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Mavropanos loaned to Stuttgart again

Arsenal have announced that Dinos Mavropanos has secured another loan spell with Stuttgart by another 12 months, but it is believed this time the deal includes a purchase clause with an obligation to buy.

The centre-half made 22 appearances for the Bundesliga outfit last season, having joined up again with Sven Mislintat, the man who brought him to Arsenal in January 2018.

Mavropanos was part of a large collection of centre-halves on our books in 2020-21, which also included David Luiz, Shkodran Mustafi, Sokratis, Rob Holding, Pablo Mari, Gabriel and William Saliba.

The first three have now departed, but it seems the 23 year old’s performances in Germany weren’t enough to convince Mikel Arteta and Edu that his future should be in North London.

The Gunners are pursuing Brighton defender Ben White, with David Ornstein reporting this afternoon that deal is edging closer to a final agreement:

Quite why this isn’t simply a sale this season is unclear, although it may simply be a consequence of the current financial climate clubs across Europe are experiencing.

Arsenal can bank on the fee next year, believed to be around €7m according to German outlet Bild, while Stuttgart will cover the player’s salary for the duration of the new loan period.

Best of luck to him.

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OK, not unhappy with the €7m fee. We get his wages off our books while Stuttgart kicks the cam down the road a hit with respect to when they have to make the payment. Good luck to Dino’s there.


Typos!!! Probably shouldn’t have had that last drink.

Master Floda

No, no. The last drink is the best.

Mayor McCheese

Hmmmm. The best, the last drink is.


We’ll be getting a loan fee for this season too I’d bet, otherwise there would be no point in loaning him again.


Change your name

Mayor McCheese

Yeah, change your name you s.o.b.!


It has been said before a thousand times but still buffled some players haven’t gotten a look in. Have to accept every manager has his faults and in our case isn’t helped by many at the club learning about football on the job. Arsenal shouldn’t be a club you come to learn your craft in this time and age.

Shifting expectations to be low seems the best way to stay sane.

Teta's cult of personality

My thoughts exactly. The ironic thing is Arteta is the managerial version of the players who aren’t being given a shot. If they are too inexperienced, what does that make him🤔?

I hope Dinos has a great season at Stuttgart


If Saliba was signed for the same fee as Dinos would we be so invested? Dinos never got his chance either but there is not much groans. I do hope Saliba however gets his chance.

Tanned arse

Saliba won’t be given a chance. He’ll know this before any pre-season game even if he’s not told it directly. The message will be clear to him. No way arteta plays him in a friendly because if he plays well it just makes the decision to get rid of him harder to justify. He doesn’t like him. It’s not a football decision based on talent. It’s almost certainly a personality issue (and a personality that has never been reported by any other club or manager as being disruptive. Infact every club he’s been loaned to has wanted him back. Sound… Read more »


Way to create some imaginary situation to get mad about. Let the preseason come first. We won’t have White and Gabriel to start with so there’s room for Saliba to impress.

Tanned arse

This is what I think will happen and have done so from very early on last season. If I’m wrong I’m wrong and will be happily so. I just think people are trying to rationalise things or justify reasons. I think it’s as simple as arteta’s personality. It’s just just my view.


I think you are quite naive.


Interesting this comes at the same time as the Ben white news… Perhaps it’s a case of one out, one in on alot of positions. Especially with xhaka and lakonga also coinciding. Peace and love ya bebe.

Johnny 4 Hats

That’s a lot of money. At a time when transfer fees should be compressed. That’s an awful, awful lot of money.

He is going to need to be transformative. At that cost he can’t just be a good defender.

I don’t know a huge amount about him. But that really is so much money. If £50m is accurate then he sneaks into the top 10 most expensive defenders of all time. Ever.

That really is a lot of money.

It’s loads.



Hank Scorpio

With seemingly no justification for it either. Not that I go by top 10 / 20 / 50 lists compiled by various websites but Ben White seems to be absent from them. His stats aren’t great and he’s short. Hopefully he’s a revelation but I just don’t see it


How tall

Hank Scorpio

White is 182cm – 5’11. For height comparison Mustafi is 184cm. Holding 188cm, Saliba 192cm, Mari 193cm, Gabriel 190cm.

