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Report: Ceballos linked with Arsenal return

According to El Nacional, Arsenal are “very attentive” to Dani Ceballos’ situation and are one of a number of clubs who could be tempted to sign him in January.

Ceballos spent two seasons on loan at the Emirates before returning to Real Madrid last summer with the aim of staking a claim for a regular starting place.

Unfortunately, things haven’t gone to plan for the 25-year-old who picked up a serious ankle injury playing for Spain at the Olympics in July and he hasn’t been able to kick a ball in anger since.

Back training with a ball, Ceballos is aware he has his work cut out persuading Carlo Ancelotti that he can provide serious competition for Casemiro, Toni Kroos, Luka Modric, Fede Valverde and Eduardo Camavinga and could look elsewhere for game time when the transfer window opens.

Obviously, much will depend on the player’s recovery in the coming weeks, but it’s said that former club Real Betis and Juventus are both potential options. The other is Arsenal.

Given, Mikel Arteta seemed happy enough to draw a line under Ceballos’ time as a Gooner, eyebrows would be raised if the Gunners did make a move.

At the same time, with Mo Elneny and Thomas Partey heading to the African Cup of Nations – possibly before the end of the year – you can see why recruiting a familiar face on loan as short-term cover could make sense. We’ll see…it’s probably a load of guff.

Ceballos’ deal at Real Madrid ends in the summer of 2023.

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Andrew Allen

Always liked him enough. But no thanks.

Johnny 4 Hats

Back up during the Afcon maybe. But nothing more.

He was very good at times. It’s east to forget that when he resigned on loan we were all absolutely ecstatic. But overall a very flawed player with way too much concrete in his boots.


I d rather bleed one of our youngsters. Patina or Azeez if he is cut short from his loan

Johnny 4 Hats

Hhhmmm. Perhaps. But if we are replacing Partey with Patino, that’s a big gamble. If we are chasing top 4 or top 6, I’m not sure that’s a great time to blood these kids.

Alan Sunderland

If we’re replacing anybody with ceballos it isn’t a big gamble, it’s stupidity. An absolutely nothing player. Ran about a bit in a few games when it suited, completely anonymous the rest of the time.


the same azeez that can’t make the portsmouth team?


Gnabry couldn’t make it at WBA.
And yeah. I prefer Azeez having minutes than Ceballos

Johnny 4 Hats

That’s a good point. A bad loan does not a bad player make.


A bad manager (Pulis) Makes A Bad loan!


Completely agree. That gnarbry didn’t make it at Arsenal is a disgrace. Forget about wba. Play kids. Let’s see what they have he says. As i said Before saka and esr become regulars look it up.

Hamburg Gooner

Oh, he did make it at Arsenal. Played himself into the first team, scored a few goals, got a new contract. Then he tore his ligaments – the recovery from that took very long, the loan to Pulis was obviously stupid but on top of that the snide tactics of his agent (with Bayern pulling strings in the background) were our downfall (even his father acknowledged he should have stayed)


There’s probably a law against that.

Johnny 4 Hats

I had a good idea to minimise the harm of the Afcon in future years. Why don’t they make January an international break month? England could play a lot of their qualifiers and the Afcon lot could all head off too. 

That way you don’t have so many annoying interlulls that break up the season and anyone who doesn’t play for their country gets a winter break. So if you’ve retired from international football you’re able to have a proper breather and go again in February.

This is probably far too logical for UEFA. But it makes sense doesn’t it?  


Had the same thought. I thought it was far to logical for FIFA, but FIFA-UEFA, what’s the difference? Corrupt and stupid. Sorry, Arsene but you’re one of them now

A Different George

There’s always been a reluctance in England to entertain the possibility of a winter break, as in Germany. One effect of your proposal would be to put the Afcon much closer to the centre of world football interest.


The main logistical issue there is the weather in some of the colder European countries isn’t good enough for them to host matches.

Really, they could have AFCON/mega-Interlull in about March, to replace the usual March interlull.

