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Arsenal 3 Chelsea Women 2: Tactical Analysis. A good first day at the office for Jonas Eidevall

Arsenal were 3-2 victors over Chelsea in the WSL at Emirates Stadium on Sunday, their first victory over Chelsea since October 2018 in new coach Jonas Eidevall’s first domestic game in charge. Arsenal have struggled with Chelsea’s high press in recent years and have found themselves strangled in these games too easily. That changed at the Emirates on Sunday.

One very noticeable aspect was how aggressive left-back Katie McCabe’s positioning was in the build-up phase during the first half. She was positioned very high while central midfielder Frida Maanum often tucked in behind her like an auxiliary left-back. I asked Jonas Eidevall about this tactic post-game and this is what he said,

“We wanted to create more space and time for ourselves in the build up to pin some of their players who we knew would want to press. They pressed and we didn’t have much time in build-up but we were able to exploit the space in behind the players that pressed. That worked really well as long as we had the runs in behind, which we had for the first 30 minutes.”

Look here in the opening minutes when Jen Beattie has the ball at centre-half, she passes to the left where Frida Maanum is in the left-back position and the actual left-back, Katie McCabe, isn’t in the picture because she is placed nearer the halfway line.

Maanum dribbles the ball up the line a little and attracts two Chelsea players to the press and that leaves space for Katie McCabe to run into.

When Chelsea play the ball out from their own goal-kick here, look at how aggressive McCabe is to press from left-back.

McCabe’s pressure on Carter forces a turnover to win a throw in. The throw-in goes to Miedema and McCabe is again on the front foot but look at how Frida Maanum is tucked in behind, protecting the space Katie leaves.

This overload on the left flank happened time and again in the first half. Look at the opportunity Arsenal create here shortly before their opening goal by overloading the left.

This time McCabe receives the ball in a more natural left-back position but she dribbles her way past Niamh Charles and, having taken Charles out of the equation, attracts Ji into the press, which leaves a nice big gap to pass the ball to Little, who has dropped to link play, taking Millie Bright with her in the process.

Little passes inside to Iwabuchi and McCabe continues her run, Arsenal have created a numerical superiority and play their way through. Both Ji and Millie Bright have been manipulated out of position by this sequence.

Iwabuchi finds McCabe in space but Katie’s pass just doesn’t quite have the right arc on it to find Beth Mead. But you can see from this move how Arsenal have planned to set traps for Chelsea and it pays off for the first goal too.

In exactly the same way that they did for the chance above, Arsenal first work the ball to the right to Leah Williamson, pulling Chelsea’s press over to Arsenal’s right before quickly switching to the left. Look at the big gap created in Chelsea’s press by Williamson and Maritz playing the ball between themselves.

When Arsenal work the ball to the left, they have taken all of Chelsea’s front four out of the equation. I again refer you to Jonas’ answer to my initial question. “We wanted to create more space and time for ourselves in the build-up.”

When Katie McCabe receives the pass, there is nobody pressing her. She has time to turn and play the pass in behind to Miedema. Arsenal have created a superiority here with Carter not sure whether to close down McCabe or track Miedema.

She doesn’t quite do either and Miedema makes Chelsea pay the ultimate price.

In the final 30 minutes, with Chelsea reducing the arrears and getting the score back to 2-3, Arsenal had to show another side to their game. They had to hang in there and defend and Jonas Eidevall admitted that his side tailored their approach to deal with the inevitable Chelsea bombardment. In response to a question on his side’s defensive shape from the Athletic’s Art de Roche, Jonas said,

“Chelsea is very good at attacking space between full backs and central defenders, they do that constantly. They don’t want to cross the ball, they want the full-back to commit and play the ball in behind. We covered that space with our midfielders in the first half, but we tired and we conceded some chances in that respect. So we chose to stay narrow and say ‘let them cross.’ We know that’s not their preferred option but we knew we had a lot of players in the middle to stop the cross.”

Chelsea try to “bait” full-backs into pressure to leave space in behind and this is how Chelsea score their second goal. Millie Bright hits a long diagonal and Steph Catley goes to pressure the recipient of the pass Erin Cuthbert, leaving space in behind her for Fran Kirby.

Jen Beattie challenges Kirby well in the area but Chelsea pick up the loose ball and work it back to Cuthbert whose cross finds Pernille Harder to score.

Arsenal changed tack after this. Look at this diagonal from Mille Bright a few minutes later. Noelle Maritz at right-back lets the pass drift out to Guro Reiten without getting suckered into the press. She lets Reiten have it and focuses on keeping her position.

Chelsea work the ball inside to Harder and you can see that Arsenal have made a decision to defend the width of the penalty box and just deal with any crosses. Harder can’t find a pass inside the right-back nor can she really spread the play to the other flank. She puts a hopeful cross in which Jen Beattie clears easily.

