Saliba: I was judged on two-and-a-half matches


Seven games in the space of a month appear to have done William Saliba’s confidence a world of good.

Playing regular football for new club Nice, he’s earned praise for his performances in the heart of the defence and seems far more content with life after a stressful seven months at Arsenal.

If he keeps things up, he’ll be well-placed to challenge for a first team spot at the Emirates next season. That’s if he doesn’t burn all his bridges with Mikel Arteta beforehand.

A third interview with the French media in as many weeks raises a few eyebrows, especially given the barbed nature of some of his comments.

“It is clear that so much has changed in the last year,” the 19-year-old told RMC’s ‘Top of the Foot’ programme.

“When I saw that the coach changed a lot changed for me too. In this year there has been a lot of change. He [Arteta] judged me on two-and-a-half matches. I would have liked for him to play me more. But he told me I wasn’t ready.

“I was waiting for him to give me a chance, but football is like that. When I initially came to Arsenal the league looked very good so I showed up to training and wanted to train on my own to show the coach I was ready.

“I am happy now, I want to play for Nice. The idea when you’re part of a team is a better feeling for me.”

While Saliba carries the sympathies of the majority of Gunners fans who recognise he was treated carelessly by the club, he’d probably do well to keep his head down and focus on playing rather than talking.

As things stand it feels like he’s driving a wedge between himself and the club/coach and that’s not going to stand him in good stead if he wants a shot at the Emirates.

Hopefully, this is just youthful naivety rather than a strategic move but we’ll see how things play out in the coming weeks and months.

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That video…. what in the actual fuck.


Can’t wait for the internet to do its thing and faceswap Arteta wanking it to Willian.


Don’t give anyone any ideas!!!!!


Even better Wenger and Ozil!


What video?


You don’t want to know mate. You seriously do not want to know.

It’s a fucking disgrace. The sooner the club get rid of that kid, the better. End of story.

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

For my understanding, someone else was doing a really disgusting thing and he should have left immediately but did not. Shouldn’t have to end his career at Arsenal but it tells he was in the swamp before.


Am I the only one who doesn’t really care what he does in his spare time? Clearly you’re not the first one down to the pride march with a rainbow flag, but give it a rest.
Does this have anything to do with the club? I care what he does on the pitch, and gay or straight, his personal life is his own matter.

Johnny 4 Hats

Triggering. Unconscious bias. Toxic masculinity. Micro aggressions. All these things that are terrible but we can’t actually see.

Guy jerks himself off while minors are in the same room.

“This is fine.”


I don’t think that’s the point being made. No-one in their right mind sees that video and says “this is fine”

But it was from before he was an Arsenal player & made a mistake.

The idea that Saliba is now a “fucking disgrace” and we have to get rid of him over this is farcical.

If anything it’s time to support him because I can’t imagine he’s having a great day…

Johnny 4 Hats

I’m not throwing Saliba under the bus at all. Maybe he’s videoing it to say “what the fuck is this?”

I’m just responding to people who imply there’s nothing abnormal about this.

Johnny 4 Hats

If this happened in prison I’d be disgusted


Well said, J4H.

Back in the day, Arsenal would have booted this kid out of the club into orbit.

Now? Who knows? Will we see modern players taking the knee and bashing one out before the ref starts the game? If so, who are we narrow minded old farts from yesteryear to judge? Moral fibre is so 20th century.

Johnny 4 Hats

I’d be interested to see if was so normalised and condoned if it were John Terry for example… I bet then the press and people on this site would rip him a new one for all manner of indecent offences.


It’s one thing a fully grown adult doing that infront of minors. It’s another when it’s a teammate of the same age. I’m not here to defend him, but in the grand scheme of things it’s fairly tame. Clearly this guy was taking it too far and was too young to know better but let’s not lynch Saliba for the recording. It’s not even him involved ffs.

Johnny 4 Hats

Would you want your 15 year old boy in there?


J4 – 15yr old boys wank. They joke it, they brag about it, they lie about it, they fantasise about it… it’s what teenagers DO. Nothing more, nothing less.
Granted, posting a video online was dumb – but that also what many 15yr old are!
Show a little grace with a young lad who possibly made a momentary error of judgement. As so many of us have… it’s called growing up, man!



Can you imagine the hysteria if Ozil had got up to to those sort of capers? Blogs wouldn’t have a blog left – he’d be quietly sat there in soot covered rags, surrounded by the fire damaged smoking remains of a melted studio.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Back in the day when the club captain was done for drink driving and put people’s lives at risk. Or are you going further back?

Pull your tongue out of J4H ass will you. It’s actually getting pathetic now

Johnny 4 Hats

Nice point. Really hit home the second time you made it.

Fair enough mate, if that’s the world you want to live in, be my guest. Sorry for criticising something you clearly find such wholesome fun.

I’m sorry that you have to constantly resort to personal attacks against me as you clearly find it impossible to speak to me in an educated manner. But that’s your problem, not mine.


He’s a fucking idiot.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

“Constantly resort to personal attacks against you”. Really? What, because I told your little lap dog he’s pathetic for kissing your arse at every opportunity.

The only thing I’ve ever said about you was it’s about strange why you need to constantly post under the first comment of every article, even if what you said wasn’t relevant to the comment. It’s a bit needy, don’t you think? If that one time is “constantly”, I guess I’m guilty

Johnny 4 Hats

If I had the inclination, I could reference at least three occasions where you’ve been needlessly and personally offensive. But I’m about to go to bed.

