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Sp*rs v Arsenal off: North London derby is postponed

Reports indicate Sunday’s north London derby has been postponed, although we have yet to have official confirmation that the game is off (it’s expected imminently though).

Arsenal lodged an application for the postponement yesterday citing many players being unavailable “as a result of Covid, injuries and players away with their countries at AFCON.”

This is the first time this season Arsenal have successfully lobbied for a game to be called off due to a lack of personnel. The club’s only other application, ahead of our first game at Brentford, was dismissed despite a Covid outbreak in the squad.

As things stand, Arsenal have four fixtures to rearrange for a variety of reasons; the home game with Wolves (Covid in away team’s camp), the away game with Chelsea (clash with Club World Cup), the home game with Liverpool (clash with Carabao Cup final) and this north London derby.

It’s not ideal and is certainly going to lead to a very busy final third of the season but it is what it is…


The Premier League have published official confirmation. They say:

With Arsenal having fewer than the required number of players available for the match (13 outfield players and one goalkeeper), the Board accepted the club’s application.

The decision is a result of a combination of COVID-19, existing and recent injuries and players on international duty at the Africa Cup of Nations. All clubs are able to apply for a postponement if COVID-19 infections are a factor in their request.

The League apologises for the inconvenience and disruption caused to supporters who would have attended or watched the game – we are fully aware that postponements disappoint clubs and fans.

The League aims to provide as much clarity as possible, but unfortunately postponements sometimes have to be made at short notice, as safety is our priority. Where possible, the League will endeavour to keep supporters updated if games become at risk.

The Premier League’s postponement rules are designed to protect the wellbeing of players and staff, while maintaining the sporting integrity of the competition.

Club requests are assessed on a case-by-case basis, based on existing rules and adapted COVID-19 postponement guidance, implemented in light of the Omicron variant.

The Board examines a number of factors, including the ability of a club to field a team; the status, severity and potential impact of COVID-19; and the ability of the players to safely prepare for and play the match.

The detail within all applications is scrutinised by the League’s specialist staff before the Board makes its decision.

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If this means extra rest for some of our players and a chance for others to recover from injuries and/or COVID, then it’s a good decision imo
Surprised at Spurs and pundits being angry at us, we aren’t the first club to ask for a postponement and likely won’t be the last


If this is confirmed, then it’s the right decision.

If it hasn’t gone our way, then I’d love to see the owners go nuclear and
unleash legal hell on the football powers that be. I’m tired of us being a
“soft touch” when it comes to decisions, both on and off the pitch.


The only thing Kroenkes ever go nuclear on is when they relocate clubs or pocket fees.


Surprised they assented to our request. Thought we had missed a trick by not closing down our training ground the Utd and Liverpool way to appease Messrs. Carragher and his partner, Neville.

It’s okay when others do it. But soon as it’s Arsenal, the pitchforks come out. Massive shootout to Ian Wright for calling Neville and his TV bosses out.

All the naysayers can choke on this news. It is what it is.


wait did wrighty actually call them out? i had no idea
true arsenal legend wrighty


Yeah, Weighty simply quoted their comment with the caption “FROM NOW ON”

Basically, one rule for Pool, Utd, as the narrative suite them. But Arsenal must play.

Just means they can’t talk about the game for “Super Sunday”.


It seems that those against the postponement, are citing that we can “play the kids” or “injuries aren’t COVID”. The rules state a minimum number of players. We can’t meet that requirement tomorrow. As for the actual circumstances, we’ve had I think 8 players out due to covid over the last few weeks, which has resulted in not being able to rotate the squad as much as we might have done. Players are human and pick up injuries, this also happens when they have played too many games. So, although we don’t have an outbreak of covid, we are seeing… Read more »


The reason people are pushing back against this is the majority of our players missing are down to non Covid factors such as suspensions, Africa & us letting cover go out on loan – not Covid. We really shouldn’t be allowed to postpone this but because the PL has no clear guidelines and other clubs are doing the same we should be allowed to as well. That said this really is a farce.


I disagree.

We’ve had covid cases, but they’ve been spread out, so players have played when they might not have done due to rotation.

We can’t rotate with an unavailable player.

Xhaka’s suspension shouldn’t be considered, granted, I agree.

But Saka, Cedric and Chambers are all doubts following the Liverpool game. Tomi, Martin unavailable.

