Monday, June 17, 2024

Ramsdale starts: Liverpool v Arsenal team news

Arsenal take on Liverpool this evening in the Carabao Cup semi-final 1st leg.

Here are the official line-ups.

Liverpool: Alisson, Alexander-Arnold, Matip, van Dijk, Robertson, Fabinho, Henderson, Milner, Jota, Minamino, Firmino

Subs: Kelleher, Konate, Gomez, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Jones, Tsimikas, Gordon, Williams, Morton

Arsenal:Ramsdale; Cedric, White, Gabriel, Tierney, Sambi, Xhaka, Saka, Lacazette, Martinelli, Nketiah.

Subs: Leno, Holding, Mari, Chambers, Tavares, Patino, Salah-Eddine, Hutchinson, Biereth.

Follow the game on the Arseblog live blog

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Laca in the 10 spot?


Nodegarrrrrghd! Damn

David C

he’s out with Covid. Pretty strong lineup all things considered. Cedric at RB really has me worried…

Johnny 4 Hats

If it means that Odegaard, ESR and Tomi are fully fit for the NLD then I’m cool with that.

Really we just need to stay in the game here. Even a 2-1 defeat isn’t horrible. Just please not a spanking. I don’t actually think we are going to get one.

I’m predicting a Cedric blinding performance tonight. Dunno why. I can feel it in my waters.



A defeat by 2 goals would be an achievement……I can’t help but harp on about the stupidity of letting AMN go now, before AFCON finished.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

AMN wouldn’t have played tonight though because Xhaka and Lokonga are both ahead in the pecking order.

Of course if we had him for Forest then maybe we don’t lose that match.


He could have played instead of Cedric, and would have given us depth in CM, especially as Xhaka is not fully fit.


Continues to pick nketia, the bloke doesn’t want to be here.

Alan Sunderland

If you don’t give white 10 outa 10 after that performance I’m canceling the patreon.

Wasn’t expecting Liverpool to play their strongest available team.

Coming away with a draw would probably be a decent return.

Alan Sunderland

I was expecting it, the only reason that made sense for the postponement was to line up their 1st for this game.


Cheating bastards. You odds of more than 1 false positive is SO slim. That’s a prem starting line up (with their AFCON missing).
Absolute cheating scum

Alan Sunderland

Hopefully we get a result, the way the statement was worded last week and the reporting on it,there’s no doubt they were up to no good.

Billy bob

Yeah Liverpool FC have behaved deplorably, can’t quite believe I’m saying this but IF we don’t get to the final I hope Chavski do them one, whilst scum city win the title, Nottingham Forest the FA cup and Madrid (either one) the CL

Thierry Bergkamp (Xhaka Out)

That was the whole point of them lying about false positives


Damn! Our bench is threadbare.


Ah, hopefully Emile is fit for Sp*rs, especially now we’ll be without Ø.


Glad to see that Klopp is taking this match lightly.


Despise Liverpool even more after their fake positives shenanigans. COYG!

David C

Canadagoon, where are you located. I’m in Mississauga, west of Toronto. Did you see DAZN lost EPL rights starting next year?


Calgary (used to be nearby in Burlington). Did not see DAZN lost the rights, guess I’ll be cancelling my subscription! Who got them?

David C

FuboTV who already has Serie A in Canada. Problem is DAZN still has CL and Europa until 2024 I think.

Enjoy the game today! COYG!


Ugh splitting up all the soccer across platforms, hate that. If one service could offer Prem, European games and the Bundesliga that’s my dream.

Thanks for the info! COYG!

Mesut Ö’Neill

Who got them?

Not sure I’ll pay the $150 to watch Darts


I’m also in Canada and I’m really pissed about this. The only way to watch all the Arsenal matches now will be to subscribe to Fubar for the league games, DAZN for the European matches and Carabao Cup, and the expensive Sportsnet channels for the FA Cup. Getting nickel-and-dimed to death here.

Has anyone used (or even heard of) this fubo outfit? Is their streaming as good as DAZN’s or as bad as


I’ve heard Fubo is pretty decent, but don’t have any personal experience. Here in the U.S. its Peacock for Premier League, Espn+ for FA Cup and Carabao, and Paramount (when we get back into Europe).


Good line up but stressful to have to watch Cedric and Nketiah again. Going to be a tough one tonight, not a lot on the bench to help us.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

No Kolasinac on the bench if we need a goal.


Would rather see Tavares get a run on the left wing than Eddie up top.

Alan Sunderland

You’re definitely not Eddie’s biggest fan.


Both subbed in first half lol


There’s a surprise, Scousers manage to put out full team!
We put out Cedric!!




That is a light bench….


I used to genuinely like Klopp but he’s turned rn out to be a deplorable piece of human being. Cheating whiney scum.


He’s always been totally fake, playing up to the cameras. He’s grotesque.


Always felt like he wanted to do it Chelski style by having first leg decisive win and rest forwards for second leg. We’ve got a bench where players played on Tuesday in Papa John’s.


Klopp playing his strongest team. Nketiah AND Laca? No Oderguard?

The omens look bad!


Very pleased to see Rambo back, we’re so dead with Leno. The best team we can do with so many missing, maybe we’ll see Hutchinson and Biereth from the bench. Fucking cheating bin dippers playing the team they wouldn’t have had, the cunts have no shame. Hopefully we can stay in the game and finish them off at the Emirates.

Announce Bendtner

Hopefully Rambo can get some balls out to Saka because I doubt Cedric will.


Crikey – look at our bench, squad is looking thin.

Think we should have postponed this until everyone was fit, Vlahovic was upfront and Boris was the mayor of Liverpool


Yea that bench is mostly teens


Salah on the bench. Great call from Arteta.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Yeah that transfer slipped under the radar. Fair play to Klopp for sanctioning that move.