It’s ok. We are all strange versions of ourselves online. I just hope the actual you isn’t filled with such hostility, for your sake. Life’s short. I can testify to that.

It’s such a waste to spend it angrily looking into other peoples garden when we all have our own garden to tend.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

No anger here, I assure you. You have a good night sir


That Arsenal player served his punishment.

Will this Arsenal player? I hope so.


Really??! It’s not some ageing predator mate – it’s a couple of naughty teenagers doing something that happens in many a boarding school, uni, army camp, etc.
Keep some perspective… should he have post it? Absolutely not… but would that we all had that sense of judgement at 15 yrs old.
It truly is – just a wank!

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

He’s what, 19 years old. Did you say that when the Arsenal captain was done for drink driving?


he was 16-17? in the video..

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

I didn’t know that, I haven’t seen it.
Even more reason for the holier than thou to get off his back


We’ve finally found something that TB doesn’t know. 😭😭😭 Whatever shall we do?!

Oh look. No one cares.


Ok, you’ve made your point; you advocate Saliba’s behaviour. You’re the pathetic one here.

If I want to agree with what J4H says, I will. Free country free blog.

The last person I’m going to worry about is you, you boring sad little boy.


cmon you telling me youve never filmed one of your mates having a cheeky wank? take a chill pill man no big deal


Mate, this is a social media post from a supposedly professional footballer who plays for Arsenal Football Club.

He has professional responsibilities. He’s now 19, a fully grown adult and should know better.

I hope the French Football Federation throw the book at him.


No – it’s a social media post from an immature mid teen who
(a) was NOT in any way associated with AFC
(b) was just a kid, not a professional
(c) clearly knew no better, for various reasons to which none of us are privy (parental guidance, background, schooling, etc).

Which of us didn’t do anything risque, borderline illegal or just plain dumb, at that age?


Easy tiger – the kid’s just 19. It’s his manager/advisors I’d take to task… clearly the jingoistic French media have sensed click-bait and are goading him into the poor-me, Arsenal never gave me chance narrative. His ‘people’ should be handling this a whole lot better! And there’s a nugget of truth in this – as there invariably is, when stories get twisted – He wasn‘t given enough opportunity… we did royally cock up his French cup chance… and all the other admin surrounding his move. My take: he was subjected to the worst of Arsenal’s shocking player management under Fat… Read more »


Just read the later posts re ‘that video’. Have no need nor desire to watch it – but here’s a less reactionary view: So he filmed a mate spanking the monkey in an all-boys changeroom when they were both too young to know better. That goes on all the time at boarding schools (and plenty of Uni’s now – and is sold for beer money on porn sites!). Right now there are 10yr olds in Africa being forced to execute their own families, their entire villages, as child soldiers… THAT is what we should be angry about, not 2 blokes… Read more »


one of these post would have done and made your point.
We get it you and your mates wanked eachother off when you were teenagers we dont all need to know


And yet, even with the numerous posts – you, peering through your narrow bars of prejudice, missed that point completely.
Better stil (oh, sweet irony!), you’ve simply illustrated it all the clearer: I try to draw a legimate parallel between kids being forced to murder their own families, as possibly just a tad more NB than 2 schoolkids taking the piss… yet all you see is an opportunity to reinforce a pathetic homophobic stereotype.


Nobody missed your point There were no narrow bars of preduice or sweet irony. you just droned on about teenagers wanking for about 5 posts and seem to think that every teenagers life is like a scene from the film porkys.


Does that include those forced to become child-soldiers? You are so far off the mark in your comfort-zone mate… the entire point is that too many kids lives’ are NOT scenes from Porkys… but barf on about it some more, why don’t you?


EVERYONE: Do not link to that video here.

Dynamo bicycle light

Someone done something dodgy?


There’s a few second video going around of saliba on a couch in a France U18? change room, with a naked teammate who is casually wanking right next to him while Saliba slyly records. It’s just teenage pervert stuff, but they are still underage kids, and now that you have the exact description you don’t need to watch it because I’m pretty sure it’s illegal.


Thanks for the heads up. The “ just don’t watch- u don’t want to know” comments weren’t much of a deterrent. Luckily your post was. Bullet dodged.

Hakuna Matata

The fact that u have so vehemently condemned it has led many to search 4 it. Most people on the internet have surmised that the kid is gay… If so good 4 him


Don’t think AB has condemned it, just asked not to link. But agree the general reaction has been thoroughly depressing. Compared to most of what rugby teams get up to when left to their own devices pretty tame, but in that context somehow macho? I saw an MMA fighter ‘oil check’ an opponent live on BT Sport just last month! More to the point, even if he is gay, who gives a ****.

Johnny 4 Hats

Yeah, I’ve been in a few rugby teams. This definitely never happened.

Someone did this in school once and they got sectioned. Just saying. It is weird.


No, Rugby teams are too busy drinking each others pubes and sharing condoms for anything too weird…


He’s not gay…for goodness sake and even if he was so what?

Brady’s bunch

Yeah we’re gonna need to see that video 🤔😂😂


Gives “Free Willy” a whole new meaning…

Medium Mozart

Saliba a big fan of Roman Pole-outski?


