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Report: Arsenal 2 – 0 Newcastle United (incl. goals)

Result: Arsenal 2 – 0 Newcastle United
Competition: Premier League
Date: 27 November 2021
Venue: The Emirates Stadium

Arsenal: Ramsdale, Tomiyasu, White, Gabriel, Tavares, Partey, Sambi, Odegaard, Smith Rowe, Saka, Aubameyang

Subs: Leno, Tierney, Lacazette, Maitland-Niles, Holding, Pepe, Elneny, Nketiah, Martinelli

Arsenal went back to winning ways with a 2-0 win over Newcastle at the Emirates Stadium. They were blunt in the first half but a much improved second half saw two scintillating goals.

The opening goal by Saka was the culmination of a 16-pass move and the second, a lovely dink by Martinelli who scored with his first touch of the game as a substitute.


Arteta made just one change from the big loss against Liverpool with Odegaard taking Lacazette’s role as the playmaker and connecting point between midfield and attack.

Despite making errors at Anfield, the manager placed his faith in keeping young guns, Sambi and Tavares, in the team with Maitland-Niles and Tierney looking for an opportunity to impress from the bench.

First Half

Arsenal have been starting quickly during their recent unbeaten run but Newcastle made sure the Gunners couldn’t pass and dribble through a wall of white and black.

Our centre backs had a lot of the ball and had to be patient in distribution as the passing lanes to their teammates were blocked at almost every angle. It didn’t help too much that the Gunners were also a little too static off the ball which slowed the game down.

Arsenal needed a jolt to their senses and it came on the 15th minute. Sambi spotted Saka running in behind the Newcastle defence and lofted in a lovely pass only for the ball to spin away from the English international by a mere inches.

The upturn of pace was only temporary though, and it saw Arsenal earn a free kick just outside the box and Odegaard teasing in a left footer that Dubravka pushed wide.

Bar a long range drive from Shelvey which was acrobatically saved by Ramsdale, Newcastle didn’t threaten too much for the rest of the half either. Arsenal defended well, with Ben White catching the eye, but the same couldn’t be said for their attacking play.

Five minutes from time, it seemed that Arsenal found their breakthrough.

Saka shifted to the left hand side and chipped in the ball for Smith Rowe to head it from the edge of the 6 yard box. Dubravka palmed it into Aubameyang’s path who only needed to tap in the ball from close range but the captain could only smack it against the bar. A shocker from someone of his reputation and ability.

It was a poor attacking show from the home team who looked like they were possibly scarred from the 4-0 result against Liverpool.

Second Half

Arteta’s half time pep talk must have re-energised the team because they came out with a newfound purpose to attack and win their duels.

Krafth got yellow carded from a full paced Tavares dribble and Saka took it in his hands to torment the Newcastle defence. He took on two defenders to dribble into the box and shoot and not long after, it was him who finally put the Gunners ahead.

Arsenal patiently passed around the outside of the penalty box against a resolute defence but it was the interchangeable passes between Smith Rowe, Tavares and Saka down the left that unpicked the lock.

Tavares slipped in Saka who lashed in a shot into the far corner to the relief of the team. 1-0 to Arsenal. Unfortunately, the local hero had to be replaced just 10 minutes later as he limped off with an injury that could keep him out for the game against Manchester United.

Martinelli replaced Saka and judging by his first touch, perhaps we don’t need to worry too much about Saka’s temporary absence.

The team shifted the ball to the right wing towards Tomiyasu and just as the ball was floated over, Aubameyang drifted deeper towards midfield and Martinelli darted in, Ljungberg-esque, from the right into the box. Tomiyasu lofted in the ball over Martinelli’s head and the Brazillian deftly cushioned it over Dubravka to make to 2-0 with his first touch.

With the results secure, the rest of the game played out in a pretty safe fashion. The home side continued to defend well and took the sting out of the game when in possession.

A deserved three points after a much more positive second half. Next up, the Red Devils at Old Trafford.

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Johnny 4 Hats

Nil nil against Watford I just didn’t think we would win. Nil nil at half time today and I was already despairing and lamenting. Thank God we are still getting dicked at Anfield or I might forget who I’m supporting. So, so happy for Gab. There’s been a lot of concern about his playing time but being a young player at a club like Arsenal is all about taking your chance. You can’t expect to get picked unless you don’t give the manager any other choice. That’s what Saka and The Smith have done. He’s taken his chance today and… Read more »


Time for some positivity

Johnny 4 Hats

It’s very positive. The dna of the club is changing along with personal expectation.

What could be better than that?


