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Report: Leicester City 0 – 2 Arsenal (incl. goals)

Result: Leicester City 0 – 2 Arsenal
Competition: Premier League
Date: 30 October 2021
Venue: King Power Stadium

Arsenal: Ramsdale, Tomiyasu, White, Gabriel, Tavares, Partey, Lokonga, Smith Rowe, Saka, Lacazette, Aubameyang

Subs: Leno, Holding, Cedric, Kolasinac, Maitland-Niles, Elneny, Pepe, Odegaard, Martinelli

Arsenal blitzed past Leicester in the first half to win 0-2 at the King Power Stadium. Their high octane approach produced 2 first half goals for Gabriel and Smith Rowe.

The Gunners had to show their defensive mettle in the second half as they repelled an aggressive Leicester attack with Ramsdale the standout performer at the back. Overall, Arsenal deserved all 3 points to climb the league table and pull away from a congested pack looking to earn a European spot.


Arsenal stepped into the King Power Stadium against Leicester in great form having gone 8 games unbeaten and dominated in their last league game against Aston Villa.

Looking to carry on their high energy performance from the Villa game, Arteta deployed the same 4-4-2 lineup against their challengers for a European spot.

First Half

Arsenal wanted to prove that Aston Villa was not a fluke and they showed it from the first minute. Aubameyang and Lacazette set the tone, pushing their teammates to press high up and pin the home side back.

Their high octane approach almost bore fruit in the first minute as Saka and Lacazette combined for a scruffy effort on goal. The effort deflected off an unsuspecting Amartey towards his goal, only for Schmeichel to save it on the line.

Arsenal’s pressure paid off on the 5th minute mark with their second successive corner. Saka floated in an inswinging corner from the right to find Gabriel who glanced in the ball to give Arsenal the advantage. 0-1 Arsenal

The home side really found it a challenge to contain this Arsenal team whose movement was fluent in the classic 4-4-2, reminiscent of Arsene Wenger’s best sides.

Lacazette dropped in to knit play, Sambi and Partey produced solid striking efforts from distance and Tavares brought his chaotic energy as he dribbled in-field from left back.

It was this pressing and movement that won them their second goal on 17 minutes. Vardy lost the ball cheaply under pressure and Partey started the counter attack. The Ghanaian pinged the ball to Saka on the right who squared it for Lacazette at the edge of the box.

Lacazette was crowded out but Leicester couldn’t clear the ball far enough. Smith Rowe swooped in and applied a first time finish from the penalty spot that would have left a peak Robert Pires proud. 0-2 Arsenal

The rest of the half saw Arsenal contain Leicester expertly and threatened the home side on the break. Arsenal was never truly under the cosh but Ramsdale had to be alert to keep his teammates late in the half.

Maddison had a free kick right through the middle with a favourable distance from the penalty box. He struck the ball sweetly to the right and the curled effort looked to be nestling into the net if not for Ramsdale’s quick feet and atleticism. The ‘keeper tipped the ball against the bar and smothered the follow up. The ball still trickled towards the goal line and Partey came to the rescue to clear the ball away. Watch the outstanding Ramsdale save here

Their defensive efforts kept Arsenal two goals ahead at the King Power at half time – fully deserved.

Second Half

Leicester sought to claw their way back into the game, bringing on 2 substitutes and attacking Arsenal. To Arsenal’s credit, they were composed when facing pressure and nipped in well to regain possession.

Arsenal had to defend deeper and it wasn’t all smooth sailing as Leicester’s Thomas had an effort just skim past the post. The home side’s momentum was growing.

Odegaard came on for a tiring Lacazette on the 56th minute to arrest and maintain possession but it didn’t relieve the Leicester pressure. Arsenal had Ramsdale to thank as he pulled off saves to keep the score at 0-2.

Despite some nervy moments as Leicester pushed on, Arsenal showed newfound defensive strength to repel the home side, clearing every cross and blocking every speculative shot from the Foxes. To add insult to injury, even Kolasinac made an appearance in place for Smith Rowe.

A well earned three points and a clean sheet.

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Phenomenal save by Ramsdale and he just keeps getting better. MOTM.

For all the recruitment mistakes in the 1st season, you have to say the new signings look very shrewd.

Johnny 4 Hats

I’m actually a bit shell shocked. I thought we might struggle today. We were magnificent. Again!
It’s just wonderful to see us so polarised from that old Arsenal that caved in the face of light resistance. I keep expecting it to happen. But it doesn’t.

