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Arsenal 3-1 Aston Villa – player ratings

Arsenal took three points from Aston Villa this evening, with a performance that was far superior from the one we saw on Monday against Crystal Palace.

Thomas Partey scored his first Arsenal goal, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang scored again, and the effervescent Emile Smith Rowe deservedly got on the scoresheet. Despite a late Villa strike, the Gunners were more than worthy winners.

It was good, and I liked it.

Read the Arsenal 3-1 Aston Villa match report and see the goals here

Arsenal 3-1 Aston Villa – Player Ratings

The ratings are hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above Aaron Ramsdale. Also, please give the ratings a few seconds to load.

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Aussie Gooner

That first half Saka chance! Lucky it didn’t come back to bite us..

Johnny 4 Hats

Weaker foot, came at him fast, Martinez was big. Easily forgiven.

Aussie Gooner

Yeah not really fussed about that either. Just remembered after going through the ratings.


He went back across the keeper on target with his weaker foot. Martinez got lucky and saved well with his foot. No blame on Saka for that

Top Tier-ney

He did have ample time to give it a touch and allow himself more composure with it, but he didn’t.

It ended up all nice and dandy today, but on another day a failure to kill the game right then and here can mean spilling points. I would expect better of Saka, I gave him a 5.5 today, for that, and for a general lack of being a threat on the night, felt he was the one offensive cog that was off his game today.


But that’s the whole point about creating loads of chances and not obsessing over one or two misses. Those are bound to happen and in fact they are a good sign.


Exactly. Keep going at it. If the team felt about its misses the way some of us do we would be doing a Gallas every miss. Coyg


I’m guessing he wanted to keep it on the ground to avoid skying it over if it took a weird bounce; I can forgive that.

Monkey Knees

AFC fans stillllllll moaning. I know I’m approaching 40, but these younger fans and their negativity is killing me….

Aussie Gooner

Why are you so bitter mate? I just stated a fact, things like that have bitten us in the past. I am not moaning about the performance or saying anything negative about Saka..

I am not one of your “younger fans” brigade, you so dread.. I am also touching 40!


Didn’t feel like Saka was 100% there were some moments I was expecting him to burst ahead, and he just didn’t.

He should get a rest, if getting his leg almost broken isn’t enough for that to happen I wonder what is.

Crash Fistfight

Yep, I get the stats but he wasn’t amazing on the eye test for me. Was the least impressive of the players to start the game for me (not that he was bad, just not as good).

I don’t feel like any of the subs made an impact, BTW. Odegaard needs to stop pulling over to the right-hand side – it just makes the pitch smaller.


I think Odegaard is a pretty good player, but our manager needs to figure out how to use him.

The same is true for Pepe.

Jean Ralphio

I think Pepe plays well with laca and would do well on the left


Why did RM happily let him go then? Pepe maybe yes.

Jean Ralphio

He’s only playing once a week


Seems like it’s too much for his body.


I really cannot understand why gooners on this site downvote comments like this. Its just fact written, no one told anything bad. And Im seeing this for years. Weird


Well, that was enjoyable. ESR was charming.

Johnny 4 Hats

To me, that ESR performance was “You saying £30m Villa? Ain’t even close”.

VAR will solve all the problems

Heard Southgate came to see Mings but he only saw Emile Smith-Rowe!

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

I’m Irish so excuse me, but what do the English see in Mings? I’d be upset if he played for Ireland. Awful awful player

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Imitate me if you must, whatever works for you I guess.

All I ask is you don’t say nice things about Xhaka.

Wrighty's hats

I’m impressed by this audacity to imitate!

Non flying dutchman

One of you has to become Dennis Henry.. There. sorted.

Crash Fistfight

I don’t like him in general. He gives off the same playground bully vibes I used to get from John Terry and Steven Gerrard.


Perfectly put – he has that nasty, ‘I-throw-my-weight-around-coz-I-really-think-I’m-better-than-I-actually-am’ vibe about him, doesn’t he?

Determination Cultured

Glad he saw white dribble past almost the whole team


Tyrone was minging!


Going to throw this out there… Smith Rowe is our most talented player

Top Tier-ney

There’s certainly a case to be made there… right now, even if he is a year older than Saka, I rate him as a superior talent of the two. Given the current form I find myself being more excited by him than Odegaard too, though I’m not too sure on that one either as I think Odegaard has a high peak to hit too, you can just tell he is a super brainy lad and those always find space in their game for improvement and margins to add on to what they already have… but then there’s also the likes… Read more »

Vaibhav Pandey

I beg to differ, we have a lot of talented players and I, for once, would not place one over the other. Let’s put the team above everyone, shall we?


I watched the game with my dad, he doesn’t know our current squad much and he was bragging about Emile from the get-go. Love him so much!

pan Julian

Put their Emi to shame.

