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FA charge Arsenal with disciplinary breach after Man City game

Arsenal face disciplinary charges from the FA following Saturday’s 2-1 defeat to Man City.

A statement reads:

Arsenal FC has been charged with a breach of FA Rule E20.1 following its Premier League game against Manchester City FC on Saturday [01/01/22].

It is alleged that Arsenal FC failed to ensure its players conducted themselves in an orderly fashion during the 59th minute and the club has until Friday [07/01/22] to respond.

This relates to the way players reacted to going down to 10 men when Gabriel, who was apparently booked for dissent following the VAR review of Bernardo Silva going down under the challenge of Granit Xhaka a few minutes earlier, picked up a second yellow card for a foul on Jesus.

Fan frustration with the officiating on Saturday was clear, but it was shared by the players too, with Alexandre Lacazette telling French TV, “It’s frustrating to see some of these decisions.

“We’re not going to comment on them, so as not to have any problems. There’s a lot of frustration over some of the decisions today, especially based on what the referee told me.

“Over all the decisions in the match and the cards he gave us, I didn’t see many for their side, despite committing the same fouls.”

Let’s see how the club respond. Sadly, a message saying ‘stick it up your hole, you twats’ and a drawing of Stuart Atwell with a tiny mickey sticking out of his forehead isn’t a good idea, but man alive it would be tempting.

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Reminds me of the fallout after Keown et al at Old Trafford. Wee bitta siege mentality from here.


It goes back further than that.



It’s our own fault:
picked up a second yellow card for a foul on Jesus”
We shouldn’t be fouling Jesus…


Especially “G Jesus”

Alan Sunderland

Whoever keeps his mouth and his tongue keeps himself out of trouble.


That is what ignited our 49 unbeaten. Just saying….


This is the FA cracking the whip and reminding the plebs of their place. Use it to create an us vs them mentality.


Didn’t know what FA stood for till today. I don’t remember the name of the person who said it in a comment but he said it means: Fuck Arsenal.

Arsene for CEO

No wonder we’ve won so many fucking Arsenal cups.


Arsenal FC charge the FA with harbouring an idiot disguised in a referee kit


Absolutely right. Take some points off us and maybe give them to Man City.


Yes and absolutely ignore Rodri sliding on his knees towards the Arsenal supporters, including children, after he scored and mouthing obscenities at the crowd.

Petit's Handbag

Rodri’s celebration should have been a red card. Not spoken about at all. Yellow for shirt removal and yellow for running towards the opposition fans the way he did.

Frog in Ze Room

He should have been out of the game by then with his assault on Marti and multiple fouling. FA corruption. I sent my letter to the FA. I used a colourful language but not as explicit as the French autocratic president.

Zadok the Regular Priest

“including children” – lol I don’t know if this is meant to be self-parody or not. I’m as pissed off as anyone by what Rodri did but you can’t seriously suggest he went to the crowd thinking “I’m going to swear at some children”. He scored what was an important goal, he celebrated with passion, said some things (which I guarantee any child at the game had already heard far worse from our fans) and got booked for taking his shirt off. If the FA start issuing retrospective punishment for passionate celebrations we’ll all be up in arms. The issue… Read more »

A Different George

Excellent post. Atwell is a terrible referee. I watched Anthony Taylor handle Chelsea v Liverpool with skill and common sense; a total of three yellows, all deserved. That doesn’t mean he never makes mistakes, nor that VAR should fix every one of the mistakes he does make.


You’re not wrong in terms of “I guarantee any child at the game had already heard far worse from our fans”, however, if AFC challenge the charge and cite the knee slide toward our fans and reference the swearing from him and part of the FA’s response was something like “Whilst we acknowledge the actions of the Manchester City FC player and do not sanction these actions, I guarantee any child at the game had already heard far worse from our fans”…You wouldn’t accept it. It’s not about whether the actions are standard within a ground, it’s about the written… Read more »

La Défense

Now they’re just taking the piss.


No. They are a dictator ensuring their rule and control over their system.


This stinks.


this is literally like being kicked whilst down. Unbelievable decision from the FA. Shocking.


Instead of looking in the mirror and asking themselves, and that PGMOL gang of insecure middle-aged white men, a few questions, they deflect the blame onto the players. Disgusting.
Have they come forward and explained why the referee was only shown one angle of the Xhaka penalty by VAR? Have they f’ck.
If they’d done that with Odegaard’s, where one angle clearly shows Ederson catch him first, then you could understand. But no, its gross inconsistency, bordering on corruption. You just cannot have one rule for one and one for another and justify it as a fair sport.

