Saturday, June 15, 2024

Arsenal 2-2 Crystal Palace – player ratings

Arsenal had a late goal from Alex Lacazette to thank for one point against Crystal Palace at the Emirates this evening.

The Gunner took an early lead thanks to Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, but couldn’t build on the goal in terms of performance level. Palace equalised early in the second half after a mistake from Thomas Partey, and more sloppiness in possession led to Edouard putting the visitors ahead.

Deep into injury time though, Lacazette swept the ball home from close range after a corner and some scrambling in their box to earn a point – but still two less than we would have wanted.

Read the Arsenal 2-2 Crystal Palace match report and see the goals here

Arsenal 2-2 Crystal Palace – Player Ratings

The ratings are hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above Aaron Ramsdale. Also, please give the ratings a few seconds to load.

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Anders Limpar

Fuck this manager and these owners, dragging this great club into absolute mediocrity. Genuinely cant celebrate that goal or result, in the long run it will only extend the pain.

Mike Adams

Seeing those aftv Mugs celebrating a draw like it was the champions league was ultimate cringe.
Out players should be ashamed.

The Arsenal

I heard that they hate the club and wont us to lose games…But now they are celebrating to much.


Pitiful, wasn’t it.

I always get a laugh these days wondering what George Graham would think about how we concede goals these days. I spoke to both Perry Groves and Paul Merson how George would react. They just looked at each other and burst into laughter. Says it all.

Johnny 4 Hats

Ah man, can we not do the whole owner thing every time we play shit?

Yes, they are cunts. Yes, we don’t like them.

But we spent more than any other club this summer. Having a go at the owners doesn’t make any sense of these tepid performances. The buck stops with the players and the manager.

Stupid individual errors. Poor individual performances. And another poorly managed game. That’s why we aren’t playing for top four on Friday.

Anders Limpar

The owners control the managers fate. Ergo they are equally to blame. And I say fuck them all equally,


Hey, why stop there is you are religious why not to ble god/gods dependong on religion you believe in?

Johnny 2 Bad

Completely agree. We’ve spent the most!


Why not?
They are responsible for this mess.
The decline has started more than a decade ago


It’s always acceptable to have a go at a billionaire- they’re the worst class of people people on people on the planet and are actively involved in making regular people’s lives worse.


I’m on the fence with your comment so can’t vote yes or now but totally see where you’re coming from 🙄


The owners have backed the manager. They suck at hiring managers though.

Suffolk Gooner

God we are a boring watch


I have to wonder why he changed Saka for Sambi at half time. Odegaard was actually playing well in CM, so why not put Martinelli on for Saka and keep the same shape and lineup? Instead, this change forced 3 players to readjust to new positions for the second half. It was unnecessarily complicated, and it showed.

Hank Scorpio

Poor substitutions have been a regular theme under Arteta. I get the feeling he must have failed the subs unit of his coaching badges but blitzed the press conferences unit


Life doesn’t always give what you want, it gives what it gives. Everyone asked for a manager with good communication after Emery and life gave us a preacher who can also manage a football team!


Odegaard playing well? Not today. Maybe I watched a different game.

That substitution actually made sense because Palace were finding it easy to dominate the midfield. It made sense to push Odegaard higher up the pitch and put someone next to Partey.

I still believe we need a Tielemans kind of midfielder — a proper box-to-box midfielder who is adept at all aspects of the game. Palace had that in Connor Gallagher, whereas we have been missing that kind of player for a while now.

Bleeding gums murphy

Odegarrd was shocking, way to long on ball way to often. Always amazed how differently people see game. You clearly saw what I saw 👀


See my comment below. Watch the 1st half again. Odg does plenty right in LCM, and plenty more that Sambi did. It was only in the second half, when he was moved forward, the game bypassed him.

Gunner be death of me

What? Odegaard had a good game? Really? Did you watch the match? MO was probably our worst player tonight. A passenger. He was also poor against Brighton. Doesn’t seem to like playing in games where players press him hard. He’s too insipid and needs to show more character. Then when he does get the ball he often passes it sideways or backwards. Needs to do much, much more

A Different George

He did not have a good game, and playing deep to Partey’s left doesn’t seem to suit him at all. But he is a player who looks first to pass the ball forward; the square or backward pass is almost always only after he sees nothing in front of him. In the right position (as a 10 or as one of two 8’s with someone like someone like Smith Rowe–or even Saka, in the future) he is a player you can build around.


