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Smith Rowe: This team can do big things

Emile Smith Rowe’s scruffy strike secured Arsenal’s first league double over Chelsea since 2003/04.

After the game, the youngster answered questions from Sky Sports. Here’s what he had to say.

On a needed win…

I feel like it’s an important result for us. We had to dig deep, it was a really tough test for us tonight but it’s really important for our season.

On forcing a mistake for the only goal…

Yeah, we work on that in training, pressing, the high press. We did well to make them make a mistake and then Auba set me up.

On a lucky finish…

Yeah, definitely. It happens sometimes, I’m just happy it went in. As you say, it was a lucky finish.

On scoring a second goal in two games…

It means so much to score for this fantastic club. I want to keep pushing on now.

On Chelsea rejecting him as a kid…

Yeah, you got that right. But that’s the past, I’m obviously focused on Arsenal. Arsenal are my club.

On being knackered…

I’m so tired. I feel like the team played well today. We looked tired at times, we had to dig deep but we’re happy with the three points today.

On what Arsenal showed tonight…

It showed our character, how much heart we’ve got in us. Yeah, definitely [we answered some questions], we defended really well in patches and after a tough season that was a good performance.

On the future of the club…

We’re working really hard in training and we showed how good we can be, we need to keep pushing forward and I feel like this team can do big things.

On nutmegging Thiago Silva…

I can’t remember, but if there was, I’ll take it.

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YOU will do big things my friend.


The kid exudes humility, yet he is so brave on the field.


Him, saka, tierney, and both gabriels (willock also) are just so down to earth and likeable, I would even throw partey and elneny into that too. These are characters we need to build around…


I concur.

Colonel Mustard

ESR and Saka aren’t only just great players but also seem like genuinely nice lads


They’re just so mature and well spoken, aren’t they? Humble in victory and gracious in defeat, never arrogant, never whiny, always got something positive to say. Excellent young men.


Love him.

Jungu Beans

This boy loves this club. Let’s love him back.

Once a gunner

Arteta is not getting his selection Or formation right.


Maybe Chelsea is really good? Arteta’s lineup got three points. That’s right enough.


Absolutely love watching him. Shades of Rosicky about him, his first thought is positivity whenever he gets the ball


Yeah I think this all the time watching him too and what a player to emulate!


He’s great. Trying not to love him too much since my favourites always seem to end up broken. TR7 and Santi… Diaby, Jack, probably I could go on

Man Manny

This team can do big things without the like of Elneny.
Th guy was literally scared of getting the ball. I have never seen him this atrocious before.


I think you watched the wrong match, he was MOTM on the coverage I watched and I’d have given it to him, ESR or Partey also.

Man Manny

Apart from “running around a bit,” he did nothing of note apart from return the ball to whoever gave him, and create panic in our defence in one moment of fear induced jitters.


You do know that you’ve just blown any fragment of footballese credit you may have had on here, right?

Paul Roberts

I thought Elneny looked sharp against Chelsea?


Let’s pass sp*rs on the leaderboard so we at least won’t be the worst of the top 6 this season.


Hailing our Hale End talent. Please offer ESR a new contract right quick.


If only we had a squad of players with half the ability,attitude and love for this badge as him, we might not have missed out on a European final to a mediocre team of Mr ebbening’s


If only we had a manager who knew what he was doing and an owner who gives a shit.



there he is!



Arteta’s Arsenal are still mid table!


No need to be rude about the yellow submarine just because you’re not pleased with how out season’s going.


Love the enthusiasm, love the player. 36 matches in, still out of Europe.This group won’t do great things, but possibly the next one will.


… with a better manager.


I just love the positive intent behind everything he does. Sure he gets things wrong, but at least he gets them wrong trying to make something happen.


This kid epitomises everything i like in a player. He is forward thinking, skillfull, team player, loves his club, never gives less than 100% and humble.


Love this kid.

The only good thing about this season has been watching the youngsters prove themselves.

Arskel Wengteta

Love this guy, so humble.
He knows full well that he nutmegged Tiago Silva and just played it down for the interview.
That’s the right attitude.

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