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Aubameyang leaving AFCON for Arsenal medical tests

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is leaving Gabon’s AFCON camp to return to Arsenal for an in-depth medical examination.

After partaking in pre-tournament training in Dubai, the 32-year-old tested positive for Covid-19 on his arrival in Cameroon and missed his country’s 1-0 win over Comoros while self-isolating.

He was due to return for their second match against Ghana but was pulled from the squad hours before kick-off when scans by the team’s doctors and CAF officials revealed “heart lesions”.

While coach Patrice Neveu initially played down the issue, which has also affected midfielder Mario Lemina, he’s since made the difficult decision to let the pair return to their clubs before the end of the group stage.

In a press conference ahead of tomorrow’s clash with Morocco, Neveu said, “For the health of the two players, we have taken the decision to let them return to their clubs so that they can receive in-depth treatment.

“It’s a difficult decision, but we have to focus on the rest of the competition and deal with the group we have at our disposal.”

Obviously, this is a concerning situation for all involved. Fingers crossed the tests are just a precaution and there won’t be any long-term repercussions for the player.

Aubameyang returns to Arsenal with his future at the club uncertain. He’s not played since early December after being punished for a disciplinary breach that saw him stripped of the captaincy.

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Hope there are no major problems with his heart. We need all our players as fit as can be

Eric Blair

And, you know, he needs his heart.


Who downvotes this?


Someone who thinks that us having fit players isn’t the main reason they hope Auba is ok I should think.

Thierry Bergkamp (Xhaka Out)

I did, because I don’t think the second sentence was necessary


Me too. If you were told you had a heart lesions you’re probably not worrying about football, more about life in general


Not to start yet another twitter-like conspiracy thread. But we are two years in now, and it’s starting to seem like we are all being forced fed – like pigs – to accept boosters, double boosters, triple boosters. No matter what age or risk category we are in. Personally I have got the booster, mainly because I cannot travel and visit places without it. But would I have got it without this physical restriction and blackmail? No. Not in a million years, because I have serious concerns a 2nd and 3rd shot does more harm than good to young, healthy… Read more »

Freezedawg of Sweden

Stay safe!


I wish I can give you a thumbs up a trillion by a trillion times


You know there’s evidence of covid causing heart damage right? Malaria also increases the risk of heart failure by 30%.


I’ve seen nothing about any side effects for young males or anyone else. Honestly, as soon as someone shows me the data I’ll believe it. Personally, I’ve had all 3 and there’s no way I’d have any idea I’d had them. I.e they haven’t affected me negatively at all. Sounds like that’s the same for you? Why not start worrying Bout our corrupt government and dodgy deals and the erosion of the right to protest? They are things that are actually issues right there in front of you. But cos they’re not mysterious or exciting…

Andrew Law

A friend is undergoing surgery in the near future for heart issues brought on by long Covid. Spare us all your tin foil hat conspiracy theories.

Wrighty's hats

Everyone is entitled to their opinions and theories about pharmaceutical companies’ motivations, but please do not present your opinions as facts. A number of your points are factually inaccurate, and may cause harm to some readers. To address some of your points that I’m referring to: – It is inaccurate to say that COVID-19, including the Omicron variant, is no worse than the common cold. If the people you know who tested positive have only developed mild symptoms, that is truly great. Younger populations are at lower risk of severe complications than older populations, but they are still at risk… Read more »


Thanks for your reply. I think my point got a diluted towards the end. Just to be clear I am NOT against vaccination. I am completely behind it. Everyone should be. But I am questioning the logic and reasoning behind forcing huge swathes of young, healthy and already recovered people to get 2nd / 3rd or even 4th shots. And the motives of governments purchasing said shots from big companies. Something does not sit right with me. That is all. I’d prefer it if the initial vaccine was mandatory. And follow ups were purely personal choice and free will. Unless… Read more »

Wrighty's hats

Thanks for your reply too. Hopefully I can clear up one point – the reason why the second doses for vaccinations such as Pfizer and Moderna are critical, and have been made mandatory in many places, is that those vaccinations were designed to be given across two doses – the benefit to a person’s immune system is only realised following the second dose. (Different story for J+J vaccine which was originally designed to be a single dose.) Only making the first dose mandatory as you suggested may lead to the incorrect assumption that the second isn’t necessary to achieve the… Read more »


Hey there Maybe think twice about this sir, How can you advocate for mandatory dissemination of a medical treatment about which – as you yourself apparently sense – potentially has some quite severe and until recently unknown side-effects. I will be continuing to exercise my bodily autonomy in the negative for any and all servings of this novel treatment. As someone that’s noticed there might be some serious question marks around these shots safety (let alone effectiveness), I would like to think that you would be implicitly supportive of my right to say “no thank you.” As for the rest… Read more »

God is a Gooner

Or until your heart is not content…..