Yes we loaned out Balogun and AMN, but both have hardly featured so loan deals aren’t particularly relevant.


We also aren’t playing in Europe which has meant little to no need for rotation this year. Almost every player missing for us right now is simply part of normal squad management. This is why you carry more than 11 players in a squad. Other clubs are doing the same thing do we should get to, but let’s not pretend this is down to some sort of Covid hardship ravaging the squad. I think Neville is right – going forward there should be zero postponements as clubs like us (everyone in reality) are simply gaming the system to their advantage.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Arteta ought to imitate how Klopp gets the best out of his players consistently not how he cheats the system.


Clearly everyone is doing it which is a big issue. It was meant to be if you had a squad wrecked by Covid – not simply bc your best player isn’t fit for a game which is how we and everyone else are using it.

Tampa Jack

They set the rules and if we meet the requirements then we are entitled to get the game pushed.
A number of very good points Anthony. I Particularly like your point regarding cumulative effect of our Covid cases over last few week on squad depth and how it’s forced us into squad decisions that have left us temporarily with a threadbare squad. We may only have a couple of cases but recent cases have done it’s damage.


Are you really surprised though?


Clearly we should’ve faked positive Covid tests like other clubs to avoid the scorn we’re getting. How does one come about 40 “false positives” anyway?

Naked Cygan

All the pundits are a bunch of w*nkers with a baboon A@@ face. Mainly the w*king di*k face Gary Neville. No one came to our defense for the Brentford game. Gray Bast*Rd Neville didn’t say anything when Man UTD got 2 games in a row off, then the bunch of sh*theads at Liverpool with their bollocks fake positive tests, no one said anything. No we ask for a game off and these fk heads are um in arms waving their panties in the air that Arsenal should not get a game off? You got to be having a laugh.

Naked Cygan

Sorry for cursing so much but I have had it with these bastards always against us and I am still pi$$ed off about the Xhaka red card and Ronaldo was my fantasy football Capitan and he is not even on the bench for ffs sake. Where the fk did they find their manager? His is a dumb fk he gave them training off and then he shows up for training and now no Ronaldo?

Giuseppe Hovno

Naked Cygan, you have an unhealthy amount of rage. You may want to try some yoga or something

CO Arse

Also, no matter how seriously anyone takes fantasy, I’ve never even considered having a Spuds, Puds, ManUre, Chelski or Shitty player on any of my teams. So whining about Conaldo not playing is absurdity, not to mention Karma.


I agree! I don’t understand how any self-respecting Gooner can have a Spuds player in their fantasy football team. Please join my league next season CO Arse where such stupidity is against our rules!

Jeremy DG

Honestly if I were a spud fan I’d be happy. I know they are a shameless bunch of charlatans with nothing to crow about and a constant source of banter due to their inherit ability to bottle any situation but here’s the thing: if we played tomorrow and they won (unlikely I know), their would have been very little satisfaction for them beating out kids. Plus we could have pulled out all of the excuses and told them to go fuck themselves (along with the corrupt PL). If they lost…well they would have never heard the end of it. Lose… Read more »

Bossman Bill


Gives us time to sign a tasty looking striker and midfielder who won’t get sent off before we play them.


Yeah , that would be swell but just getting some players back should do it.

Brady’s bunch

I still think we had enough to beat them but happy to postpone


Likelihood of not having Saka and Tomi. Not to mention the fitness issues/concerns of ESR and of course no Odegaard.


If you discount Mari & Kolasinac who are seemingly all but out the door, I worked out we had 12 fit senior players(2 of those being Ramsdale & Leno), then you look at possible injuries to Saka/Chambers/Tierney & now an apparent new Covid case in the squad this morning, what else were we suppose to do? Wait till 2.30pm tomorrow & request the postponement? The hypocrisy of the media when it comes to this is hilarious


Whatever way we look at the squad, of the players available (not on loan or international duty) we haven’t enough players to play. Some are injuries, and we’ve atleast two players out directly due to covid. As I said in another comment, we’ve had around 8 absentees over the last few weeks directly due to covid. Mikel has had covid and managed the city game by proxy. We haven’t been able to rotate the squad to avoid injuries as much as we might have done. More minutes = inevitable injuries, knocks etc. This is the cumulative effect of playing through… Read more »


Michael generally doesn’t rotate anyways. Players like Pepe
, Balgoun, Mari, Amn have barely set foot on the pitch this year. We’ve had an incredibly lite load this year with no European football. We should get to cancel bc others are but let’s at least be honest about it – it has virtually nothing to do with Covid.


