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Arteta hints strongly at KSE investment for summer rebuild

Mikel Arteta says that the club’s rebuilding process will continue this summer, and hinted strongly that he expects KSE to provide the kind of support that will enable him to make changes to the squad.

Without European football next season, resources are going to be tight, and clearly some of what we can spend will depend on departures, with question marks over the futures of many players, including: Bernd Leno, Hector Bellerin, David Luiz, Granit Xhaka, and others like Calum Chambers, Alexandre Lacazette and Eddie Nketiah who are heading into the final year of their current contracts.

It means that, one way or another, Stan and Josh Kroenke will have to help fund incoming business, and it’s something the Arsenal manager appears to be expecting.

Speaking to Sky Sports, he said, “I think the owners are going to be really involved. I think they will be really supportive.”

He also made it clear that despite the poor performances this season, there is an ongoing project at Arsenal that needs to be completed.

“We are in the middle,” he said. “We are not at the start or at the end, it is a process that we are in.

“It started a few months ago when we had changes of structure at the club, these changes were unprecedented and had not happened in the club’s long history.

“We have an incredible opportunity, I am so excited because I know what we can do with the size and resources we are going to have and the quality of people we have at the club.​​​​​

“It’s something we had to do, it’s happened already and it has to continue. It’s a difficult task because it does not provide the stability that is necessary.”

Earlier, Arteta had made it clear he feels there is a ceiling with some members of the current squad which limits the collective improvement, although he admitted it was his responsibility to that.

“Some of them can get to a certain level and you cannot push them any further,” he said.

“You want to evolve them but it’s not possible. That is my responsibility. That is my job. My job is to get 120 per cent out of every single player in our squad.

“With some of them I have not managed to do that.”

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New set piece guy might just do the trick
Or maybe we just need better shoes? Sure KSE can provide some of the best wildleather products.


It’ll be a case of ‘Barefoot in the Park’ with KSE around.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

I disagree with you on KSE. In terms of the right level of investment to achieve performance and financial fairplay, they are the owners who bring the right level in the entire league. They hire people like Arteta and Vinai who waste their money. Look at the way Arteta is talking. I wouldn’t buy a used car from this guy. Back to KSE, Arteta wanted Gabriel and Partey, they bought them. They gave a massive contract to Auba. The season before, it was 72M in Pépé. The year before Pépé, they bought Leno and two years before Auba in January… Read more »


But we don’t spend our money wisely.

The Kroenkes have recently employed a collection of dodgy and/or inexperienced individuals to oversee our transfer dealings.

That’s on KSE. No one else.

We haven’t had a sniff of the Premiership for five years, we’ve been without ECL football for four years, we’re currently 9th, having lost 13 league games this season and now face the prospect of no European football next season at all.

And some of you STILL back this board. Unbelievable.

John C

We haven’t had a sniff at the Premiership for 15 years!

Wenger left us 37 points off top, we’re improving, we’re only 31 at the moment!


So Danny Welbeck’s injury time winning goal against Leicester in 2016 passed you by completely, did it? Because when that went in, we were most certainly in the title race.

Or weren’t you supporting Arsenal then….?



So they don’t hold responsibility for the people they hire? Their issue is not the money it’s their committment to that. Arsenal is such an easy asset (or at least was) – it appreciates in value year after year. Easy equity based wealth growth. Thus, they really needed to do fuck all, and that’s what they have done. Hire people to run the team, and allow the clubs revenue to fund transfers. Even dropping down to Europa level didn’t really hurt the value of the club and things didn’t change. Then COVID came and the big clubs started getting scared… Read more »

Dave Cee

I agree and disagree with you. Certainly they have backed the management with money for players. But have they spent enough time on the ground in London analysing how that money has been spent? Demanding better performance etc? Leadership comes from the top down and KSE just don’t like they care, surely that has to transmit into performances


And so begins the PR spin campaign to win back the fans…I said yesterday we’ll have a summer of juicy transfer hints and leaked transfer kitty balances…And right on cue…
Spare me the homilies, I can smell a fraud from a mile away” —Olenna Tyrell


Season ticket renewals coming up. Linking this with this story is of course wild speculation…..