I didn’t vote up or down here, but I suppose you could downvote the second part, if you wouldn’t want him to play for us again, because you thought that his antics are unsettling the squad.

Daz Righ

Well there goes.his resale value 🙈


hard to begin to describe the utter tastelessness of that comment, mate!


health >>>>> anything football related
get well soon auba

Lack of Perspective

Who gives a fuck right now man. Wish the man luck and recovery


How does this comment pass comment approval stages ? What’s the point in waiting for hours for comments to be allowed through (which in turn kills any hope of discourse) if these is the standard ?


@Boywonder – not every single comment is manually approved. There are various reasons why some are held in moderation.

One of which would be someone posting something like the comment above, which means that person’s subsequent comments will require manual moderation because it’s utterly crass.

Billy bob

I thought newbies were put in automatic moderation and then given the green light after a period of time? Anyway, I still feel like a newbie on that score!! Can’t think that I have put any crass comments on here or particularly controversial ones – do you give feedback to those that post on here that are in moderation and why? Interested to know, thanks


Like I said, sometimes ‘innocent’ people can get caught up in it. I can’t see straight away why it’s happening to you, but I’ll look into it!

Billy bob

Cheers 😊 much appreciated

Jeremy DG

Is it utterly crass? He’s referring to the resale value of a footballer who’s been sent home as a health precaution. As far as we know, He isn’t dying and it’s not like Daz Righ said it was his fault he was ill. I don’t think it was particularly funny and perhaps a little clumsy but Let’s think a little before we jump on the ‘I’m offended on behalf of someone else’ nonsense. Get well Auba and start scoring goals again please soon.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Leaving aside the moral issue of that, he doesn’t have resale value anyway due to his massive salary.

Daz Righ

Sorry now if people are upset. I think the reaction is a little over the top and I’ve seen far far worse things said on this site (even with the tough moderation). There is nothing crass about it. Were in a situation where we’re trying to buy a striker which would have meant then shifting Auba after since laca and Nketiah are both pretty much gone anyway. I’m simply stating facts. Perhaps insensitive, but not crass, certainly worthy of debate and it’s something.we would all be discussing down the road anyway….
I do hope everything is ok though 🤞

Yankee Gooner

referring to someone’s potentially serious medical issue solely through an economic lens is, in fact, crass.


This situation is getting crazy, get well soon Auba.


Poor Auba, a perfect storm for him. Hope he is okay and get well soon.


What a sad an ignominious end. I really hope he can get back to some sort of fitness and help the team, but I fear the club now has a £350k a week albatross around its neck


It’s not really the time to worry about his salary when his well-being is in question. That said however, it is a question that will need to be answered and one wonders if the club has insurance for such eventualities – surely they would?


It is 250K GBP p/w from all I had read. 18 months of this contract left. I always wanted Auba as backup next season, behind our first choice summer striker signing.


Wishing him all the best – must be a very scary time for the fella.


Health first. Rest up auba.

David C

Auba has had a terrible couple of years with health and personal issues.

Get well soon Auba!


His had a terrible year. His mums health scare this time last year, malaria, Covid in August, more apparent health issues with his mum in December which led to him being disciplined, Covid again & now seemingly the effects of Long Covid. Poor guy has had no luck. Hopefully he can get himself sorted


The only issue of heart for people in 20s and 30s should be one of love.

Recent Alphonso Davies (just 21!) myocarditis has really scared me.
5-fold increase in sudden cardiac deaths of FIFA players in 2021. We don’t know the reason(s) but we can see the undeniable frightening increase.

Dave Cee

We know the reason…more vaccines


Myocarditis is a KNOWN side effect of vaccination. Check government websites it literally says it, so despite the down votes you’re probably correct


Myocarditis is also a KNOWN complication of COVID-19 infection, while being a very rare effect of vaccination.


Infection and injections, both can cause this rare complication. What causes it more is a topic of intense debate. Article below has tried to make sense of the evidence. But of course one might find something saying the exact opposite, so who the fuck knows.


Of course, there wasn’t a wave of myocarditis last year and one would expect there to have been.
The difference this year is the vaccine.

Thierry Bergkamp (Xhaka Out)

Exactly! Before the vaccine rollout, when we were being told xxx amount were dying daily, and we were shown people on ventilators every single day, all the deaths we were hearing about were respiratory.
Now all of a sudden after the vaccines, heart problems are now related to covid.


Myocarditis was never mentioned as a side effect of Covid-19 until December 2021, and the Omicron variant (funny that, now everyone’s been vaxed)


This is utterly false. If you were paying attention you would recall that cardiac issues were there from the beginning with COVID. And if you didn’t remember, then a quick literature review would uncover plenty of studies addressing myocarditis throughout 2020 and 2021. So are you intentionally lying, or are you just ignorant? Please let us know.

Billy bob

Do you mean the covid vaccine is dodgy or more covid vaccines are required?