Really? I think you saw a different game to me. Odg played a couple of decent left footed passes in behind to Tierney in the first half. Watch it again. If you want to forget them, be my guest.
He had a better performance than Sambi in there. Who was slower than mould and perpetually went backwards or sideways and got caught on the ball. Considering it’s Odg’s second game there, I think he was decent. He was only a total passenger in the second half, when he was moved to number 10.


Maybe because we were getting worked in midfield the whole first half and needed more presence there? I don’t know, it seems like we needed an extra man to balance things out against them.


Was it an extra man though? From what I saw Sambi just replaced Odg in LCM and Odegaard switched with ESR as a kind of right-10, putting Smith Rowe on the left. All this succeeded in doing was taking the left-footed Odg out of midfield where he was providing some balance imo. If you want an extra man in midfield, go 433 and drop sambi deep, with Odg and Partey left and right either side of him. Don’t sub a player in that forces 3 others to shift around to accommodate. That’s throwing your whole gameplan out of the window… Read more »


I agree the subs have been “not well” but his hand was forced this time. Also, by extra man I meant 12v11. They were passing right through us all game, and no formation change would’ve solved it.


Sorry mate, not my doing….

Nostalgic Gooner

Maybe Vieira is actually a better manager than Arteta.

Chippy Brady

I don’t think Vieira is up to much either to be honest, he hasn’t exactly set the world alight in his previous jobs. However if he replaced Arteta in the morning I wouldn’t complain.


He has not set the world alight with the squad he has at hand? Yet he dominated you at your backyard, gave Chelsea and Liverpool good run for their money???? No wonder Arsenal is where it with people like you as Fans!


But pv decided to sit on edge of his area for last ten minutes inviting pressure from us to equalise, that is not good managerment either


Lacca is a leader

Takeshi Castle

He is. He was in Lyon too for 9 years. He is a technical leader and a leader of men. He can help us controlling the game up front. Having said that Tierney, Auba, Partey, Odegaard, Saka, ESR, Pepe, Tomiyasu all played international games and travelled long journeys. Compare to Palace who have very few internationals. Those interdulls are boring and stops us to implement a plan. I expect much better on Saturday

El Mintero

He should start every game. Drop Odegaard to the bench and play Laca up front with Auba drifting in behind from the left.

Pete Plum

Now we’ve got Odegaard long term I’d be happy to see him integrated more slowly. We definitely need big characters like Laca in the starting 11

Pete Plum

Not that its Laca vs Odegaard. Two separate points


Auba from the left when he needs to lead the line?

An ageing Laca who can’t last the pace to start?

Been there, done that; IT DOESN’T WORK.

Clueless as usual.

El Mintero

It doesn’t work? Look back last 4 seasons and most goals scored were from playing Laca up front with Auba tucked in behind from the left. But feel free to ignore and keep up the usual Arteta out drivel.


MA would like to have joystick and to control our players. I think that even Unai would be better with this squad.

Pete Plum

I think thats fair. Not saying Arteta out but he hasn’t matched the hype even when you allow some very big novice mistakes


Arteta is getting so much less than the sum of this team’s parts it’s frightening. Never mind his second halves.. when I saw the stat, one 2nd half goal in 5 games I was surprised it was that many.

Hank Scorpio

Trust the process. We’ll be great in 5 years. I promise.


Yep, we probably will be better in 5 years. Both Arteta and the Players.
But time waits for no man, and neither should we. This job has come too soon for him.


… and if we’re not no one will remember this comment. 😉

Matt P

I think those ratings are generous. Apart from creating the first goal I thought Pepe was poor, the assist gets him a 5 for me. Odegaard a 4 for me.


Even 0 for Dean is generous.


What assist?

Gunner be death of me

Odegaard more a 3. Partey a 4.

David C

Pepe is the biggest waste of money. Would rather see Martinelli from the start. How many times did Pepe not get a dead ball past the first player? Infuriating.


It’s not the manager, it’s the players.

Who set up our first goal?

Take your time, mate

Morrisey fan #1

I thought that was the worst game Partey has played for us. Couldn’t pass the ball and lost possession a bunch of times including for a goal. 4 for him also.


