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Arsenal recruit defender from Colorado Rapids

Arsenal have confirmed the signing of Auston Trusty from Colorado Rapids but the 23-year-old defender will remain on loan with the MLS side “until May at least”.

We have to be honest and say we know very little about him but given the Rapids are part of the Kroenke stable of franchises, we’re assuming we’re taking a low-risk punt on a player with potential.

He’s not without experience, he’s played 96 times in the MLS – including 56 times for Philadelphia Union – and has trained with the US senior squad.

Recruiting directly from the States is unusual as is the fact we’ve already said he will spend the 2022/23 season on loan with a club in Europe.

Perhaps we’ll find out a bit more in due course. In the short term, we welcome Trusty to the club (sort of).

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Left Testicle

Trusty the process?


Have no idea about the lad as a player but other clubs with affiliate clubs in MLS have used it to their advantage.

Redbull found players like Tyler Adams. NYCFC found players, brought them over and sold them for profit. Jack Harrison @ Leeds comes to mind as an example.

So I have no idea if this is a player for the future or a player they plan to resell, but either way, they should have done something like this earlier

Brady’s bunch

Trusty we’ll be seeing him soon


My brother has season tickets to the rapids. I’ll have to ask what he thinks of him.

Pete Plum

The Arseblog community approves of this plan


I *really* wasn’t expecting much from this transfer window, but it just gets curiouser and curiouser…


Nice of us to start our transfer business for the summer nice & early….SHAME THE JANUARY WINDOW IS STILL OPEN! 🤦🏻‍♂️


This is good I think. Maybe if we became more close to Rapids, we can send some of our youngsters there on loan? Playing in MLS would be better than PL2, right?


Is he merely an answer to journos claiming we haven’t signed anyone?

A Voice in the Noise

He sounds reliable!

Welcome to Arsenal, Auston

Brady’s bunch

In trusty we trust

Man Manny

My God! What a club!
We’ll never return to a top 4 club with this bunch running this club.
Newcastle will make a difficult task impossible in the coming seasons.
Mid-table mediocrity beckons unless Kroenke leaves, and takes Arteta, Edu and Van…sham with him!


Clearly Arteta flew to see Kroenke’s to sign this deal off


We didnt learn the Runarsson lesson


What does he have to do with anything?


He’s going out on loan next season, he’s part of the Kronke partnership thing whereby talented MLS players get a chance to play here and maybe secure a career in UK or Europe. I don’t think he’s a signing for the first team as such, unless he turns out to be good enough.


Don’t panic!

I’ve just heard that Arsenal are about to announce the treble signings of Messi, Ronaldo and Van Dijk before 11pm today.

Public Elneny

Messi and Ronaldo would be terrible signings


Mari replacement. Season saved.


Seriously ?
This goes beyond crap doesn’t it.
How the can this be taken as nothing but a joke?
Look at his name !
Any player that comes from a country that calls football “soccer” has no business here.
Auston Trusty.
Auston Fucking Trusty.
I just hope this is not on sky sports news or BBC news because we will be a laughing stock..

The Beast

And anybody judging someone solely on their name & the country they come from can do one.


I’m not familiar with his play, but a few stats:

6’3″, 185 lbs., check.
Left Footed CB, check.
23 Years old, check.

2021 – 33 starts, 2970 minutes, led team in both
Led his team in tackles (36) and interceptions (59)
3 assists, 1 goal

2018 – 34 starts with Philadelphia Union (MLS) only player on squad to play every minute of every match.

Hints that there might be something to his name?

More stats:


There is a very marked difference between the Premiership and Major League Soccer – at least of all in quality.
At least he didn’t cost a lot like Mustafi did.
And we have saved £25 million in getting rid of Aubameyang
Come the summer through we will have only two recognised strikers in the squad – assuming they don’t upset Arteta..


Goes without saying the difference in the leagues. That’s presumably why he’s already plotted out for loans in the near future.

At the least hopefully he’ll continue to develop nicely as a player and grow his value, benefitting himself and his career all the while.

wtf is going on

This is what’s happening: by May we’re gonna sell all our players and become the first international franchise in the MLS. Go London Gunners!


We will own nothing and be happy!

