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Aubameyang: It’s a big win

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was the match-winner from the penalty spot as Arsenal sealed a first league win away against Manchester United in over 14 years.

After the 1-0 victory, the club captain paid tribute to the hard work of his teammates.

Here’s what he said in his Sky Sports interview.

On the performance…

It’s been a very tough night but I’m really happy because the team did really well tonight. It’s been a long time we didn’t win here so of course today it’s a big win.

On feeling in control…

Yes, definitely. At half time everyone knew in the second half we have to score because we’d had some opportunities. I think we managed well in the first half and in the second half we had this penalty, we scored and then everyone wants to defend. We did well. It’s a great night.

On his penalty…

We work a lot with Laca on penalties in training, we are pretty confident. That’s it.

On Gabriel and Thomas Partey…

As I said, the team did a great job. I’m really happy with all the boys. Everyone was giving their best today and that’s why we won.

On it changing how the team feels about their start to the season…

For sure, I think we knew since the beginning that we have to trust the process. As we said, Mikel is bringing something very, very nice. Everybody wants to follow this way.

On being aware of Arsenal’s bad record away at the top six…

Yeah, yeah…it was good to win tonight.

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I look at a performance like today’s, and I am reminded of why certain players can get into this team.

The work rate is phenomenal. What Arteta demands from EACH INDIVIDUAL player is clear to see.

He yells “LACA LACA LACA!” – Laca doesn’t react? He pulls him out for Eddie almost immediately.

He yells “WILLI WILLI WILLI!” -Willian doesn’t reach? He pulls him out for AMN almost immediately


**can’t get into this team.


To be fair Nketiah came on and made us look weaker. This guy offers NOTHING OFF the ball. He couldnt even press with any intensity. LACA was running all day pressing working hard and Nketiah you expect would come on fresh athletic and just continue that intensity and no he doesn’t his intensity was worse than LACA’s its shocking this guy. I don’t get Nketiah at all to me if he wasn’t scoring he offers nothing in workrate.


Maybe his press wasn’t intense as you’d have expected when he came on (and I noticed that too and was a bit frustrated by it), but I don’t agree that “he offers nothing in work rate”.

I mean, how many goals has he scored as a direct result of pressing a defender? 2 or 3 this season?


Nketiah offers different thing compare to Laca. I think Balogun feels more like a ST/CF that Arteta wants.


I thought he was a little slow pulling out his Willi tonight…

In seriousness he contributed well in the first half and unlucky not to get a goal, but looked leggy before he was withdrawn


Nketiah coming on made us drop in intensity but I like the approach and no nonsense style with Arteta. We need to go on a run now. Arsenal slowly finding balance

Cultured Determination

And then elneny says f this shit and goes all ape run in the 90th min to push them back. He’s da man!


but his good pass led to the penalty i think? not sure but thats what i remember

Johnny 4 Hats

He also got it tactically perfect tonight. We never looked like getting caught but got plenty forward for attacks. We snuffed out Rashford and Pogba with little or no drama.

Of course it helped having Virgil Van Gab at the back. Whatever money we lost on Pepe we’ve made it back with this absolute gem.


Hear. Hear

Artetas Assistant

What a monster, and he doesn’t even looked switched on yet .
Players look like they’re on handicap playing this guy. Strong, big , super-lithe

Cultured Determination

Especially when he has the assuring paolo thierny beside him too.

Johnny 4 Hats

We’re clearly forgetting Holdiniho.


Or we could just Gabriel without the bitchy Pepe slander.

I mean, the guy did not decide his transfer fee, and more importantly, he played a major part in us winning last season’s FA Cup which got us back into Europe.

It’s the same as the Martinez Fan Club on here talking sh*t about Leno and over-hyping Martinez after 3 games. Well who’s got the best defensive record in the league now?


I want so bad that Pepe should be starting. But on the evidence of today’s performance -the commitment to pressing, harrying the opposition and supporting your team-mate in defence, I don’t want him near that starting eleven until he makes significant improvement on that aspect of his game.

Club/team first before player.

Johnny 4 Hats

Weird time to criticise Pepe.


Not criticizing the player at all. He done well during midweek.

Just using him as an example of why a player should only get into this team on the coach’s terms only. Not on some reputation or price tag or popularity.

Notice I used my favorite player in that example -Pepe. Because I really feel like he is going to take this team to another level when he gets into the right gear.


I’m not sure Willian made much difference and in fact I would have preferred Pepe on the shot he took from the right hand side of the box.

Artetas Assistant

Everyone responded to Mikels call to be more brave and intentional last week inside the structure.


Great observation.

That was the difference between last weeks drab affair with Leicester and today’s game.

Partey also said something along that line too -being creative and dynamic within the framework of the structure- in his interview on the Sky Sport website.