The guy was trying to do as the manager had instructed him to – pass backwards and sideways, retain possession rather than play the killer ball.

That is Arteta. That is NOT the players.



This was the typical performance we got from Odegaard last season, the good performances were the exception. Someone will tell me he’s carrying an injury though so it’s alright…

El Mintero



Great result all things considered. It’s always though after international breaks. This is one of those games that we’d have lost in previous years. Drawing is progress. Not creating chances is worrying but we’re getting there. Let’s judge Arteta at the end of next season. Martinelli looked lively, it’s a shame we have too many creative players ahead of him. He must go on loan.

Hank Scorpio

I was trying to figure out whether you were being facetious or serious. The let’s wait judge at the end of NEXT season thing gave you away. Very sly to put that in the middle of your comments where it could easily be overlooked.


I still downvoted it lol


Replays show the guy take his eyes off the ball when Saka clears and takes a good look at where he wants to whack him


Very harsh on ESR.
Only one with any drive and energy

Thierry Eboue


Don’t get me wrong, love ESR. But he just had to play Pepe in. We go 2-0 up, hard to beat.


And he’s making a habit of it… hope he’s not becoming a bit goal-greedy! Seems out of character for the lad but it’s the 3rd time this season he’s ignored a square pass to give his team mate a tap-in.


He was good but he was doing a bit too much sometimes. Should’ve offloaded the ball a lot of times when people were free. He should learn to do that quickly.


ESR has been our best player all season, but it is fair to point out when he struggled as well. Think his tracking back on the goal was a bit lacking. A bit more effort in it and he would easily have cut out the pass. Granted defense isn’t his primary responsibility, when your teammate makes an error you bust your a$$ to cover for him. Anyways, measured criticism today for a player I rate very highly.


Agree, he was very active, but keep in mind that blogs rates players with the influence of the mood at full time, so there is always a little swing dependant on his taste of the ovr team performance.


Question: do you enjoy watching Arsenal play football?

I’m struggling to find any joy watching this Arteta team


The football is not good.

The problem is, there are flickers of hope, like against Tottenham this season. Or Chelsea at home last season.

But, I honestly can’t think of 10 matches where Arsenal have been good in the last 2 years. It’s such a groundhog day, being in love with this club.


He can’t motivate the team. They gave themselves a benchmark vs Spuds and they will struggle to hit that level 9/10 times this season. The best teams will be there or close to it every week.

Wrighty's hats

The frustrating thing for me is that they show us how well they can play, and then they don’t keep it up (NLD excluded). A few times this season we’ve started games off well, full of energy and fire, smooth and accurate passing, good pressing, creating exciting chances, and then it fizzles out, usually when the momentum of the game shifts or a goal is scored, and the rest of the game is tepid and on the back foot. Well done to the team today for clawing back into the game at the end – but I was hoping for… Read more »


First half of NLD the only enjoyment this season. Why then only?


How the fuck was that not a red??? Stevie Wonder even says that’s a red


It looked like that scene in Bloodsport where JCVD keeps kicking the shit out of the small bamboo tree with his shin to toughen it up. Except the bamboo tree was Saka’s leg and JCVD was a much worse looking Mcarthur.

North stand

Undoubtedly Partey is the most talented out of our senior midfielders. But does he hold a candle to fellow midfielders in similar positions for rival top 6 (HA!) teams?

Been waiting for him to come good, and I understand it’s been a hard year, and he’s had his fair share of injuries, but with the price tag and performances of other midfielders in the league when do we admit it hasn’t worked out to plan?

Gunner be death of me

I totally agree. We need to stop bigging up Partey based on what he did for Athletico Madrid. Based on his age and experience he has been a massive disappointment. One or two decent performances, but overall very average. We need far more from him dhich he isn’t delivering

Wrighty's hats

I think it’s made a difference to the stability of our back 4 to have starters locked in. We need to do the same for our midfield – I suspect that would help a lot in getting him into a good rhythm. We’ve had to make a lot of changes around him which I think has contributed to not getting the best out of him yet.


When you ask one player to play three positions it makes them look poor. The issue here is arteta’s setup and he’s hanging whoever he picks at the base of midfield out to dry.


