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Reports: Odegaard set for Arsenal loan switch

There are a couple of reports this morning in the Spanish press which state that Martin Odegaard is set to join Arsenal on loan, despite interest from Real Sociedad, the club he spent last season with.

In El Confidencial, Kike Marin writes about interest from the Basque club, but says:

“Nevertheless, Arsenal will be the final destination for the Norwegian – a club where he can find another on loan ‘Madridista’ in Dani Ceballos.”

Meanwhile, a headline in Diario Vasco says:

Odegaard will play the second half of the season on loan with Arsenal.

The rest of the article is behind a paywall, but the opening paragraph states that the Gunners have made the ‘strongest bid’ to secure the services of the 22 year old.

Speaking about potential incoming deals in the attacking area of the pitch yesterday, Mikel Arteta said, “We are looking at various positions because the movements that we’ve made in this transfer window with some players leaving the club leaves us a little bit short in certain areas.

“If we can then we will do it, if we can’t then we will just keep going with what we have.”

It would certainly be an interesting move, but ensuring it happens as quickly as possible to get him match fit and ready for English football is an important aspect of it. Let’s see what happens.

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If this ends up going through, really hope there is an option to buy. Would be a great get either way to help us through the end of the season

Gudang Bedil

No chance, too young of a talented player to let go by Madrid.


Can RM afford to let talent go given their current plight – going out of Cup to a third division outfit, 7 points off Athletico, questions over Coach?

Yet this guy didn’t even make the squad and only started 3 games this season, so maybe they see loan as good way to bring him on just as we have with.


hmm.. Hakimi, Theo Hernandez, Brahim Diaz, Reinier, Jovic,


Zidane doesn’t like him and they’re going after newer, shinier toys like Madrid always does. He’s as good as gone come the Summer.


Possibly, but you’re missing two points – first, Zidane may well not be at RM too much longer as the “Exit” door is opening ever wider for him. At RM, Perez will decide as always and he doesn’t like humiliating defeats of the kind the club has had recently. If so, Zidane’s likes or dislikes won’t be a factor and it’s unlikely that decisions about permanent transfers will be made until/unless any new coach has settled in. Second, even if they do allow Odegaard to leave permanently in the Summer we don’t know what they’ll ask for him. RM will… Read more »

Heavenly Chapecoense

RM loses one game and people talk about sacking their manager. Should Liverpool sack Klopp?

Vaibhav Pandey

Doesn’t make sense in current pandemic scenario. Idea is to stick to what you have and improve rather than go bust!


I am guessing you don’t know Real Madrid. This is a club who once sacked Capello right after winning the league.

Tomaury Bischfeld

I feel as if this is based on the premise that Real Madrid make sensible transfer decisions.

Maul Person

“Too talented of a young player” perhaps?

Johnny 4 Hats

I just hope he didn’t have his heart set on Sociedad. Because when we pick him up at the airport in his flip flops and sunglasses, he might just be dreaming of San Sebastián on his tax drive through dark and gloomy London…


Is that why Madrid and Barcelona can’t do it on a cold wet night in San Sebastian?

Johnny 4 Hats

Ah well, I’m sure Emile will share his peanut butter sandwiches with him…

A Voice in the Noise

Don’t forget the marmite!

El Toro

No worries… he’s Norwegian remember. Snowy, cold & rainy 50% of the year.I’m not a Arsenal fan, but to get hold of a kid who was top 5 of the best midfielders in Spain last season is a no-brainer. Congrats if you get him!!


It seems like a no-win situation for us. If he does great he goes back to Madrid, if he is poor or mediocre we won’t want him.

Like Ceballos, do we want him (and do Madrid?). Or like one of our loan signings to a lower league club.


Well, if he does well and helps us win EL or get into the Top 4 then that is a pretty big win for us whichever way you slice it.

It’s a very very big win if the alternative is getting no one this window or loaning a has-been like Isco.