Not cool at all. Wehad one covid case – Odegaard. Saka and others were out injured – nothing to do with Covid. Arsenal loaned out players. AFCON players they were aware of going well before. They gamed the system (the way others have also done before perhaps) but did it so blatantly. Alright, cool Mikel, cool with your no compromises honour attitude – where has that gone now?


You in or out?


Haha! Yeah firmly on the fence I’d say



Billy bob

Suspect it is a spuds fan 🤣

Heavenly Chapecoense

No, were avare of this:
Arsène Wenger, the Arsenal football manager, graciously offered to stage a rematch after his side won an FA Cup-tie on a controversial winning goal.


Aiming for the record of thumbs down?


By Jove I think (s)he’s got it

Bossman Bill

What is the record, anyone know?


Maybe not the right thing to do, but it’s definitely the smart thing

Zadok the Regular Priest

They didn’t game the system, this IS the system. Gaming the system would be lying about having a load of Covid cases. There’s nothing here to suggest Arsenal haven’t been perfectly honest, and are benefitting from a rule that applies to all the teams in the league. If you think they shouldn’t have done so, then it’s a stupid rule, take it up with the FA or whoever. But this isn’t on Arteta or Arsenal.


Gaming the system do you mean having 8 covid cases.
Then like magic 7 turn out to be false positives

Zadok the Regular Priest

Yeah I’d say doing something like that, especially before, say, a cup semi-final while your two best players are away on international duty, would be a fair description of gaming the system.


Turns out they claimed to have 40 cases from what I read yesterday. 40 into just 1? Yeah, not fishy at all that


False positives are so rare, that you’d need thousands of tests to come up with 40 false positives (or a batch of dodgy test kits)

A Different George

I think you are exactly right.

According to the Premier League’s statement “All clubs are able to apply for a postponement if COVID-19 infections are a factor in their request.”

As I read that (and as any legal advisor to the club or to the league would read it), it means that if you can’t field the requisite number of players, and at least one of the absences is due to covid (“a factor”), then you are entitled to a postponement.

That may be a stupid standard, but mid-January is not the moment to change or re-interpret it.


Following the rules Mikel laid out isn’t akin to honour.
Honour is more filling a promise or doing the morally right thing.
Having one player have covid means it IS something to do with covid, though very very little.


How do you know there’s only one case of COVID-19 at the club .
The way we play covid cases close to the chest


Yes I am aware it’s not a good idea to keep covid close to the chest


I’m unclear why you don’t think Arsenal acted “morally” . They seem to have given an honest account of players not available. This fulfilled the criteria for requesting a postponement. No doubt, evidence was adduced and accepted. There’s a TOTALLY different argument whether the criteria are nonsensical, but given that Spuds and Utd have used it successfully means that Arsenal would be naive in the extreme not to use it. Liverpool, on ghe other hand, cheated. A lateral flow test has an accuracy of 99.75%. That is 1 chance in 400. Liverpool claim they had TEN false positives. Why don’t… Read more »


I think people are getting the meaning of my post wrong.
To clarify its in reply to the original suggestion that Mikels non negotiables are part of some honour system rather than just a set of rules he has set out for his players to adhere to.
I didn’t suggest in my comment that I was referring to anything arsenal had done or to any actions other than the original post.


Are you Conte
Are you Keane
Are you Lloris in disguise?
Are you The Sc*m in disguise?


I’m curious if we might have had one or two extra COVID cases pop up.

We shall find out in the next day or so.

The Beast

Your use of “they” is a bit telling

Brady’s bunch

Sorry to piss on your chips buddy

Dr Zebra

Haha well a good lesson not to eat from the “toilet” then


It’s smart, not cool. Liverpool also had one positive test for TAA. We had 4 against Brentford and no postponement.


You weren’t so honourable & pious when we had 9 players out COVID related against Brentford which we were denied a postponement just to suit the tv company next day.Get a life.


and this kids, is why you don’t do drugs.


