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Tite dismisses Arteta replacement talk as ‘fake news’

Brazil national team coach Tite has apologised for Arsenal for the ‘fake news’ that suggested he was being lined up as a replacement for Mikel Arteta.

Speaking to TV Globo earlier this week, journalist Eric Faria claimed the 60-year-old would leave his position with the Seleção after the World Cup in Qatar to join forces with Gunners technical director Edu, with whom he built a close working relationship at both Corinthians and within the Brazil national team setup.

Quizzed about the story in a press conference ahead of his side’s clash with Bolivia, Tite went out of his way to dismiss the speculation.

“I apologise to Arsenal, but that information [that I was interested in the job] did not come from us and there is absolutely nothing to it,” he said.

“At a time of so much ‘fake news’, information that is not true makes me sad and I hope that this is corrected. My family can rest easy because I have dignity and great respect for the Brazilian team.

“My feeling is very sad and I get sad because information is passed to the public that is a lie.

“I tell people who feel identified with me to be calm, because Tite has a personal attitude that values his professional activity and knows of the responsibility with the Brazilian team.”

For what it’s worth, Arsenal are known to be eager to tie Mikel Arteta down to a new contract and revised terms are likely to be penned at the end of the season.

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No shit….as if !!

The click bait, bullshit rumour mill will be in full flow now as we approach what is going to be an enormous summer for us.

I’ve got my favourites, but after last summer I’m happy to trust the club’s judgement (so long as we don’t go for Rashford, obviously) 😂

Johnny 4 Hats

I found it interesting listening to Charles Watts on YouTube yesterday. He was saying that as a journalist, he hates the transfer window. It reminded me that it is us, the football consumer, that generate this huge demand for transfer stories. And as clubs are totally tight-lipped about all business, they have to just pluck stuff out of the air. Otherwise their publication or website goes under. It’s worth remembering that even the journalists themselves hate all this nonsense. The person typing “Arsenal’s shock move for Haaland” probably does it with a grimace, knowing full well that his talents as… Read more »

djourou's nutmeg

the person writing “arsenal’s shock move for haaland” probably isn’t even a journalist, but a 3rd world country kid who’s paid pennies for writing stories for a foreign website. i know it because i’ve been one and have met others too.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Because you hate Rashford for destroying when he was a young kid?


Because we can do better…..


That game was the beginning of the end of our title challenge. Just as we were starting to dream after the last minute winner from Danny Welbeck against Leicester. Sigh…


Tite replacing Mikel Arteta, at a time when his project is finally producing tangible results has to be one of the most bizarre rumors i’ve seen this international break.


It’s like Will Smith having to have a ‘fight’ to get news headlines, there is so much rubbish out there.

Best to avoid most of the news, as it has to be bizarre and usually negative to get our attention.

Johnny 4 Hats

I think it’s far more likely that, after a lifetime in La La Land, you become an unstable and very weird individual.

The amount of serious mental issues disguised by wealth and success in that town is scary.


What Will Smith did wasn’t particularly strange. Chris Rock insulted his wife in front of a TV audience of many millions. That would pee off anybody.

Funny enough, I’ve just read Smith’s autobiography: people don’t realise that he’s from the streets of Philadelphia. That ‘street’ culture is in-built and never goes away, no matter how much money and fame you accumulate.

The Arteta story is complete bs.

Johnny 4 Hats

Letting other dudes bang your missus is kinda weird though…


Apparently, they have a so-called open marriage.

I don’t understand the concept.

Heavenly Chapecoense

I voted you down straight away for this. A lot of people will celebrate losing their hairs instead of other diseases. By the way, the wife who hinted in public that intimate life with him isn’t that exciting? They need to start respecting each other to start with.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Chris Rock attempted to tease his wife not insult her.
By the way, the idiot should have had the decency to leave after he hit someone. I was surprised security guards weren’t asked to remove him.


“people don’t realise that he’s from the streets of Philadelphia”…

“In West Philadelphia born and raised;
on the playgrounds is where I spent most of my days;
chilling out, maxing, relaxing shooting some b-ball outside of my school”

Literally the opening line of the TV series that made him star. Heh

Johnny 4 Hats

And the Oscar for stating the glaringly obvious goes to…


The key word in my post was “streets”. He didn’t grow up in a stately home in Pennsylvania. He ran with gangs as a kid.


Mate seriously shut the hell up. He didn’t run with gangs in the mean streets of Philly. He was from a middle class home with 2 parents who both had professional jobs. Not every black person ran with gangs when they were growing up you absolute ignoramus


Dude has clearly never been to Philly – there are bad spots, certainly, but my family grew up there too, working for an Ivy League University. Needless to say the streets of Philly have a wide array of socio-economic diversity.