Yep. Got my renewal through yesterday. Prices to be frozen for fourth year. Great considering the diminishing entertainment return on the product they’re selling. They’ve not put up the ticket price once since we failed to qualify for the CL. Howa bout a reduction please as opposed to transfer rumour spin. I am not getting excited Josh..


Last time Josh told us to be excited we ended up with Pepe.

David Hilliers Arm Cast

Do we have many more exciting players (bar Saka) than him? He has the quality, he needs to be played and trusted.


Well it’s all subjective, but I like to watch ESR, Tierney, Partey, Auba all of whom have some end product.


So his dozen goals this season count for nothing….?

(6 in the league, 6 in the Europa)

David Hilliers Arm Cast

Parteys end product of late has been questionable at best 😳


Laca has G/A of 17/3
Auba has G/A of 15/4
Pepe has G/A of 12/5
Saka has G/A of 7/10
ESR has G/A of 6/7
Tierney has G/A of 2/4
Partey has G/A of 0/3


Guns Up

Partey has some end product?? Yeah, to bang it into the fucking stands.


It’s when he appointed Arteta that the shit hit the fan…..


The shit hit the fan well before that. In fact we’ve been taking a long, long fan-powered shit-shower in more ways than one.


Speak for yourself mate 🤣


> Seat prices will be frozen for a seventh consecutive year and as normal, will be reflective of the competitions *in which we compete*.

So does that mean we’re only going to be charged for FA cup matches? 🤪

SB Still

Don’t forget the League Cup!


Given all the talk on this and other sites about boycotts etc, it will be interesting to see exactly what effect recent events have on season ticket renewals/sales.


They’re giving the option of another season holiday, which means you can defer this season, but keep your ticket the following one. A surprising move. I go with my father who would be classed in a high risk group and he’s thinking of taking this option as still not too comfortable on the idea of large public gatherings.
I’d have to do the same- Not going to suffer another disappointing season on my own!


I’ve done the exactly the same.

Hopefully by the start of 2022/23 Arteta will be gone and boring kill-me-now LEGOball will be consigned to history – and the dustbin.


KSE and their no doubt, high quality authentic wild leather products; such as boots, horse saddles and bespoke revolver holsters, aside. And let’s completely gloss over whether we actually take Arteta’s comments at face value. As we know, its not uncommon for the old season ticket renewal date to accompany the ‘£200M War Chest’ stories in the media. But — Do we actually really want their investment? Because we all know they are not trust worthy at all. So I don’t think it can be written off as complete conjecture that any sort of financial support from them will come… Read more »


There’s investment and there’s investment.

Bishop’s Stortford invest in their squad. What they invest doesn’t make them candidates for top 4 of the Premiership. It’s my guess we’ll be the same.

Besides, Stan Kroenke doesn’t invest. He loans. Two entirely different things.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

But he makes the money available and Vinai, Edu and Arteta waste it.


I agree. They’re wasters.

But who employed those wasters………………….?!

El Mintero

Trying to argue that the Kroenkes investment to date means they have our best interests at heart is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read on here and that’s saying something…they have fck all interest in Arsenal succeeding other than doing the bare minimum to keep the season ticket money in place, the sponsorship cash flowing and generating enough profit off the debt leveraged assets they have exploited from day one. It’s the same bullshit they do in the US with their other “franchises”…cash cows for mediocrity and nothing else.


We had to see what will be done in the summer before judging anything. Till then, I have no confident on this.


Do we have to wait and see?
Weve heard this rubbish every summer for about 10 years
Nothing ever changes


Things have changed a hell of a lot. I think we’ve spent a ton of money in the last few years, even compared to the top clubs. We’ve just spent it like idiots. Last year KSE actually pumped money into the club for the Partey transfer. The problem now, as opposed to when we used to pull off bargains routinely, is finding value, identifying the right players for the way we want to play and finding players with scope to improve. When the last couple of summer windows closed I think a lot of fans were happy because there had… Read more »

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

True. Apart from the summer when only Cech was signed, it feels like the club has spent decent money, but on players not good enough, on silly wages.
Saying that though, I gave up my season ticket after the 3-1 loss at home to Monaco, and haven’t spent a penny on the club since then, because of the lack of spending. I suppose the truth is somewhere in between then.