Putting aside the curious vitriol towards Arteta here, where the hell shouldn’t we apply for this postponement? We got stuffed in the season opener (and that went down like a lead balloon…), saw the first leg of the carabao cup postponed in what evolved to appear like spurious circumstances And nothing in our request is against league’s requirements. I’m all for this postponement, I’m just surprised the dice rolled in our favour this time.

I suppose if we’d played with a skeleton crew and lost, you’d have blamed Arteta for the defeat?


What’s this guy saying???


Spurs mole.


Why do I have a feeling we have a Tottenham fan in here


Well, they’re not the sharpest tools in the box and we did play a match wearing white.
We’ll just have to live with their being all confused about where they’re supposed to be for a while.

ESR’s shinpads

We gamed the system? Damn right. Don’t like it? Reassess your priorities.


Quiet down Harry Kane


If there is one upside of the FA cup disaster it’s not having that add more fixtures


Wasn’t there a match against burnley that was postponed too?


You mean v Spuds when pitch covered in snow???


I think he’s getting mixed up with our Burnley game getting moved because of the Liverpool reschedule


Good. We’ve had to put up with others doing this to us. Fuck the spuds.


What I enjoy the most about the spuds been so angry is because their fixture list for Feb and march will be fucking crazy.


True.Atleast Partey,eleny,a new CM signing and maybe ST will be back then,so we may be able to cope


*United have games postponed*
*Liverpool have game postponed*
*Arsenal want game postponed*


Steve McManaman just spontaneously combusted

A Different George

So, there’s a big upside to all this.

Anthony McCabe

Best comment anywhere today. 😂

A Different George

Worth fixture congestion.


If only that were true.

“And your thoughts, Steve….?”

* Loud explosion and when the smoke clears, the camera cuts to a massive big globby pile of steaming phlegm with a dodgy 90’s acid rave wig perched atop of it on the studio floor.







Billy bob


Zadok the Regular Priest

I think the key was how the postponement request was phrased almost word for word in the exact same way as the way the confirmation of the postponement of Leicester’s recent game: “injuries, Covid cases, and players at AFCON”. Smart move from whoever came up with that one, as it essentially put the Premier League in a corner. Pundits are whining, and in some ways I can understand the unhappiness given that we only have one Covid case and just packed off two players. But a precedent’s been set and we’ve followed it. It’s all very well saying “Bayern Munich… Read more »


One covid case that we know of. Its possible others are there that have been identified since the last game, or others needing to isolate.
I was (nervously) looking forward to the game but we’ve played through our fare share of covid issues, and when games are being called off all over the shop I think it’s fair enough to lodge an application when it appears to be to our advantage.
In the same way we shouldn’t be soft/naive on the pitch, we can’t be naive off it either.


Yes, I am wondering the same thing.
It wouldn’t be a surprise if one or two extra cases were identified recently.
We should know more in the next day or so.

Zadok the Regular Priest

The official statement says “All clubs are able to apply for a postponement if Covid 19 infections are a factor in their request“. So it seems as though MØ’s case would be enough.

Kareem Mohamed

Yes, one is enough but two or three would be even better. So we would have obviously included additional cases if they popped up.

Dennis Elbow

It can’t be an unfair rule if it applies to all teams in the league.
It’s just because it’s Arsenal that people are freaking out about it.
Most pundits, commentators and media outlets do not like Arsenal and it’s been that way for as long as I can remember.


Spurs incandescent with rage, ha ha ha.


This is one of the top 4 decider match and 6 pointer for both the clubs.
So good that it got postponed.


Everyone else has been doing this – including Spurs.
Liverpool played the game and turned out most of the covid cases were false positives.
They could hardly say no to Arsenal’s request – especially as we had games posponed with Wolves and Liverpool.
We will have players back and hopefully some signed by the time we face them again.
I think the backlash we are receiving is basically what we gave ourselves so its just tit for tat…


Carragher and Neville are upset because there will be no super sunday match.
Its not about the match or the fans its about viewing figures for them.
At least it will be a break from listening to their brainless northern bias commentary..


That’s all it is. Both probably down to do commentary for it so both talking out of their wallets for the missed payday

Teryima Adi

Desperate times call for desperate measures. We live to fight another day.


The rules are set to be followed. Teams have been benefiting from the rules and now that it arsenal suddenly tables are turning. it is visible that some teams like special treatment only for themselves.

Dennis Elbow

Scousers, mancs and spuds can go have sex with themselves and each other.


