Sunday, May 28, 2023

Report: Arsenal interested in Palmeiras midfielder Danilo

According to Brazilian publication R7, Arsenal are interested in signing Palmeiras midfielder Danilo.

The 20-year-old, who already has 83 senior appearances under his belt and two Copa Libertadores trophies, is said to be the subject of a €25 million offer (including add ons) from the Gunners who are keen to get a deal done in January.

It sounds like Palmeiras would prefer to keep hold of their man until the summer, especially with the Club World Cup coming up in February. The report claims only a request from the player himself could make his owners change their mind.

Asked for his opinion on the player, Tim Stillman, who has more than a passing interest in Brazilian football, described Danilo as “left-footed, passing deep-lying midfielder BUT can dribble past pressure too.”

He added: “Always difficult to work out how well a player can translate from Brazil to the Premier League but a decent player. If this is true, that would be long-term Xhaka replacement (not immediate though).”

Given Edu’s connections in Brazil, not to mention the player’s age and profile, this link certainly ticks a few boxes. We’ll be interested to see if it progresses.

At this point, it’s very hard to tell if there’s any truth to it. We don’t know much about R7 and their transfer rumour track record.

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Brazilian Gooners

No one knows players better than his supporters, and Palmeiras fans are between being gutted for him to leave but accepting the money and saying he is worth a lot more and they should not sell.
That’s good news, I guess

CutNpaste comment

If this signing goes ahead it shows a shocking level of commitment/astute succession planning from the board.

A player of this profile is exactly why Mikel Arteta is an Aldi-Pep Guardiola/should be trusted in this process.

I’m absolutely livid/delighted at this news.

Tottenham are shit/shit are Tottenham.


Arsenal soon to become Brasil FC…and I love it!

Johnny 4 Hats

As apposed to Basil FT which was our previous nickname due to outlandish errors of judgement and an inflated sense of self.


Nothing excites me as much as an Brazilian name I have no idea of


Me too.

Johnny 4 Hats

Is that a direct quote from Tim Stillman’s ill fated wedding speech?


It seldom i chortle out loud fir more than a split second at comments. But that one really tickled me Johnny.


Ah, Brazilians with one name. The shorter it becomes the more deadly just like the good old days

Forrest Moore

Me a couple years ago: “Martinelli? Huh? Who?…”


“ left-footed, passing deep-lying midfielder”
So a Brazilian Xhaka…
“BUT can dribble past pressure too.”
Oooo, gimme, gimme, gimme.

Johnny 4 Hats

Xhaka can dribble past players too. Once he’s trod on their achillies.

Naked Cygan

Any upgrades on what we have is good. We need this striker situation sorted out Asap. Laca out of contract soon, Auba dropped and unlikely to play again, Nketiah not good enough and out of contract soon we need 2 proper experienced strikers if Laca is going to leave.

Daz Righ

I want to hear the full story in Auba…. What actually happened?

Arteta Knows Best

I doubt it’s just returning a day late. Maybe broke covid protocol while at it too.

Martin R

Of course we will see Aubameyang playing for us again. I can’t see us selling him this season


Hmm dunno about that. It’s been real hush-hush about Aruba’s reaction to the benching and loss of the armband. If he and Arteta had it out it very well could be a mutual done.

Of course if he decides to act professionally, we have seen Arteta does indeed respect that, and there could well be a way back in for a bit before leaving in the summer.

I don’t know any more than anyone else but so far the indications are grim.


Brazilian gooners, now is your (another) 15 minutes, tell us more pls. ‘Bout the player and the R7 source as well. Approciate and agracaderos.


R7 is owned by the second biggest Brazilian TV station, but they do not have a history in sport news.
Anyway, as a Palmeiras supporter I must say he’s my favourite player of the squad and lucky you if he moves.


Thx a lot dude, sounds grate, as most europeans i know him as a wonderkid from fm, obviously 🙂


If this is true I assume Edu hears good things about him (a la Martinelli). Given his age and relatively low cost, seems squad filler with (hopefully) high ceiling, rather than the immediate impact that many, myself included, are hoping could make the difference in the top 4 chase.

