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Arteta plays down contract extension talk

Mikel Arteta says he’s very happy at Arsenal, but played down reports that he set to be given a new contract by the club.

There have been newspaper stories about an extension to his current deal which runs until June 2023, but the Spaniard insists he’s focused first and foremost on what the team needs to achieve this season and beyond, and that everything else will follow on from that.

Ahead of the visit of Wolves tomorrow evening, he said, “Listen, it’s just that I am really happy here and my aim is just to build, with the club, a winning team.

“A team that people enjoy watching, that they can identify with and that can transmit what we want football-wise and as an organisation.”

It was put to Arteta that progress has been made and the next inevitable step is to extend his stay.

“I just think things will happen naturally, as they have happened over the last few months, and our focus has to be delivering what we want to do.

“I am happy with the direction we are taking. I’m not happy with where are based on where we want to be, that’s for sure.

“Because we want to be competing with and challenging the best teams in this league in consecutive seasons.

“We are not there yet but I think the team is evolving in the right direction. The project and the phases that we proposed – they are happening and there are positives to take, but we are not there.”

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I’ve been far more impressed with Mikel this season, a good summer and clearing out the excess has helped a lot. CL qualification would be great but will be tough to achieve but great that it is possible. A young first team with some great players is a strong place to be.

Let’s hope we can beat Wolves at home, something we haven’t managed in the last 4 matches.

I look forward to the Arteta/Edu project, if they can keep heading in the same direction,


Yes it feels like he’s almost finished building his own team, next summer should bring the last missing pieces (CM and CF). If he manages to bring us back to Europe I don’t see him leaving for another 3-4 years unless something really goes wrong, as he’s only starting to reap the benefits of his work.
Hope it’s the same for Saka, but I’m cautiously optimistic, as it must be really exciting to be a part of this project right now.


He’s spot on, of course we need to see where we finish up but only a blind man would deny the clear upward curve we’re on currently – for which he must take his share of the credit.


A blind man… or some of the myopic muppets on here. And I feel this is long overdue in being aired on the Blog: Arteta has not miraculously become a different manager since late last year – he’s the same considered, honest, highly ethical bloke. A bloke who clearly had a plan for how he would try to sort the bugger’s muddle that our club had become. None of us could really know just how bad the shit-show was, that he inherited… what farcical b/s had been going on behind the scenes. He simply needed a little time – which… Read more »

Julio Baptista's humble alter ego

I still remember the look on his face when he was City’s Assistant Manager, playing against us (We got spanked if I recall). He’d held talks with the club by then and knew he was coming to take over, but the look on his face “Oh my goodness what a shitshow”


Let’s just see the proof in the pudding first, eh?

Top four – oh sorry, it’s top six now all of a sudden, isn’t it…..


For me the jury is still out with Arteta, however you cannot question the results and where we sit at the moment. It’s the inconsistency that will stop us getting 4th place and having that Champs League carrot to attract better players. Nothing is going to change Managerwise before the end of the season so we need to get behind him and the Team and finish strongly. COYG….

Funsho Patrick

Come on!!! United has spent 500m pounds with a whole lot of coaches… teams like Everton around us have thrown the kitchen sink at trying to get into Europe…..will anything please you?!


I think you’re missing my point, I am happy with where we are at the moment. ‘The Managerwise’ bit I was referring too is we stick with Arteta and see what happens…. I’m not suggesting we go down the Watford or Moan U route of revolving door Managers….

Arsene's Smirk

| Inconsistency?
Minus the first of the season, we have been waay more consistent than any of the teams around us.

| Nothing is going to change Managerwise before the end of the season
What are you on about? Who is talking about changing Manager?

| we need to get behind him and the Team and finish strongly. COYG….


I’ve marked this season as a tipping point for my faith in Mikel and the club. They’ve sure tipped the scales to the point of my unconditional support, I must say. Even felt proud of being a gooner again. Onwards and upwards.

Arsene's Smirk

Totally Agree! The recruitment, playing style, the energy thats coming out of the club, the players themselves. All positive.

I’ve even started feeling sympathetic towards Xhaka!

Champions League will be the cherry on a already very decent cake.


Just beat Wolves tomorrow. One game at a time for me. We have done a fair bit but we still have a long way to go. However, a return of St Totteringhams day will trigger an automatic contract extension. Make it happen please


Forget about this one game syndrome, I will rather win all other matches and lose to Spurs.


You have my downvote for even thinking about losing to Spurs.


1. Qualify for European football
2. Finish above Tottenham
3. Not lose to Tottenham
Minimum for this season

Really hope he signs an extension early this summer. He fits the model of the plan the club are implementing and the players seem to really be on board with this project.

Funsho Patrick

The recruitment,spot on… coaching,great… disciplined, improved massively…style of play, attractive… weldone Edu and Mikel…you’re a year or more ahead of schedule… we’ll be a frightening squad even with as little as 10% improvement year on year!


i think the noticeable proof that the fans are backing mikel now is how quiet we were about our star player leaving.

Auba left arsenal and the only moans we really heard were post the window closing that we didnt get anyone in. nothing about the fact he went on a free to the dreadful barca.


If we manage to make top four with Lacazette chasing shadows in midfield, then fair play to Arteta. He’ll have got us there with only three wheels on the wagon.

That said, it was his choice to sell Auba, so a top six finish has to be the absolute minimum.

We then need to sign a top drawer striker in the summer.

Failure to achieve that and serious questions will need to be asked, never mind a contract extension.


how do you know it was his choice? auba could have downed tools after his punishment for not returning from france, and a downed tools player whos earning the most should be cut from the wage bill.

top 6 was always the bar and our performances are visibly improved.


Top Six was a club statement was it? Or just top four now actually becomes a top six expectation that we’re all having to go along with?


I’d argue Auba downed tools long before that punishment. He’d been shite for us for months. It was the same thing in the lead up to him leaving Dortmund.

As for here, IIrC he didn’t want to sign the contract extension in the first place. Probably didn’t have a satisfactory offer elsewhere at the time.


Agree. Good to have some perspective after/around the cheerleading in comments above. Wonder sometimes if it’s a social media/PR op, but that way madness lies.


To get to where we actually were last season but one – Top Six – is the new holy grail. Be Excited.

Teryima Adi

I believe in the process.


If we finish out top 6 would this extension be justified?

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