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Arteta on refocusing the squad, Palace and celebrating wins

10 games to go. That’s all that stands between Arsenal and a return to the Champions League.

Following the conclusion of the final Interlull of the season, it’s little wonder Mikel Arteta is keen to refocus his players’ attention on the matter at hand.

Prior to the recent break, his squad put together a very decent run of six wins in seven games to lift themselves to fourth in the table. He knows they need to produce more of the same in the hectic run-in.

Facing the media on Thursday, he said: “I will have them all here today, just try to refocus them, obviously, when they’re on international duty all the time they’re being asked to do different things, different roles, different kind of pressures.

“For some of them, it was their first international, so emotionally for them as well it’s very draining. And make sure that everyone is fine and look forward to the challenge that we have ahead.”

Arsenal resume their campaign on Monday night with a trip to Crystal Palace. Under ex-Gunner Patrick Vieira, the Eagles have been in impressive form and proved tough opponents in October when we came from behind to snatch a stoppage-time 2-2 draw.

“We scored right at the end and it was a tough match,” reflected Arteta.

“We had some really good periods, some periods where we struggled. We conceded two very poor goals in that game with simple giveaways that put the game into a really difficult position.

“The team, especially at home, is doing really well and the coaching staff are doing a great job and we know how it is to play in their stadium.”

If Arsenal do secure a win at Selhurst Park, Arteta fully backs his players celebrating. Joyous scenes greeted the full time whistle at Aston Villa two weeks ago causing some of football’s biggest grumps to get their knickers in a twist. If anything it made things all the more enjoyable.

“I don’t tell the players to celebrate or not,” said Arteta.

“I think that’s something that comes right from them, and it’s great when I see them hugging each other, enjoying each other and celebrating with the fans who made a long trip to be with us for a 12.30pm kick-off.

“Showing the gratitude for (the fans) to be supportive. For me, it’s great.

“I think the best moment as a football player is after winning a match, and the atmosphere with your teammates. They have to celebrate, of course.”

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Johnny 4 Hats

I really hope that Mikel plays the guys Gary Neville’s recent comments about how if this side gets top 4, that’s about the best they can ever do.

If anyone hasn’t seen it, go check it out. It will make you dislike G Nev all over again in a whole new way. Ah. Refreshing.


Well said J4H.

Gary Neville – and his trusty companion in anti-Arsenal retardant lunacy, Jamie Carragher – have been getting on my tits all season.

I cannot wait for these lads and the manager to qualify for next season’s ECL, not least because of the rivers being cried by the rest of football.

Fuck the lot of ‘em.



What those sh*ts think they know is less relevant each season.
Neville is the PL equivalent of a TV weatherman. Half right is his best.


can you share the link?

Johnny 4 Hats

It really feels so very provocative, almost like he’s trying to get inside our heads and make us slip up. It’s really unbalanced and uneducated and lacks any respect for our club.

If it was United playing like we are, imagine how endlessly glowing his analysis would be.


Meantime over at The Athletic? Every one of their five prognosticators pick Arsenal to finish in the 4-spot.


The weird thing is, a few weeks ago, he was doing an analysis of our team structure on the big twatscreen (must have been on MNF with our Jamie… 🤮), and was really positive on how our players we’re keeping so disciplined whilst defending, and working the spaces through Ødegaard/the wingers in attack. Almost as if he’s realised that if we keep this up, we’re getting CL football next season and his dear ol’ United aren’t, and has resorted to some mediocre attempt at Fergie minds games. To me, he had always seemed slightly better than many other pundits at… Read more »

Johnny 4 Hats

And I think that comments like his just show you why people are turning away from legacy media for their football information and opinion. These pundits who work across the board, having opinions about every club they are asked about, simply lack the knowledge to be taken seriously. Even someone as well respected as G Nev has absolutely no idea what is going on at our club. He didn’t understand our transfers, he doesn’t understand the project and he doesn’t have a clue about the mentality of Arteta or the ceiling of some of these players. Given that we are… Read more »

Billy bob

I think checking arseblog over a column by chuckle bro is a no brainer, but I get your point!!

No foot Norbert

Battle of ex arsenal and ex City. Crazy


The best way to secure 4th place is to chase 3rd place. Focus intently on winning each game in front of you. Don’t spend time looking back and worrying about who is trying to catch you from behind. All energy and commitment must be forward. There is a major psychological difference to looking ahead and looking back. Trying not to achieve 3rd is much more positive than trying not to lose 4th. If you fall short, you’re positivity very likely lands you in 4th. Unai spent the end of his season trying not to lose 4th and we gradually let… Read more »


Trying to achieve 3rd*

Is there an edit feature to save me when making stupid mistakes like this? 🤔

Santi’s Thigh Grab

No. You have to issue a self correction thereby increasing your public shame. It’s part of Blogs grand design to improve comment performance. The blogging game is won by small margins and blogs is ahead of the game.


Hopefully playing on Monday and having a few days to re-integrate will be of benefit…

FUCK….here is the business end of the season !!! 👊💥

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