I hate the whole, undocumented, system and complained about postponements previously. However, if it’s there, use it to your advantage.

Upsetting Spuds is just a happy by-product. It’ll probably be overturned by VAR and Spuds awarded a win😉

Zadok the Regular Priest

VAR reviews that Arsenal have crossed the line but no other club has.


Honestly quite happy about this.. I really thought the FA would screw us, and I’m loving the pure salt from the Spuds fans as they knew only chance they had to beat us was for us to play a severely depleted/ tired group ( although I still would fancy our chances against them)

and it adds one more fixture for them to play in an other wise very congested next month or two which works in our favour.


Have you seen their statement? “Uefa said…”….errrr what’s you getting kicked out of a 3rd tier European competition by refusing to play your kids, gotta do with a Premier League ruling? Stupidity runs deep in that lot it seems


I totally agree. Spurs should be embarrassed by that statement. Lamenting how they were treated by Uefa… comparing it with EPL? When other teams got games against us canceled we took it on the chin and moved on.

Brady’s bunch

And they waited until the Rennes team were in London for the match




Spörs just dodged a bullet!!


Yes we only have one case currently but part of the parameters talk about increasing harm to players. We have had regular cases over the last month or so and I believe a factor of the argument is that players who might have rested have had to play as a result which has caused them injuries. Therefore ‘covid is a factor’ as the epl statement highlighted. Postponement benefits both sides as spuds are a shambles at the moment and we would have beaten them anyway


We’ve had another positive in this mornings round of testing. Downside to this is they’ll have Son back & his the only one of their forwards(I guess you could say Laca aka Moura too) who looks like he actually gives a shit

Galaxy Within

Finally on the right side of a COVID postponement. Plus, in the US, the game was only available on Peacock Streaming. Hopefully the rearrangement changes that.


It won’t. NBC generally shows the more marquee games on Peacock rather than on their regular channels because they want viewers to pay for the service


Fair’s fair


Not really surprised by all of the salt. Everyone has gotten so used to decisions going against Arsenal, that when a rule is finally applied fairly, it feels like injustice.

Absolutely the correct and sensible decision.


Carragher & Neville had an agenda.Driven by the TV company,sky.& their bias towards their respective clubs.Saw an opportunity for Arsenal to drop points with a depleted side which( now that we’re seen as a threat ) would have been handy.Tough.


The weight of refereeing decisions and the Liverpool scam was just too heavy from them to refuse.


The way I see it, we’re due a postponement for Covid infections since the PL denied to have the Brentford game postponed at the start of the season.


Agreed. Maybe this will be a lesson the the Premier League consistency. They need to place some clear rules for postponement before the beginning of next season.

I can’t believe the started without anything in place before this season started. The pandemic was already running over a year.


Carragher and Neville can stuff it! They conveniently stayed silent when ‘Pool and Manure games were postponed.
So glad the decision has gone our way, for once.


If I’m not mistaken this is the first game Arsenal have requested to be postponed (amongst what feel like dozens) but suddenly this is the one under so much media scrutiny? It really does feel like us against the world sometimes.

Mesut Ö’Neill

They did request the very first game against Brentford.

It’s all former Manc & Scouse pundits that are in a kefuffle


Don’t really care about the biased and hypocritical whining. But does anyone know when this match will likely be played? And which of our key players will likely be back?

ESR’s shinpads

Suggest nobody answers the phone until afcon has finished and current injuries/covid cases mysteriously disappear 😬


Get in there!!!!!!!!

Great work by the club!!!

With our players back from ACON and hopefully a couple of new signings we will be able to put out a very strong side at Spuds.

That game will be a 6-pointer and we’ll have our best 11 out there. AND HOPEFULLY NO XHAKA!!!


Not often I agree with you dear boy, but SPOT ON! 😂

Martin R

Since Xhaka returned his partnership with Partey has blossomed and we’ve gone up the table. Since Everton, the only match we have lost with him in the team was the unlucky defeat v Man City.


When he gave away a stupid penalty

He’s a liability


The whole squad played well since Everton, coincidentally when Xhaka had a stinker of a game. City defeat entirely down to Xhaka, we were winning before his brainfart. And Liverpool? The team bailed him out again. Funny how you mention Xhaka as a reason for the good run when it’s the rest of the team that has been carrying his nonexistent footballing brain.