I think Partey came to Arsenal to be the main man, it’s affecting his decision making causing him to take unnecessary risks and shots from distance. either that or he’s just not that good. He needs to keep it simple.

Alan Sunderland

He’s just not that good. He hasn’t played a good game for us yet. I believe he’s only completed 90 minutes for us 6 times.


Every player regresses and starts playing poorly under Arteta eventually. Partey and everyone else should be judged after they get a run of games under a new manager. Hopefully soon.


Team is being over coached and they looked shattered and inhibited as a result.
Palace were buzzing about and full of energy… we were lucky to get the point.


I occasionally hold this view as well as I’ve always preferred the free flowing creative trans that Wenger had. However you cannot deny at the most successful teams today are over coached by some excellent but controlling coaches. So it seemed to be the path forward from Wenger even if I didn’t want to admit it.

The Arsenal

Those teams have strikers at their peak and solid defences. We have an inconsistent Auba and Laca. And White and Gabriel (who were both solid tonight) but one got roasted by Benteke and the other got pushed back into his box by Edouard in a 1vs1.

The Arsenal

Overcoached is exactly right. They were individual errors but both goals came from players looking for a sideways or backwards option.


What the fuck is overcoaching? The coach has his ideas and methods about how to play this game, and they either work or they don’t, I don’t believe in this under over coaching (what is this bet35?) there is bad and good coaching.


Never worked for a boss who’s always correcting your behavior then eh?
Micromanagement is a huge destructor of morale in any workplace.


The players are professionals who are responding to the manager’s instructions…..HELLO..?!!

Honestly some of you on here are fucking hard work.


You cannot seriously believe Ben White’s instinctive decision to backtrack almost 10m – until Edouard happily found himself in shooting range – was ‘coached’ into him???
That was bad decision-making, in the heat of the moment, by a so-called international quality defender who should have known a LOT better!
Likewise, Gabriel getting so easily side-stepped for their first…
Moments of individual player error.

Certainly, Arteta’s tactics allowed Palace to completely ‘own’ the middle third, but we must be careful of lumping every single moment of weakness or error – that so often turn games – into this ‘over-coaching’ ‘micro-management’ narrative.

Charles Charlie Charles

The number of ‘individual player error’ episodes are greatly increased (or reduced) depending upon the game-plan and coaching. You also have to ask why entirely new players make the same kind of gaffs (or improved performance) as their predecessors. The common denominator is the manager.


Bollocks. White knows better – plain and simple. Unless you’re saying Arteta’s ‘game-plan’ for the last line of defence was ‘do nothing, backtrack until you allow them close enough to score’ ???!


I’d add to this that we have NOT had a ‘greatly increased’ number of player errors, certainly not over the past 4 matches. In fact we have a lot less… there were two vs Palace – and they scored from both!


Hello? Can anyone see me?


Yep. Got me. Ok carry on everyone.
Oh by the way. That was crap wasnt it!

Johnny 2 Bad

Yes bruv!


Also McArthur should’ve already been on a yellow for a previous foul on Saka that Dean signalled advantage.


That was ESR. Mike Dean is a twat and this just proved it even more. Doesn’t deserve to ref a game anymore. Even the VAR officials should be fucking fired ffs.


Same old story. Can’t score goals. And then mistakes at the back. Ben White backing and backing up some more. Partey playing very soft.

Can’t help but look at Palace and see a team that has a plan. Look at Arsenal and sometimes we sort of press. Sometimes we try to play out from the back but often end up just kicking it. Sometimes we play with triangles but mostly pass side to side or lump in crosses.

Laca made us look potent. Hopefully he plays more.

We are mediocre at best. Sad to see.

DB's first touch

Agree…there wasn’t much of a plan to start with, but even worse was the complete lack of confidence in whatever the plan was. Arteta adjusted the formation at half time with the substitution (a more positive change would have been to bring on Martinelli in place of the injured Saka), and the team shape changed again with the introduction of Laca. I realize that stubbornly sticking to Plan A without a Plan B or C is not good either, and that a good manager will use subs to good tactical effect, but today’s subs seemed more like trial and error… Read more »


Tomi still plays football like he’s in with Bologna. First thing he thinks he should do in every tight position in our half is boot it upwards and forward to no one… Auba got the goal, but if we really plan to play this team of two CAMs, it has do be Laca starting through the centre with Auba, at most, shifted to the left. Laca centrally can afford the CAMs more freedom because he drops deep to pull one midfielder with him and from the CAMs. We should have gotten Aouar (a proper CM) instead of Odegaard and Arteta… Read more »

Nostalgic Gooner

Please don’t judge the players until we have a proper manager. All players have regressed under Arteta. Even Tierney is starting to look horrible. Auba was in everyone’s fantasy team when Emery was manager. Klopp called Martinelli a generational talent. Partey was the lynchpin for Madrid. Eventually they all regress to the mean!