Tom Mullins

He wouldn’t be able to play EL for us, as he made an appearance against Shakhtar in the CL for Madrid.


I suppose he could help us win EL anyway, by virtue of giving depth to the squad. If he can play at the weekend and EMS plays on Thursday, that’s probably better than having to turn to Willian or Willock or someone like that in the 10 role.


This point has been covered elsewhere on the thread and it seems he can play in EL as different competition.


I agree with the sentiment about Odegaard, but that seems ridiculously harsh on Isco. You see brilliant players get frozen out at Madrid all the time because they like shinier, newer toys. Odegaard is arguably one of them!

And Isco is 28- it seems unlikely that he’s forgotten how to play football. I for one would be happy with either on loan, although I hope EMS still gets plenty of gametime.


EMS? I’ve been dreaming of a Smith-Rowe-Maitland-Niles lovechild


We’re not getting into top 4 this season but yeah agreed


You may be discounting the inherent goodness of the period in which he does great for us

Public Elneny

If he can help us get through to the end of the season without burning out Saka and Smith Rowe, buying us time to identify a quality permanent CAM/RW for the Summer, then he’ll be an excellent signing no matter how short-lived

And Real are notoriously a bit foolish, and also quite broke right now. Unless he performs like a superstar with us, there’s always a chance they’ll make him available permanently


Because it wouldn’t be a win if a player in our squad did well for us? Listen to yourself!

It’s not all about transfers- there is actually a game played on the pitch which is quite important as well.


Ceballos has been a win win situation for us! He did really well and I don’t think we win the FA Cup without him last season, and he’s not as helpful now with Partey back who is better, but we will need him this season.
End of the season he will leave and rather than having spent the 25-30 mil on him, we can try instead to sign a more apt parter for Partey.

santi's thigh grab

Always looking at the silver lining I see.


No-win if he does great??! Com’on man, you can do better thinking than that!


With Zidane likely to be shown the “Exit” door soon, it’s unlikely that RM will allow talented youngsters to leave permanently – at least until any new coach has settled in and looked at the squad. A loan is possible but we’ll have to wait and see if it’s to us or another La Liga team.

Heavenly Chapecoense

What will you do with ESR? The guy will come and ESR will keep him on the bench just like Saka kept Pépé on the bench.
We needed a striker for the rest of the season.


Get well soon.

Timorous Me

Whoa, nice. Kind of the perfect option considering ESR’s development.

Would Odegaard be eligible to play in the Europa League for us, though? I feel like I recall some weird rule that guys switching from a Champions League side can’t play in the Europa League in the same season, though I could be imagining that.

Freddie Chapman

He can as its a different competition. A maximum of 1 player can represent two different teams one playing champions league and the other europa league. The rule changed in 2018 I’m assuming to allow for January additions. It changed just after we signed Auba annoyingly.


Think the issue then was something like Dortmund had dropped into the Europa, so despite not yet playing a game in the competition, there was a rule making Auba ineligible.

You’re right, and I’m actually pretty sure they changed the rule because of the fuss that was kicked up about it. Only after we’d suffered from it though. Because UEFA

Timorous Me

I figured I couldn’t be completely imagining it, so thanks for the clarification, guys. Makes some sense. It really did burn us that year, though.

AMN's cheeky grin

I think we would need to sell someone to free up another foreign player spot before we can play him in the Europa League. Kolasinac leaving frees up an EL space for Martinelli. We need one more for Odegaard, right? Ozil, Sokratis and Saliba weren’t in the EL squad, so their leaving doesn’t affect anything. This isn’t a problem in PL, as the PL allows you to play as many under 21 players (from any country) as you want, meaning Martinelli doesn’t take up one of the foreign player spots in the PL squad. Happy to be corrected if I’m… Read more »

santi's thigh grab

Mustafi would bite the dust, so it’s another win win.


So, does anyone follow La Liga enough to say how good this guy is?


I second the question.