Red Sox Gooner

So rather than determining it a priority to improve the clearly weak standard of refereeing, they punish humans for being emotional!


Nice tag, BTW.

Let’s all do Lokonga

So…not only is there no accountability for refs, but if you challenge a decision or even speak about it, you get charged with a breach.

Woolwich Tiern time

Dont be silly. You’ve seen United and Tottenham squads scream every obscenity at the ref. You simply cant challange a decision if you play for the famously hyper violent Arsenal.


totally agreed. All the teams including ManCity get away with murder when it comes to fouling Arsenal Players (remember the everton game when Tomayisu had his head stamped on). Rodri should probably have been sent off for multiple fouls before he scored on Monday. I think other teams harass referees a lot more.

Non flying dutchman

It does appear every pundit has forgotten Shattwelll only gave the penalty after Silva and other City players had kicked up a fuss.


Wow! What a bunch of clowns the Fa are! Why is it always us? What have we done to those fookers??! Smh


Tbf, wouldn’t a a drawing of Stuart Atwell with a tiny mickey sticking out of his forehead just be a naturalistic portait?


Atwell is an embarrassment to his federation!


But you have to ask 1. How does Jarred Gillett get to VAR us 3 times so far, Chris Kavanagh 4 times and Michael Oliver 3 times? 2. Gillett, the Aussie, seems to have fast-tracked to PGMOL with little UK experience? 3. How VAR dictate the angles seen at pitchside and indeed which decisions? 4. Attwell particularly seems to be refereeing by not making decisions and awaiting VAR to assess? 5. Why should VAR override the appointed match official at all? Surely it should be for ref to assess by asking for replays should he need to be sure of… Read more »



Woolwich Tiern time

You mean that federation led by Mike Riley, with Mike Dean consistantly remaining a dominant figure


Then he’d have two tiny mickeys

YOLO Toure

You are a disgrace to your federation!

Michael Anderson

It’s a money making scheme. Have shit refs who incense the players so that they react. Fine the clubs when they react.


Ya wont review abysmal pgmol which causes all this field incidents. I am pretty sure fa want this controversial piss drinkers of ref so that pl product always has xtra drama in it for ppl.


Club should put out a statement asking for clarification about the decisions from this game.


Spot on!
I can’t wait for their comment on the Odegaard vs Ederson incident…


Would love to hear some justification for that Saka booking especially. A city player hacks down Partey ( I think… Can’t remember who it was?) and the ref is reaching for his pocket to show Saka, 20 yards away, a yellow instantly?

For Gods Sake

Draw Atwell as just as a micky. Well is a complete micky of a ref. VAR could be the balls, after all they have made a balls up of that also.

Yaqub Mahmood

Are they even going to look at how the ref lost control of the match?

Told off a ball boy, what an insecure twatwell


Income from fines for handing out cards, and further income from fines because they gave out all the cards.

You’d hope the income would be directed towards training and paying referees more, alas more competent officiating would be a conflict of interest for the above revenue model.

Tommy Gunner

They don’t need to be paid more, the pool of “talent” just needs to be increased so there can be some jeopardy for being crap at your job. I am sure there are lots of lower division refs who would love the opportunity

Diaby's Left Peg

To be honest, people need to stop abusing refs at the junior and non-professional levels of the game so you’d get more people willing to ref.


I had someone two foot my leg in a Sunday league game and I had to have an operation on my MCL to fix it. My team mates wanted to kill the kid until the ref showed him a yellow card, then they turned their attention towards him. What do you expect them to do? The referee’s are there firstly to protect the players. If they can’t/won’t do that they should not be doing the job. Booting Saka off his feet, stamping on a players face, Mane’s elbow at the weekend. These are simple objective, decisions to make. The referees… Read more »

Captain Chaos

What a farce. Continuation of the whole “arsenal don’t like it up ‘em” narrative but the moment we stand up for ourselves they double down on the punishment.


How comes Saka and Gabriel got a yellow for dissent yet ManU players surround the ref while Ronaldo openly berates the assistant ref and points his finger at the ref and nothing happens?


Thank you!!