I don’t think this is Arsenal gaining an advantage. It is about Arsenal not playing at a disadvantage. It’s competing on a level playing field. The same goes for all clubs.


I am actually surprised the PL awarded us this, considering their history of decisions against us.We had more injuries and AFCON issues than COVID 19 but the rule is <13 players- postponement allowed.Agenda-led crybabies Neville and Carragher need to take a long hard look in the mirror, where were they when Liverpool fudged COVID cases to get postponement? The PL rules themselves have loopholes -I understand the criticism towards them.We just went according to the rules.


Fucking result!

When it comes to putting a best XI out, I much rather fancy ours than theirs.

I gather they were ‘angry’ that we applied for the game to be postponed.

Hopefully they’ll now be so apoplectic as to self combust and I hope they all do their cruciate whilst stamping their feet. The trophy dodging cunts. 😊


Jamie O’Hara logged out of his account after being ripped a new one by Arsenal Twitter. 🤣


Gary ‘The Cunt’ Neville chooses an Arsenal postponement request to lose his tiny mind.
How many COVID postponements has there been? Yet this professional northern cunt waits until it’s Arsenal.
Bumfluff cunt.


Souness, Carragher, McManaman, Neville, Keane – none of those northern club twats can get over themselves when it comes to showing any impartiality towards Arsenal.

Fucking pricks, the lot of them.

In contrast, our past players such as Wrighty, Smudger, the Merse, Lee Dixon and Martin Keown are always professional. Wrighty has a gentle rib every now and then, but it’s always good natured.

Unlike that flat cap cobble stone bread and dripping lot up the M1.



ESR’s shinpads

Loving the anger – to be clear, do you consider Mr G Neville to be a cunt?


We’ll be able to field a much stronger side, hopefully with talented new signings, when they reschedule this match. But so will they…

Anyway, ha! F#&* Sp*rs!!!


Ha.. ha… Spurs fans are surely angry about this. They have an advantage tomorrow. Now, we can wait until our players come back from AFCON. Good news. Ask Spurs to complete their 2 games short. Now we can prepare full energy for the 2nd leg against Liverpool.


What’s funny is that Arsenal used the rules to their advantage, totally screwing with the Spuds, much to smile about this weekend. Sucks for all Gunners who had made plans to watch the game. But seeing the seething spuds over the postponement is next best to beating them. Much needed break for the boys after a hard fought draw at Anfield, now lets get ready for the second leg. COYG!


not easy reading.
we have too many AFCOM players and madness to release AMN on loan before bringing in a replacement.

ESR’s shinpads

You need to get with the programme…

Guns Up

That plopping sound you just heard was MikE getting thrown off the boat.


To be consistent, I denounce this decision, just like I’ve denounced previous postponements from various clubs.


Back in the day clubs only had squads of about 15-16 players and only 1 sub per match. If they had used modern criteria it would have taken 10 years to complete a season. Fair play to Arsenal though. Just using the rules to their advantage like every other club.

ESR’s shinpads

And that one sub was Perry Groves and his long throws and his shit ginger hair…


You mean the guy who set up Charlie Nicholas at Wembley for the winner of our first trophy in eight years? The guy whose goals and dressing room morale boosting banter was instrumental in helping this club to two much needed league titles to put it back where it belongs? The guy whose great uncle captained Arsenal and who has carried on his family’s love for the club to this day? The guy who regularly puts anti-Arsenal pundits firmly in their place on a largely anti-Arsenal radio station – often at their hilarious expense…? Contrary to a lot of ignorance.… Read more »

Sir No Goals

Have a look at how Jeff Stelling announced the news and you’ll understand how warped the media is about Arsenal. Everyone hates us.


Positive Covid tests leading to postponement;
Liverpool 1 (Arnold),
Arsenal 1 (Odegaard)

The next big question now is will we have enough players available to play Liverpool next Thursday.




The horror, the horror.


Funny how the pundits didn’t breath a word when Liverpoo came up with SEVEN false positive Covid tests and used that as an excuse to postpone our match a week and a half ago, yet they’re all up in arms when we actually legitimately don’t have enough players to make a squad. To put that Liverpoo twattery into perspective. The Covid test they used has a false positive rate of one in every 400 tests. Therefore, the chance that seven specific players all return a false positive is one in 1,638,400,000,000,000,000. Or, about the same odds as a person born… Read more »

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