This guy has all the intangibles to be world class. No he will be world class. It stinks that he will only be with us for half a season.


Followed Sociedad a lot last season. Probably La ligas best player before christmas. Then, just like Sociedad in general, his form dipped a bit towards the end of the season.

He has an incredible left foot, creates a lot of chances for teammates mostly. But can take players on too. A bit like Jack Grealish but with a much quicker ball tempo.

Would be a great signing if he can get accustomed to the PL quite quickly.

John Nagel

The dip in form was due to s jumper’s knee situation, which is the most worrying aspect of bringing him in. His performances at the start of last season were arguably world-class, but since the knee issue he has only shown glimpses of his potential. Could go either way, but the potential is endless.


Helluva left foot, but he is very one-footed. Slight concern (especially given the number of left-foot dominant players we have). Super mobile though, good size, good on the counter and excellent vision. Actually looks like the prototypical EPL player.


I didn’t see him enough last season but I saw him a lot in the dutch league and he was very good. Being good in one league has no guarantees in another though. Look at how Forlan,Vela killed it in spain then you have guys like Morientes, Saldado who came over with rave reviews.

It makes sense on all levels for all involved but how it works out is another issue


I read about Zidane being frustrated at his lack of tracking back though which would be a concern. I hope it’s exaggerated though as he’s an exciting player from everything people say


Whichever way they put it, it’s hard for these young players to be given a fair crack at the expense of Casemiro Modric and Kroos.

Valverde seems to get the favour but not enough room for the rest. Imagine Cesc at Arsenal if we hadn’t sold Vieira


Vela only had one good season to be fair, and it was when he was playing with Griezmann.

Tierneys tescobag

I commented this on the other article of Odegaard rumours: As a fellow norwegian I have watched him since he broke through in the norwegian leauge as a 14 year old. Exceptional talent, great passer, and always looks for attacking opportunities. Last year for Real Sociedad, he was named La Liga Player of the month, beating Messi, which tells you there is potential there. However, after being a starter at Madrid when the season started, he has struggled with injuries (jumpers knee) and corona which affected his form, and made him loose his place in the lineup. As a loan… Read more »


Its a ploy they want martinelli in the long run.
NO Deal

Nainsley Aitland Miles

It’s every Brazilian’s dream to play for Royal Madrid or Barcelona, and I think this kid will make it to the very top.


You mean champions league winner with Arsenal?


So we threw more money at it than Sociedad? I guess Zidane does not care if it might hinder Ceballos’s game time. Since he is due to get sacked end of the season. He just wants the most funds to make an impact this transfer window and do well enough to get his next job lined up. I think ESR is capable of playing as an 8. He tracks his opposition players well and is also one step ahead with his football brain when the opposition have the ball. Which may leave Odegaard to play at 10. Still that understanding… Read more »


A good backup for ESR.


And so it begins. He will get stick from some sections who see him as a threat to ESR instead of appreciating that we need competition and ESR might not be ready to play all games given his age and experience.

I highly doubt this comes from watching enough of both players to make a sound judgement but more to do with fans fearing their favourite player might get competition. We’ve seen it over and over again


Yea, It’s a good push for ESR and hope the competition will make him better. At the moment, there is no challenger. With Odegaard, someone who needs to prove he’s no longer a young player anymore and we might sign him if he does better than ESR, ESR will be on his toes and get complacent thinking he made it.


I saw fans get on Clichy’s back and he turned overnight from good to “idiot” and all sorts of things because of who was trying to break through behind him. We haven’t signed the kid on loan yet but the tone is already set, he should be a “good backup ” and God help him if he plays and has an average game never mind a bad one


Odegaard is a young kid like ESR. He will have good games and bad games, but what will Arsenal gain after the loan is over ?

santi's thigh grab

We need back up now that has quality. Odegaard checks that box. Long term we need competition for the position, depending on whether RM wants to sell, how the player trains and plays with us and whether he has a good loan experience, we might sign him. Checks the second box. Only question is how long will it take him to settle and provide quality coverage. Seems like a low risk move for a team that needs cover now.