I envy your bravery. I keep threatening to give up my ticket, but it’s the faint hope that one day we may be good again that keeps me hanging in there, knowing once it’s gone there’s not much hope of getting it back.


The secondary market is what keeps me renewing


Interesting point. I wonder what appetite there is even for that this season though…

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

I always feel like I’ll one day regret it, but enough was enough and I had to do what felt justified. There’ll be more change if we all kept our money in our pocket, than there would be from protesting in our latest kits, after paying a small fortune to get into the stadium.


That’s the problem, when there is little pressure or accountability due to limited focus and near zero understanding from the Kroenkes of Euro Football, then that’s how things trickle down. We’re not even 12 months on from Raul getting the sack for his borderline corrupt dealings. I wish that could be seen as a turning point. But it was Edu’s decision (backed by board and owners presumably) to sack the scouting team at a time when this team should be focussing more than ever on talent identification. Then another dismal year, it looks like no one takes the fall: Arteta… Read more »

Vaibhav Pandey

Not happening unless there are policy level changes by the govt.

YOLO Toure


Salomon Kalou!! Yoann Gourcuff! Draxler!! William Carvalho and Yann M’Vila!!! It’s finally happening!!!!


Ah Yann M’Vila. I feel like I know him personally.


Sebastian Frey wants to have a word with you….


One year it was all Juan Mata and then he joined Chelsea. There was a lot about Willian before he joined them as well.

Tasmanian Jesus

Yes, Mata were supposed to come in after Fabregas.
In the end we ended up with Santi a year later. No regrets for me.


Joe Cole!



I know I’m not saying anything that hasn’t been said before, but I don’t buy it, any of it. The owners probably won’t be more involved I don’t want them to be, their agenda is completely different to that of a fan. He’s right we DO have an incredible opportunity, one I can’t help but feel he has squandered multiple times this season. We’ve got some incredible young players (a group that exceeds what we started seeing in 04/05 if you ask me) that he has mostly ignored, or played in the ‘wrong’ position. Why is that? Pride? Seems like… Read more »


I guess like with young players that a deemed talented, they will make obvious mistakes early on in their careers. And as this is Mikel’s first full season in charge it does kind of follow that same route – BUT if he doesn’t show growth from next season then he must be replaced but for the sake of our club I hope a lot of what he did wrong this season was a rookie learning his way.

Vaibhav Pandey

That is fair plus young players need to keep moving up gradually, too much football might make them more vulnerable to toxic arsenal fans and their careers can go down in a flash. The problem is with seniors and I hope we get better contributions from them next season (Too many points lost due to silly individual mistakes).


kia having orgasms as we speak.


Two year contract extension to fan favorite – Willian;
1+1 year for big-hearted, bushy haired Luiz, I think.


Arteta takes full responsibility.


“Not that there’s anything wrong with that”, as they say in the Seinfeld Universe.


Whether its Mikel or another Manager which benefits from this currently under construction structure its is loooong overdue. Also at this point we have 3 wins less than Chelsea – and although this makes the games we have thrown away this season more painful – surely some sensible recruiting this summer ‘should’ eat into that points deficit. Forget any headline making signings out Hale End gang are our talismans now, just sign some useful, functional and capable players. That would be a great start

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

It is the culture in the club that has to be changed. Our players get transfered to other clubs and say they are really impressed by how everything is about winning in the new club. If nothing is done, the youngsters will be quickly contaminated. Does Aubameyang give you the impression he really wants to win, win, win? If he scores plenty of goals, fine. If he doesn’t, it happens, we all are humans. That’s our captain.

Fireman Sam

Auba doesn’t seem like captain material. Not bolshy enough.


And not setting the best example with his time keeping… Maybe buy a new Rolex instead of that shiny new Lamborghini with this week’s wages


Lets thrash Chelshit today and hope that they do lose the Crude Oil derby in 2 weeks time!!


