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Arsenal’s April fixtures confirmed, Chelsea game rearranged

The Premier League have confirmed that Arsenal’s postponed match with Chelsea at Stamford Bridge has been rearranged for Wednesday, 20th April

The fixture was originally scheduled to take place in February but was shelved due to the Blues’ participation in the FIFA Club World Cup.

Their continued involvement in the Champions League and FA Cup has made it tricky to find a suitable date and that’s been complicated by Sky Sports trying to make it work with their existing commitments.

Assuming nothing else changes, our jaunt to west London will come a few days after an away trip to Southampton (16th April) and tees up a difficult three-game run that will see us face Manchester United three days later at home (23rd April) and West Ham United away (30th April).

It’s worth pointing out that the Premier League was due to announce these selections on 21 February. They are more than three weeks late on their own deadline, which makes it very difficult for supporters to plan ahead.

Do better.

April fixtures

Crystal Palace vs Arsenal
Selhurst Park
8pm, Monday 4 April
Sky Sports

Arsenal vs Brighton 
Emirates Stadium
3pm, Saturday 9 April

Southampton vs Arsenal
St Mary’s
3pm, Saturday 16 April

Chelsea vs Arsenal
Stamford Bridge
7,45pm, Wednesday 20 April
Sky Sports

Arsenal vs Manchester United
Emirates Stadium
12.30pm, Saturday 23 April
BT Sport

West Ham United vs Arsenal
London Stadium
4.30pm, Sunday 1 May
Sky Sports

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Kedah Gooner

Another squeeze of fixtures within the month but at least 4/5 will be in London. Here’s hoping fatigue will be minimal. COYG!


We have 14 days (int’l break?) before the Southhampton, Chelsea, United run so shouldn’t be too bad. Still waiting for the NLD reschedule. They’ll set it for mid week just before the final matchday, won’t they?


Slight amendments: We play Brighton (April 9) between CP and Southampton. Also, both us and Man U have 3 games in 7 days that week. So our schedule is just as bad as theirs. They play Norwich and Liverpool, we play Southampton and Chelsea.

It will certainly be a midweek game under the lights in any case, there isn’t a spare weekend left in the calendar.

Likely a Wednesday on either May 4, 11, or 18.


I kinda assumed they were gonna fix that game between Utd and West Ham, just to test us.

Walter White

Those are some hard fixtures. 4 away games against very decent opponents and the home game against Man U is the early kick off after Chelsea.
Nobody said it was easy!


Yeah, a very tough April month. We should have a much clearer idea of the validity of our top 4 claim come May.

OK Dave

No shit 😂


OK, guess that didn’t come out the way I thought 😛 What I meant was that our sterner tests are almost all in April, so the dice could mainly be rolled before our last 4 games.


“We should know where we’ve finished by the season’s end”


mostly maybe – that line of thinking works every time, 50% of the time most of the time

Ordnance Dave

If we score more goals than we concede tomorrow, we will win.

Mayor McCheese

Not sure about that, Dave. We’ll get a better sense of tomorrow’s result at full time.

Depends who the referee is.

Dr Zebra

Indeed but the silver lining is we’ll have limited travel as all three are in London!

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Unless the Chelsea match is moved to Moscow.

I know it doesn’t really matter what order the fixtures are fulfilled, but I reckon we’ve had a slice of good fortune with the postponements of the tough games against Chelsea, Sp*ds, Liverpool.

Without those hurdles, we’ve been on a decent unbeaten run since New Year’s Day which has really set us up nicely for the final 10 week stretch.

Clock End 20

And the Spurs game…? What’s the wait for? Neither of us have got any other competitions to worry about, should be a 5 minute job to find a date.

It makes no sense to have rescheduled the Chelsea match but not the scum, unless there are genuinely pushing it right to the last week to give them as much chance as possible to catch up.