Up North

This windows seems like a surrealistic horror show,we letting players go right,left and whatever directions and sign this Trusty guy from nowhere?

Is there no cash left and we need to strip the payroll for cost by any means ?

If Edu doesn’t do magic the next hours there will be no striker for incoming and we’ll rely on Laca and Eddie as our front men…


Or we’re clearing the decks and making room for some summer investment.

Pretty much everyone going out has been unused over the last few months, some much longer, or young players that need loans to get out of the bubble and prove themselves.

Brady’s bunch

You’re on the money there, all that left we’re only bit part players so no massive difference to the squad unless there’s an injury crisis. We went big for Vlah so money wasn’t the issue it was about getting the right talent into the club. My guess also is that you’ll see Pepe up top to see if he can make anything of it.


So we get rid of Auba, Kolasinac, Chambers, Sarri & AMN & we sign two yank bums.

The utter state of this club.

Brady’s bunch

Pepe will be like a new striker I’m guessing


You speak as if they’re critical players for us. Are they? Within the last few months? The last 6 months?

This isn’t a crisis. It’s moving on players that need new challenges.


No, we’ve cleared out the players that aren’t good enough and the bums! Don’t buy into the media spin.

Lord Bendnter

I have a dark feeling we are going to sell Saliba in the summer…


No chance. Unless we’re thrown £50m etc.

All the exits have been players that aren’t good enough, or don’t have the necessary application.


Or he’ll be allowed to leave on a free.


I was under the same impression but his recent statements makes me hopeful. Also, the exit of Chambers clears up a spot.


Definitely will be a player that never plays for the senior squad would be my guess. Haven’t seen you do a post on the other supposed signing by Arsenal of Matt Turner (one of the two main keepers for the US National Team) which is a really surprising one to me as he is absolutely awful at playing the ball with his feet and pretty immobile. He’s tall and can stop high shots OK, but not even a backup level PL keeper in my opinion.

Willie Young

He’s the US No.1. The United States has a history of producing good keepers. Matt Turner will be playing in the World Cup in December. For the amount of money Arsenal paid for Turner this is a good deal. Yet you have decided that having the U.S. No.1 as Arsenal’s No.2 is a bad deal. Are you a financial consultant or an unemployed scout who hates winter? Turner is a Gooner. Give him a chance.


Not sure if you’ve watched him play much or even saw the US-Canada game with the goal given up off of his weak goal kick or even pay attention to how he plays the ball with his feet (which is a requirement of Arteta), but thinking of him being our keeper in PL games scares the daylights out of me.


Turner is 1b behind Zach Steffan (backspasms), I’d call him a good shot stopper but yeah, not great with his feet.


Deluded Arsenal fans.

Another defender and an untested one at this level and one likely sent out on loan.

No one in midfield.

Stupid club, dumber fans.

As the Americans are fond of saying “wake up and smell the coffee”.


Mate – stop calling fans stupid and deluded.

By all means have your opinion on what the club do, but denigrating fellow fans in every post is tiresome now. Thanks.

Kentish Gooner

Well in, blogs, and thank you for everything. Arsecast keeps me sane 👊🏻


To be fair, you can’t really use “fellow fans” with him.

The phrasing, calling the club and it’s fans deluded, and assuming he isn’t trying to call themselves deluded, directly implies they aren’t an Arsenal fan.


Hey, At least he was less wordy than Tolstoy for once. That’s an improvement.


Use there a loan ‘fee’?

Forgive need for still being mistrustful of KSE

Yankee Gooner

This. Deal has a whiff of funk given that it potentially amounts to Stan shifting money between two of his “businesses.”


I’m from the US and follow MLS casually. I do not know this guy Trusty. Just heard he’s ranked 83rd out of 120 CB’s in MLS. Again, I’m a casual fan of football in my country but my assessment is that most MLS teams play at a level comparable to mid-level Championship sides. This guy is more of an experiment between sister clubs under the same ownership than an honest effort to improve the team. Good luck to him but don’t see him making an impact on the first team. Really couldn’t care less about this deal.


You know, I’ve been critical of our recruitment in the past, but this makes perfect sense.


This will be purely because the MLS has salary caps so this gets a player off the books of the Rapids whilst he gets European experience.

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