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Joe Montemurro reacts to 6-1 victory over Sp*rs

On the team responding to his request to find their rhythm quickly…
We had a different setup against Spurs last time, we played with a lower midfield this time, we were able to combine with our back four in our build-up. So once they pressed us in that area, we were able to drag out their lines and we found space beyond and I think that’s where we hurt them a little bit more today. It was a different type of game to last time and a different approach from us too.

On Katie McCabe’s early goal…
We had a few opportunities even before that where we worked the ball into the area and had some opportunities to slip in behind their back four. There was another free-kick for a foul on DvD on the edge of the area where Katie nearly scored too. The goal was very important in terms of getting into our rhythm. Katie has gone close with some setpieces in previous games and she got her rewards today.

On the performance of Caitlin Foord…
We knew the closer we could get her to Viv in central areas the more she would find space and we found that every opportunity we could get into that area, we had someone working under or that she would be able to turn and play forwards. She is finding a level of freedom and she is enjoying being part of this team.

On Vivianne Miedema breaking the WSL scoring record, with 52 goals in 50 appearances…
We see from a football perspective week by week the contribution Viv makes as a footballer but I’m blessed and lucky to be a part of her every day scenario. She is an amazing person who is there for the team, a team player, I’m blessed to have 23 players that work for each other.

The thing that was enlightening was the players injured behind me, their energy and encouragement for the players, and Viv is a part of that, off the ball she is also an amazing person. It’s great to see her have the freedom and opportunity to be part of our attacking part and she gets the reward for it. She’s got players around her that create space for her and she creates space for others too.

On being efficient in the second half…
It was our idea to be efficient in the second half, we have the added pressure of players going away for internationals now so some of them aren’t going to get a rest. We’ve got an opportunity to take stock of the situation and all credit to the players for being intelligent enough to keep the ball, to freshen up and take the opportunity to get a bit of energy back.

On whether Miedema’s contract will be extended…
It’s something we look at very early, in about November we sit down and look at contracts and where we’re heading and where we’re heading in the years to come and obviously Viv will be top of that list and we’ll do everything we can to make sure she remains part of this group- obviously on the park but also off the pitch her qualities as a person are fantastic.

On maintaining a perfect record in the WSL in the face of a mounting injury list…
I think it just shows the strength of the squad and the balance and the invention of the squad. I have players that can play multiple roles, I played Viki [Schnaderbeck] as a lateral defender today and she didn’t look out of place. I think the balance of the squad is really, really important and I’m excited to get players back and have the combinations and options available.

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Viv has stated that she is interested to play in different leagues after Arsenal. She has also said that she likes how Man City and Chelsea have handled the summer break with their signings. (Regardless of whether they are successful or whether it was worth it) I think in order to keep her, Arsenal needs to show how serious they are in going for the nr 1 spot every single season. I don’t think they convinced her of that this summer too much, but I don’t see any other league to be more interesting for her.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Had the impression Joe signed many players this summer. They’re not top class? Lot of departures as well.

Viv the ?

Yeah, I think they were sensible and in the positions we needed improvement. If we add just like one Midfielder and one Defender (LB/CB), I think we are really good to go. Putting an end to the injuries (if possible) would be the most important thing to do.
Up The Arsenal!


Hard not to see Miedema becoming one of the top earners in women’s football. If not at AFC, then at her next club. She is so skilled and still young, entering peak years.

Christopher Humphrey

If it was cash that motivated Viv she would probably have been at Chelski by now.

Viv the ?

I’m just praying for a Viv contract mega expansion. I’ve heard the talk about her wanting to play in other leagues and for other teams. I mean, I’m trying to do the math to kinda predict on the outcome. And I think she will stay for a couple of years more (thinking about how young she also is). I’m just hoping it is not a City/Chelsea/United. That would break my heart. She is obviously not the whole team, but dayum she is a big part of it. And I think she doesn’t want to sit on top of everything and… Read more »

Obama Young

Just saying, if you were recording the men’s Spurs-West Ham game and stopped watching, go back to it and WATCH IT TO THE END.


Sp*rs doing what they do best, in both games


Leah W being a regular for England is absurd and shows – if any confirmation was needed – that Phil Neville is a prize twat.


NOT being a regular I meant, of course!!!


A prize twat is a strange concept


I was surprised by Neville at first, was more impressed with him than I expected. But then he came down with a bad case of englandmanageritis (tactical inflexibility, playing only his favourites regardless of form or fitness, etc.) and everything went downhill.

Fun Gunner

Fantabulous, girls! What a result! I suspect that the first goal was key. Tottenham were probably banking on the game following the same pattern as the last two matches, so Katie McCabe’s strike made their game plan go up in flames. Regarding Miedema, I think for her it will be all about whether she thinks she can win the CL with Arsenal. Yes, we play great football and treat our players well, but she would get that at Bayern or Wolfsburg or Lyon etc. I doubt if she’s looking to leave, but the fact that it’s something Tim asked about… Read more »

Viv the ?

Mate I’m thinking about this for weeks, since I couldn’t find information on her contract. (mostly length) It is really up for grabs and yes, it will probably about the CL. As far as I’m concerned, this season the top 3 get into the CL, so as long as we can shake off United and Everton we should be good to go in qualifying. Now winning is another category. I mean, as far as I can see no one can really really challenge Lyon at the moment. The position they are in is just amazing. When I think about it,… Read more »

Fun Gunner

Thanks, Tim!
That’s what I needed to hear.

Merlin’s Panini

Miedema is class!
Good old Spurs. They’ve cheered me up twice today!


The FA player was messed up most of the match! So had to follow live commentary without live action!
We did great, with Viv setting a record that will be difficult to match any time soon.
Joe just has to show her he’s up to matching up against the other big sides.

Viv the ?

Yeah, that is the biggest uncertainty. (in big matches) We can be just hoping, that there is gonna be improvement. A healthy squad would also be quite helpful but that should not be an excuse.
Up The Arsenal!

Peter Story Teller

The Spuds were woeful for most of the match but you can only beat what is in front of you. I think they just gave up after our second goal went in and BT kept showing pictures of Alex Morgan in the stand wondering what club she had joined! We should really have reached double figures in this game but we didn’t try so hard in the second half which in effect was 1-1. The team in white did not deserve that as they rarely troubled our defence. I am glad Manu saved the penalty as it was a farcical… Read more »

Naked Cygan

What a great day for sp*rs! More of the same please.

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