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Premier League announce five subs rule

The Premier League have announced that teams will be permitted to use five subs from next season.

In a statement, they said:

From next season, clubs will be permitted to use five substitutions, to be made on three occasions during a match, with an additional opportunity at half-time.

A total of nine substitutes can be named on the team sheet.

It’s a move which has pleased Mikel Arteta who was asked about it at his pre-Crystal Palace press conference on Thursday afternoon.

“I’m glad at the end we have unified a criteria for the whole of Europe,” he said.

“It’s now how we do it, how we manage it. There will be some changes because that gives you other opportunities and I think the game will have some changes, tactically some changes and the most important thing is that you can manage much better the load of the players.

“It doesn’t don’t slow the game down too much and I think it’s good. It gives players the opportunity to be on the pitch, which is what they want to do.”

It was also announced that the summer transfer window will open on June 10th and will close at 11pm on September 1st in line with other European leagues.

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Johnny 4 Hats

I was watching a German game the other week and they made three subs at halftime. And still had two spare if they needed. That’s so cool.

I think it makes for a more exciting game as the team struggling can literally change half the outfield team. So it doesn’t necessarily just favour the dominant side.

Great stuff. Well up for this.


Can’t wait for Burnley to make a substitution every single minute of extra time when they’re drawing 1-1 at the Emirates.

Because that WILL happen


They can’t because you still can only make it thrice in a game (+half time)
So they can do that even now


Agreed, it still feels a little awkward, like a line change in hockey, but it does give managers the option to drastically alter things mid game which could make a stalemate game exciting. Also gives them the chance to get things very wrong. Tinkerers beware!


Overall I think it is good for players’ fitness though I think it favours wealthier teams with a strong bench, so may mean that the existing structure gets enforced.

Which isn’t terrible if we keep making the progress we are, though I did like the days when Nottingham Forest could get promoted and then win the league the next season. Not happening nowadays, or close…

Dr Zebra

Yeah, now their fans say: “nothing-happen-for-us”


Likely means teams will carry larger squads. If it means more PL jobs– that’s a good thing.


I tended to agree with Blog’s suggestion to only allow home grown players as the extras but it was never going to happen. We’ll no doubt be seeing even longer games as the mass of substitutions occur in the final minute!

A Different George

For me, it’s not just that this helps the richest clubs; there is another reason to oppose this move. Using five subs–half the outfield players–changes the dynamics of the game. It transfers more responsibility for what happens on the pitch to the manager instead of letting the players determine the play. In that sense, it is a bit of Americanisation (where, for example, a baseball manager can choose every single pitch thrown and an NFL coach radios in every single play). I don’t want to exaggerate, but it’s part of a mindset that wants to limit the importance of chance… Read more »


I could not agree more


Couldn’t disagree more. A manager is part of the team so why worry about their increased influence on the game? 5 subs is sensible given the amount of games we (the collective) currently demand from players. You want the best players on the pitch, you allow them increased rotation. You want great tactical battles and heightened drama, you allow 5 subs.

A Different George

I don’t think many of us think of the manager as “part of the team” in the sense we are talking about. Of course, having a good manager is an advantage, as is having good training facilities and many other things. But the game that is being played–the one we are watching, the one we actually care about–is distorted when half the team is changed during the game. There is no getting around that


Interesting view. But isn’t changing the dynamics of a game one main reason to make a substitution? A starter might not be effective in a particular situation or match-up, or might just be having an off-day. So you bring in a sub for a change of pace or formation. I like that we now can do that more frequently if we want. Also, it would be interesting to learn if managers ever delay or hold back a sub for fear of using them all up and not having cover for a late injury. Moving to five subs would also likely… Read more »

Top Tier-ney

An original take, and one with a lot of sense behind it for sure… I see most people who actually do complain about this rule, complain because they feel the rule is going to help the big clubs be even more dominant. It may do that, it may not, but just the sentiment behind it of this forced “equality” being something to strive for is something I find sickening, whether in sports where it manifests itself in thoughts like these, or regulations like salary caps in American sports, and here in football the financial “fair play” ( just cause you’re… Read more »

La Pulgita

I mean knowing when not to do a change is pretty important too, just cause you have that many changes doesn’t meant you have to use them every game. Players want to play the 90+ mins plus your not going to take off your core players that are dominating a game and are central to how the team is supposed to play. This is going to benefit teams when they’re in several competitions later in the season when fatigue starts setting in, teams during the busy Dec. schedule, academy players since they’re more likely to more than just 2 mins.… Read more »

Top Tier-ney

Of course its easier for the teams having being able to make more adjustments in-game, that’s kind of obvious isn’t it…

My point is that it wrecks the entertainment quality of the game itself.

As for your argument on point, its rather thin if I may say so, I mean, real exciting stuff right there, a manager doing nothing and leaving a player on, whooa! xD

This new rule will do nothing but dilute the whole concept of substitutions and turn it into something dull, predictable, and obvious…


To be able to change out half your squad completely alters the game, particularly in favor of the bigger clubs. Awful rule change.

Martin R

Every other league in Europe has the same ruling and it works very happily. There is no evidence it helps the bigger clubs as they have many more matches to play due to participation in European competition.

Man Manny

I don’t see managers just using more players because there is an opportunity to do so.
Too many changes within a game can also be problematic.


It’s April 1 where I live, just saying

Teryima Adi

Good morning, Bro

Teryima Adi

Great development


Great news for our developing youngsters.

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