I can’t quite believe how good we are playing. Front and back. This feeling. I like it. It’s probably how a fifteen year sober person feels when they allow that scotch to pour down their throat once again.

Wow. Amazing. Sexy. Beautiful. Just outstanding. Nothing but pride.

Have a great weekend everyone!



Can all the ArtetaOut shit stop now please??!!!


I’d really like to beleive your downvotes are Spuds trolls and bitter Foxes, however the toxic haters in our own ranks seem to know no logic or reason when it comes to Arteta.
I note the usual suspects have been curiously absent on the Ratings comments… have we seen the last of them?
I truly hope so – but wait for the odd team stumble (which, obviously, does – and will – happen) – and they crawl out from under their pebbles, no doubt.

Pete Plum

I’ve never said Arteta out so I’m not saying this in self defense. That was pretty nasty, people who disagree with you aren’t vermin, most of the arteta outs gave good reasons. Hope to see them back soon.

The Beast

Almost afraid to say it but think we’ve finally found a bit of consistency. Odd, odd feeling but I can definitely get used to it.


Must be some Sp*rs fans lurking to get those downvotes mate!


Someone should tell them that wherever they go now includes playing at home.

Brady’s bunch

I have that same tango man 😂 ^^^


Or the toxic haters in our own ranks – don’t underestimate the depths of their completely irrational negativity.

Vaibhav Pandey

It was a good performance but it wasn’t top class. Fact is we lost control in second half was a worry but defensively I felt confident of the task and even felt we can score one more in second half. Yet it would go down as 6.5/10 for me, mainly because we lost control of the game.


Practiacally every match at the top level you will have to struggle a bit during the game. We dealt with the pressure well, kept a clean sheet! And the tactical adjustment in midfield allowed us to ease out towards the end and get back control. Great work defensively, both the players and managing team.


I wonder what you have to say about city and pool


I think in an away game against a top team, all be it bit quite at their best, we can’t expect to control the game from start to finish. I think the key is to make the most of the periods of games when on top and then defend solidly when the opponent gains fhe upper hand for a while. Arsenal are doing both of those right now. Am enjoying watching us play. Now we need to maintain.

Elliot Ness


Johnny 4 Hats

Ramsdale is a constant reminder that we can analyse stats and look at teams played for and discuss distribution and question concentration. But until they put on that glorious Arsenal shirt, you never really know. Aaron has not only exceeded expectations but he’s trolled us all. We all have massive egg on our face. No one called it. Or almost no one. What a mug he’s made of us all. Good lad. Keep proving your haters wrong. I also loved that he joined in with the Leicester fans “Ooooohhhhhh, you’re shit aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh”. What a guy. Cocky as hell. I love… Read more »


Partey mopping up as well. Always there defensively when needed.

Brady’s bunch

He switched hands mid flight as well 🙌


Agreed, this transfer window was astonishing really, and for a team without Europe I don’t know how we could have done better (Locatelli? that was always a pipe dream). Ramsdale – No words needed Tomi – He’s our Azpilicueta, great fit for this system Sambi – I don’t know where his roof is but he is already a solid player White – Maybe not justifying his price tag yet but loads of potential Ödegaard – Love him Tavares – If he was 27 I’d still say we made a great deal for a back-up LB, he’s just 21 and could… Read more »


Harsh on White imo.

Give youth a chance

In amongst all the praise for Ramsdale’s saves, one thing I enjoyed was that after the Leicester player cynically ‘left his foot in’, Ramsdale repaid the compliment at the next opportunity.

Sent the message loud and clear that this team won’t be bullied

Timorous Me

Let’s not forget that Gabriel came in last summer. He might turn out so good that that window will go down as being a positive one despite the Willian clunker and other iffy ones.


Very impressed, up to 5th after three losses and bottom in the PL.

Ramsdale and the defence excellent after good attacking in the first half.

Well done Mikel and the team!

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Lovely to see us just outside the top 4 already.

What do we want from the Sp*ds/United game? A draw probably best, both teams dropping 2 points then.


And OGS getting to keep his job a bit longer.


Brighton likely to lose or draw at Liverpool.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

We’ll finish ahead of Spurs for sure. Utd could be a different animal with a proper coach. I want a Utd win, so Ole stays


A draw where United are phenomenal so the Glazers bring OGS back into safety.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Yeah, I’ll take that too

Crash Fistfight

Unless Spurs winning helps us win the league, the answer will always be a Spurs loss for me, so it’s Man U all the way.

