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Arsenal 2-0 Leeds – player ratings

Second half goals from Calum Chambers and Eddie Nketiah were enough for Arsenal to make it through to the quarter-finals of the Carabao Cup this evening.

It was hardly a classic cup tie, but in the end the Gunners did enough and deserved the win.

Here’s how the players rated.

Read the Arsenal 2-0 Leeds match report and see the goals here

Arsenal 2-0 Leeds – Player Ratings

The ratings are hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above Bernd Leno. Also, please give the ratings a few seconds to load.

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blogs is depressed.. wwxtf rating and comments was that?

Johnny 4 Hats

Am I a really ungrateful person if I say, “Boy, I wish I could see a bit more of Flo in these kind of fixtures”?

Nothing against Eddie and great goal. But at this stage, we are just sweetening his next pay packet by playing him.


I wonder if they are still thinking we might get some cash in January.

Bleeding gums murphy

We may but if that’s the reason for playing him it’s not a good indication of our congruence. The game wasn’t a Europa league dead rubber with us already qualified. It was to go into a quarter final of a cup. Balogun committed his future with us. For me he is ahead of nketia all day long.

A Different George

I think the idea was–if we rest Aubameyang, who will be most likely to help us win the game? Right now, Eddie is a much better choice in this regard than Balogun,


Some harsh ratings from Blogs there I feel.


I agree. I thought the players that came in did everything they needed to tonight. Elneny was never a 5.

VAR will solve all the problems

I gave ratings based on my expectation from the player vs actual performance e.g. I expected a so so performance from Mo but he played better that than I expected so gave him 7/10… different standard for everyone I guess. So Cedric and Kola both got higher ratings while ESR only got 5.5…and I’m still confused about my wat ratings to give Pepe.


Blogs continues his curious grudge against Mo’Nenny.

Johnny 4 Hats

I would’ve loved to see his face when both Kola and Cedric were named in the starting XI.

His two absolute faves.

In all seriousness though, has there ever been a worse fullback pairing? I think we may have to go back to the Andre Santos days to find out…


There has to be at least one game with Ignasi Miqel at left back that sticks out.


Well, that was a short google, we landed Miquel at left back and Djourou at right back in a 3-2 loss against Swansea in 2012. That has to top it.

Johnny 4 Hats

Haha! Fuck me. That’s such trash.

Well googled sir.


How about Lichtsteiner and Kolasinac in 2018-19?
(I know we’re all doing our best to erase Lichtsteiner from our minds, sorry to bring him up.)


I don’t know, Blogs isn’t way off the mark.I don’t get 5 for Elneny though, compared to 6 for ESR. Don’t get me wrong I love Rowe but his game was well off tonight. Also AMN and Leno both deserved a 7 in my book. Good win


Thought Ainsley deserved an 8 at least. Won loads of duels, felt like he didn‘t miss a pass and played some really good balls forward. MOTM for me by a mile. Thought Eddie was really good as well. Has bulked up quite a bit. Looks more comfortable with the ball at his feet as well. Showed some nice skills.
Overall a very solid game.


Yeah that 5 was very harsh… Elneny as not great but he did a lot of good things, some good interceptions, blocks and defending here and there. And we managed to keep a clean sheet, he definitely was part of that. 6 at least.

A Different George

Early in the match, Elneny made several blocks/interceptions fairly deep in our own half and I think that helped set the tone for Leeds’ inability to threaten in the way they often do. I thought he faded later, which is odd because his engine in his strongest asset–but he really hasn’t played much.


Thought the ratings were a bit stingy as well


Ainsley Maitland Niles well done son ! Impressive tonight motm for me


was unable to watch the game but am happy to read this. i’d love for AMN to stick around and simpl become an utility player we can regularly bring on.

basically, he could replace both elneny and cedric

Public Elneny

8/10 for Holding’s hair transplant


An impressive debut but maybe the weight and drag causing cramping. He really plugged the holes and grafted and in the mane put on a good show.


Like how he never lets the ball bonce. Still the odd hairy moment though


Better than (Paolo) Cannavaro’s.


Brilliant 🤣

Top Tier-ney

A comfortable, if not a bit dull, win… could do with more of those this season.


The front 3 all seemed desperate to make a mark and were struggling to look for each other and play unselfishly


That’s the sad truth. I think they would be more visible to the manager if they play with each other. Laca was rewarded because he played well with his teammates against CP


Couldn’t have put it better. But I feel for Pepe that’s just his style no matter the game or what’s at stake. Not really suited at all for how Arsenal wants to play going forward.

Bob Holdy

10/10 for a doggo fart clearing the room

Who ate all Depay’s

I thought Ainsley was fantastic. Pressed well. Passing was good. His first touch was even on point for most of it! Pleasing as we’ll need him when half our squad buggers off in Jan!

Top Tier-ney

Ansu Fatty ate them, but lets talk about Arsenal…

5.5 for Pepe is more than generous.


Can’t remember an Arsenal player who frustrated me as much. Walcott maybe but he always had goals and assists to compensate.

