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Aubameyang in Dubai for Gabon training camp

Pierre-Emerick Aubemayang will not be part of Arsenal’s squad to face Manchester City on New Year’s Day after the club allowed him to join up with Gabon ahead of the African Cup of Nations in Cameroon.

While the Gunners were able to keep hold of the striker until 3 January, The Athletic reports the club have sanctioned an early exit. Gabonese publication L’Union claims the player travelled in a private jet from Barcelona to Dubai for a training camp that started on Tuesday.

It’s believed Aubameyang has been training alone at London Colney ever since the disciplinary breach that led to him being stripped of the captaincy earlier this month.

Aubameyang has already missed five games for the Gunners since his last appearance in the defeat to Everton on 6 December. He’s now expected to miss at least another five fixtures with Gabon scheduled to meet Comoros, Ghana and Morocco in the AFCON group stage between 10-18 January.

Should they progress to the final on 6 February, he could miss a further three matches.

As an aside, there remains a chance that a club could pounce for Aubameyang when the January transfer window opens although his international responsibilities (and massive wages) are likely to complicate matters.

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Why did he start his journey from Barcelona?


I too have gotten a little too excited about this little bit of information.
In that if he does go there in January (transfer) it means we are doing something in the January window.

David C

Barca signed Torres from City who can play as a number 9. Don’t think they’ll be in for Auba. Hope I’m wrong, would love to clear his wages. He’s on a downward spiral with regards to his career.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Possible negotiations for a lucrative move to Espanyol?

Billy bob

I think it is safe to say he won’t be at arsenal at the start of next season, who knows, he might be gone by February!!! Crazy to think he has gone from hero (who helped us win the fa cup) to zero (being striped of the captaincy and dropped from the squad) in what, 18 months?


Life of a footballer.

Horse breath

Sounds like his Arsenal days are done.


Arteta’s mum: Mikel, when are you going to clean your room?
Arteta: Today, the room was not cleaned. That was the decision.

Thierry Bergkamp (Xhaka Out)

Finalising his move to Barca as Aguero’s replacement?

Greek in London Gooner

sell sell sell

and replace him with Dušan Vlahovic whatever the cost…
please? man can dream


No. He thinks he’s too big for us. Don’t need another player with ego problems.


Why d’you think he thinks that? Not arguing, I’ve just clearly missed something

Billy bob

There was an article in which some ‘in the know’ Italian journalist said he doesn’t see arsenal as good enough for his ambitions but he thinks man city (fair enough), ManUre (maybe back in the day) and spurs are (at this point you know the article is a load of bunk)


Because had he respected the club he would have done as he was asked and returned on time, but he assumed that we need him so badly that he can do what he wants, before anyone states his mum was I’ll I respect the club for letting him deal with a very difficult situation and do not doubt that family comes first for all of us, on the other hand he has jut taken a private jet to Dubai for training, there lay’s your answer, with his money he could have made it back and showed appreciation and respect to… Read more »


Think mjc’s question related to Vlahovic rather than Auba.

A Different George

If Aubameyang goes to Barcelona (for which there is zero evidence), it is just as likely to mean that we are getting Coutinho in return (for which there is zero evidence). Also, Mbappe would be a great addition, especially while Pepe is at the Afcon. Because, since you don’t need evidence, you might as well make up things that are really cool.

Woolwich Tiern time

More evidence of both these moves then of Saka going to pool but that doesnt stop the players talking about it as thought its a done deal…
assume there is absolutely nothing there and the papers are just clickbaiting (havnt clicked) but if Liverpool have said a single blooming thing to try and unsettle him at this point of the season we should take them straight to the court of arbitration

Brady’s bunch

Looks like a sad end to this situation is on the cards, I think we might be doing a bit of business in Jan what with talk of Amn moving on as well 🤔


I really hope the plane got him to Dubai on time.


That’s why he left three days early 😉

Woolwich Tiern time

Do you think the plane is holographic?

Petit's Handbag

Mertesacker really had the best final hurray in recent memory going out with the FA Cup win. Hard to think of anymore since Vieira left us in 2005. Sagna too I suppose.

A Different George

I believe that Per’s last time on the pitch for Germany was when they won the World Cup. The guy knows how to make an exit.


I am pained to see how some fans talk of P.E.A since his fall from grace. He is on a downward spiral but has been an amazing servant of the club hence deserves some respect from us.


Respect is a strong word given his behaviour, even though I know what you mean. Maybe appreciation for what he’s done on the pitch, but ultimately he will be just another player in Arsenal history.


Calm down, no need to go overboard. Deserves respect for what he has given, wasn’t long ago everyone was begging for him to commit to us after FA cup win. If this team goes on to do special things, we will look back and thank him for being a part of this transition period when he could have easily moved on.

I have been late to work countless times over the year but, I don’t think I should be crucified for it.


What exactly is your job? Do you get paid his wages? And does a whole team depend on your performance? Does your club depend on your results for success? If your answer is yes then you won’t last long either


I think that’s the point. The sort of wages that elite footballers earn, means they have to show a commensurate level of commitment. I’m hoping that P.E.A. will earn his right to be considered for selection again, through his behaviour at AFCON. But, of course, he won’t be captain any more, nor will he be an automatic selection.


I think you take it a bit personally, his wages don’t have anything to do with this. You can question his professionalism, but as far as his commitment goes, I don’t think any fan questioned that or his love for the club. A few months ago he did a knee slide from scoring against spurs and that’s a bit iconic in my mind but, time goes on and this incident happened. He’s not in the team and the media creates more out of nothing, and then fans start getting emotional and quickly jump to conclusions casting him out. Arteta and… Read more »


Respect works both ways, we treated him like a king

Ex-Priest Tobin

Auba has done far more for Arsenal than the autocrat Arteta ever has.

Arteta has hit a purple patch recently but it won’t last. He’s a bang average manager and was a bang average player for us as well.

Would much rather see the back of Mikel than Auba. How many Arsenal careers is Arteta going to ruin with his autocratic style? Ozil, Saliba, Guendouzi, Auba. Get this autocratic nonentity manager out of our club.

Bang Tidy

I don’t know enough of what goes on behind the scenes to comment too much on Arteta ruining the careers of certain players or whether they have done that themselves. Time will tell with Arteta. Personally, I’ve got a feeling that he’s going to be alright. This is one of the first squads we have had in a long while that I have actually warmed to. We’re in a good league position and we are starting to comfortably win the games that we should be winning. That’s progress in my book. You say that Arteta is autocratic. Maybe he is.… Read more »

Billy bob

Saliba has said Arteta has given him a wake-up call/motivation, guendouzi has had issues at every club he has been at because he is a twit, Ozil looks Mr calm and butter wouldn’t melt but he likes to have preferential treatment (which Wenger indulged him in but Arteta didn’t) and Auba, well, I suspect there is more to this situation than meets the eye!!!


Today’s post is brought to you by the letter A for ‘autocrat’

Tune in tomorrow where the letter is B, and the word is bollocks

Ray's ice cream Parlour

He’s won more trophies than the last 7 sp*rs managers put together. Hee! Hee!

Tasmanian Jesus

Özil, Guendouzi and Auba have managed to ruin things for themselves so far.
Saliba is the only one that could make us better, and I think he has a bit of an attitude issue.
So we’ll see.


Perhaps if he arrives back on time after AFCON, he might have served his punishment.

Teryima Adi

And the saga continues….

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