Vaibhav Pandey

A bloody draw with shitload of red cards

Give youth a chance

Followed by a mass brawl and points deductions


Not only that, but next week West Ham play Liverpool and Utd play City, while we’ve got Watford at home. Bizarrely, there’s a good chance we’ll be 4th next Sunday. Not taking anything for granted, but I’ll bet noone expected that after 3 games!


We score from set pieces.
We maintain lead.
We keep clean sheets.

Has something finally ticked?

Ramsdale Gabriel both AMAZING.


Got to say the delivery from the set pieces have gone up a notch. Used to be frustrated with the kind of balls Pepe whipped in from corners. But that’s changed.

Also, the way we attack the corners and defend them, we look like we know what we are doing. Think the set piece coach is earning his bread.


Throw-ins as well, they used to be a shambles but now all the players seem so switched on

Alan Sunderland

At times last season we couldn’t get a throw in to one of our own players.

Alan Sunderland

The set pieces have been a massive improvement, at both ends of the pitch.


Best part of the game was Ramsdale literally joining in with the home fans jeering him, only making them try to wind him up more. What an absolute character

Cranky Colin

He’s fucking brill


I bet the Leicester fans love him as well now


Thank God for the win, but please, Arsenal, I’m too young to have heart failure…

Guns Up

Outside of a well taken free kick (on a fairly meek foul, in my opinion), I thought LC did very little going forward. Haven’t felt this comfortable about an Arsenal backline in a cool decade, if not longer.

The Beast

They definitely had their chances but you just get the impression we weren’t in the mood to give anything away cheaply.

And Ramsdale’s an incredible fucking keeper.

pan Julian

It’s so nice to really trust them.

Mark Rowe

Great win today. Thought to a man the team were fuckin excellent. Happy to be seeing the progress the team are making. Enjoy the weekend boys. Up the Arsenal


Whole games where Auba does fuck all to nothing special and he gets to stay till the end.

Most things turn to shit once they go through him. This could have been more.

Happy for the win…


He wasn’t that bad. Give it a rest.

Tomaury Bischfeld

I admire your ability to find something to be miserable about amongst all that.


Auba ran his heart out and put a shift in for the team

The Arsenal

Just wow..

Wrighty’s hats

So unnecessary! We won. We won with a clean sheet. Auba was industrious and got amongst it. Didn’t give up pressing, led by example, completed the full game. That’s a good captain’s contribution in my book. Not his best but extremely far from his worst. He was through on goal and would have scored if not for that blatant denial of goal-scoring opportunity by a petty and slow defender who knew exactly what he was doing.
Hope you have a nice weekend. COYG!!!

The Beast

Not sure we were watching the same match. Thought Auba was good today, as he has been in the last few games.

Both him and Laca led the press brilliantly and he didn’t stop working for a second. Could’ve also got a goal if it wasn’t for a good save. Think he’s really beginning to hit a good vein of form

Reiss Neverseen & the DicTeta

A bit of an unfair take on Auba’s performance. Apart from the first 20 minutes when we ran riot, we were ultimately dominated for most of the match. I can’t honestly say Auba had enough service today but he did okay. (Aubameyang) Minutes played – 90′ Goals – 0 Assists – 0 Shots on target – 2 Shots off target – 0 Shots blocked – 0 Dribble attempts (succ.) – 1 (1) Big chances missed – 1 Touches – 31 Acc. passes – 13/19 (68%) Key passes – 0 Crosses (acc.) – 2 (0) Long balls (acc.) – 1 (0)… Read more »


Plus he got Evans his second yellow. The first of course was not given when he left his foot high on Ramsdale.


Laporte was sent off at the Etihad for a less obvious denial of a goal scoring opportunity.


finding the cloud in the silver lining

Dave Cee

That’s a good result, really pleasing. Keeps the momentum going, and a very handy win over a direct rival. And away from home.


That point against Palace looking better and better with each passing game!
Shout out to Ben White and Gabriel. Absolutely loving our CB pair.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

A handy point but definitely see that more as 2 points dropped. That’s my biggest disappointment this seaon


I felt the same way at the time. In retrospect it kept a superb run going. A defeat would have been harder to bounce back from.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

100% true, but we should beat them at home, especially without Zaha and being ahead

Hakuna Matata

R u still feeling disappointed? They beat city


Bigger than Brendford banana skin, Citeh trashing and Chelski hands down?