Great result, great overall performance from the gunners. But Auba seems losing his confidence in front of goal, while Laca was rusty.

Runcorn Gooner

Got to be time to give a young,lively Martinelli a chance over an old, tired looking Aubamayeng who currently does not offer enough to justify his place….or salary.

Brady’s bunch

I hope martinelli stays with us for years to come he’s a real talent but I think the right loan move for the rest of the season could be the making of him.


I strongly disagree with you sir, he needs to fight for his place

Brady’s bunch

Only time will tell


Exactly. It is past time. Said it before, years ago bill james proved that as a group baseball players performance declines after the age of 27. Over the years since, that insight has generally held in other sports with some positional exceptions. E.G. QB in football, GK in soccer and others. this doesn’t mean a player can’t have his “career” year after 27 but in baseball the derivation from that insight was if you pay a lot because of a post 27 career year, you are buying fools gold. Auba is rapidly declining. If he is going to start, then… Read more »

Give youth a chance

I love Martinelli.

Give him the minutes, and he’ll get the goals


This season is the last chance for teams to delay Newcastle from buying the Premiership. Relegate them.


That was worrying by Partey today. How many times did he literally give the ball away? His confidence must be absolutely shot or something but he’s got to be more influential, especially in games like this

Alan Sunderland

He’s played like that bar a couple of games since he signed. He doesn’t ever seem to make a tackle, the opposition players just run right past him. He looks like he’s not fit, or he’s got his 4 year 260k a week contract and doesn’t give a fck.

Vaibhav Pandey

He isn’t 100% clearly


A waste of 50M.
Hes done almost nothing to justify the fee, salary, or the hype.

Alan Sunderland

54,080,000 wages for his 4 year contract as well.

Wrighty’s hats

Disagree with this very strongly. Don’t know why people feel the need to say players don’t care about their football or their club. I think that he’s playing nowhere near as bad as some here think. I saw some errant passing, as others did, sure. No player has a 100% passing accuracy. I believe if he has a run of games without further muscular injuries he’s going to find strong form and start flying. Just you wait 🙂

Alan Sunderland

Hope you’re right mate, we badly need him to get going. I just don’t think it’s bad luck that he never looks fit and can’t finish games. It’s been happening for a season and a half now.

Tomaury Bischfeld

There’s no one at the moment breathing over his shoulder, he’s guaranteed a start so hopefully we can reinforce that area. I’ll take him over Xhaka all day long.


Back on track, another clean sheet, and Tavares selection rewarded. Have to be happy with that.


He played alright vs Liverpool bar 1 or 2 mistakes, 1 obviously costing us a goal. Totally deserves to be in the team for me.


Great game, great team, great goals, great club. What a great day.


I didn’t realise West Ham have City tomorrow and Chelsea next week either, if we go and nail two great results at OT and Goodison (who still look v poor) then were


Posted accidentally..
Then we’re sittin’ pretty in top 4. Not getting carried away, two tough games, but it’s great to be in the mix again.


What if west ham win man city?

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

They’ll be in a title race


Newcastle were poor, happy to take the three points though. Hope we can do the same against the next United we face.


Solid result after last week. Let’s keep it up

Tomaury Bischfeld

I like Tavares. He’s young, he makes mistakes, doesn’t always make the right decisions, is a bit iffy with the crossing and shots. But he’s a physical monster, he disrupts off the ball, he disrupts on it, he gets stuck in and he’s got some spirit. He’s a good back up option to Tierney and hopefully he’ll develop. Wonderful to see Gabi back, just when you might have forgotten about him…

Aussie Gooner

Here’s a left field one, why can’t we play both Tavares and Tierney off the left? I mean that would be fun to watch..

The Beast

If we ever switch to a back 3 with wingbacks maybe?

I’m in no hurry to switch away from a back 4 as there looks to be a real understanding with that system but something to think about against the Citys, L’pools & Chelseas?


Drop Smith-Rowe? Or play 12 players? Hahaha

Aussie Gooner

No drop Odegard..


Yes, the big teams don’t let us play through the middle anyway. They force us out wide. So it is better to take out someone like Odegaard and play a defensive partnership with one box-to-box (*cough* Partey *cough*) in the midfield to start counter attacks. Tomiyasu, Gabriel, White, Tierney and Tavares as the five. Then a 2 of Partey and Niles sitting. Then ESR, Saka and *insert in-form striker here* as our attack for the counter.


Just to add… That should be away from home vs the Big 6. When we are at home, find a way to make the back 4 work and play attacking football against our rivals. We shouldn’t be scared at home – The Emirates should be a fortress. The crowd are the 12th man


The young guys make the difference again.
Great to see Martinelli given enough time on the pitch to show his quality.

