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Arsenal accept UEFA punishment for role plotting Super League

The next time Arsenal qualifies for Europe – stop sniggering at the back – UEFA will retain 5% of the revenue generated as a punishment for our involvement in the Super League debacle.

The Gunners are one of nine sides who have formally renounced the breakaway competition.

Three others, Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus, are sticking to their guns and now face a showdown with Uefa’s disciplinary bodies.

In addition to the withheld revenue, Arsenal have also agreed to pay a share of a €15 million penalty which will go towards youth and grassroots football.

We’re also obliged to rejoin the European Club Association, from which Vinai Venkatesham resigned, and have agreed to massive fines if we fuck about again in the future.

Speaking about the measures, which amount to little more than a slap across the wrist, UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin said: “The measures announced are significant, but none of the financial penalties will be retained by UEFA.

“They will all be reinvested into youth and grassroots football in local communities across Europe, including the UK. These clubs recognised their mistakes quickly and have taken action to demonstrate their contrition and future commitment to European football.

“The same cannot be said for the clubs that remain involved in the so-called ‘Super League,’ and UEFA will deal with those clubs subsequently.”

On the off chance, UEFA does hand out bands to Barcelona, Real Madrid or Juventus, we know a Lego-haired football manager who might be willing to put his side forward as an alternative…

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I was hoping for a £150mn penalty to be honest, as indirectly it will hurt KSE pockets. May be it will drive them nuts and send them back to the place where they came from.

Sounds a bit masochistic & vitriolic but ya true that!

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

Is that the money made out of 150 mn of game time? Very out-of-the-box concept, this is.


Well, I certainly wasn’t hoping for that. Why would you want to damage the club in that way – stress, the club – just to get at the owner? Had we received a big fine, you’d presumably be content if Arsenal had to sell a key player, say Saka for example, to cover it. Wow!


I was hoping that they/d all be banned from playing in European competitions next season!

SB Still

We got ourselves banned from Europe as a righteous club!


Arsenal can consider themselves lucky.
I really hope Uefa does a lottery in La Liga and Serie A to replace Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus to have some unexpected teams in the Champions League next season.


They will not do that as it will jeopardize their famed competition. Expect them to hand out slightly vigorous punishment maybe 1m extra fine.


It actually wouldn’t when you look at the quality of those teams now.

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

At the same time, why wouldn’t these teams want the Super League? Why would they want to travel to kazakhstan for CL group stage games and get less money out of it? Why wouldn’t they want big pay-per-view money? Other teams and leagues opposed it which killed the project but why punishing them to want what is good for them?


Because it’s bad for Football writ large.


Its always about the fuc*ing money
UEFA are a bunch of corrupts too
fu*k them


Well, joke’s on them! We won’t qualify! Ever! Hahahaha! *starts sobbing*


So we basically co-plotted a coup d’ etat and we are punished with community service.


I’ve seen this story elsewhere in the news lately…? Where oh where was that? Some big domed building, some orange dude, and a bunch-a-bat-shit-crazies…Hmmm…!?


Orange got off scot free while some of the crazies went to prison.

A Different George

In fairness to UEFA (words I did not think I would ever write), they understood that one of the most important reasons the Super League failed so quickly is that supporters of the teams involved–not just the teams left out–opposed it so visibly and with such unity. It makes no sense to punish those supporters. So, that eliminated the most logical and most effective sanctions to prevent a recurrence–a ban from European competition or a domestic points deduction.

Naked Cygan

Gods know when we will qualify for Europe again. We are getting worse year by year. Seems like we are stuck with Arteta for next season. Chelsea were smart, got rid of lampard and brought in a proper manager. We seem to be stubborn and let Arteta drag us down the table year by year. We took so long to sack Emery, and we are taking even longer to sack Arteta.


Do you want the job?


He would probably do a better job of it.
Arteta cannot see the problems or the risks and that is why we are here.
Arteta is incompetent..

Naked Cygan

Yes, and I would pay to do it.


The Premier League should tell the 6 that “left” that they have postponed this season, therefore cannot gain any futher league points.


UEFA will retain 5% of European competition revenue? Well they already wrote that off, we’re more likely to get relegated than qualify for Europe. They should have hit the ownership of Arsenal, Man Utd, Liverpool with massive fines they’d have to pay out their own pockets.

North Bank Gooner

The ownership of Man United didn’t even pay for the club out of their pocket, do you really think they or Stan would use their own £££ to pay fines?


Stan actually paid this fine out if his pocket. At least it is reported that he did.


It could’ve been a whole lot worse, at least we weren’t banned, and I expect us to be back in Europe for next season.

The Goon

I don’t.




How’s about 100% European football revenue for the next 5 years? Seems extremely harsh but also won’t cost us anything. Win win


Every penny owed better be coming out of old man Stan’s pockets and not out of any transfer or administrative business for the club.

Eazy Deezy

Josh said to AST that they would pay any contractual termination fees they have to pay to the Super League lot.

He didn’t mention anything about UEFA penalties though … At the very best, KSE might contribute to our share of the £15m penalty.

But I can’t see them making up the shortfall for UEFA keeping 5% of European revenues (whenever that happens).


Haha. I think Arsenal can keep the 5% for the foreseeable future since qualification for Europe seem impossible.


Curb your punishment – we will pay when we feel like it!


Maybe the grand plan of signing aged wingers will hit it’s peak with Ronaldo and Messi.

A Different George

Honestly, I wouldn’t mind seeing Alexis again.


What bands do you think the three holdouts should get? Juventus can take Maroon 5. Madrid, Oasis. And Barca, Nickelback.

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