Good point. The Brighton draw looks better today too.

On the right path?

Fuckin A

Brady’s bunch

Big boy performance today fantastic result, partey in beast mode, defence unreal and ramsdale England’s new keeper I think.


I’d say the one player we need fit and firing all season is Partey. We look miles better when he is on song. And he didn’t even have to shift out of second gear today!

Brady’s bunch

He’s an exceptional footballer when he’s on song


Everyone talking about Aaron which I get but Gabriel was utterly immense. Solid as a fucking rock and took that defence by the scruff of the neck. Easily MOTM for me.

Great win, so delighted! Something is happening here…

Dave Cee

I remember checking everyday for 2 weeks last summer to see if Gabriel had been officially announced. Don’t know why but he just had an aura about him even then as a potentially special player. He impressed in patches last season, but I think we are really starting to see the payer he could be and it.s fuckin awesome


Gabriel is our most important player IMO….when he gets injured we’re screwed


He’s a beast, at least a Top5 center back in the league and will only get better.

The Arsenal

Weve got a goddamn spine again…Ramsdale…White/Gabriel …Partey

Eric Blair

Genuine long term Kos replacement

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

He’s already better than Koscielny ever was

The Beast

Not sure you can take MOTM away from Ramsdale after that performance but completely agree about Gabriel. He was absolutely dominant today, as he has been in a lot of matches since he’s come back in the side. Can’t remember the last time I’ve been this excited about our CB pairing


Ramsdale was in beast mode.
Some prime Seaman saves there bro.


Incredible performance 👏👏👏

Tomaury Bischfeld

Haven’t smiled this much at an Arsenal performance in a long time. Good football, laca and auba back playing together, controlled defence, great saves from Ramsdale, ESR excellent, Ramsdale and Gabriel really engaging with away fans and brilliant brilliant support. Yes!!!
Never had the fear that a floppy haired cb or an erratic left footed midfielder would do something to throw a spanner in the works.

Guns Up

Away fans owned the stadium from the TV perspective. Well done to them (and you, if you were there and are reading this!).

Timorous Me

Ah, Sp*rs wasn’t that long ago! 😁

I know what you mean, though. Lots to be really happy about. This is the kind of game where it’s good to have the early game. Gives you wings to enjoy the rest of the weekend.


My, Oh my.

Eat humble pie, Lawrenson.
“Humble pie” wasn’t the first term that came to mind.

If Partey can finesse his balls, we are really going places.

None better than Ramsdale.


How does one finesse their balls? Asking for a friend…

The Beast

I’ve got a few suggestions but not sure this is the appropriate forum

On the right path?

his misses can do that for him tonight

Reiss Neverseen & the DicTeta

This match was the definition of a textbook smash and grab. Unbelievable stuff from Ramsdale.


Arteta proving the critics and doubters wrong again.
Excellent, mature management today. Long may it continue.

The G

Must say I was very much arteta out. However these last few games has been amazing. Long may it continue.


I am still not 100% convinced. But I am glad to be proved wrong!


Dear Aaron Ramsdale,
I am sorry I had doubts on you.
You are truly spectacular. Thank you for that!


Ramsdale was MOTM for sure! What I love about Gabriel is that he enjoys defending and loves those clean sheets.


And his teeth just shine so bright!
Fuckin beast he is! 😍


Huge performance by Ramsdale today. Congratulations to Saka on his 100th appearance! 🥳


Tavares needs to stay at LB. He is really good at going forward. Ramsdale should be Englands number 1 if you ask me. Which you didn’t.


Here we gooooo, Saka and Emile Smith Rowe!
And Ramsdale, what a performance, that free kick save was outrageous

Cranky Colin

I think I’m in love


Great team ethic from the lot of them ! Ramsdale & the defence were incredible & in front of them we were on it ! Jeeezuz we have leaders and can’t get bullied anymore Happy happy happy !!!


It’s great to have quality from 1 to 11. Gabriel’s knee scares me. Top 4 is possible.


Remember when we said Cech would get us 10 points a season? Put 3 in Ransdale’s column today. Wow!

Merson's grin

Evans and Vardy are both c#nts!

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

We’re looking like a good team!
Arteta looks like he knows what he’s doing now that he has his team.

I said after Man City, our season starts at matchday 4, and we’ll be in the top 4 by game 13. I stand by that


Arteta out
edu out
kroenke won’t spend kroenke out
oh wait….9 without a loss, 5th place for now anyway
I like my team. Lots of upside

and seriously how is that not red on Evans?