The only real chance Chelsea create in the final 20 minutes comes when they do sucker Maritz in to press a diagonal pass from Mille Bright to Guro Reiten.

Harder runs in behind Maritz and her dinked cross just sails over Kerr’s head. This is the angle Chelsea look for all the time, as Jonas says. They want to work the ball to the by-line and take the full-back out of the equation.

Arsenal forced Chelsea into hopeful crosses again and again in the last 25 minutes or so. I will only show one more example from many. This time Magdalena Eriksson switches the ball out wide with time ticking down and Arsenal are happy for Jonna Andersson to receive it by the touchline.

Parris goes out to meet her but Maritz is staying firmly within the width of the penalty area so that Harder cannot run in behind her. That’s what Chelsea want from this situation, for Maritz to press Andersson and leave space for Harder to run in behind. You can even see Harder waving for Andersson to play the ball backwards because she knows she can’t make the run.

It’s a choregraphed move but Arsenal haven’t taken the bait. Andersson works the ball back to Ji, who has little option but to put a cross in. Kerr wins the header but she has too many players around her and is too far out to generate any power and Zinsberger comfortably gathers.

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Eddy F

That left back overlap is very similar how we’ve played with Tierney attacking and Xhaka dropping left.


Thought the same thing


Thanks Tim – that was great, love the analysis.

‘Baiting the full back’ – describes the latter days of my Sunday league career – many a time “closing down” the wide player only to see it flicked into the channel into the space I’d left.


Love this indepth analysis. Can we have a player ratings thingy post games like we do for the men so we can vote?I’d love that if it’s not too much work

Tim Stillman

Heh, we get this question a lot but we don’t do it because we have decent relationships with a number of the players and don’t want to jeopardise that!


Yeah, no need. rating are just click-bait fluff. Great coverage Tim, great win!

Fun Gunner


Kampala g😀😀ner

Besides it’s a slippery slope facing a question “honey do I look fat in these jeans”

Naked Cygan


Pastor Simon

The WSL is coming home


Iwabuchi is proving an astute signing. She unlocks so much going forward. Great vision.
What a cracking game. Goals from Mead and viv were top, top quality (even if the 3rd was a little suspect…couldn’t have happened to a more fitting team really). That’s how you treat a London Derby with that mob. Well done Arsenal!


Iwabuchi’s game intelligence is just at another level. The pass with the outstep to release katie for instance. Then the assist for the 3rd. The moment she ran onto viv’s pass, she already knew she was going to pass first time to beth mead.


Thanks for this. Great analysis, and an even better win from the team. I saw from Emma Hayes one of the most satisfying things you can from the opposing manager, resigned frustration. She seemed to buy the narrative that it was just “not their day” but that was really the product of tenacious defending and tactics that limited Chelsea to very difficult chances to score. You can’t expect to dominate a team as strong as Chelsea but if you contain and frustrate them you’ve done your job! Super happy about the win.


I’m going to hold off on calling Eidevall a genius, sorry. I’m happy with the win, to be sure, but let’s not get carried away. This was Chelsea’s first match whereas it was Arsenal’s, what, fourth? Kerr and Kirby didn’t even come on until the 56′. The Gunners also got lucky that Mead was called for the offside on what proved the winning goal. And let’s not forget that Arsenal were racked by injuries the last two years–Little and Maritz at least one if not both Chelsea/ManCity matches last year, and Walti was out a long time, too, as I… Read more »


People are happy because we won against our biggest competition and neighbours at home first time in 8 years. If that is not worth enjoying, I don’t know what is. Of course we weren’t perfect. Jonas said that himself. We are a work in progress. But it is new coach in a new league, win like that gives him, players and fans belief that the direction is right. I don’t accept that we were “lucky”. We made our own luck, we had better chances than them. Beth and Mana had both better opportunities to score than we ones we actually… Read more »

Gunner H

Agree we should not get carried away, we won by a single “goal” but it was indeed a beautiful performance. I love Mana already & I’ve been saying for a while that Meado will have a sensational season.
And I predict Leah will be appointed England captain fairly soon.
I felt our new manager made a mistake in taking Lia off though, but he admitted he still has much to learn….so one step at a time…..
And the next step will be taken by Tobin Heath – can’t wait for that!

Sam I Am

Great read, thanks Tim.


Nice content! Great job Tim! Would love to have more Arsenal Women content on this site!


This Analysis is great… But sometimes i wondring if Our females team are more focus than the men.. But looking at the female team left back overlaping lol, its funny seriously beacuse this is just the same way Tierney do overlap..

Lets wait and see what the men have for us against Norwich


Thanks for the analysis Tim! I always learn so much from these 🙂

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