Martin Haze

We’re consistent in how inconsistent we are. Great night — can we keep it up!?!

Bukayo Rowe

of course not! lol

Mesut O’Neill

60% of the time, we get it right every time.

Takeshi Castle

We lost control of the game when Laca came off. What can we conclude from that? Love Saka, love ESR, love that team. Tavares is a beast!

El Mintero

Uhm that we should be starting that line up every week?! Laca leading the line brings it all together, takes the pressure off Auba drifting in behind from the left. Their perfect positions. Tavares was a beast tonight…KT has some competition!

Crash Fistfight

Well, for one thing we can’t conclude that Laca needs to play the whole 90 minutes every game. He doesn’t have it in him.

Odegaard needs to replicate Laca’s busyness instead of being cool and collected. It’s not like we haven’t seen him do that before – all his good performances have been high energy ones.


Or perhaps as AMN replaced Lakonga.


I just hope Mik gives the Samba-Party enough time to develop into a raging 3am thrash… if those 2 really click, our midfield woes will fade like a distant memory of Thatcherism.


Excellent performances from ESR and Tavares. I was totally impressed.

My only complaint is that Arteta should have taken Saka off at some point. That guy needs a rest and he has been getting whacked a lot lately.


Had to take Laca off and Sambi off. And Auba or we would have played last 6 mins with 10. Saka can have a week off now..no need for him to play against Leeds

Morrisey fan #1

I was saying from about 50 minutes to get him off. Was a great opportunity to give him a rest


I suspect much like Tierney was rested for this game because he’s looked a bit jaded of late, Saka might get a break soon.


We’re not playing European football. There will be lots of opportunities for rest. Key players will have to rough it out through the games as long as they are fit. League cup games will also provide opportunities for rest.


The PL did make it seem like we were in Europe this week…No different from a Tuesday-Saturday schedule!

Vaibhav Pandey

Yeah, PL scheduling is atrocious tbh. Also, I think we will not play any team who is in Europe following their European match? Can someone throw more light on this?


Outstanding, faded towards the end but a great 3 points.

Matt P

Good ratings, everyone very good, and ESR superb!


Excellent performances from literally every single player. Impressive!

Cranky Colin

TBH …….I’d have your comment on AMN applied to Odegaard “ but not sure this change helped us”.
We were good though, very very good!

Gunner be death of me

Totally agree. Second half momentum changed when Odegaard and AMN came on as both are just slow the game down. Balance was right before that with the formation. Partey needs a partner with him so good to see Sambi on in place of Odegaard.

El Mintero

Spot on. Keep Odegaard on the bench. So much better balanced with Laca up front and ESR able to dominate across the middle on his own.


I legitimately think Ramsdale may be the best through ball player on the team.


The two or three ground passes to the half-line, just wow.


Some of his passes were insane. Glad we played more out of the back, today than just randomly hoofing it forward. Was equally impressed with some of White’s ball carrying.

Vaibhav Pandey

Ramsdale, ESR and White along with established Saka are going to be full England internationals with Ramsdale taking no.1 spot from Pickford soon. Loved the way Ramsdale gave his peace of mind to defense after conceding the goal 😀


The really great thing about what he’s added to our game is that we play out from the back a few times to drawn the opposition in, and that creates gaps further up the pitch that he manages for find with those right-footed lasers.

Kieran Tierney’s Tesco Bag

I’ve got that Friday feeling

Neál Martin

Nuno Tavares makes Gareth Bale look like James McClean


Protect Emile at all costs. Ben White looking really confident and calm on the ball and his touch is mint for a CB

El Mintero

I thought Ben White was superb tonight. His passing was excellent.


Downvotes be damned – I’m gonna say it again: White looks great EXCEPT for some very iffy moments, which better sides will punish: Palace did (when he backed off for 8m!); Villa did (when he didn’t commit all-in to block their goal-shot)… and almost got another when he allowed their player a free run across him into the 6 yrd box AND then allowed the ball to bounce – didn’t you notice Rambo’s furious reaction?


Gabriel MoM for me. Took no prisoners from min 1, literally!


Loved his duel with Watkins. Had the poor lad in his pocket all night


Do believe Aube deserves at least the same rating as Laca. Aube worked his ass off tonight. Good win. Good weekend,

Baichung Bhutia

Auba also provided the assist for ESR goal.


Very underrated assist at that!

Al Alontos

A lovely assist


An ace-sist

Hank Scorpio

He’s been doing that for most / all of the season. If we can get the ball to him on a consistent basis he’ll score plenty. Here’s hoping we do!

Top Tier-ney

Auba looking sharp and more like his old self for sure, and that’s great news, because we greatly need him like that too.


Tonight ??? We looked like a team !!! Led by Laca & Ramsdale who will become a great ! Excellent team team team performance !!!


Laca definitely not a retrograde step. He was infinitely better than Odegaard has been.

