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Report: Benfica interested in Guendouzi

Matteo Guendouzi’s move to Marseille might not be the done deal we thought.

In Portugal, A Bola report that Benfica are interested in signing the France under-21 international and there are also whispers that Borussia Dortmund are keeping tabs on the player’s situation.

A couple of weeks ago, various sources in France claimed that Guendouzi had agreed personal terms with Marseille and were readying a bid.

Since then the Stade Velodrome outfit have had a €20 million offer for Brazilian midfielder Gerson accepted by Flamengo.

Do they still have room on their roster for Guendouzi? Is he still in their plans? Do they still want him? Can we continue to rephrase this question to eat up more words until the article is brought to an unceremonious conclusion? We could. But we won’t.

From a Gunners perspective, a quick deal would be good but interest from new parties is no bad thing if we’re trying to get a decent price for the former Lorient man.

Given Benfica once signed David Luiz – a man with a mop of similarly luscious curls – we know where we’re putting our money. You just can’t ignore the science.

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Johnny 4 Hats

I think he’s just doing this to make Emery jealous…

Eddy F

Is it the fact Marseille kept saying to Arsenal they were broke and could only afford to pay €12-15 million on Guendouzi. Then went out and spent €20m elsewhere, so Arsenal upped their asking price?


To be honest, all the players have their agents. The club needs to focus on incoming signings than focus on those for sale, as we don’t have sales specialist. We just need to let the agents know the price and let them do the work, than us negotiating the price. The agent is responsible for their players to make sure they are playing next season not the club. Just be ruthless like other clubs instead of playing good guys.

Saying that 90% of these news are fabricated by the media, they just need their stories to be clicked.


We need to hire Dwight Schrute or Michael Scott so we can sell better

Neil Bamford

Just go!!

Heavenly Chapecoense

You mean Arteta?

Scandinavian tourist

This might be the transfer news I’m looking forward to the most. To get rid of this arrogant little punk, so please anyone cough up the money so we can invest somewhere else. This is not the type of player we need to keep in the squad and build around. He is not nor has ever was an Arsenal player by heart. As i read on the blog the some time ago about his brown nosing post to Emery after Villareals Europa League triumph contra our own FA cup victory where he posted some holiday photo. Nope i think this… Read more »


Take it easy bro

Once, twice, three times el neny

We also have a lovely willian who’s an acquired taste


Only Arsenal have such a capacity to tank a player’s value.

What other club with a player that is the French U21 captain and had 4000 Premier League minutes as a teenager would find it almost impossible to give him away?

I don’t care about his attitude. (For me that is sorely lacking in our team as it is). He should be worth €20 million minimum with his skillset and CV.

Which ever way you look at it this is a total cockup.


I think the article above indicates that we aren’t simply going to give him away, and that Arsenal are in fact holding out for something that approximates their valuation. The problem is, other clubs don’t thing Guendouzi is worth it.

Everyone loves a bit a nastiness in a player, but it helps to have the right maturity and level-headedness to back it up. Guendouzi proved himself rather petulant, and he fundamentally lacks the respect for both club and opponent. When he learns that, he’ll make a good footballer, somewhere else.

Teta's cult of personality

It is quite pathetic really. Marseille and Benfica are good clubs but even Joey Barton had more suitors. Other clubs have managed to sell players like Balotelli, Craig Bellamy and even Ravel Morrison with relative ease.

I don’t think the club did themselves any favours throwing him under the bus in the media. Can’t be too surprised your players are undervalued and unwanted when you’re telling everyone they’re a hand grenade.

After the hatchet-job Mikel pulled, I expect Nelson to be sold for below ££10 million.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Real Madrid did not get rid of Pepe when he was playing there. You need this kind of attitude on the pitch. You discipline them one or two times in the season but you keep them. Wenger, a man who loves discipline wanted to keep Anelka then kept TGSTEL for a long time.


Lets Re-sign Donyell Malen,pretty sure we will also re-sign Guendouzi 2-3 years down the line.

santi's thigh grab

He’s really not that good, best to be rid of him. Get what you can and move on.

Martin R

So you are assuming that your advice will be taken and we will resign Malen? I think Martin Keown was the last player that Arsenal resigned so unlikely to happen.

Johnny 4 Hats


Johnny 4 Hats


Cultured Determination

Wow i dont remember the sol one.

Johnny 4 Hats


Alex M




Graham G

Can’t see the existing hierarchy (even without Arteta) inviting the return of Guendouzi given his behaviour.

Optimistic for him that he can grow up and turn things around for the sake of his career. There’s a good player underneath the pout and drama.

Pat Fried Rice with Egg

Let’s not.

