Thursday, July 18, 2024

Elneny tests positive for Covid-19

Mohamed Elneny has tested positive for Covid-19, according to the Egyptian FA.

The midfielder is currently away on international duty with Egypt and was due to play Togo tomorrow afternoon. The 28-year-old has already played twice for his country since appearing in the Gunners’ 3-0 defeat to Aston Villa.

In a statement, the Egypt FA confirmed that the player is asymptomatic and will return to Cairo. His agent also confirmed the news on Twitter.

Assuming Elneny has to self-isolate for 14 days from now, it looks likely he’ll be out of Arsenal’s games with Leeds United, Molde and Wolves.

Given his form, the news will be a blow to Mikel Arteta who’ll now be hoping no further positive tests are returned as he players return to London Colney in dribs and drabs.

All the best to Mo, we hope he’s able to get back to London soon.

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FFs salah

Johnny 4 Hats

Like Momo could get anywhere near Salah…

Johnny 4 Hats

Apparently he came into direct contact with a sar-cough-agus.

Johnny 4 Hats

Pharaoh nuff. I Sphinx it’s funny. You lot are in de Nile.

Jeremy DG

Haha take a bow


Isis what you did there.

Artetas Assistant

I don’t know what you do in real life but you’re super outc here




More proof of it were needed, of the stupidity of having international football during the midst of a global pandemic.


Exactly. Here in England and in much of Europe we’re in lockdown and yet we’ve git footballers flying around the world spreading this disease. These matches should have been deferred until the summer when things should be better.


It is truly unbelievable.


Indeed!! It is unbelievable, absolutely shocking!!
How are the clubs prepared to risk the very life of their most valuable assets??
It just doesn’t make sense, am I right?
Unless they consider that it’s not that risky at all…
I suggest you take a look at EVIDENCENOTFEAR.
You may want to compare with your usual sources and start thinking for yourself.

Merlin’s Panini

The clubs are pretty much powerless in this.


Do you see my point though?
I mean, we’re told there’s a deadly pandemic out there……….

Merlin’s Panini

I see your point but I don’t agree. I speak as someone whose friend died during the first lockdown. He committed suicide because he couldn’t handle the isolation. He needed to socialise in person and couldn’t. I tried and tried to contact him as I was getting worried but he would not respond. No measures for bubbles were yet in place, which could have saved his life. The real problem, in my opinion is the bumbling mismanagement by the government. The constant addition of measures, when it is too late, have time and again cost people their jobs and lives.… Read more »


Sad story bro,..
Many feel that it’s gone way beyond mismanagement though, and has for some time.

Freezdawg of Sweden

Sorry for your loss, brother.
Hopefully the people responsible will pay some kind of price.

Tomaury Bischfeld

Wow, I never thought I’d see something like that appear here. This site is owned by a conspiracy theorist who also purports that 9/11 was an inside job and that the 7/7 bombing were carried out in collusion with the British government. “An August 2020 report by the U.S. State Department Global Engagement Center stated that Global Research is, by a significant margin, the most accessed proxy website allied with the pro-Kremlin disinformation campaign.” It’s a travesty that decades after sending a man to the moon, we’re unable to provide a level of education on the proper evaluation of information… Read more »

Freezdawg of Sweden

I only checked the video of the prosecutor stating his case. Weird world where the 9/11-deniers are the only ones hosting an opposing opinon on things, eh?

Freezdawg of Sweden

Sorry for polluting the forum btw, I know my ramblings has no place in here.
Getting the ‘ol coat and wishing health upon you all.


Dont worry, MANY are with you! Even the ex CEO of Pfizer. The test are bogus, i hope Elneny took more than one, maybe 10? before going into isolation.


Back to football then, would you say that players’ travels aren’t “undermining a response to a pandemic which is killing people’s loved ones”, as you put it?
There are plenty of cases…
Aren’t the players, the clubs and governing bodies being “selfish, inconsiderate and asinine” ??

Paul Roberts

Your Evidence of fear site says children do not pass the virus on. What a load of unsubstantiated bollocks!!


To claim otherwise is what’s unsubstanciated, as there are no reported case of any teacher being contaminated by pupils. None.


B-b-b-but h-h-how will they fit in all their friendly matches??? :'(

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Well at least we have Granit Xhaka😔


Get well Nenny .