I’m an expert by the way. I’ve watched 3 YouTube vids and googled how many goals/assists he’s got. Also, from my ropey understanding of Portuguese comments on YouTube it sounds like he smashed it in the copa libertadores final. You’re welcome.


Can we not just teach Patino & Azeez & Hutchinson “et al” to speak Portuguese ? Then we can integrate our own homemade Brazilians into the 1st team squad
thus adding billions in Xfer fees for any would be suitors ! #TopYouths #Setthemfree #Topacademy


A 20 yr old who has played against grown men for a few seasons is different than an academy player playing u23.

A Different George

In the real world, it is English (or otherwise “home-grown”) players who command a premium. More than ever after Brexit.


Sounds like the Sambi to Bruno Guimaraes’s Bissouma.


For the life of me I can’t seem to figure this sentence out. Who’s what now?

Group captain mandrake

I think he’s comparing it to when Arsenal signed Sambi when everyone was talking about Bissouma. I think. Don’t hold me to that.

A Different George

It’s clear he cannot be intended to solve the immediate Afcon/Maitland-Miles issue. That requires someone who has played, and proven himself, in a biggish European league (France, Portugal, Netherlands–Belgium at worst), though not necessarily in a big club. Ironically, there is a player who fits this profile perfectly (France, big team, regular in first eleven, has played quite well) plus he is young and has Prem experience. Not only that, but we actually own his contract. Extra bonus: big hair. The irony is that there is not the slightest chance that he will even play for us again.


No that’s not clear and the other guy lacked mobility and speed, falls over when touched, thinks he’s better than he is, and by most accounts was a bit of twat. I wouldn’t want him to play for us again.

A Different George

First, I was kinda kidding. Second, I agree with all the criticisms, but the real point I was making was about the profile of the *short-term* fix we need during the Afcon (and maybe the rest of the season with Maitland-Niles gone). It’s not a 20-year old who has never played outside Brazil. It’s a Guendouzi-level loan (better if he’s not a twat).


Somebody has to count the seconds from the first rumor to the first “Welcome to…” video.
And why all these videos seem to have the same song?


He is playing in my team, he has good skills, and won 2 Libertadores as a senior, don’t feeling difficult in finals.


I like the way people on here get excited about players they have NEVER heard of in their lives.
Nothing like completely blind optimism..


Considering the signings we’ve made recently, players I’ve never heard of who’ve turned out to be amazing.. I’M THRILLED AND EXCITED WITH ANOTHER ONE!!


Why pay €25m when we could get Zakaria on a free in the summer ?


A bird in the hand…


His WOF clips on YouTube don’t look great……but in Artedu we trust


A Brazilian on Martinelli’s FB page:
He’s very good, a player on my team, he’s 20 years old and he’s two-time Libertadores champion, playing practically every game, including the final against Flamengo.
Of all those who rose to the professional level, he is the one who stands out the most and the one who promises to do well in Europe.
Great player, the team that hires him will not regret it.

Sounds alright !


Because Zakaria is terrible in possession, would look like Danilo Pereira at PSG in the Arsenal midfield.


Guys, R7 is like the brazilian dumbest version of The Sun, they don’t even have a sports journo team. Have said that, Danilo certainly is an awesome player, very similar to Xhaka, but compared with Thiago Alcântara in Brazil given his skillset and change of pace to elude players and pressure. He just needs to get better in positional defense.


No poo rating?!


Haven’t been this excited since we got Andre Santos!


I don’t think he even has a wikipedia page yet!


Is he a big strong fast defensive beast as well as a passer? We could still do with upping our physicality as well as technical depth.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

He does but it’s practically a stub –,_born_2001)

Funsho Patrick

Buy cheap,crank up their value or sell without losing money…he’s 20years old and fits in our ‘dortmund’ model….. there’s structure finally….we can see what they’re doing..

Sg gooner

This was wenger model way before dortmund start doing it.


BUT can dribble out of pressure, is that a Santi heir finally?

Not that Andrew

How does this one line up when it comes to the famous work permit process?… when players are young and haven’t represented the national team much or at all, what’s the criteria to be granted a permit?


Sounds reasonable enough.
I’m on board.

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