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Jonas Eidevall reacts to 1-1 draw with Sp*rs

Arsenal rescued a stoppage time point at Spurs thanks to Vivianne Miedema’s header after Rachel Williams had given Tottenham a second half lead. Jonas Eidevall spoke to the press post match, the first three questions are from Arseblog News the others from other journalists.

On Tottenham playing a back four having played a back three all season so far…
It was exactly how we expected them to play, of course the formation can always have an impact on the game but it was everything we prepared for.

On whether he regarded this as a point gained or two points dropped…
It’s a difficult one because when you look at the game objectively as a whole, we should have won because we created so many goal scoring opportunities. The game was similar to plenty of games we have won three or four nil with the difference that we didn’t convert the chances.

But when you add the context, that we concede at a vulnerable time which creates a lot of stress and creates belief for Tottenham too. We had a really poor ten minutes after their goal where we lose control and where the game could have gotten away from us if Tottenham had scored a second goal. It’s important to regain control quickly.

Then saying that, we score right at the end and we can’t take that for granted that we have the resilience to create in a stressful moment. We look at it two ways, we are disappointed with the result overall but we value the point and the way we were able to regain control in a difficult moment.

On conceding a sloppy second half goal…
Nobody does it intentionally, we look at it from a broader perspective, we have conceded one goal in the league in the last six games but it’s not like there haven’t been goal scoring opportunities for the opposition. West Ham created opportunities too but they didn’t score so we don’t remember them. From a performance perspective we do.

I think it’s natural when you look at schedule that it’s so tight. You have to remember we played Sunday night, we had travel, we played on a different turf in Denmark and then we played Saturday lunchtime. Of course that’s incredibly tight when you add in travel. When you compare it to the other English team playing in Europe you see it’s a totally different picture. So we knew it was going to be incredibly difficult, these three games and overall when you look at performance I’m incredibly proud, but of course we can do better.

On Vivianne Miedema coming up clutch with a late equaliser…
Great finish. She created goalscoring opportunities through the whole game, on another day she would have scored another. When you look at it from a loading perspective, she had some time off and that helped her be mentally strong all game and could help us get a point.

On dealing with the emotional side of the derby…
Conceding is a stressful situation and in a perfect world we would have regained control immediately after scoring but we are human beings and sometimes we make mistakes when we are caught up in emotions but the ability to regulate that before full-time is very important so I’m happy that we did it.

On whether the North London derby is becoming more competitive…
I don’t know because I have nothing to compare it to but we played Spurs twice before today since I was here and won 4-0 and 5-1 but they also drew in the Conti Cup last season. The crowd was amazing today but on the field, we came in with some difficult circumstances and with that and the recovery periods and it was a physical game, we knew all of those things were factors to deal with. I am happy with the performance overall but not the result.

On the referee disallowing Jordan Nobbs’ goal after changing her mind about playing an Arsenal advantage…
It’s one of those things when you talk about other professionals, if you don’t have any positive things to say I’d rather not comment at all.

1.Zinsberger, 16.Maritz, 6.Williamson, 3.Wubben-Moy, 7.Catley (14.Parris ‘67), 13.Walti (23.Iwabuchi ‘84), 12.Maanum (8.Nobbs ‘67), 10.Little(c); 9.Mead (19.Foord ‘84), 15.McCabe; 11.Miedema.

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Should have won the game. Multiple chances not taken. Credit to their keeper.


Most times this would have been a win for us. Sp*’re were v lucky.
Great to see the strength and determination to stop a first ever lose against them. Well played!


That is the most diplomatic way I’ve ever heard someone say the referee didn’t have a clue.
I’m very surprised the BBC didn’t give their keeper the motm, personally.


Sp*ds goalie = Player of the Match
Frame of Sp*ds goal = Runner up.


On another day. All done and dusted by half time. The 3 games in 7 days and travel schedule was noticeable in the second half but credit the never say die attitude and although its two points dropped the Spuds didn’t get a win. Great Gooner support today, atmosphere in the ground was brilliant👏👏👏


Big ups to our fans, kept believing in our team and I’m sure the players felt it. Cheers to you all.