The idiocy of playing international football and friendlies at this time Is something else.


Won’t be long before a whole team tests positive and then the drama starts. With these ill timed internationals and a new wave


It’s possible that he could have got it here prior to going on international duty. Anyway, however it happened it’s something we could have done without with a run of potentially tricky games coming up. However, that’s what the squad is there for.


Doesn’t need to be a whole team to cause issues… A few weeks back St Mirren lost all their goalkeepers at the same time and had to sign a guy on 24h notice.

A Different George

I think this already happened with the Czech team. They wanted to forfeit, but UEFA (FIFA, if it was World Cup qualifying, I don’t remember) wouldn’t let them. They recruited a bunch of second or third-tier domestic players,


Thanks FIFA


The super bubble, it does nothing!


why is international football going on


Cue joe willock 😎


Hopefully no more cases. Don’t want league to be postponed by a week or 2 now. I am sure klopp and mourinho are contemplating of reporting this to FA if they get any more of their players down.


Let me guess: he feels like he has some kind of flu. That is, if he has any symptom at all.
99% survival rate if you’re under 65yrs old, and there are efficient treatments for those at risk (people with comorbidities).
More and more unreliable testing means we have the first ever pandemic based simply on cases (btw the WHO changed its definition of ‘pandemic’ in 2009)..
More people have died as a result of the measures taken by the governing bodies than from any sars-cov.
These are just facts, you make your own opinion.
I’m just a messenger.

SLC Gooner

He may or may not have symptoms. You’re right about that, but wrong about everything else. As someone who manages a group of clinicians and epidemiologists looking at COVID data…there most certainly aren’t more people dying because of public health measures than the disease itself. If you think they are facts…provide a reputable source. And think about what 1% means. UK population under 65 is about 50M people. 1% of that is 500,000. Now clearly all of those people aren’t actually going to get it…let’s just say it’s only 1/5. So mortality of 0.2% in the under 65s. That’s still… Read more »


Since you seem qualified, you should know about the well documented (and frankly outrageous) unreliability of PCR testing (number of cycles, picking up on irrelevant material, etc). Isn’t that a fact? A quick search and you will easily verify that the definition of ‘pandemic’ has indeed been modified on the official WHO docs and guidelines after 2009 (guess what: mortality is no longer relevant, only the spread of the desease!). All of a suden, health crisis became much more likely to be declared, don’t you think? Just another fact, I don’t want to sound like Rafa B. so I’ll just… Read more »


Never mind the testing, what’s ‘outrageous’ is the number of deaths. Global fatality figures are now running into millions and yet people like you still wax negative over efforts to contain and fight the disease because you’ve nothing better else to do.



Please understand that Covid-19 is less severe to children than the common cold, that its survival rate is 99.99% when you discount the fraudulent death certificates, the DR malpractice and ventilator admin. You are accepting the death of 100’s of millions over the next decade by starvation and chemotherapy delay, treatment delay, financial ruin and mental depression/suicide over a virus that kills less people than Car crashes do? you have to be out of your damn mind! I suggest ”the highwire” it will give you all the information you need to know. Take care


I suggest you think of those who have died during this pandemic and the loved ones they have left behind – that’s a figure that is globally currently running into millions.


He just claims to be qualified. Who really knows?


Do you have proof that he isn’t qualified?

No, you don’t.

He talks a lot of sense on the subject though – which gives anyone with half a brain an inkling that he probably is qualified.


Notice that the people involved on the links I posted are qualified for sure 😉 .
And there are plenty more in France, Germany; Spain etc…


Top post. Well said.


Dude you can’t just spout random bullshit and call them facts. You’re not Trump, stop trying to be like him.