Johnny 4 Hats

Well let’s have all the World Cup qualifiers in the Middle East. That’s where we’re going with all of this…! We could call it The Love, Tolerance and Freedom Cup (sponsored by BAE Systems).


With pink ribbons and presented by MBS.


I don’t think EPL would like to lose the boxing day money

Timorous Me

I was inspired here to look up future Afcon tournaments to see when they’d be held, and I noticed that the 2023 edition will actually be moved back to June and July. Who knows how many African players will still be on Arsenal, but I figure at least Partey, so that’s a bit of a relief (and only logical since the World Cup will be played in late 2022, after all).


African lot ?

Johnny 4 Hats

No. Afcon lot. ie The players that play in the Afcon.


Almost a reason for outrage. Maybe next time.


I was already sharpening my pitchfork

Maul Person

Yes and no. The immediate question to my mind is this: when would African countries play their own qualifiers that you’re suggesting the Jan window is used for? They’d have to find time outside of Jan to play since Jan would be used for AFCON, right? Meaning even more disruption…

Alan Sunderland

If 112 people upvoted that nonsense, the only reasonable explanation is you have at least 90 accounts.


I think we should just take the opportunity to sign a long term option. We’ll need one anyway; Elneny just isn’t up to it (as lovely a dude as he seems), and I think Xhaka’s time is still drawing to a close.
A signing of the right age profile, good enough to step into first XI when needed, bit of bite about them.

Johnny 4 Hats

I would imagine if we spend anymore cash, FFP would be nipping at our heels. Not sure how we are avoiding it already tbh.


Fair point- I always disregard it in the same way City and PSG like to, but I suspect we wouldn’t be granted quite so much leeway…

Alan Sunderland

I believe UEFA have temporarily given up on FFP rules so clubs can deal with the financial ramifications of covid. It’s been widely reported.


One month loan?

Man Manny

I’d rather AMN is given that game time beside Lokonga. That would be better than going back to our “vomit.”

Mark Rowe

Madness, we dont need him


We do need someone though. If afcon takes Elneny and Partey + Xhaka is still out then we’ll only have Lokonga + AMN (odegaard at a stretch) which is pretty lightweight and I’m not sure strong enough to compete with our current rivals.


he’s also not the player we need- not quick enough making decisions and doesn’t apply himself enough off the ball. we’ve seen all he has to offer and found it uninspiring

Crash Fistfight

I disagree on the mental side of things. I think all his issues are physical. It’s not his fault, but he’s not going to develop speed/acceleration from nowhere, so he’s not going to ever be top level for that reason.


White, Chambers, Odegaard, Patino even, all options if needed. Do we really want to loan Dani Ceballos…again?!


Players like Ceballos, Kovacic, Xhaka are neither particularly good in attack, or in defense. Such players will limit team’s ceiling.


I don’t think Chelsea fans have a problem with Kovacic, mind. 1 goal and 5 assists in 9 premier league games isn’t bad…


I live with two Chelsea away season tickets holders and they love him. He was also the Chelsea player of the season last year. Not sure where the above assumption comes from!


Kovacic had 2, 3, 1 PL assists in the last 3 seasons. His chances created stats have been dismal for those 3 seasons. Those numbers colour my opinion.


Kovacic is far superior than Xhaka and in fact one of the best in the world in his job. There are many jobs to be done in football not only scoring and assisting. Especially in a team like Chelsea.


He’s a similar type of player to Wilshere, did you rate him? As his stats were also awful but to those who watched him he was clearly a massive addition to the team.


Kovacic has actually been one of chelsea’s best players this season…

Nimish Kotecha

Nah, kween. Not for me.

matt keeler

We should explore other options. A lot of other options.


Could sign Jack Wilshere in a pinch too.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Yep an injury crisis in January would surely see a midfield of Ceballos, Wilshire, Guendouzi and Patino.

Bai Blagoi

We can recall Matt Smith from loan. Remember, the guy has won more trophies than Harry Kane!


I would sooner sign jack than ceballos.
but really neither


No thanks. I get the logic of a loan spell to get some cover for the AFCON players, but still, no thanks.