I think we should have recruited Potter instead of Arteta. Look at the change at Brighton.


He must go on loan.




This made me laugh. Thank you

cereal killer

The problem is the manager,period.
No game plan, Vieira is better manager than arteta


The VAR officials and the refs need to take a good look at themselves in the mirror. They don’t even deserve to ref a game anymore. How much more do you require to give a player a sending off? Need to break the other player’s leg for it? I was suprised Saka didn’t go into the goal after that hit. I really want to see McArthur being reprimanded for that tackle cause Saka’s leg could’ve broke by his force. FUCK YOU MIKE DEAN, FUCK YOU VAR & FUCK YOU McARTHUR!! ABSOLUTE TWATS!


If xhaka did that he’d be kicked out of the league.


If you think an organization run by Mike Reilly has any capacity for self reflection I have a bridge to sell you. Pgmol are a joke and always have been.


It was a foul on Lokonga in the build up to their 2nd too, guy kicks his foot, not the ball.. but Mike Dean


ESR should have played Pepe in first half . 2-0 up game over


Second time he’s done it. Did same too against Brighton. Pepe was open, all he had to do was square, and he chose to go himself. All this rubbish talk of him scoring more goals by Arteta is starting to get to his head. Where is that young lad who always looked for a better pass last season? We need him back!

Wrighty's hats

Bit harsh of an assessment on ESR for me. It’s easy to say he should have passed after the fact – but if he had passed and Pepe hadn’t scored, we’d be saying he should have taken the shot himself.


Seeing as he’ll leave on a free transfer next summer, it’s the most Arsenal thing ever that Lacazette will be our best player this season.


To be honest, Laca has NEVER been a bad player at Arsenal. Never scored a bucket-load of goals, but reliable at virtually everything else.

Passes well, can dribble, can combine, strong and is very intelligent with his choices in the build-up of attacks. Why fans do not appreciate him and want him gone, I’ll never understand. We should have let Auba go and transfered that salary towards signing some young, up and coming striker. Keep Laca. We play better with him. Simple.


Yeah, Imagine if we went for an exciting igh potential striker like Alexander Isak instead of that new contract for a 30+ player (when will we learn?).


I agree. Auba can score more goals, but Laca scores a decent amount while also connecting the link to play far better with the rest of the team. But honestly, I doubt anyone could have bought either this summer for a Sum at would have been deserving of the same and frankly the owners invested even without the sales.

The Arsenal

Sounds like how the club treated Giroud.


You speak so much sense, thank you haha!


The one thing I say about Laca, I just wish he would score a few more and he would be a perfect striker for us, he has a lot of things that he is good at

El Mintero

I’ve been saying this for months but always get downvoted…Laca leading the line every game with Auba tucked in behind from the left. This is how they played when they were at their best and banging in the goals. Dump Odegaard to the bench ASAP.


You seem to be forgetting that they had Mesut Ozil providing the ammunition.

Just saying.

El Mintero

Oh so you agree then that Odegaard is not up to the task of providing the ammunition?


Like Edouard… who was OFFERED to us for 19m quid!

Thierry Eboue

Lacca was great when he came on.

I love ESR but a 6 is generous in my opinion. He slips Pepe in and we go 2-0 up, hard to beat from there. He was facing the right way to see it. Had to play it.

Exciting game.


Pepe might have missed. He’s not exactly a class finisher. I agree that esr should have passed, but you can’t fault him for shooting. The bigger problem is that there weren’t more opportunities. After we scored we were dominated and it didn’t swing the other way until Laca came on.


Have you seen Pepe play before? He’s the best finisher at the club, 2nd to Auba.


Huh? So is he the best or second best?

