Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Ramsdale and Tomiyasu start: Arsenal v Norwich team news

Arsenal take on Norwich at the Emirates this afternoon, looking for a first win of the Premier League season.

Here are the official line-ups.

Arsenal: Ramsdale, Tomiyasu, White, Gabriel, Tierney; Lokonga, Maitland-Niles; Pepe, Odegaard, Saka; Aubameyang

Subs: Leno, Tavares, Cedric, Mari, Chambers, Partey, Smith Rowe, Martinelli, Lacazette

Norwich: To follow


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Azeez Is Good

You know you’ve got shit right backs if a lad can land from international duty, have one training session and get the nod on the Saturday.

I hope he knows everyone’s name otherwise it’ll be like me when I play with a new six aside team “Yes mate” “I’m open fella” “On me nut son” “If you need geez”.

I expect Tomi will be busting all of them tonight.


Can’t understand the down votes here, our r.b’s are terrible. If Tomi scores a header today, in my mind he will be screaming “On me nut son”.

Azeez Is Good

To be fair, I think it’s just that people don’t really like me.

It’s far more likely that they don’t like me than they like Cedric.


I like.


Happy with AMN starting in the middle, hope he can show us what Wenger saw in him.


And you predicted it.

Freezedawg of Sweden

Yes! So happy with AMN. Please, please be Good.

Azeez Is Good

Just watched a Patrick Viera masterclass vs Sp*rs.

Great philosophy. Understood what they were doing. Organised. Solid. Everyone working hard for the manager.

Just sayin’ Mikel.

👀 👀 👀


I’ve been slammed so much for suggesting him as our manager. He’s put in the time to get experience and didn’t skip steps because… Well you work that out. But IMO he’s the type of guy that will demand from his players and bring pride back to the badge

Azeez Is Good

He’s a class act. Really like his style and attitude. He’s calm and he’s definite about what he wants to do.

He’s inherited a solid Palace side. Woy did them proud. But I thought he got a little more out of them today than Hodgson did.

Watched Zaha today and thought, “Yeah, Unai was right”. What a better signing he would have been.

Azeez Is Good

Edouard banging them in too. If he does really well, that’ll just be another horrible decision. We are so good at getting it wrong. We should just do the absolute opposite of what we think is right.

Brady’s bunch

Yes have to agree Pepe for me is shite.

Dave Cee

I could take Vieira being given a go as manager too, but it isn’t going to be this season

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Just read his interview about being in talks with Arry Redknapp to sign for that lot, but he could never join them.

I didn’t think it was possible to love the legend anymore, and he’s just beat them.

Azeez Is Good

Nice. But I feel a bit violated that he even picked up the phone.

Maybe the “talks” were Arry saying “Ello Pat” and Viera shouting “Twitch!” and hanging up.


Not sure if you’re aware, but it’s related to the horrendous car crash where Redknapp was very badly injured and 5 others died.


Let’s see how Vieira fares in the PL in the next 2 seasons, but I would love as a manager one day.

Walter White

AMN in midfield! Gonna be interesting. Looks like a strong lineup except Partey out


I hope AMN can deliver but personally i think he can’t play due to his positional awareness

Brady’s bunch

He’s not good enough for our midfield

Bleeding gums murphy

Absolutely delighted Leno has been dropped. Shame about partey, wanted to see partey alongside lokonga.


Hope Ed sheeran claims the role permanently. Leno has had his chance and has one foot out the door. Pity about partey, but hopefully it means he’s ready next game. Need a result here


When he asked to play midfield, he was deployed at left back. Now he asked to play right back and is in midfield:-)

AMN has the talent and speed, so take you chance please.


Great lineup! COYG!!!

Once a gunner

Why benched Leno? The rest is ok to me


Yeah, that is a interesting call. Resting him for Wimbledon no doubt


Because he creates panic and uncertainty with some of his play i would imagine.

Bleeding gums murphy

That’s the why, can’t believe some can’t see it


I like Ramsdale behind this defence.


Because he appears to have lost interest and shipped 9 goals so far.


We have yet to see Ramsdale fuck up so everyone has convinced themselves he’s good.

Dave Cee

He made some good saves against West Brom, let’s see if he can cut it. Wasn’t for this signing but he has my support as a young Arsenal player who wants to be here and hasn’t made a ton of fuck ups in the shirt. Hope he has a quiet game


Well we’ve certainly seen Leno fuck up


Because he’s overrated, mistake prone and doesn’t being confidence to the team


Well, well, well.

Let’s fucking have it!


Interesting. I’m looking forward to seeing amn in the midfield.


Ramsdale and Tomi straight in, CBs both back and AMN in the middle! It’s exactly the sort of exciting, ballsy play that could work against a weak opponent, I’d love to see most of this as our first choice going forward so hopefully it works!


Pleased with the Line up, bring Partey back gently. Come on you reds


Agree on Partey. No need for a repeat of what happened last season.


Ring those bells of change Mikel! COYG! Three points please.

Giovanni Hovno



“Partey has to be the boss…..” but not yet.

Otherwise I like it. A bit of risk with that midfield pairing, quality of the opponent aside


He has to be managed carefully, sensible move.

Kareem Mohamed

I suspect he would have started if we were coming up against a stronger opponent (which would have been a risk).

Much safer to ease him back


according to the table everyone is a stronger opponent 😉
but you are right…..


Have been waiting to see Ainsley in midfield for too long. Hopefully he can show his silky qualities today. Definitely have no complaints with the starting line up today. COME ON ARSENAL!


Feel a bit sorry for Cedric, Chambers and Kolasinac getting dropped while being in form


I agree 😂

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Rested for Wimbledon.