Arteta’s poker face is not yet as good as Wenger’s. His smile when asked about Odegaard in his interview was so telling, the same smile as when asked about Partey in the past. The same smile when asked about Ozil leaving. Im sure people will start to meme it. He needs to get better at masking his excitement.


No, I like tells 🙂


Legos are always smiling.


Honestly we can’t do much better than better than him this window. For the people talking about how he’ll take minutes off ESR – they can both play together. ESR has played on the flanks before. I can imagine something like ESR – Odegaard – Saka behind Laca/Auba. Ball retention would be great and we can afford to play Auba through the middle despite his poor hold up play. I hope this comes with an option to buy. 30-35m euros would be a good deal. If we’re not able to go big for say a Grealish/Maddison during the summer –… Read more »


all of a sudden gabriel martinelli is no longer the star who’s reintroduction has so far saved arteta’s job.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

ESR saved Arteta’s job, not Martinelli.


Martinelli’s enthusiasm was the spark. I remember his pressing against chelsea was incredible. in his absense, esr and our starboy have being incredible but martinelli brought fans back to arteta side again.


Even the 4-1 against the filthly Mancs, Martinelli was so impressive. I 100% agree, his running, effort and enthusiasm was a turning point for this team. Can’t wait to see him again tomorrow (he should start right? Surely?). ESR has been incredible too. Definitely the youth have saved Arteta’s Arse[nal]. Whether that be by luck of Willian’s COVID parties or not…


They have short memories man


Take it easy, Martinelli has had some injury problems in the last months. It’s better if there is overall competition and rotation for all parts involved. I absolutely love the guy, but it’s not bad for him or for Arsenal not to be too reliant on his intensity as we have been when he’s fit. The best teams play with 18 players, not 11.


Well, your suggestion about an option to buy at 30-35m euros is interesting. However, that pre-supposes that we could we afford it – if that’s what RM asked of course. Given we’ve just increased the club debt by £120 million, I doubt it in our current financial position – at least not without selling. We’ll have to wait and see, but I wouldn’t get your hopes up too high yet.


True.ESR has proved to be injury prone in any case.


I don’t see why he would so radically change what seems to be a winning formula at the moment. I think Odegaard is more likely to simply rotate with Smith-Rowe, given fixture congestion. It’s very clear at this point that Auba works best for us as an inside forward.

Cultured determination

We”l need ozil to come out of quarantine and officially leave the,club before we sign Odegaard. By the way is it just me or does his name remind us of the lord of the rings?


Isengard was more of a defensive tower than creative one.🤔


TBF, Isengard very much went on the attack, albeit a miserable failure in the end. Let’s hope Odegaard has more success. Guard of Oden? Ode[ns]gaard? That is pretty badass…


His name actually translates to “deserted farm”


It actually means “abandoned farm”. After the black plague many farms in Norway was left, and therefore took the name Ødegaard. Later during the emigration to USA the same happend.


Rather Øminous

If he signs a contract with us he would be The Lord of Da Tings.


Nice name. Nice comment.


He looks a real talent, and exactly the profile of player I’d hoped we’d target. But without an option or obligation, I wouldn’t be keen on a simple loan. Our attacking metrics before Smith-Rowe came into the team were amongst the worst in the league I don’t buy into the idea he stifles the progress of Smith-Rowe, we need competition, and the ability to rotate an rest players If anything currently happens to either Saka, Smith-Rowe, or both, from a creative standpoint, we’re completely screwed, and the more we overplay them, the more likely they are to get injured I… Read more »


Aubameyang’s first goal against Newcastle was from a long run. Same as his memorable destruction of Kurt Zouma for that goal against Chelsea


The FA cup final goal wasn’t a long run, he received the ball inside the box from a quality ball from Pepe who picked up the rebound after that cruching tackle on Bellerin after his big run from our own half. But the final stages of both goals were quite similar, showing to the inside on his stronger right and then dinking left and blasting into the roof of the net. Let’s hope the Newcastle one was the opening of the flood gates.


