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“He’s able to put some gears into his play” – Arteta hails Martinelli

Mikel Arteta says Gabriel Martinelli produced one of his best performances in an Arsenal shirt after the Brazilian helped the Gunners to an impressive 2-0 win over West Ham United.

The 20-year-old gave the Gunners the lead with a composed finish two minutes after the break and was later awarded the man of the match award having hassled and harried the Hammers defence all evening.

Having been in and out of the side over the last year, the last couple of weeks have felt like a second coming for a player who set tongues wagging when he first broke into the team under Unai Emery.

Arteta believes a growing understanding of the game is paying dividends.

“It was one of the best in every aspect of the game,” said the Spaniard of Martinelli’s showing.

“He was cramping again and he needs to mature in that sense but his overall understanding of the game is getting much better.

“He’s able to put some gears into his play. Sometimes he’s still doing everything at 100 miles per hour but the energy and quality he shows at times is top.”

That Martinelli’s young cohorts also keep impressing is further reason for Arteta to feel pleased with the direction his team are heading.

Bukayo Saka assisted substitute Emile Smith Rowe for Arsenal’s second goal; one that was celebrated with gusto on the terraces and that tipped the club into a positive goal difference for the first time this season.

“I think it helps because some of them know each other from the academy,” said Arteta of the youngsters growing up together in the first team.

“The chemistry is there. I really like the link and the way the senior players are contributing as well.

“They really enjoy helping those boys in a context that at times has been difficult. They’ve been really consistent.”

In the absence of Pierre-Emerick Aubemayang, Alex Lacazette wore the captain’s armband and underlined his credentials for taking on the role until the end of the season. The Frenchman may have missed a penalty which he himself had won, but his overall performance was eye-catching and he cut a vocal presence.

On the Frenchman relishing the captaincy, Arteta said: “Absolutely – but Laca has always been like that in the dressing room. You see the way he acts with the young players, how willing he is to help.

“It’s in his nature. He’s not a selfish player. He’s happy when he makes the rest better, and he’s like that in the dressing room as well.”

He added: “He’s the next in line [for the captaincy] and he’s taken it the way everybody saw today – with such a pride and commitment, and I’m really happy with the way he played.”

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Martinelli given games and avoiding injury will be insane… he has it all pace aggression and the ability to track back and win the ball back …. pure quality


Cool and clinical at 100mph….

Arteta Tots

First goal was scored by Thierry Martinelli


That wasn’t Gabriel Henry? Can’t tell them apart!

Vic Lin

He totally deserve the motm. I like the way he defend as well. He was always the one defending the left side and Tierney cover the second layer. Tierney Has to do it after he was sub.


He‘s extremely good at headers even. As good as Laca was today, I‘d like to see a front 4 of Martinelli, Saka, ESR and Ødegaard at some point. If they click, we have our offense sorted for the next decade.


If that front 4 click they will be talked about for years.


I think he should get the no. 11 shirt

The Far Post

Well done, Martinelli. Glad it was only a cramp that forced him off. Feared worse.

Not sure what Arteta was thinking, but pushing a youngster who was lying on the ground back into the game, while we’re already 11 men to 10, wasn’t a good look.

A Different George

I think the idea was, “if you’re going to go down, do it on the pitch, not in touch.”

Daz Righ

lol it wasn’t a good look but I think the point was be injured on the pitch not off it. Can’t stop the game for an injury (and waste time) if the player isn’t on the pitch


Spot on, Daz. We need to get better at some of the dark arts of the game. By going down while on the pitch, ref stops the game to get him attention; sub has time to get ready, warm up and player can be cheered out. Smart move.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Plus he was on a yellow card anyway so a good decision to sub him off regardless of cramp.


I agree but I would’ve liked Pepe to come on for martenelli if arteta was going to take of lacazette too. It looks like Pepe and arteta have truly fallen out, and hopefully this can be resolved after the African nations cup


Yeah the game was so open on the left, would’ve suited Pepe.