Alan Sunderland

The young guys are the team, aubameyang lacazette partey and pepe are passengers at this stage. If we could get rid of their wages and get any sort of fee for them it would be the way to go. They will all be gone before the rest of the team hit their peak anyway.

Wrighty’s hats

Tomi-Gabi combo… phwoar. Watch this space!

Also, anyone else think that elbow-in-the-jaw foul on Gabi towards the end was a penalty?

Aussie Gooner

100%. Rugby tackle, totally unnecessary..


Not legal in rugby and would have been carded accordingly.


Not for me I think the defender was just strong, it wasn’t too blatant. You can remember the likes of the Sol Man making those challenges just standing strong, like the rock he was.


Stonewall penalty for me. Think it wasn’t given cos of the dynamics of the game which is a shame.


Not sure, I think it’d be harsh. Was bloody painful no doubt but he’s just done what Tavares did to Wilson (which also wasn’t a penalty), it’s just he’s about a foot taller than Gabi. I’d be pissed if it were given against us.
I think Tomi was a bit lucky for that sliding handball in the 1st half!


Definitely for dangerous play. You can’t just smash people in the face like that. Free-kick anywhere else on the pitch….

Wrighty’s hats

I see what you mean but I think that shoving your elbow in someone’s face should be penalised, and is frequently penalised elsewhere on the pitch… regardless of height difference and how unfair it might seem for the offending person (ie same action on taller vs shorter player). Wasn’t Tavares on Wilson more shoulder to shoulder? Wilson looked like he fell over having run out of options/looking for pen as the easy way out of a tough contest


Odegaard got away with one when he pulled down his man at the near post.

Vaibhav Pandey

That should have been given tbh. I would have been really pissed with Odegaard. I think he had an average game. Need to work more on ball control.

Clear penalty. But I guess not giving it made up for Odegaard’s stone-cold penalty in the first half with scores at 0-0.

Dennis Elbow

And a sending off.

Old bloke

Job done. Saka’s ability and determination making the difference, hope he is OK. Brilliant finish from Martinelli. We have the players and potential to keep improving so let’s hope we do.


Delighted for Martinelli, but interesting that he got the nod rather than Pepe. Writing is on the wall?

Wrighty’s hats

Love Gabi and so happy for him but at the same time surprised he came on ahead of Pepe. Clearly worked out so no complaints here but would have thought one was higher than the other in the pecking order, the other way around – maybe some things happening at training that are playing into that?

Teryima Adi

Pepe’s end product is awful to say the least.


comfy win, 2 magnificent goals, onwards and upwards COYG

Parisian Weetabix

Want to give a bit shout out to Nuno Tavares, absolutely love the guy, he got slated after the Liverpool game for giving the ball away but otherwise in that game he was excellent and he showed it again today, he’s a step above so many of the other players he comes up against in terms of skill and athletic ability. Guy jukes like an American footballer to get past players and still keep the ball. I don’t give a fuck if he wants to keep shooting, he’s kept his head up, he’s put a shift in, he’s sensible when… Read more »


100% agree. Was at the game today. He’s running non stop, while being very astute and agile. My MOTM for his entire 90’ display. Very impressed by his qualities. Splendid assist for the first goal. Tomi was also very impressive.

Best of John Lukic

Comfortably enough win, absolutely delighted for Martinelli, he must have wanted that so much. Good on him!

I know they reviewed certain rules this summer, but still feels crazy thinking about how David Luiz got sent off (against Wolves?) last year for running too closely behind some guy last year. Now, smashing your shoulder through Martinelli’s face inside the box doesn’t even get a shrug from the ref. Insane.


Crazy, yes. Had the foul Bern given and then reviewed, it would have Bern upheld. But since it wasn’t given, nothing. Confusing to say the least.


Anyone else love spell check?!

Parisian Weetabix

Almost as much as I love Swiss cities.


You keyboard AI has gained consciousness. 😀


We’ll take Sant Maximum in the Newcastle relegation fire sale. I love this guy!

Aussie Gooner

Thomas Partey has to join the party at some stage. Solid performance by the team but Partey to me looked like someone who is very rusty on the ball at the moment. Could be beacsue he is returning from Injury. However, I think his presence gives Lokonga a lot of confidence who was very solid and very tidy on the ball.

Great win nonetheless.


Nice to have a ref side with us for once! Jokes aside, great second half and glad to see Saka get on the scoresheet. He needs that.