I AM A CUNT…..I questioned the signing of Sir Aaron Ramsdale…..the BEST KEEPER IN THE WORLD!!!!

Magnificent stuff, great interview from Arteta afterwards…..can we all get behind him now FFS???? ❤️❤️❤️

djourou's nutmeg

as always i’m not jumping on the “the team has clicked and we’re going to win the league” bandwagon but this is definitely the type of match in which we make lots of mistakes and end up bottling, so it’s really nice to see us not to. will this be the season we leave aside the historical “mentality/confidence” problems?


Keep this up and the Amazon series might be worth watching !


you are right I had forgotten about that


Anyone else remember when Ramsdale was going to relegate us? Fantastic performance, easy motm in a gritty away win.


World is a better place when arsenal win. Super Ramsdale.

Best of John Lukic

Kind of feels a bit like 86/87 – slowly turning the tide. Still young, inconsistent, but wouldn’t bet against this bunch. Question is how far it can go this time, given the depressingly massive financial dominance of some clubs.

Up North

What a great win. Ramsdale a clear 10 in rating,Gabriel and White not far behind, we defended own box as our lives depended upon it. Good cameo of Odegaard, kept the ball wll in tight spots and could have produced some assists if the recievers were more sharp. We do still see that we’re some notches below the top teams, we have still not the calmness and movements to play out under pressure,we either play us into tight positions or clear long, but this will be better with more maturity and coaching. Arteta : Odegaard for Laca was a good… Read more »


To the ArtetaOut brigades spittin their vitriol for months, suck it up biatches!!🐶

Younger team and manager of the PL, we’re onto something. COYFG!!


First 20 minutes were just fantastic. That save from Ramsdale was truly outstanding and he also made great saves from Iheanacho and Barnes. And how VAR did not overturn that decision against Evans for a red is beyond me, he was so clearly the last man, it was through the middle and the ball bounced nicely for Auba just ahead of them.


Brilliant performance. Let’s keep it up. Now is the time for some consistency.

The Arsenal

Great performance and result. Loved the second half when we showed our grit and defense against a well oiled side. All the new signings proving there worth.


Just want to quote Özil’s tweet after the Man City debacle:
“Trust the process.”
He was being sarcastic of course, so it’s reaaly nice to be able to throw it back in his face, especially after Fener lost two on the trot.


…after Fener lost THREE on the trot.

Brady’s bunch

You gotta love a 4-4-2 😊

Kareem Mohamed

My apologies to Sheffield United.
They were not overpricing Ramsdale.
He is a genuine talent and looks like he will be worth the investment!


23 points from the last 9 games. Thank you very much!

Give youth a chance

Another very good result for us.
We seem to be able to manage 30 to 40 minutes of good football, but struggle to sustain it.

Is it because opposition managers adapt their shape during the games and we aren’t flexible enough to counter, or could there be an underlying problem with the amount of energy we expend in those spells and a lack of stamina?

Kareem Mohamed

I am worried about this but we did score multiple goals early on in the 3 matches I’m thinking of (Spurs, Aston Villa and Leicester).
I’m wondering if it was just us shutting up shop…
If so, it’s a risky ploy from Arteta but one that hasn’t backfired (yet).
And if not, then I’m worried what happens when in games where we don’t get the early goals.

Wrighty’s hats

Things I love, in no particular order:
1. Our away fans
2. Ramsdale’s epic performance. Gabriel and White too.
3. Our resolve to keep a clean sheet despite sustained pressure through the middle of this game. We seriously would have conceded 1,2,3 goals in the second half in seasons past.
4. How much the team looks like a team at the moment. They would do anything for each other on that pitch!
5. When we beat Leicester. Especially when we keep Vardy from doing anything remotely close to scoring a goal.

Brady’s bunch

The away fans have been outstanding this year

Corona X

How did Evans not get sent off for that foul in Aubameyang?!

And that prick Walton on the commentary, have you ever heard him disagree with the decision of the ref?

Give youth a chance

It would have been straight red if it were White on Vardy


Or Xhaka on anyone.


Great result, laughing stock and butt of everyone’s jokes after 3 matches, now just outside the top 4.

Teryima Adi

That was an excellent performance from the team, and an unforgettable one from Ramsdale. Pickford should be watching over his shoulder.


Thanks for showing the save, too.

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