Jeremy DG

I’m feeling it today. Sun is shining and spurs are losing to vieras palace. Time to reset


Spuds are 2-0 down now haha!


Having flashbacks. Vieira’s boys tormenting Spurs again.

Jeremy DG

3-0 hahahahaha

Reiss Neverseen vs DicTetaBall

Brilliant to hear. He had a good record against them as a player. Some things never change😁

Cyprus The Immortal Gooner

This is a fan’s lineup by Arteta. I guess he needs all the love and support today…


He’s obviously been reading Arseblog comments

Kareem Mohamed

Smith-Rowe benched?
How does Pepe start over him on merit?


Kareem Mohamed

Ok, apparently Emile has been sick this week.

So I guess I can be on board with him being benched…


Read somewhere that he had a minor knock


Tomiyasu thrown right into it then and Ramsdale is in his first PL start for us. Let’s beat Norwich. COYG!


i had a feeling Maitland-Niles was going to start in midfield, i just thought it’d be him and Partey


Well he’s going for it and credit to him for that…


I like it. Armadale a big call.


Ramsdale- auto correct! Grrr


Cross between an armadillo and a ramsdale.


I thought Portree or Carbost would have been a better shout.

Give youth a chance

If we were going to try AMN in the middle, at home against Norwich would normally be a good game to do it.

Not so sure after 3 league losses on the bounce though

Dave Cee

I remember AMN bossing the midfield at Old Trafford many moons ago, hope he grabs this chance with both hands


Well, that’s the team I was hoping (but not expecting) to see this week. Now to see if it actually works!


First time in a few years that I like the starting 11 and feel like we have a strong bench as well. Some good late game options there if we need it


Very interesting.

Ramsdale ahead of Leno?
AMN in midfield?

Big calls


This is one fearsome line-up. Arteta is roaring to go.


this is going to go really good or really bad. I hope the former…….

Kareem Mohamed

I hope it’s a 4-2-3-1, but there is a chance AMN could be a wingback in a 3-4-3 formation…


Who says”clear the air” talks doesn’t work?

Niles gets his midfield chance


2 players over the age of 25 Sambi 21, 3rd PL game Tomiyasu 22, been in the country 72 hours, only 2 training sessions White + Gabriel, starting together for the first time Ramsdale PL debut for Arsenal When was the last time Niles started? Could be rusty…. We might get away with this today, our forward line will cause Norwich problems, but this is either ballsy or reckless, depending on your outlook A team this young/inexperienced, many who haven’t played together before, is a big risk, particularly when your head is on the chopping block This is the quickest… Read more »


well, palace have just beaten the spuds so that’s our first victory of the day. COYG!!!

Viju Jacob

Little confused about the formation though. BBC called it 4-2-3-1 and Google sports showed it as 3-4-3 with AMN as RWB.
Easing Partey in slowly is a good call, while ESR missed out due to illness. If only Arseta allows the team to play their natural game!!

cannon and ball and arse'n'all

Spuds lose 3 0 and a bold and almost full strength Arteta line-up, could be a good Saturday


Strong line up. Patrick Viera humbles Sp*rs. Kinda looks like a good day.


For all his mistakes, we have to tip off Arteta for some bold and exciting lineups this season so far.I am thinking the opening game and this lineup today. Let’s hope we get a performance to match


Okay, let’s play a fun game game of Predict the Excuses! In case the team fucks this game like the other ones, which of the following excuses is the Arteta ‘Till I Die brigade going to go with? Partey is “the boss”, and he wasn’t fit enough to start Tomiyasu hadn’t really trained much with the first team White had been out for almost a month, he needs more games Gabriel had been out since the summer, he needs more games The players who had played during the international break were exhausted The players who hadn’t played during the international… Read more »

Wrighty’s hats

Extremely cynical! How about let’s enjoy the prospect of a good game and cheer for our team?


You really hate Arsenal, don’t you?

Wrighty’s hats

Bold choices – have to admit it’s the first time in forever that I’ve felt excited after seeing a lineup. COYG!!! I believe in you!


Interesting lineup, it’s been ages since we had a bench that strong too


Anyone got a stream at all?

Public Elneny
Public Elneny

Interesting, I like it

It won’t necessarily be successful, but at least it we’ll learn a few things. It’s far worse when you lose in a completely predictable way

A big ask for Tomiyasu to slot right in though maybe? He only got his work permit a couple of days ago, and played midweek for Japan in China


Forward looking, progressive line up

Hoping there’s more grit and drive with this selection

Chance for AMN to put up or shut up. I hope he impresses cos he’s got the potential.



Liking this lineup. Feeling excited.

Merlin’s Panini

Looks like Arteta went with his head here. Keeping Partey on the bench unless we need to turn the screw. I just hope it doesn’t backfire.


Always mix it up. Is this the plan?


Arteta is brilliant is able to make a solid bunch of players with some brilliant players…. Look average. Wtf is with this defensive mindset fml!

Obama Young

Over 300 consecutive minutes in the league without scoring, and counting. This is excruciating. Can we ever score a goal??


Alright, in an attempt to be more positive – so far it’s been a pretty even game.


Wow, we scored a goal!

Build Arteta a statue folks, he’s turned it around.


And we parked the bus now…


It’s a win. I’ll take it. Something to build on but it was hard to watch. Far from convincing.


The issue is that even though it is a win, it’s nothing to build on.

Norwich was very poor and we scored one scrappy goal that would be ruled off-side in 5 games out of 10.

The only positive was the players looked like they wanted to be there.

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