An utter disgrace. Get rid of him. Now. I was supporting this lad and his grievance at a lack of match opportunities barely half an hour ago, but that video is utterly vile and has absolutely nothing to do with the way an Arsenal player should conduct himself. Edu and Arteta have treated him badly, but that does not excuse that sort of thing. I now say the club should get rid of him ASAP. I don’t care how talented the kid is, there are standards of behaviour that he has clearly breached and he deserves to go. We’ve clearly… Read more »


Eh it was 4 years ago. Was he 15 there?
and it’s not him doing it is it. Still it was immature to post it, as a 15 year old.


It’s also potentially illegal to view/distribute given the ages of the people involved.


But looks like you have seen it yourself at least once. So does that mean you could also face the law soon?


how was it leaked?! it’s clear saliba made the vid. so tbh, wanking off next to your mate in the dressing room is odd. but filming and sharing/spreading is….i don’t know, but immature is not the word im looking for.


The word you are searching for is inexcusable. As Blogs said, it’s also potentially illegal.

I am absolutely sickened by the whole thing. It has absolutely nothing to do with football and I hope the powers that be respond appropriately.

Arsenal Football Club should suspend him indefinitely.


Just want to make it absolutely clear that I did NOT view the video and merely learned of it’s content via a third party online news bulletin.

The fact it was four years ago does not excuse the player from posting it. Do Arsenal Football Club wish to associate themselves with someone who would post such material?

Shame on them if they do. It’s complete inexcusable. Get rid of him.

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

Why are you drawing conclusion, writing long comments on a video you didn’t see?
that video is utterly vile and has absolutely nothing to do with the way an Arsenal player should conduct himself” from someone who didn’t see it?


Eh because they are kids, that’s why it’s so vile, he doesn’t need to watch it to know it’s wrong.


The first part of your post is what counts: they WERE kids. Kids do silly, risque, exploratory things – it’s how the test – and learn – boundaries.
To me – all that matters is what Saliba does now and next season. That is what will define him as a man and a professional athlete in the public eye.
Has he matured? We shall see – but no-one should be judging him on a bit of silliness from his mid-teens.


I mean, it’s 2021. We don’t need to have an understanding of what actually happened, to have heard from the people involved or to have even seen the video to know that Saliba is a “disgrace” and should have his career ruined.

Rumours of a clip that your heard of from are a mate are good enough.

I wish there was a permanent mute button for some posters (not you stockholmgooner)


Hear hear

Once a gunner

Send the link please


He wasn’t even an Arsenal player when it was recorded…

No-one is coming out of this well but he’s not done anything illegal, it was before he was an Arsenal player & he was 15, a time when we’ve all made mistakes.

Chill out. Take a seat on a sofa even.


Remember TGSTEL shagging a taxi? Simpler times.

Tomaury Bischfeld

One man. One car. One night of passion.


That car had the ride of its life


Fare’s fair

Crash Fistfight



And Boris Becker’s Broom Cupboard….


I’m guessing the club knew about it and that’s why he’s in France.


The greatest irony here will be how Arteta and Arsenal stand by Saliba and support him through this process (as scrutiny of the video and its circumstances develops) going forward, welcoming him back with a clean slate when training camp begins this summer.


Absolutely. This club used to be renowned for it’s class. Now, it’s a fucking embarrassment to the former greats.

It’s Arsenal in name only.


As the article states, my sympathy is beginning to wear thin.

Yes, you were given 2.5 matches and I guess you didn’t cut it. If Nice is your level mate, crack on.


Well Arsenal under Arteta are at a Willian level.

Go figure.


I think he’s entitled to be disgruntled. It doesn’t even look fair to me at how he was treated. It didn’t look fair with the caliber of players we had. It didn’t look fair with the competitions we were in.


Absolutely he has every right to be annoyed but it seems everyone forgets the reasons Arteta gave or conveniently try to ignore them. For a CB of his age given the limited appearances in his career up to that time in a new league, things could have gone either way. We saw what happened with Senderos who was a very promising CB only to be shattered by Drogba here and there. If I am not mistaken he even broke down in tears after that loss to liverpool in the champions league and that was the end of his journey with… Read more »

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

I think Sanogo could have had a better career, had he never come to Arsenal. His time at Arsenal destroyed his confidence. Toulouse was relegated and did not even offer him a contract and he was without a club trying to play in italian B league.


Seems his name and price tag prove something…which they dont.
Seems perfectly fine to me that he was at the bottom of the pecking order.
What was shit was he didnt get that loan move sorted at the start of the season. That was a missed opportunity that Arsenal can take some flack for. The rest of it? Nah.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Next interiview Saliba gives:I was judged on a two-and-a-half-minute video.


But it’s not that simple, is it. We paid about £27 million for him according to reports. If he wants to “crack on” there, you’d presumably sell him. That may mean Arsenal taking quite a big loss depending on the state of the market etc. (it’s not what it was when we bought him in Summer 2019). We could force him to return I guess, but would that get the best out of an already pis*ed off player? If he does return, he could just sit in the reserves or at home although nobody benefits from that and it looks… Read more »


Next to the 35m Mustafi, Saliba looks a right bargain

Dory Morris

I’m getting pretty tired of the incessant questions from reporters, but not worried about Saliba at all tbh. He’s only answering the questions being put to him in an honest way so fair do’s.

He’s playing football now, so good for him and I don’t see any reason why he should hold a long-standing grudge over the last few months. Pretty confident Arteta will manage him well going forward.