Fred the Dreaded Phred


Top Tier-ney

Unlike Pepe, who got an assist today, and has quite a few this season too…

Merlin’s Panini

Pepe’s not bad for goals and assists either. It’s just the rest that’s frustrating.


Pepe got an assist tonight and I’m gonna stick my neck out and say his goals and assists are on par at least with Walcott/ 90…. anyone got the facts on that.

Still, yes frustrating. Mainly because he does hard stuff so well suggesting he could be awesome but just overdoes it or fucks something simple


Walcott: games 398, goals 108, assists 78 (all comps)
so 186/398 = 0.47 goal contributions per game

Pepe: games 87, goals 24, assists 14 (all comps)
= 0.40 goal contributions per game

Pretty similar statistically, both frustrating players. Pepe especially, I feel, has more in his game for build up play if he gets his decision making better

Bleeding gums murphy

Jeez after 87 games he is not better than Theo and we stuck by him for ten years waiting for him to show some consistency. I think that played a part in Wengers Decline. Theo, ox, Denilson to name 3 players that would have been moved on at top club elsewhere.

Public Elneny

I think you have to remember Theo generally played in much more offensively fluid, high scoring teams, and was pretty much allowed a free pass defensively for most of his time here Pepe is flawed and frustrating and has a dreadful first touch. But in tight games with not much happening he’s very often the one to create a clear cut chance or 2 by taking shots on, taking on defenders, playing high risk passes etc when everyone else is just going safe and sideways. His work rate and pressing is so much better than when he joined too and… Read more »


I still feel there’s something about him that could come good and become a game-breaker for us.


Remember that many of Pepe’s ‘games’ have been substitutions whereas Theo started way more… skews the stats I fear.

Master Floda

That. Theo played to his level. But it’s so obvious that Pepe could be better.


Got the assist for the first goal. That’s what football is about. Scoring goals. Also worked hard and did his defensive duties well. Frustrated at times but 5.5 is low for me.


Good performance all in all, AMN was my personal MotM. Arguably his best performance in midfield for us, looked very slick on the ball and made good use of his pace. Hopefully he can get some more appearances at centre mid and build from there.


A good win! Elneny got more than a 5 for me. Martinelli was trying a bit too hard to go solo often times when he could have played simple passes to his teammates. All the same, very glad that most of the fringe players got 90mins. COYG!!


It used to be I really enjoyed these cup matches to get to see some of the young talent we had as well as more experienced players that were on the verge of breaking into the lineup, but boy was this lineup far from that. Only player that I had any excitement about seeing was Martinelli as he has had so few chances since his injury, no joy at all in watching Cedric, Elneney, Kolasinic, Holding, etc. out there, though I know rotation was needed to rest most of the starters for the weekend.


But if we kan get af few quid for Cedric, Elneny and Kola because of these games, that we actually win, isn’t that a good thing?

Ps. I quite like Holding.

President Eckener

Thought this was a good win, especially with all the changes and players who generally haven’t been trusted in the league playing. Everyone showed some good effort, which was the main nice thing.

Have to say Pepe is only cementing my impression of him as a player you take a flyer on for 10mil. “Oh well, seems like he really isn’t getting any better. Would’ve been nice, but at least it’s not too much money tied up in him. You can see why they thought it was worth a shot, though.”


I’m not a big fan of Pepe, and his performance today justifies to me why I’m not a fan. Lackluster again, he’s too one footed and against a prem defender you can’t be that predictable and get away with it. You can only get away with it if you’re world class talent. On another note, I’m a big fan of Martinelli and everytime he comes on as a sub I always scream he needs to start matches. However, I’ve noticed when he has started matches like today he seems to try way too much by himself and that in effect… Read more »


Eddie played really good today and he deserved that goal tbf. Imagine if he missed it, he would’ve become an instant meme lol. 😂😂


Eddie showing how to score a goal in a way which diminishes your transfer value.

Bleeding gums murphy



AMN was superb, 8 for him and 7.5 or Eddie atleast, Holding also deserves a 7 at least, also thought Cedric really grew into the game and ended it on top form. Blogs ratings kinda boring.


It’s almost as if Martinelli and Pepe would be better suited to playing in a counter attacking team…


Holy moly £10 ticket carabao cup nights at the Emirates are crazy. I swear you won’t get a better live football experience in Europe, especially at that price. That being said I had to check what the score was when I got home and can’t remember how I actually got home. Honestly the atmosphere was better at 0-0 than it was for villa (not including the roasting of martinez) It’s weird when we were in champions league, group stage matches were like date nights. Europa nights were fun with more actual fans. But being out of Europe has really brought… Read more »


Head down and push through fella.

Kenneth Mesa

I was happy to see all players who were missing showing up and win
That will give me a green light of the process


Brilliant 10/10 at the end there.


I wonder with Martinelli whether he’s suffering what a lot of young players do where having burst on the scene, opposition players start to suss them out a bit. There were a few times in the game where he was a little predictable in cutting inside and it led to him getting dispossessed.

If so, the challenge is now on him to overcome this, which I’m sure he will!

Petr Janosik

I I I i

Arsenal’s Slow Buildup

Come on blogs. You mailed this performance in. No energy. No fight. No desire. I’m rating you a 4 for this performance

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