This team is getting there.

Artetas Assistant

Yes. I just imagine dropping a bit of pixie dust in that structured attacking segment . Woof!


“it was good to win tonight.”
Never a truer word spoken. Delighted


Hope this open the floodgates of goals for Auba.

Naked Cygan

Great result, great performance, but can we do it again against the types of Villa and blind Brighton?


Let’s focus on positives

Johnny 4 Hats

What more does Momo have to do to be a reg? He’s played great in every game he’s been used in.

Sorry Dani and Granit, but I think you both just lost your place.

Anders Limpar

Elneny pressing and running himself ragged in the 93rd minute was inspirational. There’s more than one player in the squad who should be looking at him as an example.

Johnny 4 Hats

Elneny Partey = Santi Coq Mark 2

Merlin’s Panini

I was just thinking the same. Partey makes Elneny look a better player, but credit to Elneny he has put in a lot of hard work. He’s always been a decent squad player but he’s starting to play with a bit more authority, which is great to see.

Artetas Assistant

Elneny is the Auba of midfielders. Super fit lad , will run and run, laugh and laugh . And we’re lucky to have both in their primes, those two lads woulda had a less than glamorous ‘adolescence’

A Different George

I think we’ve seen that Arteta uses different players for different opponents in the league, not just for cups. Though it’s possible that Partey’s presence makes Elneny a clear choice. This coud be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Johnny 4 Hats

Maybe we add Bukayo for Sakablanca?

A Different George

Here’s looking at you, Johnny.

Merlin’s Panini

Delighted to see Auba back on the scoresheet. Although it was just a penalty hopefully it does him some good particularly given the earlier miss.
Despite it being an utterly turgid game we deserved the win and our position in the table looks a lot better. Hopefully we can start to build from here and put the losses behind us. I think we really need a game where we score a few goals and things could start to click up front from there.

Cultured Determination

Yup no worries. He’ll get his customary 25-30 goals this season. No doubt.




Did anyone notice that Bruno fella looked like he wanted to take the penalty.He must’ve forgot something


Can’t blame him: Mike Dean awarded US the penalty … must have been that moon last night.


Elneny x Partey starting midfielders going forward please no more experiments with Ceballos. We NEED consistency with team selection now. Keep the same team for the next 2 or 3 consecutive games let them form some type of rhythm and learn each other. It’s time to put together a run COYG


Put Xhaka Ceballos partnership in EL and Cup games. They will fetch good returns there


I was as upset as most to see Auba on the wing again, but this was a resolute performance from everyone, including Arteta in getting it all right. It might be obvious to us to start Elneny and Partey together, especially after today, but it took some serious guts from the manager to bench Xhaka and Ceballos today in favour of these two — and what a reward. I know we were protecting a lead and couldn’t do anything stupid, but when Matic put his hands on our captain … man, I’d have played the ball to him after that… Read more »


That’s is the boss. He’s proven time and again that he has the guts to take decisions for the betterment of the team, and stand by his decision.


No player’s place in this team is secured -That is the message!

And that is what is going to get this team winning League titles again.


This is a good win for us but one we needed to happen. No room for complacency because we are still 8th and lots of work ahead of us. We did a good job today stifling their midfield which was packed but they fortunately lacked width and wide players. Elneny and Partey did good today, the latter showing some good signs he is starting to settle in and has plenty of power to bring carrying the ball, engaging more directly for us. In the end we got the penalty courtesy of a Bellerin drive and a Pogba mistake. Auba breaks… Read more »

Dave cee

Good idea Santori

Man Manny

I loved the positivity, confidence and industry.
Elneny was immense.
Partey showed he’s worth every penny of that £45m.
Gabriel was awesome, though a tad lucky to escape the second yellow.
Time to start the climb up the table against Aston Villa next Sunday.

Obama Young

Here’s to our 60 million pound midfield, Partey and Elneny!


Drive from the midfield and Gabriel made the difference. In the past, all those missed chances would have cost us. Great selection by Arteta.


ha man u fans complaining that they played the most entertaining game .who got the three points who scored dont you play football to win

Cranky Colin

“Everybody thinks their own wife is the prettiest”


fun fact ole has never beaten arteta


arsenal have broken two records


they have beaten man u for the firdst time in 14 yrs and they have won an away game to the big six since 2015


take that manu


i hate man u


Not surprised by the win and overall dominance we had. This team is going places. We have to trust the process. #artetacan #partyafterpartey


That’s certainly true, Auba. We all know the appalling stats leading up to this game, both against Utd, and big teams in general, away from home. The crucial thing now, having finally got this away win, is to build on it and move up the table. We can’t afford a “stop-start” approach now, although it’s been more “stop” than “start” this season if we’re honest. We need a good run of good results.

Cultured Determination

Trust. The. Process.

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