This is a real test of his character now and if he comes through it well then I’m sure he will become a great player for us.


i agree with goonerrific. yes he’s entitled to be disgruntled, but why go on publicly time and time again? the ligue 1 isn’t the premier league and saliba’s apparently been very good at st. etienne before, as has pepe been for lille. that said, i really don’t get why arteta didn’t try him. he was reluctant to play saka and esr as much as he does now, too, so he well might have been wrong about saliba, too. all the time (before he went to nice) i thought it was saliba’s personal troubles that stop arteta from playing him, turned… Read more »

Dave Cee

Agreed Vie. Worrying that Mikel also was ready to let Holding go out on loan..and what? Rely on David Luiz and Mustafi?! I have still have faith in Mikel, but to quote le grove, that’s a sign of bad taste in players. Having said that Gabriel, Partey and Aouar suggests he does have some eye for talent. Odegaard too maybe.

Murphy was an Arsenal Fan

Would not be surprised if he is sold. Chambers will be kept. Not necessarily about the quality of the players, but Chambers is English, and with the post-Brexit rules, it would make sense for Arsenal to capitalise on the Hale End Academy as a monetising asset. Get young English players from the lower leagues -> get them up to Premier League levels -> if player is okay, sell to Championship promotion hopefuls or lower half teams, else sell to teams in Europe. If really good, keep. The way we have got in younger foreign players like Omar Rekik, Nikolaj Moller,… Read more »


Until Rekik, Moller and others aren’t played and leave, like Balogun, while we play Luiz and Willian at every opportunity. I’m really fed up with Arteta, he’s a huge disappointment, very good at talking the talk (how Martinelli is so good) but doesn’t walk the walk, Gabi rots on the bench while we get to watch Willian losing the ball again.

Murphy was an Arsenal Fan

Most people share your frustrations regarding the good players being benched and Willian having a contract at Arsenal at all. There needs to be a call at season’s end on that one.


I like your name.

Trevor Davison

Nothing I’ve seen this season suggests we’re any better than Nice. Fans need to lower expectations. We’ve no given right to win or challenge for trophies. We are a mid table team with mostly average players, who would struggle to play in the championship week in week out, on champions league winner wages.


As Mr. Miyagi says, “The are no bad students, only bad teachers.” Guendo and Saliba are generational talents but in the end they’re young kids. Arteta/Edu have severely mismanaged them. No excuses.


Not sure you can lump Guendozi in with Saliba there. He has previous for attitude problems and I’m not convinced he’s that special


Also, unlike Saliba he cannot be complaining about lack of opportunities.


He started tons of games under Emery in his first season in the PL at 19/20 years old. Mkhitaryan and Özil called him the best young player they’ve played with. Maupay is a cunt that even Brighton don’t like. How about we support our young players for once instead of piling on? Endless patience for Xhaka but Guendo gets the exile?

JJ Abrams is not a good film maker

Maybe Guendouzi should have made his feelings known with reducers on Maupay during the match rather than wait behind the bike sheds for him post-match.


The guy busted his ass that game, came on late and tried to rescue it. Maupay did Leno dirty and Guendo was the only one who stood up for him. He crossed a line, no doubt. But at his age/maturity, one can have a bit of understanding. I’m sure you lot were all zen masters at 20 years old….


Yes, but that’s not why Guendouzi was excluded from the squad. If you read back, Arteta is barely critical of Guendouzi at all for that.


You probs have better info than me blogs, but all I’ve seen referenced are ill-defined “attitude problems.” If you google “Guendouzi + Arteta” they all reference the Brighton game…


@goonerd – I think it was the catalyst for something, but it wasn’t that incident itself which saw him excluded.


Fair enough. It’s certain by this point he’s stubborn and has an attitude. Shame though because he’s young and talented – and an asset of the club. Arteta should have have it in his locker to manage that asset well and preserve/maximize its value.

One of the reasons Wenger succeeded with the young ones was because he had no ego and didn’t feel threatened. Arteta seems to have ego (and perhaps hubris) in abundance. I don’t see the need to otherwise make examples of younger players while having endless patience for his favorites.


How did Arteta not manage the Guendouzi situation well? He’s on loan for the season. We haven’t sold him. Same goes for Saliba. In one case, it is “go and cool off”; in the other, it is “go and get more experience.” If those two don’t recognize the opportunity they have to play for Arsenal, and would rather take this opportunity to wiggle their way out to somewhere else, well so be it — do we really want to be a team made up of players that don’t want to be here, that can’t accept the structure and expectations in… Read more »

Heavenly Chapecoense

I always put it bluntly and get downvoted but people end up repeating same things. Arteta needed to free space for a new midfielder plus get another team pay one of our players.


Was it a catalyst…FOR CHANGE?


It was the petulance after the fact. Geundouzi stood his ground like a stubborn git and did not apologize to Arteta. It was a blatant challenge of authority, and Arteta, a new and relatively young manager, was still trying to stamp his authority. A challenge by one of the old guard like Ozil or Luiz would be one thing, but by a 20 yr old Geundouzi? I think he got made an example of – which in its way isn’t the best management.


Even if he is shit/a spoiled brat, the best way is to keep everything normal to keep hoa value. Now everyone knows that Arteta hates Guendouzi, who has 1 ear left in his contract, how much money do u think we are gonna get for him?