Tavarez’s athleticism is outstanding. Really glad he got a chance to redeem himself after last week’s error. Tierney has got real competition to get his place back.


Yes. I think anyone of him and Sambi is my man of the match. But he need to stop shooting from unnecessary positions.

Teryima Adi

Competition such as this is healthy for the team. And long may it continue.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

3 points, clean sheet and a goal for Martinelli.
Hopefully Saka is alright for Old Trafford.

We got battered 5 nil by City and I said here that day, we’ll go on a run when everyone is fit and after game 13, we’ll be top 4 or just off it. Trust what I say, and trust this team

Wrighty’s hats

Some bold future-telling confidence there!


Apart from his wayward shooting, thought that Nuno did really well!


Good game, rarely troubled. Could have scored more. Happy for Tavares. Let’s sort goal scoring next. But the positives are so clear. Happy days


We need to talk about Martin…..

Odegaard is too one footed to be a truly creative number 10. He’s too predictable and turns like Xhaka. He probably needs to end up as a number 8. Thought he was poor today.

Auba – shite…..thinking about wrapping his latest Lambo, not playing for Arsenal

Good result, but performance was slow and laboured for much of it (mainly because of the two above). Great to see Martinelli get a great goal and glad Tavares got the assist, although he probably needs a little rest now to think about his shooting 😂

Parisian Weetabix

And the same could be said about Messi, or Ozil, or…?

For me it’s way more important to be two-footed in the centre of the field. Odegaard didn’t exactly set it alight, but it wasn’t because he’s one-footed.

Also Auba worked hard, he made runs off the ball that weren’t seen, and he closed down. I hate this suggestion that every time he doesn’t score it means he doesn’t care. He clearly does care, and that’s far more evident in his work rate than in a tap in he somehow contrived to miss.


Ode is not taking up the right spots. I think its due to our playstyle. Being stuck deep on the right ro receive the ball is pointless. When he’s behind the striker he plays some delightful flicks.


I think he needs the picture in front of him, so playing deeper at 8 makes sense. I thought he did well there against CP, and we got worse when he was moved up to 10 in that match when Sambi came on.

He’s ALWAYS gotta cut onto his left foot which is not what you want from the most creative position on the pitch…..

The Beast

Thought Odegaard was decent today. Right decision to start him ahead of Laca against a side that sat back in a low block.

Thought Newcatsle defended well for the first 30 mins or so but, after that, thought Odegaard got on the ball well and and picked out some real probing passes.

Wrighty’s hats

I agree, that extra man in midfield really helped with our control of the game. MO is more useful in that role than Laca (though Laca can be used there against certain opposition to good effect). We need more of that control in the coming games. There were quite a number of one-touch passages that were very pleasing on the eye! They mostly fizzled out with the ball given away, but in low-cost areas, just happy to see the lads growing their confidence again.


Really? I saw him not completing most of his simple passes……I want him to succeed with us, I just think a deeper role would suit him better

Wrighty’s hats

Definitely agree with you that we’re not seeing him play to his best strengths at the moment – whether it’s from being in a 10 role instead of an 8 or if it’s just where he’s positioning himself – not sure. I thought he was brighter and more involved today than his more recent matches where he had struggled to get a hold of anything. Hope he plays again vs Man U as we need bodies in the middle there – would hate to be overrun through midfield against them of all teams.


Yeah, I suppose form is a big part of it…..👍


Ozil was one of the most one-footed players in the PL and think he was a pretty decent number 10. Not sure if being over reliant on one side necessarily makes you unfit for the role


Blogs I don’t think the goal was Martinelli’s first touch…he passed back to one of the defenders earlier from a corner

Bukayo Saka. Taking matters into his own hands since…

The Beast

Tomi was brilliant today. His energy & overall defending was on point (as usaual) but this was probably the most I’ve seen him contribute to the attack.

That ball for Gabbi, just lovely.


Ooo saucy

Teryima Adi

Onwards and upwards. We are the Arsenal!!!


Have to really credit Arteta for keeping Tavarez and lokonga in the team when the easier decision was to left them out. This was really good for their confidence! Coyg


playing a winless team at home after gubbing at Anfield was the perfect match to regain some confidence and that’s what we did, obviously pleased we picked up 3 points but we still have problems, Auba not playing the way he used to be, Parthey not being the player we thought he’d be, Pepe our record signing ditto above, a lot of positives also from being nil points after 3 games to where we are now, we were good last week for 40mins but thought Miki’s hissy fit did more for them than it did for us, Man U up… Read more »


Saka showed leadership in that second half.

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