Wrighty's hats

I agree with this. We need more of our midfielders to be shooting and scoring. I don’t want him to stop taking shots just because some didn’t work out. He knows how to pick a pass and he knows how to shoot, it’s a matter of giving him as many opportunities as possible to learn when to do which, under pressure – to be fair, even the best players in the world get that choice wrong sometimes.

We should have created more chances in general.


My number 9, I will say once again that a lot of fans cannot see quality in a footballer. I know Arseblog has been partying every time he doesn’t see Laca in the team because of his agenda with his 180 degree turn on him from the 2019/2020 season and he will probably make another snide comment on his podcast about how Laca should not be starting, but his all round game, his passion, his knack of scoring important goals will be hard to replace. Arteta is incompetent makes bad decisions over and over again, people seem to give him… Read more »

Public Elneny

I think he’s good as a back up or rotation option, but very quickly goes off the boil when he’s given an extended run in the starting xi. Within 5 or so games he’ll be running through treacle, miscontrolling things and falling over a lot. He needs to be fresh and at his peak physically to be effective in this league. On form he’s excellent, but when not he can be really poor. Whereas based on last season Auba seems to struggle when he’s not consistently starting Then you have to ask if ~£200k/week wages on a player who shouldn’t… Read more »


His stamina is the only issue, you are basing this off one bad season, which was Arteta’s 1st season, he was poor. Last season he was one of our best players, you are just using the narrative of his poor stamina, and just pouring it over everything because what you said didn’t really happen last season, his stamina is a weakness yes but last season he was good. He was actually right up there with goals per 90. He should have got 20 but he was underplayed even when he was scoring goals. The first few months he wasn’t good… Read more »


This is probably an unpopular opinion which is bizarre in itself but Lacazette is one of our best players, why not play him? he has proven that he has ability more often than most of the rest


I think that Tierny should get some rest. We have alternative. Saka is still affected with missed penalty on EC. He is young and nee help to put it behind him. Laca shows that he deserve to play.

El Mintero

Tierney definitely needs a rest and a reboot.


Question for the pod Blogs. Have Artetas Arsenal made you bored of football yet?


Finished game in s 442 formation looked better with Lacca on.

Matt P

The starting formation was a disaster


No way near ready for the 4 3 3, Partey can’t play the pivot role, not enough players eager to recieve the ball off…also the fact that Gabriel Martinelli is now an impact sub, tells you all about the Manager and his stuctured, timid approach, he has ‘sparky’ players but he’s 100% sold on the slow safe steady build up..cudos to the late subs for speeding and mixing it up.


ESR apart, Lacazette offered more in 20 mn than all the others combined. 2 nice saves from Ramsdale though. Hope Saka is ok. McArthur not getting even a yellow for that foul is pure joke.


I meant a RED card


Red card all day. Pathetic refereeing as always in the PL.
Stale performance yet again and for me its coming down to the manager. Disjointed, too deep and playing out from the back is as bad as it’s ever been


Everyone moans because AMN makes the occasional sloppy pass but I honestly don’t think he’s any worse than Partey. How many good games has he actually played for us? He seems slow thinking and he’s often careless with his passing. We paid a hell of a lot of money for him and he needs to wake up.


I think this whole loss was just sloppy passing and bad ball retention.

Pepe's first touch

God, even with a last gasp equalizer that was boring.

Funsho Patrick

Can’t see where the improvement is coming from…sad to admit that we’re a mid table team…. Odegaard is average most of the time…. same as pepe and many others…. where’s the energy? The press? It’s exhausting….it’s gonna be a very long season


I am just wondering how much time should pass to get a legitimate criticism of Arteta? Many have criticized him but also many defended him – like give him time blah blah blah. Arteta will get us nowhere. It’s been 22 months under him and we actually can’t see actual football. Passionate and attractive football. I will not speak about wins, draws, losses, but about football identity. If you cannot build your identity in 22 months then, my friend you are not good enough. It’s simple as that. What is forgivable is that you can lose or draw but with… Read more »


Gervinho was better, it hurts to say!


Well damn, you killed me… 😀

Matt P

The Liverpool game could be pivotal…


– p.s:


replays showed to me that Lokonga was fouled on the 2nd goal. Gallagher never touches the ball. Another Dean mistake.