El Mintero

He has to start every game – gives the team so much more drive and balance.

Funsho Patrick

The pressing was out of this world! Villa players couldn’t turn for the full game….keep buendia by the way….


And Martinez. Let the cunt enjoy his ‘step up”

Vaibhav Pandey

I am sure he is enjoying his fat paychecks every week, and who wouldn’t!


Ouch – uncalled for comment, I feel.

American Gooner

Aye, what a good way to start a weekend. I am mighty pleased with the balance and commitment from the squad tonight. Sambi is going to be some player, good to see Laca snapping into tackles and linking up play, I would like to see him in this position again soon. Despite best efforts from the ref tonight a solid 3 points.


How important was this game, we lost to villa 3 times in a row I think and to win so convincingly is such a great feeling, I just wish we won against Palace because other teams dropped points but we always fail to capitalise in these sort of opportunities. So many good performances today My number 9 Alexandre frieking Lacazette was terrific , esr had his best game in a while he was so so good and deserves special praise, Tavares, White, Gabriel, Auba, Sambi all very good. This was such a good performance, better than Tottenham too, We are… Read more »

Sam I Am

Tomiyasu getting out of trouble by switching play to Tavares with his left foot. Just thought that was worth mentioning too.


Ramsdale and his distribution has been insane. People trolling him when he was at Sheffield and Bournemouth are really eating their words after seeing some of his breathtaking ground passes and lobs till almost the half line. I’m really in love with this guy. What a top bloke !!

Top Tier-ney

Ben White Man of the match for me… so many vital defensive blocks, paired with some great breaking up of the Villa’s play higher up the pitch and most importantly, exceptional passing off the ball… a complete defensive performance if I ever saw one. Also… how good is Tavares? He was an offensive threat and a physically imposing figure throughout the game, won us the corner for the first goal if I remember, and played a part in the third by starting of the counter with a forward pass as well, solid defensively too… given his somewhat underwhelming form, does… Read more »

El Mintero

Laca was my motm but white not far behind. And yeah, Tavares was superb. Can’t drop him after that performance plus KT needs a rest anyway.

Wrighty's hats

So great to have two class options for the position


Great performance. Lots of energy. They looked like they had a game plan and knew how to execute it, for a change. Now they just need to do that consistently.

Aman Watson

Hear hear!


Smith Rowes goal could have been a ljungberg style curler if not for the deflection. No conplaints, it went in


Glad it got deflected and went it. Extra point for hitting the frame too. Poetic. Emi is still a beast of a keeper and there’s no guarantee it could have curled in much like Auba’s PK and curler.


Great to have a quality option to replace Tierney at LB finally, was really impressed with Tavares. Not as confident in our RB options if we need to go to the bench unless Arteta will play AMN there when Tomiyasu is out or needs a break. Glad to see Partey finally score and he is so key to the team, just would like to see him be cleaner in his passes and not so many non-pressured giveaways.

Top Tier-ney

Felt Partey continued with his poor form today really. Yes, this was a great team performance, and yes, he himself was great on offensive corners and even scored a goal from one, but overall, in the first half I thought his passing was off and his physicality adequate, and then in the second one it kind of switched for me and his passing was more spot on but he looked completely out of it physically, it played a huge part in why we were on the backfoot for most of the second half for me, as well as why we… Read more »

Morrisey fan #1

The commentary in the US was just awful. Talking Villa up the whole time until the half time stats came up.

Great win and a much better performance!


Guys who are not supporting the team or the approach, this is a bit more positive than usual. Please suck it up appreciate the effort. You have rest of the season to be critical. Just enjoy today. It was a tide game. COYG.


Do it!


What made this victory sweeter for me on a personal level was, I was walking to the stadium up Benwell Road and a group of Villa fans were singing how we are shit and silent etc.

I only heard the away fans maybe a couple of times throughout the game, I would have loved to see their faces during the game! Hahaha

And how good was Laca, he links our play up so well. He is so underrated.


Can we talk about Ramsdale admonishing his own teammates a little too much? I’ve heard the “he’s more vocal than Leno” talking point not only here but on tonight’s broadcast right…. Although, there is something to that, its a lil much when he full on bitches about goals that really can’t be prevented…. Ramsey took a loose ball out of the scrum and placed it upper 90. If he hit it 10x it goes in off the woodwork maybe twice. Where is the line between being vocal, and being abnoxious…? We’re all in it together after all.


You need a keeper that demands the most from his defenders.
I dont think Ramsdale is being obnoxious, he’s always one of the first to thank or say well done to a player.

Although that goal was unstoppable, Ben White or one of the other defenders could’ve jumped in quicker to block the shot. It happens, no blame. But I’d rather have a keeper whose demanding more from players than one who hides away.

The Arsenal

Cant get upset at a keeper that gets angry when he concedes.


