Friday, February 23, 2024

Gabriel tests positive for Covid-19

Further to his absence from the Chelsea game because he had come into close contact with somebody who tested positive for Covid-19, Gabriel has himself tested positive for the virus.

The club released the news this evening, saying the Brazilian, ‘has tested positive for COVID-19 and is isolating according to UK Government and Premier League protocols.

‘We will continue to monitor and support Gabriel, and we are hoping he will be available again after our next two matches.’

He becomes the third Arsenal player to contract Covid-19, after Mohamed Elneny and Sead Kolasinac contracted it while on international duty in November.

Both David Luiz and Willian, who also missed the 3-1 win over Frank Lampard’s side due to feeling unwell, will be absent for the trip to Brighton but hope to return to training on Thursday.

Beyond that, there are no new injury issues. Thomas Partey continues his rehabilitation, and is expected to be available again soon.

Reiss Nelson, not in the squad for the last few games, does not have any injury, leading to speculation he could be set for a January loan move.

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Can anyone answer why the teams come out the tunnels at different times? Why substitutes are wearing masks outside while social distancing? When will the circus end?


When they destroy the world economy so they can implement the “great reset” for global communism. But that’s the political answer.

Johnny 4 Hats

That took 2 minutes.

This has to be some sort of record.


You’ll be thumbed down, the real answer to “privileged” is having the ability to believe everything the government tells them and silence others who are financially destroyed because they aren’t effected.


man, you’re a special kind of stupid. Ashamed that such morons like you support the same club. The only thing that needs a great reset if your moronic brain.

Jeremy DG

Sorry mate, I’m going to call you out on this. instead of name calling and putting yourself on a moral plateau, please take a moment to understand and respect the frustration of people who have lost everything. Also, whilst I don’t agree with grand conspiracy theories, just because you question something doesn’t make you stupid. Under this government who have lied and not complied with their own rules, people have every right to question their decisions.


It’s a completely different thing if you have problems with how politicians have handled the situation or if you come up with absolutely ridiculous right wing conspiracy shit.
That I have to explain this to you, doesn’t speak for you and also doesn’t put you in a situation to call me out on anything.


And yes, if you think there are elites who want a communist new world order, it makes you stupid. I actually don’t know what would prove your stupidness more than believing such utterly nonsense.

Jeremy DG

In times of anxiety people turn to all sorts of baseless things to give them some comfort. For some, it’s religion. For others it’s conspiracy theories. If you are only interested in things supported by facts then believing in a God is equally as ridiculous as any conspiracy theory. I don’t believe the majority of conspiracy theories because if you deconstruct them they are simply not plausible, however I have no problem with people who take comfort in believing them. Rather than get angry with them for not agreeing with you, why not have some sympathy for the level of… Read more »


yeah, the fear of global communism sounds like a left liberal conspiracy. Sure. I’m not angry that they don’t agree with me. Idgaf. I just call out their stupidity.

Johnny 4 Hats

We live in a world of the righteous and the damned. Most of us are damned and are sneered at by the righteous for voting the wrong way or having the wrong opinion.

Our world is a most complicated, nuanced, fragile thing. But some people like to think they have all the answers, if only the rest of us wouldn’t keep messing things up for their glorious utopia.

We just have to hope the righteous never get actual power because things will get much worse very, very quickly.

Tete a rteta

The pandemic was always going to cause chaos politically, medically and economically. The communication age has turned propaganda into the most cost effective weapon possible. The communication age also provides the opportunity to actually witness and document how different states, counties, nations and cultures actually manage the same situations. Simply look to nations like Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, S. Korea, Sweden, Netherlands, USA, England etc have acted. Choose your economic, political and social poisons because in a global pandemic every decision has negative consequences. Societies that work together and care together … they “succeed” together. Societies that fight themselves more…they… Read more »


My, aren’t you an adorable cretin.


Not being adored by right wing assholes is actually an award. I’m more than happy about this.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Conspiracy theories have taken over Arsenal fandom.


But a desirable one!


Great-Reset? Which sci fi movie did you watch last night mate?


Well said Blogs. As for the rest of you…jog on

Heavy Gunner

Thanks for the reality check,Bloggs. Most of the shite flying around in cyberspace can be traced to countries where the governments are not as trustworthy as we would like them to act, or merely back to people with personal issues and political beliefs. Here in Denmark, the general public has been well advized and kept to the guide lines given by the government, but however, certain fragments of the population lean towards all sorts of conspiracies- as illustrated by the contents of this comments section. One of the latest spin-offs is the fact that our PM, Mrs Frederiksen, turned down… Read more »


To reduce the risk of transmission. A tunnel is indoors. Why does everyone go round bumping fists at the end? Seems daft.


They are wearing them outside while about ten seats between them in the stands, it makes zero scientific sense and it’s done for theatrics ONLY. Same as the walk out, if they can transmit there then they can on the field, it’s a disgrace Arsenal have even accepted these draconian rules over a virus that kills (officially) 0.02% of people. A complete farce as millions starve to death and our player wait there on the bench nowhere near people outside wearing masks? Couldn’t be me


Your post seems pretty theatrical. Hopefully, more people won’t starve to death due to your hyperventilating about masks and footballers walking down a tunnel.

By the way, your 0.02% stat is total bullshit. Learn math.

A Different George

In the United States, approximately one-tenth of one percent of the *entire* population has died from Covid so far (325,000 of a population of 325 million). That number is probably an underestimate and, of course, it is certain to grow (currently around 3,000 people are dying each day), perhaps by half, before vaccinations fully end the pandemic. There were about 400,000 American deaths (admittedly from a smaller population) in all of the Second World War.