If we beat Chelsea they still have to face Leicester and Villa. There is a chance they could lose 1 of those games and fall out of the top 4. Let’s say they then win the CL, that means 5 clubs from England in the CL next season? Does that mean 6th, 7th, and 8th qualify for the Europa? That is possibly our best pathway for Europa league qualification.


No.. in that case 8th will be the conference league.


What the F is the conference league?

Tankard Gooner

A painful attempt at fitting more clubs in a European format.


Arteta knows. Lets give this guy another year.


Let’s give him another 5 years. AT LEAST.


I don’t know, the way we play is just awful. I wanted Arteta to succeed, but the performances are dire and that is on him. I can’t help but think a better manager would have gotten more out of this squad.


No.. players like Auba, Willian, Pepe and even Partey are not putting in their 100%. Yes that is on Arteta, but if we give him one more window, he will have more players who are on board with him and the story can be different.

And on another note, who are the managers availabel in the market? I cant think of a single one. And even if there are, do you think they would like to come to this arsenal mess? Say would someone like Allegri come to us? Dont think so


It’s not the players.

It’s the way they’re being told (forced) to play.

In a free flowing team, the lads you’re mentioning would be far more productive and we wouldn’t be fucking around in 9th or 10th place.

But we don’t play free flowing football…….


Vaibhav Pandey

Yeah right, score 4 and concede 4 is that your meaning of free flowing football. agree it should be enjoyable but after so many years I see Arsenal being solid defensively (barring some trash individual mistakes which led us down the table) I am happy with defensive progress and would like it to be coupled with an offensive one next season.


You’ve contradicted and tied yourself up in so many knots that even Harry Houdini would struggle with it.

You want offensive football frr try on Arteta’s Arsenal? It’s fucking offensive to the beautiful game already!



Dave Cee

Considering he has been unemployed for 2 years I think he might


It’s funny how quickly it’s gone from “It’s my responsibility, I put my chest out” to “the squad isn’t good enough.” We’re tired of you talking Arteta.

Wenger made top four repeatedly with a squad of Squillacis and Denilsons and Andre Santos.

Not our fault you signed Willian and Ceballos on loan and sent out Joe Willock.

Put your “chest” back out there! So arrogant!

Vaibhav Pandey

The opponents have grown in class while we have stagnated for years. Do you still believe it is on Arteta alone? If you want change replace KSE. There is no other solution unless KSE’s heart changes somehow 😀


I don’t know whether he knows – 18 months from a standing start in football management isn’t that long to judge if we’re honest. I think he’ll get another season but far, far, more importantly, I suspect Stan thinks that.

matt keeler

Hoping you are right.
I hope he gets the players he wants to fit his style.
I don’t believe he has to spend a fortune, look at West Ham last season to this season to see what a handful of canny buys/loans can do for a squad.


Speaking purely in footballing terms here, ownership/governance issues aside: if Mikel stays – as it looks increasingly likely he will – I am very very curious to see what we do in terms of overhauling the squad this summer. This is make or break. Reports that senior players “have no appetite to consider extentions” seem to suggest that this will force Arteta’s hand, but I can’t help thinking (read: hoping) this was always part of the plan anyway


I for one am glad to hear there’s no appetite to stay. Should be easier to get rid of if they’re onboard with the idea.
Saying that, it also feels like a girlfriend you want to dump says she’s leaving you first. Pleased she’s going, but put out she thinks she’s too good for you, when it’s blatantly the other way round! I’ve gone off topic haven’t I….?

Paul Roberts

“Rambling Okester”?? 🙂


I’m actually happy to hear these rumours of guys like Leno, Xhaka, and Bellerin not wanting to sign extensions (although I do really like Bellerin on a personal level – stand up dude). Moving these guys on is what needs to happen – but once again the club is made to look like the sheepish, weakling as it’s the players forcing the move, when this is what the club should have been doing a year ago. Luiz, I could handle staying if it meant he was a bit part player and perhaps even a player/coach role, but if he’s around… Read more »

Vaibhav Pandey

Well said and I hope people realize the reality that Arsenal will be mid table team for few years. Hopefully reduced fixtures are a blessing in disguise 🙂


These senior pros have done nothing but be complicit in the mediocrity. We’ve staffed too much money on players who aren’t delivering. Time to cash in and build for the future around Saka, Martinelli, ESR, Tierney, Partey and (hopefully) Balogun.

