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Arteta calls for ‘noisy’ Emirates ahead of United visit

Mikel Arteta has called on Arsenal fans to produce a big atmosphere on Saturday afternoon knowing his players will need all the help they can get to overcome Manchester United.

The Spaniard criticised the Premier League for the scheduling of the Gunners’ current run of fixtures when they were confirmed last month and is clearly mindful of tired legs affecting his small squad with there being minimal time to recover from Wednesday’s important win over Chelsea.

After the 4-2 win at Stamford Bridge, Arteta wasted no time focusing attention on the next challenge.

“I’m now thinking about Manchester United,” he told “This one is done now, we have already enjoyed it in the dressing room. Now it is about recovery, preparing mentally.

“We don’t have any time to prepare for the match, so we are going to have to need our people to turn up and make the Emirates a real place against Manchester United.”

In his post-game press conference, Arteta was asked if the contingent who travelled to West London deserved an assist for the 4-2 win over Chelsea because of their incessantly vocal support.

“For our fans, the only thing I can say is what I have said all season; in good and difficult moments, they have been right behind the team.

“I know that we have disappointed them in the last few weeks with the results that we’ve had, and look how they were today again.”

He went on to reiterate his call to arms.

“This victory is for them [the supporters],” he said. “And I tell them that they have to be at Emirates Stadium with us on Saturday, because we don’t have time to recover and they need to be really noisy and loud to help us win the match.”

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The Only Olivier is Giroud

I’m loving this connection between the team and the fans. Imagine Unai or Wenger during his later days saying something like this- it would have been met with sarcasm and “yeah m8 we’ll turn up when you do” type cynism. This genuinely feels like we’re building toward something truly special. Been spending all day daydreaming of what the next few seasons can bring and I can’t remember the last time I was so taken with this side.


I see you got high AF on 4:20 and forgot the last two weeks. Me too. Let’s do this shit the hard way!


With a new manager next season the atmosphere will be much better

Naked Cygan

What u smoking? This season has be awful. No Europe, dumped out of the fa cup by forest. Can’t beat Brighton or Palace when it matters. No real capitan. No strikes starting the new season. Let’s see which Arsenal shows up against United and Sp*rs and then start to your celebration.


Put some clothes on Pascal, that’s not the kind of chill you need!

Group Captain Mandrake

He never said anything about this season, he said the next couple seasons. I agree that it has not been a great season, but their position in the league suggests they are going in the right direction with a young and exciting team. Is there room for improvement? Absolutely, but remember that young players can be a bit inconsistent, and they are the youngest team in the league. Do they need more players? Absolutely. But that’s a different subject. If you can’t get behind a team that is fun to watch, why bother supporting them at all?


There isn’t a ‘youngest team’ trophy. Especially as we paid good money for that young team.

Group captain mandrake

Of course there isn’t. Never said there was. But they are building the team the right way and youth comes with growing pains. I truly didn’t expect them to be competing for the CL this year, so them doing it shows they are going in the right direction.


I have to disagree with you here, it has been a great season. If anybody told me we would be level on points with spurs, three ahead of United and five behind European champions Chelsea with six games to go at the start of the season, I’d have been on cloud nine considering how far ahead they seemed to be. I don’t dream about the top 2 and didn’t then. Now the problem with you guys is adjusting your expectations mid season. We could have 3rd place sealed and you lot would be moaning about being seven points off liverpool… Read more »

Group captain mandrake

You are right. Many people look at a season without trophies or winning the league as a failure. I had no expectations for this year, so for them to be where they are is proof of success to me. There are frustrations. Of course – like the last 3 games before Chelsea – but for the most part they are incredibly fun to watch and so easy to like that I probably have a more vested interest in the team than I have had in a while.

Announce Bendtner

Surely you can have a tiny tiny bit of excitement about watching the Hale End boys develop over the next few seasons.

I can’t understand the negativity as if a world class manager can come in and make us title contenders over night. We’re a tyrannical government / Russian billionaire owner short of that type of dream.

Naked Cygan

Don’t get me wrong, I was delighted with the results. But for me it feels like each time we take one step forward we take two steps back. I really have no faith in us beating united or spurs. Everytime it matters we choke. The Everton game was perfect example. They were on this big run of defeats but still beat us. Brighton couldn’t get a goal and got two against us. Let’s see which Arsenal shows up on Saturday, and I hope I am m wrong and we smash them, but this team has let me down so many… Read more »


Reading your response makes me wonder: do you take it as a personal offense when the team loses? That would explain some of your negativity.

