. So only solution is a 2020/21 invincible season Emi! Get it done.

Tony Z.

We 100% need to sell one of them. Having two top class keepers is a luxury we sadly can’t afford.


My sense is that Leno is better in one on one’s and shot stopping while Martinez has better feet, distribution and handling of crosses. They are both very good keepers so it’ll be a shame to see either go. Any statistical analysis blogs? Obviously less games to analyse with Emi but could be interesting.


That’s the spirit Emi!


As happy as I would to keep both, given we are currently looking around for sellable assets surely we can’t justify keeping two top quality keepers while other areas of the squad are so lacking? This situation was always going to arise if Martinez performed well – you don’t spend 10 years at a club waiting, have a great spell in the side only to then go back onto the bench willingly. Out of the two, I’d keep Martinez. I feel like Leno is a great keeper for where we have been – great reactive shot stopper behind a defense… Read more »


You don’t go throwing good food away just because you’re out of wine. Who says we can’t use two quality ‘keepers? We have a big season coming up – and guess what, we might be 8th at the moment, but we’re also Arsenal Football Club. Come on mate, it’s bad enough with the board thinking small – as supporters let’s at least remember who The Arsenal are.

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