Right to be cynical, but I suspect it’s more likely they’d be pushing it because they’ll be able to bill it as The Barclays Budweiser Carabao Heineken Champions League Decider ™ and Sky make a tonne of advertising revenue on the broadcast if it was genuinely to decide which of us and Spurs gets fourth.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Fine by me, I’d love to clinch 4th at their place.


With any luck, by that late date, it may be a done deal.


Why can’t we move the Man U game to Sunday if we are playing Wednesday?

Another lunchtime kick off – I’m worried about that this week

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Likely because there’s a chance United could be playing in the Champions League semi-final on the following Tuesday (April 26).


More chance of me shagging Penelope Cruz


She’d never cheat on me.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Or me.

Billy bob



Not anymore!

Nainsley Aitland Miles

The problem is it’s now too late to move the fixture to Sunday as it has already been assigned a TV slot!


Now it’s time to keep the youth explosion and build around lackadaisical he deserves it may not be scoring but he leading by example give him another contract alow him to finish playing with arsenal like a good striker deserves Theiry Henry did it so can laca do it arsenal family


Really hoping to hear Blogs’ take on Chelseas gross request to have their cup match behind closed doors (seriously, claiming an unfair disadvantage over 4000 fans?)

Billy bob

Scum football club that looks like it is getting their long overdue comeuppance!!!


They’ve already withdrawn that request, probably because some of their fans made them aware of just how embarrassing it was in the first place.


So I’ve since seen. Doesn’t change the fact they made it in the first place. Did enjoy the forceful wording on Middlesborough’s rebuttal, they were disgusted!

Hopefully Arsenal fans will be allowed into Stamford Bridge on April 20th.

Brentford have temporarily suspended selling tickets to their game away at Chelsea as they seek clarification from the authorities.


Why does the prem do that stupid thing of making you play the early game on a Saturday after squeezing in the extra game on Wednesday??? Just like we are setting this week. They have no brain cells and not a care in the world.


They especially LOVE doing that to Arsenal.


They must be fuming we didn’t make Thursday nights this season so they could regularly give us the Monday night game on the week of a 5.30ko in Belgrade or Almaty

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Is it the Premier League though? I assumed the broadcaster who gets assigned the 12:30 Saturday slot gets to choose which fixture to show.


Chelski are so vile. Saw they’re trying to get the FA Cup game against Middlesborough played behind closed doors as it’s not fair they can’t have more fans! What- so they can sing Roman Abramovich through more support for Ukraine. Absolute tossers. The government should just say “fuck it” and submit the club to sanctions just like they would any other business owned by a sanctioned individual. Can’t believe there’s a single fan out there with one iota of sympathy for the Chelsea fans.
Rant over..

Billy bob

I’m with you there, hope the team disappears completely!!!

49 49 undefeated

Should we fly to Stamford Bridge just to show that we can afford it without any corrupt money backing


Careful mate, we have Fly Emirates and Visit Rwanda written on our shirts.


They should move the manure game to Sunday ffs!

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Possibility of them reaching the CL semi’s so they couldn’t play Sunday then Tuesday.


They can move it to Sunday now that ManUre is out of CL.


Very little travelling = more time with the players. I have a good feeling about April 👍


On paper, a tough month.

That said, given our performances recently, we should fear no one. Especially when you consider how we outplayed Manchester City on New Years Day and held Liverpool up at Anfield in the League Cup.

Fortunately, Arteta has the right attitude and will ensure that not only will the lads take it game by game, but have belief in themselves that each new game can be won.

Santi’s Thigh Grab

Love this new found positivity. Keep it going when we lose a game or two during the month. April will be some tough sledding.


How much are United paying?


So they just decided that the best option was a midweek game a few days before our early kick off?

I wonder why that is.


Why can’t they change the United game to be a late kick off and the West Ham game an early kick off. Leaving it late on a decision benefits who ?

It certainly doesn’t benefit the premier league directly. Who does it benefit directly? Do they have any power over the premier league.

Honestly I’m sick of it. Vinai needs to build those bridges fast. But it seems the race for the top 4 is getting uglier and murkier


Anything of spurs? When to get to take their asses to pound town again?

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