Don’t care much about Trump. You get what you deserve,dude.
And many are worried about the Boltons, Cheneys and Brennans surrounding Biden. They have a dark reputation.
Some call them war-mongers…

Dave cee

He isn’t spouting random bullshit. There is a large body of opinion/evidence that suggests the counter measures to Covid are way over the top, and quite probably counter productive. You should check out the above mentioned sources

Merlin’s Panini

The point that seems to be being missed here is that we’ve only just got a vaccination for a disease we knew nothing about a year ago that has now killed 1.3 million people worldwide.
When you don’t have a cure you have to stop the spread. It’s that simple. No solution is a good one for various reasons until you can protect people against it properly. But no doubt an anti-vaxxer comment will now follow…


1.3M? Sure about that? Many official figures have been quietly revised, starting with the USA where the CDC has now also advised against lockdowns. Check it out.
Again, health services in various countries have admitted publicly that they’ve counted ppl dying ‘with covid’, and often not directly fromit.
Once you check the data on, OFF-GUARDIAN.ORG, you may wonder why you’d need any vaccine at all for this.
But hey, that brand-new mRNA tech iinterfering on a genome level and allegedly produced in record time sure sound tempting… (lol)

Merlin’s Panini

Yep. Pretty sure about that mate.


Well If you’re sure then I understand why you’d be glad this new vaccine has arrived miraculously fast despite being the first of his kind.
The labs have secured absolute legal immunity with regards to any dodgy side effects, so that’s always good.


1.3 million – the reason you’re panicking about that number is because you don’t have a grasp of statistics. Leadership requires people who don’t make decisions based on emotional vulnerability. 130,000 people die on average every day normally. Do the math.


Correct. Yet what have the ‘leaders’ done if not poking at that vulnerabilty?
How many have been conditionned to say “I don’t want MY grandma to die from it!”.
Even the “stay home” message implies that it’s your fault if ppl die.
Etc, etc…
It’s massive propaganda every day and many ppl do want to believe it… they want to feel like they belong and it’s just much more simple that way!


i mean i dont want to wade in on the discussion and get crucified because i agree with both. Covid and its spread is terrible and needs to be stopped but also the government(ours and others) will want to use any event to gain or leverage power.

BUT, if you spread the disease and someone dies as a result, even 2-3 people down the line, it kinda IS your fault.


Bravo, you too got the basic “message” lol ;).
Ever heard of vital population immunity?
How can you explain Sweden, Tunisia etc?
Look, just do yourself a favour, check the links on, and compare with all the crap you’ve been fed for months…


Just for your information, the world is, in actual fact, a sphere – a globe.

Not flat, as you’re probably going around telling anyone who’d be daft enough to listen to a word you say.

Arsenorf is a site run by Andrew Mather, a respected British mathematician.
Flat earth? You’re having a laugh.
Your troll-posting is irrelevant.


“Your troll-posting is irreverent.”

That’s choice, coming from you.

Paul Roberts

Sweden is going down the pan because of lack of measures at the beginning actually.


Oh boy.
Have you actually looked at the graphs?

Paul Roberts

Have a Google Pal? Looks like the Swedish government have jumped off your deluded bandwagon! “No-lockdown Sweden toughens up restrictions as coronavirus cases rise”.

It’s only Ray

I know nothing about this debate except that I never trust the opinion of people who inexplicably overuse capitals.


Fair enough lol. I’d argue there’s very little overuse and it’s quite explicable.
I can believe that you know nothing about the debate though.

Still love wenger

So are you saying there is no virus,or is it only the numbers you are disputing?
Either opinion seems to be abit callous.
I’d be interested in your solution to this world problem that has killed 1.3 million people.


I have a decent scientific background but I’m not qualified to argue about any virus.
I can see the fallacy behind certain figures, graphs, prevision models though, and so can you…


Mate, the fact that one human being – let alone global millions – has died from this disease should make it a cause for concern. While you’re busy crunching your figures, someone else – with the temerity to be ‘emotionally vulnerable’ has probably just lost a friend or a family member.

We’re human beings, not fucking Vulcans.


OK, I’ll bite one last time. Demonstrable: wildly inacurate previsions and now alarming reports of growing numbers of cases of people not even sick are used to justify totally illiberal rulings. Remember the famously sinister simulation model presented by Neil Ferguson’s team, the one the governing bodies chose to work with? When its methodology and its algorythms were finally revelead, the whole scientific community expressed their shock and bewilderment at how deficient and utterly inacurate that bit of “science” was. It was like it pretented the eatrh is flat, that’s how bad it was. Then they switched to the ‘positive… Read more »


“They say people are dying.”

I fucking KNOW people are dying, pal – the same as millions of other people who have lost someone.

I suppose you also think the twin towers was an inside job, the moon landings never actually happened and the fucking moon itself is made of green cheese.

Get your head out of the nerdy online sites and stick it out of your front door. That’s the REAL world, pal and people in it are dying from this disease as we speak.