Fireman Sam

Would be good to pay players on a bonus system instead of fixed wages. Could be based on Arseblog player ratings 🙂

Vaibhav Pandey

Haha blogs ratings, no way, they are too biased and would instigate toxicity in the squad 😀
Need more rational on-pitch indicators based on positions.

Guns Up

Throw in Gabriel and Saliba (hopefully, as with Balogun), and that’s a pretty solid and exciting core, in my opinion. I actually like Pepe quite a bit and think there’s room and time for him to step up another level as well.

Announce Bendtner

Arteta is clearly not going anywhere. The extent to which our poor season is attributable to Arteta is hotly debated. I think a lot of us accept that this isn’t a top 4 squad. We’ve complained about deadwood and terrible recruitment. I’m all for a squad overhaul and all I can ask is we start next season with a squad that is capable of a top 4 push. Whether Arteta is capable of producing consistent performances from such a squad….jury is still out. Arteta/Edu did well to get rid of players in January. Hopefully we see more departures….average players and… Read more »

Baichung Bhutia

There have been some good decisions taken in terms of recruitment (Gabriel, Partey, signing Odegaard on loan) and getting rid of players this season. Of course Willian sticks out like a sore thumb. Also I do like the fact we are openly saying the squad isnt good enough and trying to get investments in. I am just worried that its Arteta who seems to be leading everything regarding this – his decisions on the pitch, team selections, the way we approach the game have all been questionable. If we are going to stick with him, I wish he would work… Read more »

Vaibhav Pandey

His official designation is not the coach, he is the Manager.

Baichung Bhutia

Yup, think he got promoted. I think that’s a big problem and that is entirely on the owners.


Is it possible that Arteta is trying to force Stan’s hand?


Maybe, but Stan who is many things but stupid isn’t one of them – billionaires rarely are. He’ll have realised that there’s considerable dissatisfaction/distrust of him. A way of deflecting that, to a degree anyway, is to loosen the purse strings. It’s “Don’t look here, look over there instead” isn’t it.

David Hilliers Arm Cast

The biggest issue is that I think that loosening the purse strings won’t make us much better. We have spent plenty of the last three years and are worse. He is probably aware of this.


Other than the two Liverpool league games, Villa 3-0, and the second 1-0 loss to City, which could have been much worse, the only league game we’ve lost by more than 1 goal, was Spurs 2-0 in a smash and grab We’ve rarely been good, but neither have our opponents been much better, football is game of fine margins, and it’s been a combination of shooting ourselves in the foot, and lack of cutting edge in the final third if we adjust the size, balance and quality of our squad with some really astute moves, we can push more of… Read more »


Straw grasping post of week. Things aren’t too bad because we haven’t been totally humped more than a couple of times?


Our situation isn’t unfixable, because reversing fine margins in our favour with clever investment, isn’t as difficult as reversing margins where we’ve regularly been outclassed

We’ve lost by a three goal margin twice, and a two goal margin twice, we’ve drawn far too many, and often beaten ourselves

That doesn’t look like an irreversible situation

Vaibhav Pandey

Bang on point, the fine losses against Burnley, Wolves, Villa, Everton etc are now biting us at the back otherwise we would be much better spot with more than 60 points. This is last chance for Arteta and he would know it for sure or being told explicitly in his goal setting for next season.

Remy Lannelongue

Can we do a fire sale? Please, just get rid of:
– Guendouzi, Torreira, Nketiah, Willian, Luiz, Ceballos (I know he’s returning to Madrid), Leno, and dare I say one of Laca or Suba.

Don’t even care if we replace them.

Yorkshire Gooner

Not sure Leno is a priority. But agree with the rest

Fireman Sam

Wilian needs to go, as does Guendo, Lucas, David Luiz but I’d keep Eddy and Ceballos. Rather keep Laca than Auba.