Shane C

This study and sources are dubious to say the least. Without knowing the vaccination status of those involved, prior medical history and the number of games these players played arpund the time. The sources are wikipedia and an article in hebrew. Taking the numbers from wikipedia given in your links, the figures are not even displayed correctly in your diagrams. How all of these stats compare to the general population is not clear either. In conclusion, get well soon Auba.


*checks site* sorry thought I was on a webmd post for a second

La Défense

It is difficult to ascertain with any degree of certainty what the effects of an experimental vaccine is on public health. Such studies usually take years, if not decades, for robust conclusions. I’m neither pro nor anti vax, but to shout from the rooftops with religious fervor and fanatic certainty on either of the view points is unscientific and unreasonable.

Neil Fenton

experimental vaccine? The nRMA vaccines have been a round for more than a decade.


Fake news


Did anyone think about the fact that those people are a commodity and hence made ready to perform. I really don’t want to know how bad the usage of painkillers is in professional sports. The NHL recently had quite a shitstorm when a player came forward with these kinds of things.


Let’s hope this isn’t the end for Auba – at Arsenal or another club

Billy bob

Crumbs he has had it rough – this is the second bout of covid and didn’t he also catch malaria in the not too distant past!!!


He sure did & then there’s the health scares with his mum a year ago & again last month. Poor guys had a tough year personally


As a doctor – I have genuinely no clue what is supposed to meant by “cardiac lesions”? I feel there’s either been a bad translation or a poorly explained issue. The sorts of heart problems that come up with COVID wouldn’t normally show anything on a scanner. I don’t expect anything significant to come of these “lesions” – I suspect they will just do more tests, then ease him back into training whilst seeing how he responds.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

I’m fine with Gabon being vague, there is afterall a medical confidentiality aspect.

Big Mad Andy

Thanks for your insight, Jake – I was wondering what it meant


Lesion is French for injury. It’s a false friend and they probably don’t mean something so severe as the English meaning of the word. Although I haven’t seen the original quote other than what’s in the blog.

They might have detected arrhythmia and fatigue and decided to escalate the issue to the clubs. Fingers crossed.

Yankee Gooner

Jake is, however, a dentist.
🥴😂 just kidding, man. Couldn’t resist.

Brady’s bunch

Hope he’s ok for him and his family football is a side issue 🙏

Stuart Hammon

Malaria, then Covid and now his heart is struggling! It’s been a bit of a battle for the poor bloke. Hope it’s nothing serious


Wishing the lad a speedy recovery and keeping my fingers crossed for him.


Hope he is ok. Almost 18 months since his bumper contract and he’s struggled mightily ever since… A bout of malaria, personal issues attending to his mother, stripped of the captaincy due to repeated lateness, COVID, and now heart lesions…and, by his high standards, really poor form on the pitch throughout. I feel for the guy, especially since he carried this club during the post-Wenger dark days, even put the team on his shoulders and brought us a trophy. Really appreciate the joy he brought during such miserable times at the club. Once he gets beyond this latest health concern… Read more »

Mike D

Get well soon Auba – for his goal against Chelski in the cup final, I will remember him fondly until my dotage.

The Optimist

Send him down Holby City & he’ll be back in no time 😉

Teryima Adi

These are trying times for Auba. Be strong, Bro, and get well soon.


Shame AFCON didn’t work out.
Might be his last one.

I wish him a, um, timely recovery.

Tasmanian Jesus

Hoping those test results were wrong or something, and that he comes back strong to play for some more years. For us, or for someone else.

Is this heart leasion thing relatable to covid?
I havent heard of cases like that in my country.


The real reason for the dismissal of Aubameyang and Lemina: Yesterday Sunday, around 6 p.m., Willy Aubamayang, PE Aubameyang and Mario Lemina left the hotel, while the team was ready for training. On their return from training, the two players and the assistant manager (willy) had still not returned from their outing. This Monday, around 5 am, the three elements returned to the hotel completely drunk and accompanied by the girls, whom they wanted to take up to their hotel room. There were even some scuffles between the security service and the players “only one of them succed to get… Read more »

Morrisey fan #1

This is what I was led to believe. This and I also saw something regarding pay. Another player basically retired today from the national team.


“only one of them succed to get on with a girl”.

I hope it was the Willy.


I have a feeling AubameBloodClatyang will come out stronger after his recovery and the rough patch he has had at Arsenal. Praying for his quick recovery.


Did everyone see Vlahovic waving to the Florentina fans in the game against Genoa. Looked like a goodbye wave. The paneka (he stuffed up) also looked like a farewell gesture. It’s gonna happen, Baby!

Morrisey fan #1

Love the optimism, fingers crossed!


Hope that Aubu is safe and healthy confirmed by all the medical tests to be done.

And then we can proceed to offload him to Newcastle and get the replacement from Fiorentina

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