I guess I got too used to seeing big winning games, so I’m not happy of course that the other side scored first, but at the same time happy for the resilience of the team to make it a draw (with a goal by the ever-reliable Miedema), much like Jonas expressed in different words. Absolutely spectacular free kick by Mead and a great shot by McCabe, both which hit the goal bar! Would have been a different game if chance fell differently; but alas… Trying to think of what could have been different. I’m not sure if I was seeing… Read more »


Their keeper definitely MOM the less said about the ref the better


I’m with Wrighty and want to know about the timing & choice of those subs. You can’t see those decisions he made in the second half and not question Jonas…


Doesn’t even deserve the draw. Spuds had the best chance to kill the game when Neville missed that sitter. Best performer of the game IMO. We made her look like peak Dani Alves, making big tackles and bursting through our defense like they were traffic cones. It really hurts me to say this cuz she’s obviously the most easily hateable player in spuds team. Such a mean bitch she makes noelle look like a docile lamb. It’s okay for the girls to have an occasional off game, but to do it against spuds is simply unforgivable. We beat them 5-1… Read more »


I said it in another thread. Our DM and our defense are our weak link. At the top level you get found out. Lia is good with the ball when we’re dominating or playing smaller teams. She struggles defensively and easily gets brush off the ball when teams put us under pressure. The same thing could be said about Cately.
I just hope Leah stays fit because she’s irreplaceable. She covers so much both defensively and offensively

If we want to compete at the top level, we have to go for the best.


Calm your tits, bro.


You GO Duno !!!

People are trying to make these comments as toxic as the Men’s team’s.
The women tried hard and were unlucky to not score 5. Spuds had so many lucky blocks and the keeper was pretty good. We just happen to strike it directly to her when it was not blocked. Trashing the players for not being good enough is just ridiculous, not to mention hating on the other team’s players….it lacks class…

All IMO of course


Take it as part of the development journey, albeit at a very high cost, considering how little margin for error there is to win the league. We will know more after the city-chelsea match.


Well, honeymoon for eidevall is over. I wonder why the subs were not made earlier when we lost control of the game right from the restart. Poor 2nd half, whether complacency, fatigue or otherwise. Unacceptable standard. Let it be a wake-up call and see how the team responds.


Thought I was only one expecting earlier subs, even before their goal. And the team need to analyze how we lost all structure after their goal. But when you see the big smile on their managers face after the whistle, even after our late equaliser, you know they feel they got away with the point and we must have done pretty well in overall.


I dont care what they think. We dropped 2 points. Simple as that. No one will look at what-ifs when the season ends.


The point i was trying to make is that despite the result the players put in enough an effort to win the game.


Really like how he answered the 3 questions fielded by Arseblog

Zoe Waterfield

This team are amazing. Jonas is a very intelligent man, he reminds me a lot of Arsene

Fun Gunner

Disagree. I loved Arsene, and JE is indeed intelligent but he’s much more like Klopp than Wenger. (I hope this isn’t going to derail the comments!)


You said something ?


Fun Gunner

Disappointed by JE and the team. 19 shots at goal and only 6 on target is down to us and not good enough. Superb dominance in the first half but we have to make it count. Leah Williamson had to get that late header on target. That’s what an England captain should do. Poor goal to concede, too. Subs were late, but that may have been down to loading issues. As for the referee, *if* she did change her mind about allowing the advantage *after* Nobbs took her shot and scored, then she should be demoted for a week or… Read more »

Peter Story Teller

You cannot argue with Viv’s stats but sometimes you wish that she would just play the percentages and put her laces through the ball. Strike at goal often enough and a fair number will go in. I think she can be guilty of over-complicating things at times and whilst I admire the skill that turns defenders inside out these attempts appear to rarely result in a goal.
Just look at Katie’s goals, they are all screamers!


Actually, she’s scored a lot of goals by turning defenders in the box–she’s quite brilliant at it–but I agree that she sometimes dithers too long with the ball and might be better off whelping it first thing. But it’s hard to carp too much about Miedema!

Gunner H

I think the key point about the game was that the opposition played very defensively, and successfully enough that our players became frustrated. But we had enough 1st half chances to be at least 2-0 up by HT. It’s true that for once Jonas didn’t make subs early enough, but this is a pretty minor issue – the man’s been brilliant from Day 1. I still feel we have a squad well capable of beating both Barca & Cheski with the new management & tactics. And the Spuds defence looked superior to Cheski’s defenders! Nobbs & Heath should definitely start… Read more »


My earlier attempt at posting doesn’t seem to worked but in case it reappears I don’t want to repeat myself. However, when discussing the women’s game I really don’t want to see the unpleasant personal criticism you get with the men. We weren’t at our best and I do think the travel schedule explains quite a lot (as it did for our match in Barcelona). And, being honest, Ashleigh Neville had a very good game. The important thing is to learn from the experience. Jonas does not seem to be an obstinate person who never admits his mistakes, so I… Read more »

Pastor Simon

Pls Tim can you help by showing the league standing after every match

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