Vaibhav Pandey

You missed how Ronaldo swings through opponent players yet doesn’t get even yellow 😀 I guess we are in football brands business not sport


I’d say go fuck yourselves, but that would be too easy


We should do a General McAuliffe during the siege of Bastogne.



Billy bob

I think, with fan power, something could be done to MAKE the FA do something about refereeing and VAR!! In the same way fans coming together sorted the Super League shambles, I reckon fans chanting “sort out this shambles refereeing” before, during and after matches wouldn’t go down well with the FA as sponsors wouldn’t like it!!!


Stupid bunch of clueless fools.
They should be sending us apologies for the daylight robbery against Citeh not issuing such idiotic statements. This is why English refs cannot raise their game to acceptable levels. An idiot with a whistle ruined a perfectly poised football match and rather than bin off the buffoon, the so called FA have the guts to charge the victims of said robbery for reacting negatively to getting screwed!
What a farce😡


FIFA is blatantly corrupt, everyone knows.
But who is absolutely 100% not corrupt? FA & PGMOL.



Gooner McGoonFace

Xhaka and Gabriel were to blame for our loss vs Man City. Period. Anything else is an attempt to distract away from the fact that those two lost their ever-loving minds and it cost us the match!

Old bloke

Agree plus we didn’t convert our first half dominance into more than a one goal lead which was never going to be enough to win the game against a top team. Yes the ref had a bad game but let’s not turn into a bunch of whingers, just go on another winning run.


Xhaka and Gabriel prevented Atwell from going to the pitch side tv to review the Odegard penalty.


You have alredy beaten Man City mate! Nuno was your coach back then.

Gooner McGoonFace

A lot of excuse-making and whining. Blaming refs is a loser’s errand. Xhaka and Gabriel lost it for us.

Jeremy DG

Give it a rest with this macho crap. Football is decided by fine margins. Especially with a young team who are finding their feet together, so when the ref fucks you completely you have every right to be pissed off.


I agree, Xhaka was turned over by Silva and had no right to hold the shirt in box, it’s not as if it’s a certain goal…the angle was against him and their still is GK in the goal. The fact that we gave the refree the chances to make decisions against us is the real point of frustration for me. We played so well and got nothing out of the game except plaudits for a great fight. Yes the decisions went against us and for City, but we have to look at our senior players and our in game management… Read more »

Peter Donaghy

I didn’t realise until someone mentioned it but wasn’t Atwell on VAR for the Everton game when Tomiyasu had his head stomped on? I couldn’t be bothered f-ing and blinding the ref but why is it always Arsenal that gets shit from the FA. Even going back to Wenger the way he was treated at times was disgraceful yet there’s numerous instances of Chelsea players (as an example) acting like absolute scum John Terry being the most galling and yet nobody could do anything about that. Seriously it’s hate sounding like a whinger but cmon how is this shit not… Read more »

Woolwich Tiern time

I remember when they tried pushing the principle that only the team captains come before the ref. It appeared to be working at first but was shit ti sh*t by a swarth of man united players, including very much rio ferdinand who was not captain at the time, getting away with bomboarding the ref only for whoever it was to be swayed by their pressure. After that had happened , no other team was prepared to abide by the dictat. They should try it again though as with miked up refs yiu imagine the reason they will not is because… Read more »



Ladies and Gentlemen, the FA HATES us again; we’ve got our Arsenal back.

Arsenal against The Rest of The World.

Love it. 🙂




As in it never stopped…

North for Short

I have a cartoon cutting from the Daily Mirror after a Match against Man involving David Beckham Picture the scene, 4 rather upthemselves gentlemen, from F A It read

” Mr Wenger has insinuatedt hat we favour Manchester United”!!! ( a couple of tuts in the background)

a chorus from the 4 men ” Typical Gooner scum”

Can’t help to think that the F A still favour the northern teams

Donald Jones

No surprise there. There are too many links between the FA & the gambling industry, especially SkyBet, it’s in all their interests to control results, especially in high profile games. Control of referees has to be taken away from the FA & handed to some kind of independent body, there are too many conflicts of interest here.

Santi’s Thigh Grab

I refuse to believe there isn’t an orchestrated effort to fuck the Arsenal either by the FA or PGMOL. It’s plain to see. Wasn’t aware of gambling connections between FA and the industry. With so much money sloshing around, it wouldn’t surprise me to see match fixing occurring. It’s happened elsewhere and it’s naive to believe that the government and corporations are corrupt but somehow football is not. How does that make sense?