El Mintero

It’s never going to happen. Agent talk.


We could do a lot better in the winter window. Inanimate Carbon Rod, for instance.

Scott P

I love it, a new signing for the team and a great way to recycle the product of carbon reclamation processes. Arsenal going green with this one.


Or unleash the Kallstrom


I’d rather we look at an option that hasn’t already failed


Too slow


But he can dive anywhere


Conte at Sp*rs and now Emery to Newcastle. We live in strange times.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

It would have thought it would be the other way around. Conte is a big spender and Newcastle have cash, and Emery is a Europa League specialist which would suit Sp*ds.


conte going to throw all his toys from the pram in a fit when levy doesn’t give him 400m to spend on 30 year olds

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Kane will leave next summer so Conte has probably been guaranteed £125m to spend.


Here’s hoping we can shift some of the fringe players to Emery’s moneybags Newcastle for actual transfer fees!

Tankard Gooner

If this happens, it might end up being the mother of underwhelming transfers ever. But yeah, at the same time we do need cover for partey and elneny for the afcon period (please god let them come back injury free from that).
But if we’re looking at other options, a lot depends on our performance over the next 2 months to see if European ambition and money are realistic targets for next season.
Just my two cents.


We should only sign midfielders who can be lone defensive midfielder when required. That is the test of solidity and intelligence. All the ball progression goes to shit if you cannot defend in those crucial moments of narrow margin.


A load of agent nonsense. After a summer of smart recruitment, doubt we’re going to regress.

David C

I’d rather see more AMN in mid than Dani again.

Hopefully Xhaka’s back before AFCON too.


I trust Arteta and I also understand he might make some mistakes. I still trust his ability to make decisions with much more info available than us fans.

Lord Bendnter

Yes, let’s bring in an injured Ceballos to help in midfield during AFCON so he can get injured and not benefit us at all

Fyi, I don’t expect the current recruitment team to make such a dumb mistake. The news is probably bogus


He would only be a sticking plaster in an area which we unanimously agreed needed surgery in the last window.

It’s to his credit, but we’re extremely lucky Lokonga has adapted as well as he has to mask this. Regardless of AFCON, there is still another quality CM shaped hole in the squad.


If it was as a 6 month loan as ACON cover and emergency backup I wouldn’t be totally against it, it’s unusual to make significant signings in the january window


Not impossible, but I wouldn’t say he’s the type of midfielder we need and I don’t know how he’d fit into the squad. If we’re sticking with the 4-2-3-1, then Lokonga and AMN are better fits for the holding role next to Partey. And the fact that Lacazette is now playing as a 10/second striker suggests that any successor in that role should be able to match him in physicality and directness.

Can’t really see this one materialising.

If Xhaka isn’t back by January, though we would be light on numbers in CM during the AFCON with only Lokonga and AMN, Chambers has experience in that position, even Odegaard can put in a shift there if required.

January looks to be a very interesting month with a very likely 2-legged League Cup semi-finals, the FA Cup Third round, and the NLD.


White can play there as well, he did for Leeds in the championship on occasion.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Yes he can but surely we don’t wish to break up the White-Gabriel partnership.


If we are signing a former player on a short term loan this January, make it Aaron Ramsey please.


Bruno fkin Guimaraes pls.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

How has he been doing this season? Might be one for next summer if Xhaka leaves.


Another good player, just not quite good enough.


I only want the ceballos that played against Burnley at home. Anything less, no thanks.


Last season’s Ceballos was garbage but the season before he was half decent cover. But it’ll probably be Sambi and Xhaka till TP is back.


Nothing against him really, but with how well Sambi has settled in I’d rather have Azeez back as cover. Pompey has barely given him a minute. Xhaka, Sambi, AMN and Azeez is enough to cover us during the AFCON.


Time to get Kim Kallstrom back!


Seems so 2020…


we don’t need him, as lokonga is just a better, quicker, younger version of ceballos.
he wants too many touches on the ball and really lacks the pace and athleticism required for a premier league midfielder, and he doesn’t even have the passing vision of someone like xhaka.