Actually, Partey put a weak foot in.

He could have stopped the ball before it got to Ramsey and White could have deflected the ball out instead of turning away.

That’s why he screamed at them, prolly said “wake up guys, you could have stopped that.”

I think his behaviour would have been “toxic” if he didn’t fit and chest bump his defense after EACH clearance.

So, there.


Mad Jens Lehmann was one of the best keepers ever to play for us and an Invincible. And a bigger shouter than Ramsdale – it’s good to remind people of the high standards you need to be a winner


No we can’t.


Watch the replays – White drops both his shoulder and head at the last minute, shying away as Ramsey takes aim… that’s why Rambo bollocked him and rightly so.


Looks like Dean Smith over-revved Watkins before the game. Told him Arsenal were soft. Then he got a yellow and disappeared.


Maybe we can all just enjoy it


Sambi has a lot to learn while growing in the game but the way he receives the ball and pushes forward on the turn is really excellent. He could be way better than Partey in the future.


Best Arsenal game this season!


That would be NLD.


4-4-2 should be the present formation moving forward. What I also observe for quite some time. KT3 is not the old exciting KT we know, at times, his attacking down the final third is lack of thrust and hence causing quite some problems defensively. There is no coincidence that when Tavares is playing, the reliance on KT is significantly reduced and the ball distribution is much more equal. Like how it was flowing today, very much to every area of the pitch.


Preset format I meant…


I can’t believe I was ever reserved about ramsdale… he’s a god, a golden god


He’s a five star man!!


Arteta’s substitutions could have cost us the game! He could easily have replaced Aubameyang tiring with 30 minutes to go with Martinelli, who is a dribbler and can keep the ball upfield. To break up Partey and Sambi was suicidal! Odegaard is a completely different player it changed the flow of the game! Arteta cannot rotate players! I noticed this last year and blamed the horrific schedule! BUT here we go again! Saka and Smith-Rowe worked to death while other players sit on the bench, especially Martinelli. The players did a great job winning this game today and I do… Read more »

Top Tier-ney

You’re dramatising nothing mate… not to mention that you’re completely forgetting our very last game that Arteta’s subs literally salvaged us a draw on their own really.


I do agree with the final point, but I don’t think we were ever in danger.

Announce Bendtner

Keep that same energy when the players do a great job losing. Make sure you detach it from the coaching too.


Odegaard replaced laca, sambi for replaced by amn.

I agree we were wise after subs, but that’s because it was a physical game that doesn’t suit odegaard and amn isn’t good enough unfortunately.


A gentle nudge of advice mate… putting an exclamation mark after every sentence doesnt make ’em any more correct or insightful.


Good game boys. Nuno Tavares and esr my men of the match. Arteta got it right this time by playing one of odegaard or esr. They should never play together


Although he wasn’t the most outstanding player today, I just love Gabriel. Haven’t felt so assured with an Arsenal centre back for a long time.

Lokonga was great too. Had a good feeling about him the moment that deal was reported. Captain of a club like Anderlecht, considering its standing in Belgium and player pool, is no small deal!


Finally a match worth rating (besides Spurs one) 1) Ramsdale – He’s growing in stature for me. I mentioned we should get him bc he has had a LOT of practise being a pro-active keeper playing with relegation Sheffield last season. BUT I think he is one who is genuinely SICK to death of losing and conceding goals because of that too and you can see his leadership and passion in the goal we conceded coming out to admonish the teammates. We have not seen this in a long while. 2) Tomiyasu – Had a decent game again. Good no… Read more »

Exit the Lemming

We rarely boss teams for more than 30 minutes so to completely dominate a good Villa side for 80 was hugely encouraging. Yet another nervy 10 minutes or so after they scored however (but this is Arsenal, it’s in our post Wenger DNA) Just for clarity and to silence the irate Villains in our midst: the ref blew to stop play so that he could review a VAR prompt for the Targett tackle on Lacazette. He did NOT blow for half time prior to this. Once the penalty was awarded and taken, he allowed play to continue, Auba netted the… Read more »


To the naysayers: give this young team and its manager some time! So many good things are starting to blossom. Sambi and Tavares look like excellent buys – too impetuous at times but that’s a product of passion and energy, so we’ll take it, thanks. Laca once again just provides us with a hi-energy ‘glue’ in forward midfield that no-one else seems to manage for us? A last word on Ben White – hmmm… Blogs gives him an 8 but there is a slightly worrying pattern of key moments where he’s ‘absent’ – the backing off on Eduoard vs Palace…… Read more »




I thought Lacazette was phenomenal in this game. He ran twice as hard as Auba


Odegaard dropped finally. Result is fluent football with forward momentum. Took Arteta an age to realise. Was obvious to those of us that can’t see why Odegaard was signed. Take a bow Laca. Also obvious.

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