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Arteta named Manager of the Month for March

For the second time this season, Mikel Arteta has been awarded the Premier League Manager of the Month award.

The Spaniard picked up the gong for March after leading Arsenal to three wins out of four matches. Interestingly, despite the defeat to Liverpool, who were unbeaten last month, he pipped Jurgen Klopp and several other managers to the award.

The Gunners three victories, against Watford, Leicester and Aston Villa, have helped us climb into the top four with 10 games remaining.

Reflecting on the award, Arteta said: “Obviously it gives me a sense of pride because I know how difficult it is competing in this league but we’ve done it not only with the coaching staff but all the staff that is here at London Colney.

He also thanked the players and supporters for playing their part: “Obviously the players have to perform and win football matches to be recognised on that and then, especially to our supporters, because the way they have transformed the team, they deserve a lot of credit.

“My gratitude goes to everybody that helps in their way, the best possible way, to win football matches which is the reason we’re here.”

Arteta also won the award in September as the Gunners recovered from a terrible start to the season.

Hopefully there will be many more to come with the help of a new specialist on his coaching team. 

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Well deserved Mickey! Keep pushing on fella.


You fell for it! Check the date…

Heavenly Chapecoense

Congrats to my manager, Artekker!
But if he fails to bring home top 4, this accolade will not be enough to save his ass. I am a proponent of the Abramovitch doctrine.

Billy bob

Really!!! Why? Abramobitch ruined football as we know it!!!



Saint Santi

Weird and unnecessary past the first 5 words

Mayor McCheese

I think this was Heavenly’s attempt at an April Fool’s?

It’s worth clearing up: THIS article is not a joke. However, there might be one elsewhere on the site…


It obviously wasn’t a joke, though Arseblog is excellent at his April 1st article each year. So some people make jokes due to that…

Mayor McCheese

Obviously? Then why’d you say HyperB fell for it above?


I was making a joke…you’ll get it eventually….


Goal of the month went to Ronaldo?!
It should have been Gabi!
Clearly, more people should read Arseblog. The very pinnacle of ‘goal of the month’ analysis.


Or just maybe, the goal of the month award is an april fool’s joke and the real winner is gabi after all 😜


Of course it went to Ronaldo. He doesn’t play for The Arsenal.

An Arsenal player receiving an award from the English football authorities….? Now that would be an April Fool’s joke.


Sure we got the red card of the month….again 😉


We were joint first with ourselves.


So many young coaches in the background. Love it!


Quite right too.

Once again, I will hold up my hands and admit I didn’t see the vast improvement being made since the awful start at the beginning of the season.

January was a blip but since then we have gone from strength to strength and the manager deserves all the acclaim he is now receiving – apart from, of course, Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher your resident friendly ignorant thunder-cunts from Sky Sports.


Mikel was awarded the PL Manager of the Month for– which also included a bottle of scotch. Nice!


Looks a bit like one of the early Alexa’s, but in purple.

Naked Cygan

I honestly think they should reserve the MOTM award for Conte each month sp*rs wins a game. To win any games at that shi*t club is a miracle. It might also help them with the empty throphy cabinet.


Cunte chose to work at that horrible club, he and they deserve nothing.


Never had any sympathy for him choosing to go there… any little fucks I had about his ordeal there quickly blew up into smithereens when he recently talked crap because Arteta complained about the late night-early Saturday kick off scheduling.

I hope they get relegated, both of them. Even though it’s now mathematically impossible.


Awe, thats nice.


Have that, Neville! 👆


Wrong finger for Neville


Good job my boss 😄⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽


I’m curious though, how does he get the award ahead of Klop?

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