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Partey set for scan after ankle injury during Chelsea friendly

Mikel Arteta says that Thomas Partey’s ankle injury doesn’t look good, revealing the midfielder is set for a scan tomorrow.

It’s a worry for the Arsenal boss, who saw the Ghanaian go down under a challenge from Ruben Loftus-Cheek. After some initial treatment, he carried on but had to be taken off a few minutes later.

“I just had a talk with the doc,” said Arteta. He’ll have a scan tomorrow. At the moment it’s not looking good.”

The early prognosis was not great either:

Obviously, we’ll have to wait and see, but that a scan is even necessary is a worrying sign.

Partey had been particularly impressive during the first half too, a promising sign ahead of the new season, but it now looks as if he might be sidelined for the opening weeks.

Keep fingers crossed it’s not as bad as it appears to be.

There’s a brief Arsenal 1-2 Chelsea match report here.

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Well, that went well. We definitely need additions in the midfield.

Runcorn Gooner

Who agrees to these matches and it’s Spuds next week. Ridiculous

Teta's cult of personality

Hopefully this latest injury spurs the club to act faster on whatever midfield business they’ve been dilly-dallying on.


Being an arsenal fan is so weird. Four hours ago i was a hopeful naive fellow thinking “yes summer overhaul” thinking we’ll shift out our deadweight, sign a world class CM next to partey, Odegaard and a new RB and now we could be going into the season with basically the exact same squad as last year with partey potentially injured and a midfield duo of fucking elneny and xhaka again… dear lord.


FFS. Just our luck.

Tomaury Bischfeld

If Partey is out, we’re just back to playing a someone + xhaka midfield again. We’re not competing with that and really shows how much we need someone else in the middle. White seems like a good addition but will we rue not getting the middle sorted and finding an internal solution at the back.


Funny how we’ve normalized finding “internal solutions” and tolerating crap players instead of demanding the Kroenke shitshow ends.


Speak for yourself…! 🤣

Hakuna Matata

Again with the kroenke nonsense. Seems 2 me money is being provided 4 transfers evidenced by our pursuit of high profile players like odegaard, locatelli, and lautaro martinez. Partey last season, pepe the previous season, and white now. I don’t think the kroenkes are blameless but I think there is little else they could with our transfer business


It’s not so much the money side of things mate. It’s the bloody mis-management of this club as whole. How many overpaid average players are there in the squad we cant rid of? Plenty. How many very decent players did we lose on a free, or at their prime for very little? Plenty. How many players are on bloated wages and really not playing to the standard required? Also plenty. You can’t just throw money at things and expect things to work.


Just adding to the points made by Fabulous…

Kroenke has spent ZERO of his own money on the squad.

Kroenke gives ZERO shits about on-pitch success, as long as revenue streams grow.

Arsenal haven’t competed with the big clubs since 2006. This has gone on far too long, it’s time we take back our Arsenal.

Tankard Gooner

This is probably going to be the most unpopular opinion for today, but as much as I resent the Kroenkes for the bad management, they really should not be investing their own money for the club’s transfers. I know Chelsea did that and City do that with impunity, but it sets a very bad precedent for clubs which should run independently.


In an ideal world, or 30 years ago, I would agree. But you simply cannot compete and win trophies on self-funding business models, especially if you have an incompetent circus running the show. Modern football needs to change (not likely) or this club will become obscure for the long run. In any case, I am not interested in a club whose sole purpose is to make Kroenke even richer.


Shit. Better get Bissouma


Why? We have Sambi.

The half

We have a really tough start to the season. Without Partey we are in real trouble with the current mids.

I hope Arteta doesn’t die on the alter of Elneny.


Why? It would serve him right if he did.

The new season is all but upon us and ESR’s contract and Ben White aside, we’ve more or less done bugger all.

Pathetic, but inevitable.


We can’t just seem to catch a break. 😫


Lokonga can step in though……just hope he starts ahead of Elneny

The half

Absolutely. But who will partner him?

Granit? Elneny? Denilson?


Granit……but we desperately need an Elneny upgrade

The half

We really do.


We need a Granit and Elneny upgrade.


I think it is easier if you mention where we don’t need upgrade


We didn’t even get a free kick for that challenge. Ref was a bit useless today


Yes, he was useless but that’s the PGMOL/Premier League standard so get yourself set for more of that crap over the next 10 months.


So…. We’re gonna go into next season (atm) for El Neny and Xhaka in midfield….. two players who’ve been with the club the last two seasons we’ve finished 8th. Fucking comedy club. Just relegate us already, the slow march towards the bottom three is too exhausting.

Hakuna Matata

Negative much?


Arsenal and crappy luck with weird injuries!!! Fuck!!!


This match with fellow top side should have been avoided. At best should play a championship side.

The half

Agreed. Two local derbies in a row just before the season starts. Another injury incoming with the spuds game?

And why give players who are destined to leave game time?


Marketing i suppose


Same shit, different season

Merlin’s Panini

Fucks sake. Did he do something in a past life to piss off God or something?
If his injury record carries on like this he’ll go down as one of our worst signings, through no fault of our own. £50 million for how many games?
I really hope it’s not as bad as it looked.

Merlin's Panini

that should have read “through no fault of his own”.


Have to feel for Partey here, he seemed really up the preseason and now this happens. Also Arteta must be pulling his perfect hair out at another setback beyond his control. Do need midfield signings dont we.. but it’s not seeming likely.


Clever move by Tuchel to put on a 3rd-stringer to take out one of our most important players for the beginning of the season. Didn’t even give up a free kick!


Playing rival friendlies is nothing but money grab that doesn’t worth the risk!

What did we learn today?


Elneny is a journeyman
Leno cannot play out form the back
Much like the Tower of London with its ravens, arsenal stadium will fall down unless we have at least one clown in the team (well played Bellerin)
Xhaka is our most dependable midfielder.
Holding can’t play a high line (unless we’re talking hairline)
Refs will fuck arsenal unless VAR is watching (then VAR will fuck arsenal)


Sorry, you said what did we learn today


Screw these owners! We need players – and let’s be real, we’re not gonna get them!


Welcome to the real world, brother.


I didn’t see anything particularly contentious in my last comment of 6 hours ago but it seems that I’ve been cancelled…


That’s the problem with playing your rivals in pre season

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