I am tired of people talking like accountants. In Wenger’s time there was just the ‘he doesn’t do defence/video’ gripe, now everyone has a million sticks to beat the manager with. When we didn’t have money it was that we don’t spend. Now, when we spend it’s why we wasting money. Arteta is not managing your daddy’s shop. Stop it. Focus on the play not the tabloid shit.


I’m tired of people putting Arteta on a pedestal. Willian at 32 on a three-year deal is criminal mismanagement. Saliba for €30m and playing U23s is criminal. I don’t see any cheap shots here. Nobody is writing #ArtetaOut. If you don’t agree on the merits, fine. But your fake outrage is a poor fig leaf for Arteta, about as effective as Saliba’s for his mate.


He’s our manager — why wouldn’t we want to raise him up, rather than tear him down?


Lol. Y’all are a dramatic bunch. Nobody’s tearing him down. Just don’t reflexively defend his every move. I want Arteta to succeed as much as the next guy.

But read the article: it is BANANAS that he + Edu extended David Luiz’ contract instead of giving this kid a chance. It’s inexplicable that he continues to play Willian.

I’m simply advocating an objective assessment of Arteta’s decision-making and the consequences for results and the squad.


Calling those decisions “criminal” is hardly providing an objective assessment. Why not try understanding the decisions as based on knowledge of the players and the squad that we simply do not have watching the TV and surfing the media waves, and that they are coming during a period of considerable upheaval at the club? Not sure Saliba would have been the right character to help lead us through the awful period we experienced this season; it frustrates us, and the player, but protecting him this season while we continue to transition is not poor management. Saliba can’t understand that now,… Read more »


Nobody’s tearing him down, and no one’s putting him on a pedestal either. Some people just want to give the guy some support, show me a manager that has never made a mistake in their career! He’ll be defended for things like winning the FA cup, getting the best out of Saka and Smith-Rowe, bringing in Partey, developing Holding into a decent defender (see that skill against Villa?!) Etc. But I won’t defend him for Willian, that is some surreal shit right there. And Auba’s decline, not sure if that’s down to Arteta but let’s say it is for the… Read more »


Not a million sticks, just a few, namely:
+ The obvious favoritism shown to certain players (probably dont need to say who right?)
+ The treatment of certain players who, if not used, can still bring money for reinvestment
+ The seeming stubbornness and slow ability to learn from mistakes
+ The inflexibility in using the squad (Arteta seems to be unable to improvise solutions to improve his imperfect players – read the Athletic recent article about Arsenal strikers)


Top post. Well said.


I think its fair to say that Saliba’s management has been absolutely horrendous and his gripes with our club and Areta are very well deserved. They other sticks are more of the “Ok, but..” sort. Favoritism to Willian? Ok, but you get a player who was one of Chelsea’s best players last season, and who is probably showing more in training than the dogshit we have to watch on tv. He is not a starter in the PL anymore so that’s something isnt it? Stubbornness and Inflexibility? Ok but it’s also Arteta’s most Wengerian quality, because its coupled with clarity… Read more »

Frank Bascombe

‘Generational talents’? FFS.



Guendouzi is hardly interesting to watch, much less an elite young talent.



Let me translate that for you: “Guendouzi is only 21 but so important for Hertha: Matteo Guendouzi is Hertha’s leader”

33 appearances in the PL under Emery in 2019/2020 (FYI there are 38 games in a PL season), keeping €30m Lucas Torreira on the bench



Hertha, the team which ahs lost 6 out of the last 8 matches (1 drawn). Great leadership.


And we’re sitting eleventh in the league… What’s that you were saying about leadership?

El Mintero

Guendouzi! Lol…second rate reserve team level faker with a bad attitude. Glad he’s able to establish himself in the mighty Hertha midfield. Lol. Look forward to selling the useless cnt.


lol u mad bro?


Guendouzi = 0 goals and 1 assist in the EPL for all that huffing and puffing. He is not an elite talent and I expect Arteta thought he could do better with less attitude elsewhere.


His 1 assist did come on a NLD if memory serves me right.


Generational talents? Steady on. Bit early for that,no?


Play Well, come back and become a legend!

Arteta will have to own his mistake, but he should focus on football from now on and keep his head down.


if arteta finishes in the bottom half , i hope hes sacked– a novice of a manager at a giant of a club—

unless we are happy with mid table mediocracy

get a proper coach in eg allegri– a league winner not just a cup specialist–

we play piss poor football most of the time at the moment and get turned over by most teams


The reality is if they stood by Arteta during a run that would have seen any coach at a top club anywhere else in the world be sacked, he’s here to stay. Seems pretty clear the club has decided Arteta has potential and similar to how a young player costs points, we’re willing to live with a pretty poor season as he learns. The team is playing better than it was and hopefully we can sneak into the CL via the Europa League. He and Edu should still take some heat for putting so many resources into older players- i.e.… Read more »


Kid needs to have a better counsel around him. If the news of him losing people close to him is indeed true, the club could have done a bit more. But at the end of the day he comes out as a player who is very much confident of his abilities and somewhat on lines of Ibra letting his head talk than having a better understanding of things around him. Also french media would love to prove he is right and how Arsenal are allowing Nice and him to do so many interviews, this has been a trend since his… Read more »


Pure speculation but it does make you wonder if he’s done something or said something to upset MA.

It just feels possible given Saliba’s less than diplomatic interviews and the boss’s intolerance of ‘attitude’.

Either way this guy is being well paid by us and should show some professional deference to the club’s decisions.