Well said, spot on. 👏


I might have known you would have come out with a post like that.

Get back to your Ozil Hating and try and unearth a few more crimes against Arsenal Football Club that he has supposedly committed.


But people have died are STILL dying everyday from this disease. Regardless of their age, they’re still human beings and someone’s relative.

So take your condescending ‘facts’ and stuff them up your arse.


*and are


People die with covid not from covid.

A Different George

You are not a messenger, you are a propagandist. I am not interested in debating these fantasies with you, but just a word about big numbers. If, let us say, 5 million people under 65 are infected (as is the case, so far, in the United States alone) and “only” 1 percent die, that is 50,000 dead.


So basically what the flu does every year but we never locked down for which has destroyed 50% of small business, put millions unemployed? lmao you people are actually beyond saving. Watch the high wires last 3 videos and you will be set free from this. I PROMISE!

Paul Roberts

Are you going to save us Samu? People like you make me laugh!


Well said Paul.


You wouldn’t be debating with me, you’d be arguing over the results of studies produced by highly respected but mostly censored scientists. Go to and check who’s referenced as the Nº1 expert in the world in terms of infectious desease. You’ll find that this guy runs a big medical center in Marseilles. Wanna know what overall death rate they had there among Covid patients at the highest point back in spring? 0.5%. Just like a regular flu bro. The expert’s name is Didier Raoult. He’s made many videos, some are translated in various languages. The corrupt medical figures linked… Read more »

Paul Roberts

The expert’s name is Didier Raoult. He’s made many videos, some are translated in various languages.” My mate Nobby has made a few videos which have also been translated


What part of “world-leading expert on infectious disease” do you not understand?
What’s old “I’d-murder-a-pie” Nobby got to do with it?

Paul Roberts

Thanks Blogs


For months, as I wrote, Big Pharma has been trying hard to discredit him, to the point where such prestigious publication as The Lancet had to shamefully retract a blatantly fraudulent study.
They don’t argue with his results though.


HDC-based treatments cost about 15 euros.
Compare with Gilead’s Redemsivir which the EU has made readily available to all doctors (who privately keep confessing their use of HDC).


Sorry man. Not allowing this thread to be used to spread more disinformation about a quack ‘cure’.


International football = super spreader?

Artetas Assistant

Great. I woulda read this Arseblog News article over this interlull

Artetas Assistant

Blogs offer this guy employment


Let’s all hope the lad makes a speedy recovery.

Lord Bendnter

Hehe Blogs touched wood and all kinds of other surfaces in the last podcast, and now Elneny is covid positive
Quit touching wood 😂


The whole reaction to Covid is getting ridiculous. In the beginning we were reporting deaths, then it was “covid-linked” deaths, now we’re reporting infections, and now we’re reporting asymptomatic infections. Can someone tell the liberals/progressives to sit down please?

Public Elneny

What is wrong with reporting on the outbreak in more detail as understanding of the disease improves over time? And no. of infections were reported right from the start? It’s understandably quite hard in a lot of cases to differentiate between those who died because of Covid, and those who happened to die for another reason whilst carrying the infection. The same for example for flu deaths. Why is acknowledging that difficulty by labelling them “covid-linked” deaths an issue for you? What has this got to do with liberals/progressives? (as if they’re the same thing) Just because Covid statistics are… Read more »


Watch The HighWires last few videos, i promise it will put you in a good place of knowledge, if not my comment, the Expert and ex CEO of Pfizer talking about the coming vaccine will maybe be more your level of information.

Paul Roberts

Step away from the debate Samu but not too far or you will fall of the edge of the planet.

Still love wenger

Hahaha,best comment on here.


We all knew this would be the way to spread Covid in football and yet the authorities seemed paralysed in their pursuit of money.

Internationals are barely second grade football anyway with the Nations League adding further complexity to the tired procession. Let’s bin it before we lose the Premier League to this nonsense.


He’s probably fine. The fact that it’s a swab based test and he has no symptoms means it’s very likely to be a false positive, as that (and the time taken to get a result) are the Achilles’ heel of molecular and antigen tests.
The alternative is a blood – based antibody test. These are more accurate and fast, but have the drawback that it only works once you produce antibodies, by which time you may have been infectious for a while.

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