Investment is 1 thing, investing in the right players is another. With no scouts, and relying on agents and coaches recommendations in the past, it hasn’t really worked out well. Really need to be smart this time ard otherwise it’s just another vicious cycle. And no more aging chelsea players pls. Done w tt shit.


Good post. It’s just as important how you spend as what you spend. We certainly need to be careful about signing “older” players generally. There’s nothing wrong with it, apart from signing former Chelsea players as you say, as there have been examples of such players being a success at other clubs -but the terms on which they’re signed are key as Willian’s reported deal shows.


That’s true, signing older players doesnt necessarily mean bad. Look at Cavani. Man utd did the safest option by signing him on a year deal despite his impressive records in France and Italy. We did the opposite and signed a winger in Willian who is alrd 32/33 and on a 3 yr bumper deal. It’s madness considering how much he is earning and how lil he has contributed to our season. Arsene Wenger rarely sign or renew players who turns 30 on a 2 yr deal, let alone 3 yrs.

Public Elneny

Yeah Thiago Silva has been very good for Chelsea too A good rule of thumb is that if they are willing to move city/country, and are happy with a 1 year contract, then they are motivated mainly by what they can achieve on the pitch. These players probably wouldn’t even want a 3 year contract, because if they can’t make the starting xi, they’re basically stuck on the bench for the remainder of their career If it’s money and quality of life they’re motivated by, they want a nice long contract near to where they and their family are settled.… Read more »


We spent a fair bit of money last year and went backwards. Willian, Cedric, Runaersson and Mari didn’t work out too well. Also Thomas Partey show worrying signs of slipping into the Arsenal way, while Joe Willock is performing like a player who has been liberated on loan.

I just wonder is Edu/Arteta can be trusted to spend any money we have? Please no over 30s on fat wages!!


Proof, we’re it needed, that it doesn’t matter who we bring in or move on; the football is guaranteed to be fucking awful.

That’s on the manager and his obsession with sideways and backwards passing. Why the fuck would any self respecting player – never mind a worldy – want to join and play for Arsenal Football Club circa 2021/22……?

David Hilliers Arm Cast

Nail on the head Carl

David Hilliers Arm Cast

“Karl”, sorry about that.


I know this is a simplification of a difficult issue but please bear with me. It’s something that’s interested me for a while.
So, given the choice of playing a good player out of position (e.g. to keep them happy, fit, ‘get your best players on the pitch’) against a ‘lesser’ player in natural position, generally which way would you go?
Binary choice: thumb up for good player out of position, thumb down for inferior player but natural position.
Thanks all

Yorkshire Gooner

I thumbed down. But it’s not the same binary decision in all cases. Willian at false 9 or Xhaka at LB – no thanks. In absence of Tierney playing Saka at LB – fine.


We definitely need to rejig the sports psychology department…

Public Elneny

Don’t care, they can’t buy my respect

Doesn’t matter right now how much they spend right now. It will all be spent in the wrong places, and then misused anyway

Kroenke out

David Hilliers Arm Cast

And who in? What virtues are you looking for in an owner, someone who goes to the games and cheers? What type of billionaire will appease you? Someone like Roman? Or A middle eastern oil tycoon?

Honestly interested in what the Kroenke out people are offering as a solution.

Public Elneny

I just want an owner(s) that is somewhat knowledgeable about the industry into which they’ve invested, who isn’t endlessly incompetent, and doesn’t treat the fans with absolute disdain. All we are to him is an obstacle to untethering the club from it’s history, geography and communities (physical and online), and floating it into whatever marketplace would maximise its value I don’t want a ‘sugar daddy’ owner either, that would feel hollow as all hell. And is terrible for the health of football as a whole Obviously fanbases aren’t able to arrange and install suitable owners ourselves. But what we can… Read more »

David Hilliers Arm Cast

I asked the right question to the right person. Excellent response. By those standards there are very slim pickings however as far as potential owners. It will never be back to the owners of the 90’s and prior.


Saka, ESR, Tierney and Martinelli are the only absolute must stays, there’s a strong argument for Gabriel as well. After that it depends, pros and cons to each. Reports suggest Auba is happy to stay but Bellerin, Leno and Xhaka are all eyeing exits, good luck to them if that’s true.