Saliba doesn’t live in China/Myanmar/Russia. He is entitled to speak his mind. Arteta can handle criticism – he’s a grown man.


Publicly slagging off your boss doesn’t tend to go down well here either


He’s not “slagging off his boss.” If he wanted to, he could start talking about how poor the team was playing before Christmas and that how Willian has been given game after game after game when he was only given two. He could call out Arteta’s claim that he didn’t register Saliba “to protect the player.” He hasn’t done any of that. He’s said that he felt “his boss” should have given hime more than two and a half games to prove himself, which is fair, and true. It only feels like “slagging his boss,” because in this instance, his… Read more »


I don’t disagree that the way it has been handled seems poor but repeatedly talking to the press about it saying this kind of stuff doesn’t seem very smart


No one saying he shouldn’t have opinions. Just not talk to the press about them when they potentially damage his club’s reputation.


I think he might have showed up pissed off about missing the French cup final, I would have been as well. It was petty of Arsenal.


We shouldn’t have had to pay them a bonus for allowing him the privilege of playing – especially when coming off an injury. It seems pretty clear they wanted the extra money – not William playing in the cup final.

SB Still

That was (speculative) view I had as well.

Saliba was playing very well in the French league (and playing well again now).

We had financially invested heavily in him.

While he had big personal tragedy, seemed to me not playing football was making it worse than the protection that Arteta was claiming.


Why would he want to come back? He’s been mismanaged from start to finish and the only way the club is going to let him go is if the relationship is totally broken. He’s probably taking tips from Guendouzi to make sure that’s the case and he can leave. The club and manager are laughing stocks over what is happening with Saliba, Balogun is another one. Yet we will carry on playing fucking Luiz and Willian where Saliba and Nelson should be given their chance.


His media stories will be one SPICY BOI for the rest of the loan.


Saliba on his way to ending his Arsenal career even before it begins. What a shame


Who cares. Get rid.

AMN's cheeky grin

I don’t think this is anything to get too worried about. It’s not like he has directly criticised Arteta, he’s just upset he didn’t get more time to prove himself, which is understandable.

He’s on a long contract and Nice wouldn’t be able to afford his transfer fee, so he’ll come back to us at the end of the season (assuming Arteta wants him).

This will all be forgotten if he integrates into the first team next season, and does well.


May I suggest you Google the player’s name – and check out the latest news…..

AMN's cheeky grin

Are you referring to the leaked dressing room video? Weird and unfortunate, but nothing to do with whether he stays at Arsenal.


He behaved inappropriately. He posted a video of himself and a team mate having a jostle whilst they were both still minors. That’s both illegal and damaging to the club’s reputation. It’s got everything to do with whether or not he stays at Arsenal. His contract should be terminated for bringing the club and the game into disrepute. Well, back in the day, that’s what would have happened. Now, this club is run so pathetically that if Arteta welcomed him back tomorrow and gave him the captaincy and started bleating what a great role model he is for the club,… Read more »

AMN's cheeky grin

I hadn’t heard when I commented before that they may be underage in the video, which obviously makes it much much worse for whoever is posting and viewing it.

I still don’t think it affects whether we keep Saliba. It was wrong to take the video and (presumably) share it with the dressing room, but he’s not the one who put it on the internet. And if Saliba was a kid when he filmed the video, it makes it more understandable that he would make a wrong decision.


You mean the dredged up click-bait vid from 4 years ago? That ‘latest’ news?


He posted it on Snapchat a few days ago. As a 19 year old Arsenal player.

Hello? Anyone at home….? Duh…….🤪


In that case, he should be taken to task – but what I read suggested that it was NOT him who had posted it?


Arteta didn’t include him in the registered squad but did include Mustafi. Mustafi, the horror show guy in the last year of his contract is ahead of Saliba, a 30m young guy who was touted as the future of our defense. Mustafi left for free in January while playing a few games. Saliba has 0 minutes for Arsenal. He is now player of the month for Nice, which doesn’t make him world class but I think it’s enough to think he could have played those Mustafi minutes at least. Dire management. I feel for Saliba, he wasn’t helped at all… Read more »


Apart for last paragraph I agree with you. I’m not in the Artets out brigade. But a lot of his choices about players selection and his comments about the reasons for them have been debatable. Saliba has been left in the ditch and is trying to protect himself. He should have been tried in the uefa league and could have done a better job than mustafi


The reaction of fans to his “attitude” is a bit much. He is being interviewed and is honestly responding. Arteta judged him far to quickly and made it about “protecting him”. No one was pleading he play every game, but it is abundantly clear he got fucked around. Should he be saying, “oh well it was a really great experience, and I loved my time there and I can’t wait to get out of Nice and back to Arsenal and prove myself” just to keep fans and coaches happy? I appreciated his honesty and actually giving forthright interviews. Puts a… Read more »


A level-headed approach would be not to do the interview…..


A level-headed approach would be to let the guy vent a bit and not take everything personally.


Well said Sachin, just like your name-sake you’re a great man.

Bai Blagoi

Venting sometimes can turn into winding himself up.
It is always better to think twice before talking.


Who’s to say he didn’t? And yet, decided he had every right to comment honestly on what has been an unmitigated cock-up by the club that signed him.


Another Arteta cock up.

If he wasn’t so fucking obsessed with playing Willian, he might just notice that he has a squad to manage. Two and a half games. Fucking pathetic.

Pat mustard

Your William obsession is beginning to rival your ozil obsession


That’s the most ridiculous comment I’ve read today.


