Thursday, May 30, 2024

Martinelli and Pepe start, Azeez makes the bench: Sheffield United v Arsenal team news

Arsenal need to take three points against bottom of the table Sheffield United this evening.

Here are the official line-ups.

Sheffield United: To follow


Arsenal: Leno, Chambers, Holding, Mari, Saka, Xhaka, Partey, Ceballos, Pepe, Martinelli, Lacazette

Subs: Ryan, Bellerin, Cedric, Gabriel, Elneny, Azeez, Willian, Nelson, Nketiah

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Martinelli! Pepe! Come on boys take your chance. COYG.


Yes, wanted pepe and gabi to start! Hopefully they are good and keep their spots for thursday!

Bleeding gums murphy

They won’t, Willian will start Thursday. Mark my words


Martinelli at last! Hope he has a great match.

Sweet Lou

Saka and Martinelli on the left should be fun


the pressure on Mikael to play Martinelli was just too great. c’mon boy play your heart out

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Not really, his hand was forced by injuries

Bleeding gums murphy

Same as when he played smith Rowe


Like this. No Balogun though?


Busy signing da ting


Let’s hope so – not actually signed yet as far as I’ve read though.


Yes he’s as good as drop a was with his back to goal


All the talk on Balogun signing a new contract and he can’t even make the bench ahead of Nketieh?

Nainsley Aitland Miles

He hasn’t signed a new contract yet…


Didn’t say he had


Hence why it’s ‘talk’


Blogs – Freudian slip leaving Ceballos out of team? I think we should start with 11 men!


Sorted now, thank you.

naked cygan

No Willian?wtf?lol


I know everyone jokes about him always starting but including today’s game, he has started only one out of our last 6 games. 1 start, 3 on the bench, 2 injured.

SB Still

He is too important to be risked today, saved for Thursday.


Willian is needed up front on Thursday with the hopes that he’ll bore Slavia to death which could allow someone, not Auba (not at the moment anyway), to hoof one or two in via a sneaky counter.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Glad Martinelli is starting.
Not happy with Saka and Partey starting.


I’m I the only worried that he started Partey/Xhaka/Saka knowing how desperately we need them for Thursday? This game doesn’t matter in the grand scheme

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

That’s why I wasn’t happy with Saka starting.


Saka leftback? Such inconsistent line up choices by Arteta, what’s all the culture and non negotiables worth if youre never letting peapole settle down in a certain place of the 11.

Tankard Gooner

Why not Saka at LB? He’s played there before and with Gabi in front of him, our left could be super deadly. Also we’re playing Sheffield, so need to take the game to them.


I suppose it’s strange because he really should have played there on Thursday. It would be good to know why now and not then.

Anders Limpar

Yes he is the natural lb back up (although clearly he is one of our best attacking players). We should have played him at lb against Prague, especially with hindsight, given how useless going forward we were.


Today a trial for Thursday?

Tankard Gooner

Aye he should have on Thursday. I was more puzzled with why we didn’t put their makeshift defence under more pressure.


He’s a attacking player who covered at lb!!! When you find a position that suits your most valuable player, you just don’t move him…let alone to the other end of the pitch!!

Tankard Gooner

Not saying LB is a natural position for Saka, but these days you need a good attacking outlet from the wing/fullbacks. A little extra protection from Xhaka/Partey can enable Saka to do exactly that without getting too exposed defensively.


Could Xhaka be at left back? Oh dear God, no!!! Not only is that a calamity waiting to happen but Ceballos in the middle again ready to make another mistake. My nerves would be shot.


Oh no, I was right 🙁

Tankard Gooner

Yeah, does look like a shift for Xhaka to LB. Saka’s been drifting in from the RW for a while now.

Billy bill and the billy bunch

My elation over getting to see the dynamism of Pepe and Martinelli are heavily outweighed by the sadness of seeing the slowing down of all our attacking with Willian and ceballos starting.

Billy bill and the billy bunch

Oops, not sure why I thought I saw willians name starting, but I stand by the ceballos slowness of passing, attacking defending and well, just running.

Tankard Gooner

Willian starting? Thought he’s on the bench.


So who do you start in the 10 spot? Or do you play without one?

Baichung Bhutia

Wow a very strong team, good enough to beat Sheffield United. Hope it doesn’t mean we start with Willian on Thursday.


A good lineup……… We gonna kill then

Red Fred

So confident we are staring with only 10 men 🙂


Let’s hope they run around a bit and don’t only stare.


We do rabbit in headlights type of thing quite a lot


Ceballos better play like Burnley at home 2019, rather than Olympiacos away 2021

winterburns right wand

Interesting tactical decision to play 10?

winterburns right wand

…website updates.

Err without a recognised #10.


I think we’re allowed one more player?


Ya know all those amazing players Wenger said we “nearly” signed over the years……well Martinelli is one of those type of players….and we have him! His performance against Chelsea helped spark our season back into life. Gabi won’t be world class in every single game but it is better to keep trying with him (like Saka and ESR) than die on the Willian hill.

Take ya chance kid. COYG!


Ozil has passed on the flu to auba


Saving Willian for prague i see…


Probably the best lineup he could have picked, given who is available. COYG!


We all know what happened last time that Partey and Ceballos played together… at least Martinelli is FINALLY starting 🤞🏼


looks decent!


Back to Saka and Martineli on the left like last year. Bring it on.
Hoping that Mari is a calming influence on Holding today too.
Better get the W today. Looking forward to it.


Would rather not see Saka, Xhaka and Partey to rest them for this week; but a strong team selection. COYG

He’s got no hair but we don’t care...

After watching how good manure were against the scum, it just highlights how poor we are when we consistently keep playing average players like Xhaka. Sigh.


Xhaka is one of our best players, do you actally watch what he does?

Today could be Boxing Day version 2.0 – Arteta hitting the reset button again so to speak by giving rare starts to Martinelli and Ceballos.


Starting the game with 10 men? Mikels team selections may be questioned after this haha


Thanks for listening arteta. Now watch him score some goals


Called it

SB Still

Worried about Saka starting. He is required for Thurs.

Cedric could have started instead.


Interesting selection. Let’s see what they can do – and surely they should be able to do something against the team well adrift at the bottom of the PL.


Listening on 5Live and Mark Lawerson says “ceballos has the body of an office worker ” WTF does that mean !!!!!!

Naked Cygan

Good to see Martinelli start a game. He is a bit rusty today, but he gives 200% every game.


Pls can someone explain this formation to me. I have my pen and paper



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