I agree with the five you mention (feel Gabriel is in that list). Got to give Partey more time, and happy for Auba to stay personally.

Otherwise everyone else in the squad are replaceable, and can be sold for the right price, imo.


Ah I forgot Partey, he’s in the same category, he’s clearly got a huge amount of talent. It’s just about Arteta getting as much out of him as Simeone did, if not more. Aubameyang wants to stay allegedly so that’s fine, but I wouldn’t mind it if he wanted to go either and we could get big money for him.


lol why would auba want to leave? there is no club in the world who would match his wages at arsenal


He’s still an elite goal scorer in a team that creates the chances for him and doesn’t require him to create for others or defend. Could see him fitting in at Chelsea under his old manager actually, but apparently Lampard wanted him last summer and was denied because of his age.


More small hints, I think, that the owner and the manager probably won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

Apart from income from player sales, additional “investment” from the owner (through loans I suspect) is the obvious way to finance any rebuild as the club itself isn’t generating money for this. That said, deflecting on-going criticism by announcing potentially “good news” is an age-old device – and it’s being used here, isn’t it.


Premier League points since Christmas Day

57 Man City
44 Man Utd
39 Chelsea
38 Arsenal
37 West Ham
36 Leicester
33 Leeds
31 Spurs

If we get consistency for a whole season we’ll be in a lot better position.


It’s that “c” word again… . You’re right of course – we’ve been up and down (more the latter I think) like the proverbial fiddler’s elbow. We need to get that blo*dy fiddler to play something less energetic!


The problem comes when you ditch the numbers and watch a game. So little positivity with the ball horse-shoeing around the defence 99% of the time and everyone passing sideways or backwards.

Maybe unfairly, it seems like Martinelli has limited gamete because he is too pro-active. A few more back passes might secure him more minutes:-)


Nailed it. 👍🍺


Does this mean we get to play in the 2nd half of the Champions League group stage?

Public Elneny

This conveniently starts at the very beginning of our 1 good spell of form this season (from 26/12/20 (Chelsea 3-1) to 30/01/21 (Man U 0-0), which is now long over

What does the table look like from 1st Feb 21 onwards? It would be a contrived and meaningless table for sure, but no more so than yours 🙂


Well, at least we did better than Spurs…

For those who don’t see our defense as a problem, that’s 18 goals conceded in 14 matches. Nobody above us has conceded more in this period (in 14 matches).

During our 1 good spell, xmas through Jan, we were the second best team, with a goal difference of 14-2. https://www.transfermarkt.us/premier-league/formtabelle/wettbewerb/GB1?saison_id=2020&min=15&max=21

Mark Foxwell

KSE promising to invest in the summer is like your boss promising you a pay rise next year, only to find out your pay has risen but your work hours are being reduced.


Yes, but we haven’t got to the summer yet so how do we know? If the owner is going to invest, there’s no way of “proving” that until the transfer window opens on 9 June. We can only judge whether this report is true or not then.


Wait, you don’t want to get paid more for working less hours?


Exactly. I want to Mark Foxwell to come work for me. I’ll promise to pay you less and make you work longer hours.

Mark Foxwell

If you get a hourly rise but reduced hours you’re overall pay will still be the same….


That sounds awesome though!
Unless you get paid hourly of course….


It is up to Arteta to use the players to their strengths and he does not do that too. He needs to learn to adapt the team to the players he has got as much as evolving players.


Leno is going into the last year of his contract? You can’t be ducking serious. They sold Martinez, the better keeper, and let Leno’s contract run to its last year. Bang up job, as usual.


2nd last year, but the point remains a valid one.


Arsenal can start making changes by changing the manager unless and until we change the manqger Arsenal is going nowere. His project has failed.and have done so badly.

Nostalgic Gooner

Arteta is trolling us again. The Big Lie from Arteta is that our squad is not good enough. While we all want better players, he has to show that he can do more with our current squad. We are not City where you can go and buy the best players. We have to get the best out of our current squad. If we can beat United, City and Chelsea (which we did) with the same squad, you can’t tell me that squad is not good enough. Tuchel was asked about improving his squad and he said “ We have stepped… Read more »


That’s the difference between someone who knows the job and has been successful and someone with zero experience.