Hmm…this is starting to feel like a young guy who just doesn’t want to be here and I suspect the reasons might be more layered than just the treatment by the club he complains about. Makes me think he’s either trying to force a move, or he’s a bit of a hothead; either way there could be trouble ahead.


You blamed it on the player being naive and not the club being corrupted? Really??


Mr.Blog is in Love with Arteta and thats the reason he doesn’t like Willian too as he has become a love for Arteta. Blogs never puts the blame on Arteta but everyone else.


I would expect a blog or putting out something in the line of… ‘ Arteta’s job should be questioned ‘ in our next 5 games ( Leeds, Benfica, Man City, Benfica , Leicester ) if we get bad results in these next 5 fixtures, he should be Out , right ?


Start your own blog, and you can write whatever you want.


Dont worry blog, you could defend Arteta as much as you like, making a blog about VAR & Referees & So on to defend him… True Arsenal Fans will look at this season as a failure, incompetent manager coaching our team & he will be FIRED very very soon…
If you also need any tips defending Arteta, go and start writing about KSE & board not funding for Arteta 😉


At last, someone uncovers the fact I’m not a true Arsenal fan … like you, Mr T.

It’s a real weight off my mind.


Never said you wasnt 😉 Just feel like you are very Bias towards Arteta..
All the so called dead wood players are out of the club… 2 games 2 losses…

Non flying dutchman

You had it right the first time pal.. it’s Mr Blog to you

Pat mustard

Boot licker


Do you and Trump share the same crystal ball? You might have the info he needs on all those ‘stolen’ votes…

DB10s airmiles

How often do you regret posting in your own comments section? Tough crowd…




Go Blogs!!


Well said Jojo… it also seems that Arteta has the full backing by Arseblog too… The position we are in the league, knocked out of FA Cup, lets see UEFA Cup… but even if that goes tits up Arseblog will find a way to defend Arteta

Bossman Bill

mate if you don’t like what he writes then you literally do not have to read it

you can literally choose any other website that has been created ever


True… but if you create Arseblog ( Arsenal news ) you expect the admin to be neutral into all matters relating to Arsenal FC… Which I feel on occasions he is not, therefore I felt the need to comment as a Arsenal fan, However if it was Artetablog than you are 100% right.


I would not expect any blogger to remain neutral on all aspects of what they are blogging about. I would however expect them to have an opinion. That’s certainly a main reason that I read this blog; I already know my opinion and want to read someone else’s. What benefit would any of us derive from a blog that is neutral on everything? What’s the point of that?


Why would someone’s blog be neutral?!! Haha, jeez, in the same way, why would I expect your comments to be neutral?

In case you need some clarity, it’s subjective.


You two could call it Jojo’s T-time… just a thought.

Bai Blagoi

Corrupted? Like, taking bribes?

Eddy F

Assuming he doesn’t want to come back and play for Arsenal, how much could we recoup for him? He’s still a young exciting talent, but if we sell I reckon only French clubs are coming in for him, and they’re not paying £30m…

Tankard Gooner

Forget French clubs.. No one is going to pay premium for a wantaway player. Pretty easy to get hardballed into selling in these situations.


If we want to make ammends, we take our blame in the situation and then when he returns PLAY HIM!!! He deserves a chance, in fact he deserves much more than one chance. Putting Mustafi and an injured Mari ahead of him is just plain embarrassing. It seems so much like another example of Mikel trying to show who’s in charge. The problem with all that macho stance is that his treatment of Willian (going AWOL), Xhaka (fake tough guy), and Luiz (being David Luiz) compared to Douzi and Saliba is plain embarrassing. Senior players getting away with things and… Read more »


And Cedric pass which costs us against Villa,
I guess MA saw Saliba and Guendouzi as emerys players

Optimistic gooner

At this point I hope Arteta get sacked before we have to sell Guendouzi and Salina and Balogun

Jack of All

We won’t be selling Balogun as he and his agent refuse to sign a contract. Can’t do much with that.


It can hardly be a surprise, can it? He clearly thinks that he has been treated badly by the club (and so do I, but it’s what he thinks that matters) and I suspect he’ll be pushing hard for a permanent move away asap. That will put us in a dilemma because after interminable “problems” with one other high profile player who has now left – we all know who that was – do we really want another one coming along so soon? I doubt it. How this mess will be resolved is yet to be seen but the club… Read more »


We are a wantaway club because we are mid table and gradually going down, we don’t have the same pulling power of other regular top 4, we are now struggling to reach top six, a young prospect would rather go to Everton, Leicester or Villa , than hang with us. We are getting lumbered with Reals, Chelsea and other clubs rejects and paying a lot of money for them


Arteta/the Club fucked him over. He has a right to express himself and Arteta/Edu need to (publicly) apologize to Saliba and start from scratch.

However, whining about it is not going to do him any favours. Arteta has clear favourites (for example when Nelson misplaces one pass he’s immediately dropped from the squad while Willian can do no wrong) and while I like how he has made us defensively sounder he needs to put more faith in Hale End.

Ambazonian Gunner

It seems like the damage that Arteta has caused to the player-coach relationship is irreversible. Looks like Willo doesnt fancy playing for Arteta and I wont blame him.


How about our novice coach shows a little humility for once and admitted he has fucked up, just like his handling with Willian?