But you don’t make a TV show at 22 if you ‘ran with gangs as a kid’

Sure he was a rapper, but ‘Getting Jiggy Wit It’ was no ‘Fight the Power’


You clearly haven’t read his autobiography. I have.

He hung around with drug dealers (his own words). The guy who gave a broke Smith money for a plane ticket to LA and drove him to the airport was murdered 3 days later in a gang feud.

Also, his mom was educated but his dad wasn’t. His dad ran a small refrigeration business but the Smiths absolutely weren’t rich.

Read the book before you slag me off.

Ordnance Dave

Clearly all of you don’t know Will Smith’s history.
It goes like this.
He was a kid up to no good.
Started making trouble in the neighborhood.
He got in one little fight and his Mum got scared.
So he moved to LA and got a wife with no hair.


Smith attended private school in Philly – Dad was military Vet and Mother on the school board. His Middle name is Carroll for crying out loud. Middle class neighborhood in West Philly. Autobiography’s are often embellished, I’m sure it wasn’t straight forward and I know it’s easy to mix up with the wrong crowd (it is Philadelphia after all). But hardly running the streets with gangs. All that being said – Will Smith has always been a stand up guy representing Philadelphia well – regardless of his upbringing. His outburst was much more akin to South Philly upbringing, than West.… Read more »


How dare you slag off south Philly?!

Bleeding gums murphy

Well said Fats. Sean obviously hung out with Will so knows he had a glorious childhood regardless of what he says in his book. 🤪


“My middle-class upbringing contributed to the constant criticism I took early in my rap career,” Smith, 53, said in his self-titled memoir, released on Tuesday. “I was not a gangster, and I wasn’t selling drugs.”

He added: “I grew up on a nice street in a two-parent household. I went to a Catholic school with mostly white kids until I was 14.

I haven’t read the book yet but Insider must’ve read a different version. Heh


The West Philadelphia that I lived in was not that rough. Some bad blocks but I was only ever afraid of the various urban rednecks.


Ah yes, Philadelphia, the Greek word for brotherly love. How ironic is that?

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

Kanye West has mental health issues that are destroying his life. People make fun of his situation and nobody reacts.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder is a bitch but mostly for everybody around the narcissist


….and it’s only a posh way of saying “wanker”, dreamed up by psychiatrists to make themselves more money, anyway.


I think Will Smith did well to limit it to a slap.

If someone had mocked my missus like that I’d probably be doing time now for GBH.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Really? You never saw comics picking up on the bald man in the audience? The wife should go slap him?


His wife is medically ill.

So that gives that moron a license to take the piss out of her?

And people like you to defend him?

Seriously, some of you on here……🙄

Heavenly Chapecoense

Chris Rock probably knew, it was a mild cosmetic medical condition. Comics work with scriptors and they discuss these things. She felt humiliated because of aesthetic not health.
Check the Internet, three months ago, people were discussing why the wife humiliate Will Smith publicly so much. She even hinted their intimate matches weren’t that exciting. Where is the respect there? Did they show the example?

Heavenly Chapecoense

Top 4, renew the contract. Finish 5th, no renewal should happen.


Have a day off.


The ‘Rumors’ I read tied Tite in with working with Edu, no mention of it being managerial.

I know he is a coach but he could be like a chief south american scout or some kind of player relations guy in brazil?

That or even the rumor merchants weren’t stupid enough to claim he is going to knock Mikel off his perch.

Heavenly Chapecoense

From head coach of brazilian national team to scout and you believe that?


He’s getting on a bit, take out the stress of having to perform and just watch some quality players all week could be a pre retirement choice?


Same. I heard reports Tite was being considered for some other kind of role at the club by it definitely not as manager.


Oh dear.

Tierney to Real Madrid.

Maguire to The Arsenal (the English Mustafi 😂)

And now this twerp to replace Arteta.

Silly fucking season is well and truly upon us….

They’ll be telling us next that Smith Rowe is going to Villa. The stupid crass click bait cunts.


Yeah the news wasn’t him replacing Arteta but coming in at backroom staff. Don’t hype yaself up. Just take care of our Gabby Boys.


Fair f*cks for him to come straight out and call bullsht on this. Most don’t and if more did, maybe the fabricated nonsense would be dramatically reduced as lack of credibility is made transparent. I appreciate the honesty personally.

Teryima Adi

Fake news has taken the proportion of a pandemic in the world. Sad😔

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