Mike Lowry

There are 5/6 players that could be sold and replaced. Looks likely it’ll be a big summer of transfer activity. Let’s see who they bring in ’cause if Arteta fails again next season he should be replaced.


True, but it makes you think why the club hired him knowing that he was totally inexperienced in management. Also, why the vast majority of Gooners on this site were supporting him after the FA Cup win last year, choosing to ignore that lack of experience (then) I guess. Perhaps we’ll never know.

Giuseppe Hovno

“it makes you think why … the vast majority of Gooners on this site were supporting him after the FA Cup win last year”. Think you answered your own question there Biggles!

Vaibhav Pandey

Where you find one of the most fickle fans in whole of EPL -> Arsenal FC!!
Just as things turn little bad the fickle lot turn on their team, well done lads, way to go!!

Eddie Ritchie

40 million plus 1 reasons to get really, really excited here.

Cranky Colin

This man is worrying me


Fully agree.
These are the words of a clueless man


Arteta was a good Coach but now he is a very bad Manager.


I don’t have the trust in this management and executive team to spend a large amount of money in the right way.


the word ‘think’ is doing a lot of heavy lifting here- what areteta ‘thinks’ is going to happen versus what will actually happen with the ownership’s investment level are two different things.


He’s preparing the ground for his failure. Then will say, “ I thought they were going to back me with investment, but they have not and we are trying our best “. Whilst to the owners he said, to get the job and keep it, “I will work with what I get”


All managers work with what they get – or they go. Club owners/boards (whoever) always have the final say, one way or another.

I’ve a feeling that in our case the owner will provide funds (loans) to increase the transfer pot in the summer in the hope it will take some of the “heat” off.


Request before the spending spree in the summer. I’ll take two Haaland’s, one Mbappe and…I don’t know, 2-3 banging midfielders plus a goalie please.


KSE and Arteta GTFO of our club.


What a great slogan for a tee shirt.


I’m sorry but just like Emery, I’m not too sure I’d trust Arteta with scarce funds to spend on new players

Vaibhav Pandey

Then my friend Arsenal needs you, embrace being the Manager of AFC!

John NotCena

He’s already talking about the summer before the season is over, in a season where he failed entirely and abjectly. Absolute bs merchant this guy is and doesn’t even have the eloquence of Wenger to be smart with his PR garbage. Pull out the pitchforks and throw him the hell into his little rat hole. He doesn’t deserve another minute at this club.

Steve Vallins

Surely everyone must have known we were appointing a rookie manager with no experience of which he was going to have to learn doing the job . We had an unbalanced squad which takes a time to get right , we had a pandemic and to make matters worse IMO we won the FA Cup and Community Shield playing defensive football , hit them on the break and hold out which we did but it’s not sustainable way to play over a league season . MA then has to try and change the way we play , no pre-season and… Read more »


Then he should have continued to play defensive football in the league and experiment in the Europa League and other cups


Well that’s a sober comment!


Well, everyone knew except the people who appointed him apparently. Oh, and if we’re really honest, most Gooners (on this site, anyway) thought he was pretty good following the FA Cup win, defensive football or not. Someone should review those posts if they are still available they would make interesting reading. Anyway, he’s gone from “hero” (last August) to “zero” (this May) which is speedy by any definition.


What Arteta is really saying is that the owner will back him in the offloading of players he feels are not suitable. “Some of them can get to a certain level and you cannot push them any further,”. Then he will buy what he likes. More Chelsea pensioners lol


There are clearly still players we want/need to offload. Progress was made in January but that wasn’t the end. It’s taken time to accumulate these “average”, but often highly paid, players and it will take time to get them off the books. We certainly don’t want any more aging Blues, that’s for sure. Unless we’re very fortunate though, we won’t offload everyone so the owner will probably have to provide additional funds/loans top help with the rebuild in the summer. However, who is bought won’t be down to Arteta alone. We know that (at least) Edu has a very big… Read more »