Auba didn’t blast it into the net in the FA cup final, he chipped it over the keeper


True, true.


Sure. I meant, referring to the comment I was responding to, that both instances we’re about him creating a goal for himself. I think that first goal against Newcastle was him reminding himself of who he is known to be. It possibly means he has broken the shackles of doubt and has re-found his famous self.


Did you definitely watch the FA Cup final? The ball from Pepe was actually quite poor, it was behind him so that instead of being in on goal, Auba had to wait for it and go past Zouma. Then he chipped the keeper, he didn’t blast it at all.


Hopefully a Real steal


Yeah, he looks the Real deal


If he’s not we’re Royally screwed


Shall he come with an injury which we don’t know of? Would be sad if we would break that chain.


Time for us to get our recruitments right. Arteta recognized tt we hv a bloated squad and yet there are some positions we sorely lack in depth. No more of internal recommendation like Runarsson situation. I hope this time will be different from gazidis and raul era.


Heard of him before he moved to Madrid but never watched him play. From what I heard I think he can be good back up to our own Kevin De Bruyne (Smith Rowe) cus based on current form ESR is the best in that position even De Bruyne has to come from the bench.


And the Midfield case will be settled


Funny how Arteta has said for months that the squad was too big. So we send 3 on their merry way, and now we are “a bit short in a certain areas” ??

Dont get me wrong, I fully support moving on the high wages and deadwood not needed. Long overdue. But why not just say we are balancing the squad – getting players out to make room for new ones – rather than cutting as it’s too big to manage.

This doesn’t bode well for the two Will’s; Willian and Willock.

Up North

As a fellow Norwegian I’ve followed Ødegard for a long time. This guy is very talented and hardworking ,on his best he have an Ozil like ability to open tight defences with smart passes. He is far more physical tham hos earlier days and cover a lot of space om the pitch.
My only concern is what version of him we might get.
But I hope he comes

Norway goons

Being an Norwegian football fan im constantly being peppered with the Ødegaard hype, headlines and highlights. I have also watched a good chunk of his games, especially during his sociedad loan. And of course his games for the National team. I must admit this is a very interesting signing. He had a tendency to dissapear in some matches. In the past at least, he has seemed somewhat lightweight, which ofcourse is a worry going into the premier league. I think he seems kind off bulkier in the last year or so, so maybe this isnt the case anymore. His talent… Read more »


Your English is as impeccable as your Øde to Ødegaard.

Norway goons

Much obliged!


He looks a bit left-foot dominant. Is that ever an issue for him?

Norway goons

It sure might be from time to time. I have not noticed it that much tbh. His technical abilities kind of makes up for it more often then not. Or so I hope. More worried about his injury record lately. I havent seen him play much this season, but from the little I have seen, it didnt look like a fully fit player.

So a left footed, injury prone midfielder. If that dosent scream Arsenal DNA I dont know what does.


Watching Martin (15) in the Norwegian league was just absurd.


is there enough space in the squad?


“you know who must not be named” had a policy of never loaning a young player, without a clause to purchase. Idea was clear – why train a player, when he wont stay with you If we have to loan, then loan an old experienced player who can our youngsters like Ericson – Lost his way, but a player from whom ESR, Willock can learn. But here we are loaning another RM player, like Cebballos and will train him, and lose him back to Madrid in the summer. Of course, one of ESR or Willock will get angry with lack… Read more »


I hope we get Willock a loan, but I’m expecting him to be sold in the summer – I just haven’t seen him stepping up to the kind of level that ESR/Saka etc have made and he’s had a fair amount of games to show it. Maybe he stays as backup/cup… Also potentially the final straw for AMN, unless he’s come round to the idea of RB. That’s like 3 people coming in to midfield first team rotation ahead of him after he established himself last year. I can see Ceballos being pretty miffed – think his game time is… Read more »


Willock is 21. Massive experience. He still needs quite a bit of improvement, but I’m not sure we should give up on him yet because he has all the attributes to be a seriously good player (size, speed, off-ball movement, workrate, character). I think he should be loaned for sure, and SURELY there are quite a few teams interested in taking him on that loan.