Champagne Charlie

The Premier League should use Referees from abroad – simple as! They’re better quality, generally non-biased and rarely take player bullshit.

Ship our shite refs to Europe (or even better, Russia).

Bukake Saka

I’ve always thought that would be the best. We have some good referees in Holland. It’s not far from England and I think they would love to work in the PL.


“Knob off mate! Carn, ‘ave Farkin’ immigrants stealin’ jobs!”


p.s. Better be clear here, its a joke at the inevitable…


Maybe we could accept the fine with request that the money went to further training for their refs?

Arteta-tinted Glasses

I say, send Arteta in to two-foot the next referee fuck. Fuck the FA.


Can we get a poorly drawn arsenal of that last paragraph? Seems worthwhile.

Reiss Neverseen & the DicTeta

“FA Rule E20 explains an organisation’s responsibility for ensuring that its members behave appropriately. It states that: Each Affiliated Association, Competition and Club shall be responsible for ensuring: (a) that its directors, players, officials, employees, servants, representatives, spectators, and all persons purporting to be its supporters or followers, conduct themselves in an orderly fashion and refrain from any one or combination of the following: improper, violent, threatening, abusive, indecent, insulting or provocative words or behaviour, (including, without limitation, where any such conduct, words or behaviour includes a reference, whether express or implied, to any one or more of ethnic origin,… Read more »

Reiss Neverseen & the DicTeta

Well then. I guess I misread.


But, of course, if our players all behave themselves, then it’s “Arsenal have a soft underbelly” and so on.


You know what, would any UK lawyers here have an inkling of whether this can be challenged as a violation of the freedom of expression under the Human Rights Act 1998? Could it be argued the FA is not a private, but in essence a public body that may not impose off-field penalties simply for expressing a view against a referee’s decision? If not, could it be argued the state has a positive duty to prevent the FA from acting arbitrarily like this?


Iirc, I think Arsenal brought in a lawyer to be in charge of contract negotiations.

He used to work with the EPL,l and I think he’ll know how to proceed…

Kartik Iyer

This is just totally fucking corrupt. The club should go on the attack and demand justification for all the awful and preposterous decisions we’ve gotten this season. The FA also have a duty to maintain refereeing standards and fairness which they’ve turned into a joke. Fuck the FA and the PGMOL.

Lord Bendnter

We deserve a ten game ban for this

Dennis Elbow

At least.😆😆😆

Woolwich Tiern time

The lengths that the system goes to avoid admitting their guy was a useless, inept coward


English FA are known tobbe the most corrupt in Europe, they intimate teams and use unwanted penalties to silence any aggrieved team for complaining, these allows them to continue with their corrupt practices




So no fine for Ref being an egregious cunt


So no charge for the real failures then? i’m sure we’ll hear all the usual platitudes about things evening themselves up over a season, but VAR was supposed to sort that out and not add to the problem.


Screw the FA.

Merlin’s Panini

How about they charge the referees for their incompetence? The inconsistent decisions are just rendering VAR as a completely pointless system in football.
It was supposed to aid in making big decisions correctly but if you put the same idiots in charge why would you expect any difference in the results?


Maybe the superleague wasn’t such a bad idea?


What a bunch of unaccountable clowns. No responsibility for their errors and misjudgements. Stuart Attwell so incompetent, Can’t believe he was sprinting into the Mancity box!! This game unfortunately may derail our season, don;t think we can recover from so much injustice in one game.


FA abusing Arsenal on and off the pitch. BTW. It’s also a disgrace that the liverpool game has been called off, just because Klop is the biggest moaner in history they have probably exercised pressure on the FA to cancel the game and postpone to a date when their injuries are back. Totally outrageous given that they have an academy and the resources to play this game tomorrow. Arsenal had a team depleted by covid at the beginning of the season, none of them were of course postoned. This league is a joke, and corrupted by Man City / Liverpool.

Group Captain Mandrake

This sort of alludes to how Lacazette addressed it the other day. The refs had a bad game. Their behavior is what caused any friction because they are apparently unable to call an even game. But players aren’t allowed to react to it. Hopefully the team uses this as ammunition for the rest of the season. Welcome to the dark side boys.


The FA don’t like it up ’em.

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