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New date announced for Wolves fixture

Arsenal’s home fixture against Wolves, which was supposed to take place on December 26th, has been rescheduled for Thursday February 24th.

The game will kick off at 19.45 and will be broadcast in the UK on TaxDodger Amazon Prime.

The original fixture was postponed due to Wolves being unable to field a side due to a combination of Covid cases and injuries. That sparked national outcry in the press, with every pundit, commentator, football writer, blogger, podcaster, YouTuber, Twitch streamer and melon-headed gimps who used to play for Sp*rs accusing Wolves of flagrant, unrepentant cheating.

Oh wait. No it didn’t.

Funny that.

The new date means we’ll play Wolves twice in two weeks. Our first game back from the mid-season break is on Thursday 10th Feb at Molineux. Fingers crossed for a quick-fire double.

We are still awaiting rescheduled dates for the North London derby, as well as games against Chelsea and Liverpool.

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Ron Robertson

Great! As a Season Ticket holder who can’t make evening matches this is just wonderful 🙄


As a red member, I cannot make this game nor can I put my ticket on the ticket exchange. Which is very annoying. Waste of money.. really.


Re: “That sparked national outcry in the press, with every pundit, commentator, football writer, blogger, podcaster, YouTuber, Twitch streamer and melon-headed gimps who used to play for Sp*rs accusing Wolves of flagrant, unrepentant cheating.”

Credit goes to Micah Richards, who didn’t jump on the lazy-pundit bandwagon and actually stuck up for Arsenal (read: stuck up for basic fairness and common sense).


Great comment though, Blogs. Fantastically appropriate use of sarcasm. 🏆

Once a gunner

He really defended us is he an Arsenal fan?

Yes he supported Arsenal because of Ian Wright.

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

I am a fan and I am not defending us on this.
In AFCON, Equatorial Guinea had to play a defender in goal for one of their games because two GK had Covid and the third injured and AFCON rules do not allow to bring in players during the competition.


So they played by the rules of the competition then. That’s novel. Except it isn’t at all as that’s exactly what we did

Petit's Handbag

That’s a ridiculous rule.




They are two points behind us and haven’t lost in the last 5 matches, winning 4 of them. So no guarantees we will beat them, especially as they drew with Chelsea and beat Man U. Plus lost only 1-0 to both Liverpool and City just before that.

Expect two tough matches…

Once a gunner

Arsenal will finish them mark my word

Gutbukkit Deffrolla

Well yes, we’ll finish both matches. Maybe with 11 players, maybe with only 9 or 10 , but we are sure to finish them. We have finished every match we played this season. Whether we manage to get points from either match is a different question.

(Yes, I do know what you really meant, though I’m not sure I am all that confident at the moment. Hoping the fresh start sans Auba will somehow rejuvenate their winning spirit).


You shouldn’t really mock someone’s sentence construction then use the brackets incorrectly (should have opened them prior to the full stop after question, closing them after the first sentence).


Did the double over us last season if memory serves.


If, and that’s a big IF, we do the double over them, it’s a Champions league spot


Wolves are a tough team. Watched them play recently and they played some great football.

Baichung Bhutia
Crash Fistfight

I mean, it doesn’t take much reading to find out that it’s the ship-building company’s fault that the bridge is being dismantled. It’s not his responsibility as to where/how a company operates its business.


With the game finishing at 9:30pm on Christmas Eve when trains start cutting back, by the time many fans get home they might be getting greeted by Santa by the time they get home

Man Manny

Although we did not manage to bring a striker in this January, I hope we at least got Discipline on loan for the rest of the season..
He could be more important than another striker. If nothing else, he will ensure we end matches with 11 men. I am certain his absence was the reason we dropped 2 points against Burnley.

Merlin’s Panini

Still think we should’ve gone in for Neves in the summer. Also seeing as Ramsey ended up on loan at Rangers, would anyone have been happy if we’d taken him on loan in January? I know I would. Seemed like a no brainer if we didn’t have to pay his full £400,000 a week, which I highly doubt Rangers are.

Merlin’s Panini

Guess I’m alone in my thoughts. Lol


PL & TV means nothing to hardship of away support, never has done, they don’t seem to realise having a big support of away fans make what English football is what its about, which makes it the most watched football league in the world, the vocal supporters heard, the piss taking mirth and jubilation of travelling so far to glow on the journeys home, in other European leagues you might get a lot of ultras to their derby games a couple of thousand to a match 100 kilometres away but no other country like us will travel on mass for… Read more »

Dennis Roy Bastin

I believe this game is on BT Sport not Amazon Prime?

Dennis Roy Bastin

Woops, sorry confused this with the away fixtures, apologies

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