Get Arteta out!! He is a spanish Sam Allardyce, nothing else.

Quentin Quarantino

If Zaha plays tonight we were fucked. Fucked by palace at home! That is just not good enough from a club that spent 150 million in the summer?


The team has had enough time to bed in now… But the performance today was very puzzling. We are playing fewer games and only have few players(compared to the days of yore) where players will return tired after internationals…Then why ‘fhe tuck’ is the team getting so tired. It seems like we ran out of steam and confidence after around 15 mins. Arteta cannot escape blame here. After the the 1st goal, either his directions from the touchline during the game are to go defensive or he is asking the team to be on the front foot and they dont… Read more »


pleased that I am not the only one who thought McArthur deserved red. Geez what a brutal kick. I enjoyed the style of play generally, but thought we let CP back in by being too aggressive and wanting to attack after our goal. They were wide open. it is interesting to watch odie and esr play in the same area. Almost stereotypical cultural differences on Display. One cool the other hot. Don’t know if it will work. dump on kse all you want. Rams are very good, the nuggets are very good, the avs are cup favorite and Arsenal is… Read more »


Not great but shoots of recovery of late. We know we’re not a City or Pool who are expected to roll teams. We have a good young squad now which will take time to click. Is Arteta the man to lead them? I have many doubts but let’s give it 12 or 13 games and see how things are panning out league wise.

Accept what we are and let’s not be the league’s most toxic fans which we arguably currently are.

Matt P

Disagree. After Spuds I had some hope, but that’s been extinguished.
It’s not too hard to get pumped up for a Spuds game, but I have seen enough in the other recent games to conclude that Arteta is not up to it.


Agree. We win three games in a row and the fanbase thinks thats the norm. It’s a new young team. Get your expectations inline people.


Anyone else think partey ain’t all that great?
Much as most of us all thought and hoped he would be,I get the feeling we are wrong


IMO we still havent seen any of Partey, despite him being here for some time. He needs a season (hopefully without major injuries) to adapt to PL. I may be wrong, but thats what I think.

If we mount that point of view then Pepe should have been long gone. And some others too.

Hank Scorpio

To be fair you could say that of just about everyone in the squad. Who plays great week after week? Arteta just can’t seem to get the best out of players on any sort of consistent basis. We can all see the talent is there but even the likes of Tierney and Saka have been sub par for most of the season. Meanwhile the guys we send on loan are thriving.


There is something awry with the tactics, it if often feels like the the team play a totally different style after 20-30mins every game.

I also think ESR is not so confident playing centrally when ‘Senior’ players likePepe and Odegaard around. He doesn’t think have the tools to lock pick defences at this stage. Keep his job simple put him on the wing and say: Run ESR Run!

Jimbo Slice

Opponents are allowed to kick Saka all they like. It’s strange. He needs more protection from officials. His continued success with England is our best hope for fair treatment from referees I think. Another thought I have is that this is a very difficult game to make excuses for the manager. We’re consistently being out coached. We lack intensity for long periods and can’t exert control of a match. Are we not well conditioned? Maybe we spend too much time on small pitch games in training. When we get on a proper field it looks like we can’t swim in… Read more »


Mike Dean you’ve always been a cunt, a fucking cunt indeed.


Today Xhaka made two serius mistakes. He was very bad against Berlny and Norits. As he remains in the team, Arsenal will suffer.
Xhaka oyt!


Its now 8 games in so jury is in. This is as much an indictment of the club which is drifting and selling gullible fans the team in transition story We have a manager who lacks experience. We have an Director of Football that ALSO lacks experience. Recipe for mediocrity. Frankly we needed to get the summer absolutely spot on but we preferred to muck around with Edu. To be fair they got some purchases right but they over spent which is another indication of inexperience and under sold. 1) Ramsdale – This was the right buy. Leno looks unlikely… Read more »


Great interview with giroud by Ornstein.

Olivier is respectful but calls it.

Very different mentality at Chelsea to Arsenal.

Arteta under no pressure and picking another inexperienced person to support him like Edu says it all.

he does not say this but implication is loud and clear.

Clueless club.


Did you guys think our problems have disappeared because we won a few games? There were ups and downs during this game but we kept on fighting till the last second. Don’t take away that Aston Villa played well.

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