A total bs article. There’s more chance of me signing for the club in January.

Amazing day today: Conte going to spuds? What’s he thinking? He’s too good for that rubbish! He won’t last two seasons there: he’ll get frustrated and do a runner when Levy refuses to buy any players.

And Dick to Newcastle? They can do better than him!!!

Strange day!!


Villas-Boas, Mourinho and now Conte. Three sacked Chelsea managers wash up at the toilet bowl for a quick pay day. They should go for Abram Grant; his hang dog expression would be a picture in the Spuds’ technical area.

Santi’s Thigh Grab



Maybe Conte thinks he can win something with sp*rs?
He probably thinks he can walk on water and solve the three body problem too…

Santi’s Thigh Grab

Spurs have the players that suit Conte’s tactical preferences, 3 at the back, wingbacks and two up top. They will be improved but they have too many issues in player quality and this is not a rebuilding project. There is likely a release clause for Conte if a better side comes calling.

Santi’s Thigh Grab

I agree he won’t last two years, in fact I have a sneaking suspicion he will only last 18 months.

Jim Gooch

Nah to Ceballos. He had a few good games but overall was a bit uninspiring. Don’t forget we Gooners have a long history of overcoming apparent adversity. Points deductions, Captain sent to the Nick not to mention countless long term injuries – it seems to do us good when we have a “problem” to overcome. We do have obvious bodies that can play DM – AMN, Elneny plus Chambers who if I recall correctly had a whole season at Fulham as a DM?


Yep, Chambers is obviously not a top class DM, but he does know the position. I can see Ben White slotting in there too, though I’d feel better about that if Saliba were pulled back to the Emirates–not sure that’s part of his loan deal.


Plus, Xhaka should be back.


No thank you, been there seen all… better options available


He was beyond dreadful when the chips were on the line.
He’s exactly the kind of player we don’t need.
No thanks.

Teryima Adi


Ceballos seems to have a short fuse, bad temper, and a negative energy about him.

In other words the complete opposite type of personality compared to the six players we signed in the summer. Or seven if you include ESR’s new contract.

Merlin's Panini

If it’s a loan then maybe I can just about see a point in this, but he was a disappointment last season. After a great end to the season before he faded badly. He made some costly rooky errors and showed little fight. I think he needs to step up drastically if he’s ever to fulfil the potential he showed at Betis. What’s for certain is he needs to get out of Madrid for good. I’d rather we explored other options than one we know doesn’t really improve us. Still, if he rocks up at the Emirates again and he… Read more »


I reckon as you said, at the most a short term loan deal while Partey is away.

Laca New Signing

Makes sense as we’ll only have Xhaka and Sambi in midfield when Thomas and Neny heads to Africa in January. A loan move with an option to buy looking at moving Elneny at the end of the season.

Wrighty’s hats

It’s very satisfying that we now all firmly know that we don’t have to accept mediocrity or players with the wrong profile for us (I don’t mean to be cruel but unfortunately DC was never as good as his first game for us vs Burnley). Shows how successful the latest recruitment window was in completely transforming our perception of what an Arsenal player should look like (playing style, ethos, personality) and what standard we can expect. Agree with others – he came here and tried his best, it didn’t work out that well in the end, we’ve moved on, hope… Read more »


Oh, hell no!
We need young and cheap not old worn out neverwases.


No thanks – push for Zakaria instead


I’d rather we sign Jack Wilshire for the remainder of the year!


Let’s not go back there. He’s not quite consistent enough. We all know we need to continue moving forward, not back.


Mo is already the backup option. So we dun need a backup for the backup. As for Partey, can’t seem how Ceballos can play in his place. Think the more natural replacement would be Sambi playing side by side with Martin

Let’s not forget we still have ANM who can play there too

Bergkamps boots

Oh god no, why have this liability back when we could easily have one of our prospects cover during the AFCON instead? This clown needs to stay as far away from us as possible.


He should fight for his place at Real. The last time he was not fantastic and was quick to return to Real. No space for him

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