Hmm, not a very strong looking bench ! In the circumstances, I would’ve preferred to see a back 3 myself


Gutted to see nketiah (someone who doesnt want to play for us again, ) ill rather use Hutchison..that kid remind me of every bit of saka .and cedric ? 🤦‍♂️💔 ,i hope this doesnt end up badly …now i see why LIVERPOOL waited for today..i just pray this boys put a crate of egg on their face with a superb performance.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Hoping Nketiah/Lacazette have an Aliadiere/Baptista performance tonight.


I knew odegaard was going to be missing but do we know the prognosis? Will he be ready for the spuds?

Nainsley Aitland Miles



Yep just seen. Unbelievable run of luck this last week. With the spuds coming up as well it’s just typical


Watch Cedric just have the game of his life today..


The bar is pretty low to be fair….

Thierry Bergkamp (Xhaka Out)

While still playing shit


Odegaard not even on the bench? = COVID. That would be bad, not just for this match, but the weekend too.


Yeah, we probably need to have a few “inconclusive” tests for the weekend so we can klopp out of that game.


Biereth is going to score a super-sub goal!

Announce Bendtner

That bench really scares me.

Teryima Adi



Why have we never seen Arteta try Martinelli as the lone striker? I know without Ode and ESR this might not have been the game to try it but I’d have chanced anything over putting Nketiah in again rn.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

But then who would play left-wing? Tavares maybe, but I do love Martinelli on the wing running at defenders.


Fully agree. Liverpool is playing their strongest team, but TAA is their weakest link defensively. Let’s hope Martinelli and Tierney can overwhelm him.


Never change, Granit.


We really need to move him on.


Never learn. Neither he nor Arteta, at this point it’s surreal


Why we bother with Granit

Pat Rice and Beans

That’s the point.

Everyone knows the guy is liability bar Arteta. It seems he got free pass to do his stupid shit game after game.


A fix ever since Liverpool cheated on delaying the first leg.

Public Elneny

This fucking genius


FFS – Hope Dusan is watching a box set

Brady’s bunch

No Dusan there’s no game at Anfield tonight just sit back at watch another episode of only fools you know it makes sense.

This time next year we’ll be in the Champions League.

Brady’s bunch

Cheers Dave

Teta’s Independent Traders.


Every time… why do we keep persisting with this clown that cannot learn.


Yeah, he should resign


It just happens to often, does he get singled out? Probably but he always will and it puts us in a big hole for Sunday. Got to make a replacement priority this window, sooner rather than later.

Alan Sunderland

He’s smart enough to see the danger and get back, he’s just not athletic enough to get there in time.


I hope i never see Xhaka for Arsenal again. Such a calamitous player..


Lol, trying to turn on my computer to watch the game and I get the blue screen of death. Sounds like it’s a good job really with the Xhaka card. Blessing in disguise. Gonna go walk the dog round the block instead. Good luck everyone with the rest of the game.

Xhakaing the game

How long does it take to realise that Xhaka is the enemy of this club?????????


5 years and counting. “BuT hE’S a LeAdeR iN tHe DreSSing RoOm”


Well he’s normally first one in there.


A new captain in the making


Xhaka doesn’t seem to be on board with the “No more red” campaign.




Say no to red straight red!


When’s the last time Xhaka completed 90 minutes against a top 6 side without a) getting sent off b) giving away a penalty c) giving away a cheap goal?


Can we de-register Cedric, Mari and Kola? , if we do we may not have enough players to fulfil next game


You only need one going by Liverpool’s example.


Arteta had more then one year to sort that Xhaka position in midfield. And to be honest he had god knows how many option for that, but he opted to stick to a very limited and not intelligent player.

  • He could have thrown Niles in the fire week in week out and see how will he develop.
  • He could have taken a youngster and give him a year in that position to also develop.
  • He could have bought a proper CMF.

What a shithousery by Xhaka, as always, as a default setting.


Wow, there are a real Xhaka fans around here, ey?


I think this one could have happened to anyone.
But it happens to him all the time.


Much though I have been critical of Arteta, he has been getting recruitment right more recently. You cannot do it all in one window.


He had two transfer windows to sort Xhaka out. And, okay, he may didnt have the chance to sell him, but there are other options. Exclude him from the squad, e.g, Ozil, Aubameyang? Xhaka is clearly damaging the team. That also is non negotiable. It can happen to anyone, yes, but in Xhaka its default.


So, now Xhaka has self-destructed again, how many new CM do we need now?


On this one Xhaka was left exposed. The moment Tierney decided the pressure action high up my heart stopped.
It is our decision to make Xhaka cover open space when he is not excelling at it.
That been said I also want him out 🙂


Going down to 10 men and we start playing.
Isn’t that a point (in context of Xhaka)?
He shouldn’t even be near the stadium ever again. It’s an insult for all the Arsenal fans.


Last 20 minutes of thus half proves that even down to 10 men, we are still better off without xhaka. Hope MA has had enough.
Proud of the boys!


I’m legitimately astonished we’re still level after this performance.

I think Xhaka’s red unironically helped us refocus and tighten up.

The first twenty minutes were clownish at times.


Just for fun, if we hold out for a 0-0 this would be fucking amazing !!! ❤️


We might need Adams, Bould & Keown for that one!


Arteta :“Ben white has played there [midfield] before, as a central defender, he’s played as a right-back, as part of a three. That’s one of the positive things with Ben[jamin], that he has the capacity to play in different roles.”

Arseblog: For what it’s worth, we doubt it’ll happen unless there’s an in-game emergency (red card, injury, etc.).

Xhaka: Hold my beer

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