Cultured Determination

Your theory would have some weight if indeed we re sign aaron

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

I’d prefer it if we signed Verratti. Offer PSG something they can’t refuse

Never Happen


John C

It’s difficult to get top money for something the buying party knows you no longer want and thats a problem that’s multiplied across several players at the club, not just Guendouzi. At some point we just have to cut our loses and move forward. One of the lessons that needs to be learned is you can’t buy a player with one eye on selling them a couple of years down the line, the focus has to be on quality. As i’ve said many times before, there’s only about half a dozen clubs we can sell “up” to, both in terms… Read more »


It’s difficult to get top money for something the buying party knows you no longer want”
Isn’t that literally what all shops and anyone selling on ebay (other market places are available) do? They have something they don’t want and hope someone will buy it.
Demand is the telling factor regarding price, if there is no demand then you have to sell cheap (assuming you have to sell). More interested clubs can only be a good thing.

Perry Farrell’s Satellite Partey

This is not, in fact, what all shops and anyone selling on eBay does. You don’t see too many eBay listings for blenders that read, “I still love blending, in fact I have a better blender already and think this one’s a bit shit; I paid $20 for it but am willing to sell it for $40.” Nor is Arsenal a shop. The closet analogy to a shop would be an agent: has nothing to do with the development of a player, has nothing to do with a buying club’s use of a player, but (in theory) enables a transaction… Read more »

Heavenly Chapecoense

You mean “Equitable Commerce” is needed in football?


Im pretty sure e-bay don’t loose right over their merchandise in one years time

John C

And shops that can’t shift stock slash the price and hold a sale

Teta's cult of personality

Imagine the scenes if Douzi gets sold to Benfica/Marseille, only for Arteta to join as head coach after he eventually gets binned by Arsenal.

Only hypothetical of course, but Juan Mata knows this feeling too well.


That’ll be hilarious indeed.


This kid will never play for a top team ever again. He has the perfect opportunity to thrive in the arsenal midfield by playing alongside partey, yet he’s gonna blow it by being a bit childish. Just apologize to arteta and ask to be given another chance.

Dave Cee

He just isn’t that good


This. Painfully average player. We complain about Xhaka, what precisely can Guendouzi do that Xhaka can’t? Literally nothing. He’s not fast, not strong, doesn’t create chances, can’t beat his man. And his passing is just ok. I’ll go to my grave wondering where the Guendouzi hype ever came from.


I think the guendouzi hype came about because he actually looked like he gave a shit when everyone else didnt. I dont think hes a bad player, but he’s also not got the quality that we need. Which has been the problem with many signings we have made the last 10 years.

Theres always that twat at work that nobody likes anyway, i think people need to get over his gobbiness and just get on with it

Heavenly Chapecoense

Xhaka told fans to got to hell, stayed at Arsenal two more years and seems to be leaving on his own terms to another club of the same level. He was even begged to stay last year.


I don’t care really what clubs he signs for as long as that club pays up!


Let him go!!!! Pls someone should buy these players @ arsenal real quick!!! I want to see lokonga, Ben white(seems interesting all of a sudden), Dumfries (I love this guy; he’s got everything Bellerin doesn’t not to mention he’s very affordable), vaannholt(cover for our Tierney), give Lacazette 1 year extension(let’s sign a striker next season and if we’re still keen on Andre Silva, then let him replicate his goal scoring form from last season; Frankfurt strikers tho🥴) and Aouar(seriously shouldn’t be ignored. Forget Maddison) then Xhaka, Torreira(get Joaquin Correa to offer competition to our wingers), kolasinac(infact he can be released),… Read more »


Why did you guys dislike my comment so much?! I mean every arsenal fan definitely wants the club to rid of Xhaka, Torreira, kolasinac, Elnerney, M,Niles and Guendouzi… Well, maybe not Nkeitah and willock for some of ya, but the former is just an average striker and I’d rather trade him for T,Abraham if possible. As for Willock, he looked happy at Newcastle last season and if Arteta doesn’t want him then why bring him back to sit on the bench when he can play almost all games for Steve Bruce’s side next season?. The best thing is get €30mil… Read more »

Give youth a chance

I’m reading that Villa are making an ‘improved’ bid for ESR, offering 30m.

We really need to respond to their trolling in kind. Maybe Edu should offer them 20 for Grealish to show them how ludicrous they’re being


Best to ignore them.


Shave Guendouzi’s head and get him a name change, sell them our other “ESR” for 30 million. Everybody wins.

Heavenly Chapecoense

We sold them a great GK so they know by facts that we do foolish things.


So much hate on gyendozi on here.. He’s a very talented player.. *He ran the the game against spurs nd helped us get a draw… One of the best cm performance of an arsenal player.. * he ran the show against villa , inspired the team to get all the 3 points from a difficult position.. Wat a leader he was in the game.. *the game against united where he was the only living soul in our dead midfield? Which other cm at arsenal for the past 3-4 years can boast of these kind of heroic performances?? Treatment of guendozi… Read more »


Would he start for Arsenal today? Probably not. Although with the right environment he could still prove everybody wrong and pull a ‘Gnabry’ considering he’s still in his early twenties. Regardless won’t be sad to see him go. He’s had his chances and the squad has moved on and the cash can be reinvested into the squad. Then again, if the offers are crap, its not like Arsenal have massive depth in midfield. It might be useful to have him as a squad player. Honestly think he could have been a useful last season considering Partey was out and two… Read more »

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