Johnny 4 Hats

As my wife always tells me, it’s not about how big you are, it’s about how well you preassist attacks with the technical ability to break the press and be swift on transitions.

She isn’t one for euphemism my wife.

Hank Scorpio

Clearly not. And as we know. Wives are always right…


Transfermarkt has his height at 1,89 m.
What is your source?


Well, there seem to be at least two different accounts of his height, depending upon where you look.

On wiki and whoscored, he’s listed as being 182cm, but on transfermarkt, he’s listed as being 189cm.

So who knows? But let’s hope that it’s closer to 189cm.

The Beast

Think maybe the fee has more to do with age, potential, amount of time he had remaining on his contract (not sure how many years he had left) and the dreaded premier league/British premium.

Expense doesn’t always directly correlate with quality at time of purchase.


So we’ve learned nothing once again…
Sigh. Overpaying for talent – check. Prioritising the wrong areas – check.
Blocking talented youngsters paths – check.
Arsenal being arsenal… Nothing to see here


So they borrow him another season and at the end of it or beginning of the next one they buy him for 7 million? Are they obliged to buy him then or could they still decide not to? Am I understanding this correctly?

What I don’t want is us being lumbered with another player we don’t want who’s just run more time off his contract.


David Ornstein reports that it’s a 500k loan fee, obligation to buy for 3m more next year if they stay up, option to buy if they are relegated, plus a potential 1.5m in bonuses.


Thanks everyone for the clarification.


as far as i understand, it is an obligation to buy if they stay up, and a choice if they get relegated


Says on Stuttgarts own site that they will have an option to buy.


Worst club in the league for selling players.


Remember Walcott, Iwobi & Chamberlain? Where are they now? The truth is our players aren’t very good.

Maul Person

Some players aren’t very good. Some are. Fabregas, Gnabry, RvP…

Before you come back, I can accept that the ratio of food players to bad who have been sold is definitely more in favour of the latter. I’m just arguing against the suggestion / implication that we haven’t had / sold any good players. The issue is, as said above and many a time, our ability to sell them at decent prices.


On the topic of ‘food’ players, if cake, bread or your favorite snack was made in the image of a player, which player will you use?

I will eat a sausage in Ronaldo’s image.

Eric Blair

Stefan Malz

Eric Blair

Emile Smith Roe

Eric Blair

Dani Ceballos

Eric Blair

Richard Garlic

Eric Blair

Bacary Lasagna

Eric Blair

Francis Coqauvin

Eric Blair

Last one… Pablo Calamari

Eric Blair

Just read the other story! Ben Whitebait

Eric Blair

Dennis Battenbergkamp

Eric Blair

Robin Van Pearsie/ Pear Mertesacker

Eric Blair

Marc Overmarsbar

Eric Blair

Pat Rice

Eric Blair

Sir Chips

Eric Blair

Emmanuel Petitpois


Chamberlain has won a heck of a lot tbf, even if he’s not first choice. Hasn’t finished below Arsenal yet. Point taken on the other two though.

Guns Up

Chamberlain’s teammates have won a neck of a lot while he mostly watched on, to be fair and more accurate.

Guns Up


...and really bad eggs

Was really hoping he’d get a look in. I’ve never watched him in Germany, but his stats look really good. I know this might not mean much in the grand scheme of his actual potential, but just surprised he’s not even considered

Maxin In The Shade

Agree. Would’ve liked to have seen him at least given the chance to impress.

He’s older now, injury free. I’m sure there’s something there to work with


Yeah it s like Sancho or harland stats are good in Germany , so they are world class? But if it is a defensive player or a AFC connected player , the response is, oh it is only the German league does not count ? Right


About the only transfer activity we will see this summer 🙂

Martin R

I bet you say that every season, forgetting that we have been one of the leading spenders in the past 5 years.


You did a great job at the end of last week’s Arsecast. You were very eloquent.

Hank Scorpio

I have a feeling we’ll see plenty. The jury is out on whether it will be net positive activity


When I tell my wife that Mavropanos has been loaned to Stuttgart for another seaons, she asks, “Who?”


Maybe she doesn’t follow the Bundesliga and has never owned a Porsche?


Will prefer we include Dino to the deal for White.
Thus it adds a quality CB while reducing a place for one

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