Reiss Neverseen & the DicTeta

Can’t fallout with a player you never had a good relationship with.

Wrighty's hats

Remember vs Sp*rs when Partey limped off the pitch without warning and we were a man down and conceded a goal? Making Gabi get treatment on the pitch was avoiding something like that from happening ever again in action. Nothing wrong with it in my book – we need to be stronger in every way and that’s a step in the right direction!

Reiss Neverseen & the DicTeta

He’s become too accustomed to playing to avoid defeat. Force of habit.

Santi’s Thigh Grab

You can’t even enjoy a victory against a direct rival. You schtick is getting old.


A front 4 of Saka,Odegaard, The Smith and Martinelli looks so dangerous. Can’t wait…

Mayor McCheese

I always enjoy watching a talented smith hammer iron.

Zadok the Motherfucking Priest

I don’t get this suggestion that Martinelli can do what Laca did well today.


How can we know, unless we try. Its all about the future and Martinelli is the future

Tony Perkis

I know this might seem crazy, but sometimes players who are only 20 will improve their overall game in the coming years


Does Odegaard go back to the bench next game for ESR? Which of the forwards do you leave out? I love the directness of gabi, we can play at pace and lacas hold up takes away the need for the dual technical attackers (esr and Odegaard). Of the two ESR is the better player IMO. so I guess marty is the odd man out?


It’s a nice problem to have, isn’t it? Five quality players who all seem to be in good to excellent form needing to fit into four attacking positions. Selection of the front four might largely come down to who needs the rest most between now and the winter break. I do reckon that if Laca plays up front, Martinelli starts (or Pepe, but that seems unlikely). We need someone to provide that vertical threat; that’s why ESR started the game on the bench today. If Saka needs the rest, do we push Ø over there and play ESR in the… Read more »


I agree Gabriel compliments laca well and gives us a more direct higher Tempo threat. I think esr could play right if Saka needs a spell. He’s excellent on the wing and is strong on both feet. We’re just so much better balanced without auba. Our connections are just so much better and laca also makes us a better counter attacking that because he brings others into it with his technical skill… Rather than just turning out over half the time he gets a touch away from goal… And he’s great at drawing fouls.

The Beast

It’s a great problem to have.

Agree there’s enough matches that all will get an opportunity in the next month or so but it seems as though ESR may be better in matches where we have less of the ball and are looking to counter while MO may be better in matches where we’re facing a low block or we’re trying to control through possession.

Cliff Bastin

“He was cramping again and he needs to mature in that sense but his overall understanding of the game is getting much better.”

Not sure how you can mature out of cramp because it hurts like a mother lol.

Tankard Gooner

Well, with more regular game time he can understand how his body reacts to different actions over the course of a week.. How some actions might not need him at ‘100 miles per hour’ but more intelligent positional play could do the job. Also in this day and age of monitoring players’ fitness, the player still comes first in taking care of their body.. Something ESR touched on a few weeks ago. Plus I’m sure over the next 2 to 3 years Gabi will develop more physically to grow more resilient.

kampala gooner

Pacing himself on the pitch. He seemed to suggest that he needs to regulate hes workrate to last the entire 90 without cramping out.


Wow. Martinelli, Saka, and ESR were simply amazing yesterday.
They’re the real leadership group.


Lacazette also deserves a lot of credit for leading both as a captain for the day and with his performance. They all make each other better.

It’s beautiful to see that happen again. Long may it last!


The way he pumps his cheeks in the cover image you can tell that he’s also clenching his arse muscles… Ready to protect the ball from the defender.

Kentish Gooner

That was the first game this season that I’ve really enjoyed watching. There wasn’t I point where I thought we’d throw the match away – even after Laca missed the pen. Great team performance!


Odegard was also superp last night ,he controlled the game and presses better than anyone on the pitch

Cranky Colin

He doesn’t run.
He surges!

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