A Different George

In the UK, the proportion is similar–about 70,000 deaths so far, from a population around 68 million. Of course, that is significantly more than all the deaths from German bombing of Britain in World War II.


Perhaps it’s a reflection of the influence that professional footballers have on some members of society – ie “footballer wear mask, me wear mask”.

I’d step away from the conspiracy theory weirdness and just implement a bit of common sense if I were you.

And as for your “virus that kills x% of people” 2 things – if it killed someone you cared for you may have a different perspective. Also, given the contraction and death rates elsewhere in the world it suggests that at least some of the measures taken have reduced the potential impact.

Kartik Iyer

To add further to your point….wearing masks slows down the spread which prevents the medical systems from overloading. While COVID-19 may not be the deadliest disease, without proper medical care almost any disease can lead to death. If the spread isn’t controlled, not everyone will have access to the limited medical facilities and in the end of will be the poor that will die anyways.

So maybe not everything is a conspiracy.


You wouldn’t be saying this if the 0.02% was one of your loved ones.

New member

I am pretty sure it is 2% on average, and 3% on countries that don’t have enough/proper medical care. To this date, 1.7M people have died in total. That’s a lot of humans.

Masks reduce the distance and volume of the fluid coming out of our respiratory system. If you have a camera that can capture microscopic objects, you’ll see how long and how far the fluid travels on the air. So yes, it makes sense scientifically.


America has 340.000 Covid death. That’s 0.1% of their population. The stupidity surrounding that topic is staggering.

Tete a rteta

One persons theatrics is another persons public display for positive example. I laugh at people who wear a mask alone in their car or when running alone outside. I also both laugh and cry at the idiots who refuse masks because they are so ignorant and manipulated they refuse to think about and consider others and their loved ones. I hope every player who plays for us has a stellar day today. I hope no player dies or loses his physical ability so as to damage his career. I give massive props to blogs for having the courage to risk… Read more »


Why does it annoy you out of interest? Just cos it’s overkill?


Definitely a Brazilian meet up after the Man City game wasn’t it… Gabriel, Willian, Luiz plus Jesus from City and who knows who else


The problem with a Brazilian meet up is there isn’t a hair’s breadth between them.


Pretty smooth


Thank fuck Martinelli didn’t get the memo

A Different George

On the Arsecast, James suggested that was because his mum wouldn’t let him go.


Poor Nelson. I don’t think he’s anything near fantastic, but he’s a decent squad option. Would rather have him making the bench and the ocasional sub than Willian. Hope he gets a nice opportunity for his career in january

Kartik Iyer

Buying Willian has cost us in a lot of ways. we have potentially shaken Pepe’s confidence, eroded some of Reiss Nelson’s value by not playing him and the wages its costing us to top it all. I know it’s a dead horse at this point but I can’t believe how stupid we keep on being.


We weren’t to know he would be this crap, he played alright for chelsea.


Yeah it’s strange he’s been deselected like this, when he’s got a lot of promise and is already pretty nifty. Maybe it’s a sale rather than a loan move? Sheffield Utd?

Heavenly Chapecoense

Nelson was the golden boy in the academy at the end of Arteta’s career. Mikel is well aware of his special talent. He knows he has it in the locker.

Dubai Ham

The worrying part of the news is that Willian is negative and available for selection.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

That’s not a nice thing to say

Dubai Ham

No it is not but come on it is not like Willian is an aging pensioner who might die if he gets covid.. He won’t even have symptoms.

Dave cee

He plays a bit like one


Ask Havertz or loads of other sports persons how they have been affected by Covid. Staggering that after 1 year people still think it can’t harm you if you’re young and fit.

Jeremy DG

It didn’t harm him. He described it as very bad flu. Which it is for most people who get symptoms. Nobody is saying it isn’t dangerous for older or vulnerable people but also you need to have perspective. I had stage 3 cancer as a young person (when I was in Berlin actually) and that was 12 months of feeling way worse then any flu symptoms. Of course I recovered because I was caught early enough, however it concerns me that many won’t have that chance because of Covid restrictions.


why should cancer not being disgnosed early because of covid restrictions? Nonsense.

A Different George

A significant number of young, healthy people who are infected do in fact die from covid–though, obviously, a lower proportion than of older people or people with diseases such as diabetes. In addition, serious long-term symptoms may persist; we do not yet know for how long. Recent reports suggest the possibility of severe mental disorder as well.


Let’s wish the lad a speedy recovery.

Goodness knows we need him back as soon as possible.


Unleash Saliba


He’s being unleashed on loan.

Lord Bendnter

I think it would be appropriate to put football on a halt for like three weeks, what do you guys think?

A Doc

Agree wholeheartedly. As a Physician who is treating Covid patients, this is not a joke. Although I truly feel sorry for those who are losing their jobs and income, I want to just remind everyone that people are dying horrific deaths at the hands of Covid. It’s not 2% or whatever number you quoted up there. It’s Sons, Daughters, Mother’s, Fathers, Grandparents, Aunties. When you look at it from this standpoint, it becomes a lot clearer that we need to do something to stop this highly contagious disease. @LordBendner I agree, 3 weeks would incorporate the quarantine needed.

Walter White

For the sake of a good Partey I would say Yes.


I’m for it. Football can return, lives lost won’t, is bothersome for me that as society we keep putting things higher on the list than simply caring about other person’s life.


Expect to see Mustafi and Kolasinac play again soon. Lovely.

Bai Blagoi

“He becomes the third Arsenal player to contract Covid-19,”

Didn’t also Guendo test positive earlier?

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