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Arsenal’s trip to Chelsea likely to be rescheduled

Arsenal’s trip to Stamford Bridge in February looks likely to be rescheduled due to Chelsea’s involvement in the coronavirus-delayed Club World Cup.

The Gunners are pencilled to face the Blues at 3pm on 12 February, however, FIFA have now confirmed the final of their utterly pointless competition will be played on that date in the United Arab Emirates.

Given the opposition – Al Hilal, Al Ahly, Al Jazira, CF Monterrey, Auckland City and Palmeiras – Thomas Tuchel’s reigning European champions, who enter at the semi-final stage, will be favourites.

It’s unclear at this point when the game could be moved to.

Given our lack of European football, fixture congestion shouldn’t be too much of a problem for the Gunners heading into spring, however, it’ll be a whole different kettle of fish for Chelsea who will probably still be in the Champions League and could have to squeeze in two other postponed matches as a consequence of their jaunt to the Middle East.

You might remember, that in November 2019, Liverpool were forced to field different teams in two separate competitions within 24 hours after their Carabao Cup game with Aston Villa clashed with a Club World Cup semi-final in Qatar.

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Fifa are such trash

Jonny Three Hats

Officially corrupt anti competition organization.

Man Manny

They are only shifting their day of vengeance; we are getting our 3 points whenever we play them.


It’s all just a big load of bollocks really isn’t it?

Anders Limpar

It is, but it’s also the kind of bollocks I could happily live with 🙂


I thought you were making up some of those football teams initially.

Spanish Gooner

I’d advise you to look at videos of fans from Al-Ahly vs Zamalek, or Palmeiras vs Sao Paulo – these are massive clubs from cities far bigger than anything in Europe with huge and passionate fanbases who have earned the right to have the chance to call themselves world champions.


Curious why the PL wouldn’t object to the rescheduling like the EFL did for Liverpool – I’d be quite happy for Chelsea to have juggle two fixtures on the same day 😛


Wouldn’t mind that at all tbh.


Probably it will come down to Chelski being able to find a suitable date for the rearranged game with us. 2019 Liverpool had no space to move the game.

Johnny 4 Hats

I’m guessing we can’t offer to skip this fixture and just play Newcastle at home again instead?


Careful what you wish for. That’ll be after Newcastle have spent January playing FIFA on their Xbox to come up with the perfect World XI and then gone out and bought it.


2019 wasn’t that after we lost to Liverpool on penalties in that mad 4-4 game, when Willock scored that cracker of a goal.

Horse breath

Was that 5-5? Or 4-4? Lost count 😂

Bergkamps boots

Pretty sure Chelsea could field a C-team and still win that Mickey mouse shite anyway, as would most half decent European sides.


You are wrong

Spanish Gooner

They are obviously the favourites, but much better teams have lost. The Barcelona team that beat us in Paris lost to Internacional and their Guardiola super team was taken to extra time by Independiente. The Real Madrid of Raul, Anelka, Seedorf, Redondo and Roberto Carlos didn’t even make it past the semi final!

Horse breath

With Arsene at FIFA, get him to have a word and we can play Chelsea reserves on that day. 😬

Brady’s bunch

Chelsea will do anything to avoid playing us 😂

Spanish Gooner

I appreciate I’m in the minority here but I actually like the Club World Cup – it’s not a big deal in Europe but it’s huge in South America and elsewhere and, given there are only two games for European teams, I think “the champions of each continent play each other to declare the world champion” is a logical tournament that should have a place in the calendar

The Beast

Yeah, I think it’s a fun tournament. Who here can honestly say they didn’t enjoy watching Romario demolish Utd back in 2000.

I also really look forward to afcon. What can seem a minor inconvenience for a few is a massive deal for millions of supporters.


You’re not in the minority bro. I share your sentiment.


“Here at Fifa we don’t support the super league because it’s just about money. We shouldn’t let it interfere with traditional football competitions. Btw come watch our new revamped club World Cup presented by Alibaba cloud in footballing powerhouse the UAE in February!”


killing the goose that laid the golden egg. how much more greedy can one get. the game has become a sport for the rich.
my mind goes to the film django unchained with two rich dudes and that bloody boxing match.

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