He might be good at football, but spelling his name correctly is of course more important.

His name is written with Ø (the vowel you hear in earn, heard in English).

The double aa was subtituted with å (as in all, ore) in official texts from 1917, but the Ødegaard family decided to stick with the old spelling.

The ‘d’ is stum.

The name means wasteland, abandoned farm, used about many places after the black death.

Copy it from this post, or use the number pad:


The “d” is silent*


So it sounds something like err-de-gor?


Edgard, The Unpronounceable.

George Masila

I hope the kid is good and match fit, where he’ll come and start playing. Think of the Dennis Suarez loan spell with us. How did it go? Careful with this,…


If you want to fit both Smith-Rowe, Partey and Ødegaard into midfield, the formation should have to change. May you live in interesting times.


World’s 74th best player as per the latest ratings from The Guardian. Hope he can acclimatize to the league fast if this happens. We need all the help we can get this season.


Isn’t there a clause which states that we can’t have two players on loan from the same team. Are we returning Ceballos? 🤔

santi's thigh grab

No such clause. You are limited to two loan players from the same PL team. I haven’t seen anything about non-PL teams.


Already confirmed on wikipedia!


Seriously excited by this report, if Arsenal can make him part of the family, would give him a lot to think about if there is a possibility of a permanent move. How ironic 8 years on from Ozil from Married!! Now Odegaard!!!

COYG 1001

Sounds like a smart move!


“If we can, then we will do it”
Arsene, is that you? lol


Please god can we just stop these bloody loan deals.
Why can’t we just go and get Luka Sučić from Salzburg, closest thing i’ve seen to a left footed ESR and could be poached for cheap.
Would provide decent competition for the CAM spot or combine with ESR for a Guardiola style two number 8 midfield.
Even at just 18, four years younger than Ødegaard, he already looks far more robust and ready for the physicality of the premiere league and just like ESR at 6 foot would add some height to the midfield.


Loving this quote from sky; ‘set to land a classy creator, a pass-master and an attacking midfielder with a fine touch and bright awareness of the game.’
How refreshing could this loan be?


Hope he doesn’t turn out to be another Denis Suarez, or even Dani Ceballos..


Given that Willian is top of assists I’d be happy to bring in a ‘Mop’ in an attacking position if necessary.

Keith Smith

I believe that he would be a good juxtaposition with ESR and they could learn and play together. particularly in the European games.
Excellent, if we can get him even for 6 months.


I have no idea who this player is, but i am 5000% sure he is the key to Arsenal winning the title. And I will be SOOOO MAD when it inevitably falls through.

And in 3 years when he shows up at Bournemouth/Southampton/Crystal Palace/wherever his name will ring a bell and I won’t know why.


IF it does get done, this is next beside the keeper.

We simply need an injection of creativity behind the striker(s) and an option to ESR.

We are so shallow beyond certain first team selects and any one or two out of the line up severely drops off our capability.

Odeegard has great dynamic ability and a keen eye/peripheral vision, executes his passing quicker.

We need this if we want to push higher this season.


The issue in the way would be 1) Zizou is unpopular and may be on his last legs at RM. He has shed far too many up and coming younger players and been unable to integrate them into the squad, they have been poor being dumped out of Spanish cup The hierachy above may feel his days are numbered and that they want to keep options for a succesor. 2) Player himself prefers to go to Real Sociedad where he spent a very fruitful last season and that club has a better shot at CL than us at the moment.… Read more »

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