Yankee Gooner

To be fair, seems he takes offense when they win, too.

Arsene for CEO

“…But for me it feels like each time we take one step for_…”
You can’t take one step forward from bottom of the league after three games then two steps back and end up at 5th with 6 games to go mate. That’s anti-maths.

Teryima Adi

Life is sometimes about crooked paths being made straight, Bro. We get thrown lemons as Arsenal fans and we make lemonades out of them. Keep the faith.💪👊🙏🏻


Uncertainty Wenger, more often than not, they did turn up at home games. We didn’t lose many at home, even Champs league. It was easier to be a passive fan then. I think we’ve had to put a bit more energy into supporting the team this year, they’re young, not quite as good and need it.

The Only Olivier is Giroud

God damn but some of yous need to get a new hobby. Imagine seeing someone express optimism and then going out of your way to be like “No, actually, we are shite”.

Nigel Summerburn (LB) #3

I remember sometime in the past we had an important match at Old Trafford (Champions League semi maybe)?
Anyway that night the old Trafford crowed booed every touch from our players right from the kick-off and throughout most of the match.
That night we got absolutely stuffed.
12th man…..

Nigel Summerburn (LB) #3



I enjoyed your username


We started off lively that night if I remember correctly. We’d been given flags to wave. I think a Ronaldo free kick beating Almunia from a ridiculous distance punctured the enthusiasm early on as we then knew we needed to score 4, maybe 3, to go through

I hope Arteta will stick with the same 11 that started at Chelsea.

Man Manny

It depends on how they all recover.
If everyone is fit, why not?

DB's first touch

We have a pretty small squad and there is not a lot of scope for rotation but given the short turn around and the different tactical consideration of playing chelsea vs Man Utd, we might see one or two changes (e.g., Martinelli or Cedric from the start?)

Mayor McCheese

Any word on whether Ronaldo will be available? Regardless of how rudderless the rest of the team plays, he seems to be the difference between United winning and losing this month especially.

I desperately hope Maguire plays, though.


He’s expected to be back.

We’ve got to keep him quiet because, on his day, he can still rip teams to pieces.

Ronaldo is back in full training so I’d expect him to start.


Fucking lucky Man U. They have Ronaldo, McTominay, and Varane back. Our task just got a wee bit harder.


Shame I lost my voice at Stamford bridge last night then

Announce Bendtner

Martinelli running at Maguire has the potential to be exceptionally entertaining.



We’ve got super Mik Arteta…..



Arteta has been fortunate this season. Many of us in the crowd were just grateful to be back watching again to concern ourselves too deeply about the quality of football on offer. I expect it’ll be lively, although the were some boos v Brighton I think he’s earned some goodwill from Wednesday


I’d like to hear from the many you represent individually. Surely some of them must be excited about seeing Saka and ESR score double figures in the league. Surely one or two of them must be clinging to some hope we might sneak into CL. Don’t trust the crowd mate but I have to say I envy those that turn up to fill the stadium home and away so I understand where you are coming from. We could get stuffed nine goals at Norwich and I’d still be excited to watch Arsenal in flesh despite the loss

Teryima Adi

Glory hallelujah 🙏🏻💪


When Klopp was in charge of Liverpool in the early days, Liverpool had inconsistent performances, sparks of brilliance and then disappointment. Arteta needs to get top 4 or 5 this season to show progress and build from there, there is no point in sacking the manager look at Utd and Spurs. Arsenal need 5 to 6 new signings for next season to be a more balanced and competitive squad. My only hope is that this ownership group is serious about winning the premier league and champions league otherwise the slogan for Arsenal should be – Arsenal FC: Disappointing Fans since… Read more »

Billy bob

It goes without saying this is a game we need to win and ManUre are certainly not at their best yet, frustratingly, even then we conspire to flunk it!!! I can’t help think about the game at old toilet earlier this season – how did we lose that game!!!! Hoping we exact revenge tomorrow!!! Winning would be great but thrashing them would be delightful and long overdue!!!

Teryima Adi

Let’s make the Emirates a cauldron.

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