Don’t you have school today bro? It’s Edus mistake of screwing up the first loan not Artetas for not wanting to play him.


Jeez you two get a room.


Not sure why people are down-voting this. It was Edu’s job as Technical Director to make sure the paperwork etc for his loan to Saint-Etienne went through, and he didn’t.

It’s a separate issue from Arteta deeming him not ready, but we wouldn’t having the constant discussions about Saliba if we’d sorted out his loan.


Edu has a part to blame but it is Arteta who deemed Saliba not good enough for a place in the squad while registering Runarsson, Mustafi etc. Plus if it was Edu fault then why Saliba keeps hinting at Arteta.
And we are not talking about a random kid. Saliba has been a consistent performer for Etienne for several years.
In all likeliness, another 30m asset rot away thanks to Arteta, who probably thinks he is still at City (yes, Pep can bin whoever he dislikes, they have unlimited resources)

Medium Mozart

According to Saliba, the manager told him pretty much straight away – which is one of the main points of contention for the player – that he wasn’t ready for the first team.

Yes, the club messed up. But his agent had weeks to then make sure his client secured a loan move.

Why is the fault for this then all being put at Arteta’s feet? Seems like he’s the one who should be shouldering the least amount of blame, to me.


I think you may have totally missed Saliba’s point. Perhaps 2.5 games is not enough to judge a player “ready” or not. Especially when he is still giving games to Willian and others to prove they are “ready” when it’s clear the only thing Willian is ready for is retirement.

Medium Mozart

I understand it’s Saliba’s main point of contention – I referenced it in my comment. Whether Arteta was right about that decision is another point entirely. My point is, once he had come to that conclusion, there was still plenty of time for Saliba’s agent to ensure his client was found a suitable loan club. Really don’t see why Arteta is taking so much flak for Saliba not going out on loan, when Edu and the agent are rarely, if ever, mentioned. Had the manager dithered and left it to the last minute, it would be on him. But he… Read more »


Several years? He barely played a season and a half, with some significant injury breaks. He’s also just 19 and there are very few 19 year old centre-halves playing regularly in the Premier League.

I want him to succeed, but let’s look at his situation objectively and with some common sense.

Arsenal handled his loan badly. Saliba’s talking isn’t doing him any favours.

We still spent £28m on a teenager, and for everyone’s sake we have to find a way to make it work.


He made around 40 appearances for St Etienne and Nice since 2018. Meanwhile Saka has around 46 appearances. And he was so important that Etienne requests him for a final against PSG.
Surely he was so bad that he cant play a few games in the Europa League?
Nobody says he should be playing regularly, but it’s reasonable to have some doubt about Arteta’s assessment, especially given his recent performances in France.
Anyway let’s wait and see what happens next season. That is if Arteta still has his job.


I disagree here. Blogs, you specifically were talking about players giving forthright interviews a few weeks back and crediting them for doing it (James Maddison I think) and Hector. And here is Saliba, just telling it how it was for him. He spent 6 months in the dog house for no apparent reason. Sure Edu fucked up his loan, but a legitimate question remains, why were we loaning him when he could play in Europa (and coulda played league cup too). Why was Arteta so quick to judge him (and yet so slow to judge poorly performing elder players??). I… Read more »




Arsenal handled purchase and loan back badly to start with. Then we handled the french cup extension deal worst. Then we fucked up the paperwork.


They’re both to blame for the way Arsenal handled the situation. The only thing missing with those two is a pair of bowler hats. We have our very own Laurel and Hardy.

However, Saliba’s behaviour in posting an illegal video online should be reason enough for the club to ditch him.

They probably won’t, of course which will speak volumes of how much the game -and society in general – is fucked up nowadays.

Medium Mozart

Isn’t Saliba’s agent also partially culpable for this too. I mean, isn’t taking care of their clients’ careers and wellbeing pretty much the entire point of their existence?


That’ll be the same agent who is allowing (if not actually arranging) these click-bait type media interviews… clearly not helping the lad!


Beecause some of the fans – mostly those who were deeply in love with a giant-eyed playmaker – have decided that Arteta is the devil now and everything that goes wrong is absolutely and unquestionably his and only his fault and he should be gone as soon as possible. Should bring back the angriest man on the internet. Time for him to shine again, if you ask me. Regarding Saliba, maybe the fact that he’s good friends with Guendouzi hasn’t exactly helped to relax the situation. But as I said before, Arteta will have had reasons to do what he… Read more »

Pat mustard

We are 11th in the fucking league 11th! And we have already lost 10 games and are out of the cup Maybe that is the reason some people don’t think the sun shines out if artetas arse.


Are these the same people that said we have to make a huge clear out after Wenger and that it’s clear that this will take time and results will be difficult for a few seasons before we’re able to compete again?
And btw, we are 9 points behind a Liverpool side that dominated Europe for the last 2 seasons. It’s all about perspective.
And there’s actually a middleground between Arteta is horrible and Arteta is the saviour. Fascinating, eh?


My bad the school comment was childish if you will. 😄


To be fair, it isn’t a completely separate issue, because if Arteta had told Edu earlier, he would have had more time to file the paperwork.

What boggles my mind is that while on the one hand, Arteta apparently determined very early that Saliba was not up to the standard, on the other, it seemingly waited until the window was nearly closed to tell Edu.

The same thing seems to have happened with Ozil

I just don’t get it.

Medium Mozart

What boggles my mind is that anyone might actually think this is the way it went down!