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“Hit me” – Arteta defends young squad from criticism

Mikel Arteta says criticism of Arsenal is ‘normal’ in light of recent results but he thinks it should be targeted at him rather than his players.

The Gunners were going great guns in the Premier League until three games ago but consecutive defeats to Crystal Palace, Brighton and Southampton have threatened to derail their season in the blink of an eye.

Injuries to key men have seriously impacted an already thin squad and the manager also thinks their comparative inexperience is proving to be an issue.

“Hit me, give [it to] me, because I don’t want them to be hit because they are not prepared to take that,” he said of the criticism levelled at the side in recent days.

“The bill that you have to pay when you have such a young squad is this: that sometimes these things are going to happen.

“So, it is so fulfilling and so great to see what they are able to do and what they are really doing, which I cannot find a lot of cases very similar to that.

“And on the other hand, when this comes and when the storm comes, you have to be prepared to take it.”

Given Arsenal’s struggles in recent seasons, criticism of the coaching staff, players and tactics is nothing new. Arteta says the key is cutting through the noise and not making snap decisions when the pressure increases.

“First of all, take it and then filter it, and use what you think makes sense and is genuine, and what is not,” he replied when pressed on his reaction to negative headlines.

“But the reality is you lose three football matches, that we shouldn’t, and you are upset. This is an emotional, normal reaction and frustration that has to be shown.

“We have to worry the day that Arsenal loses three matches and there is no reaction. That day I think we have to go home. This is something really positive and shows the standards that we have to make.

“But we cannot lose sight about what happened and how it happened, and don’t drive yourself crazy and try to change everything in that moment. Because I think we have learned some lessons in the past about that as well.”

Having worked hard this campaign to shake off suggestions that Arsenal are ‘soft’ and ‘lack bottle’ – an image that has dogged us for years – it’s clear there is work still to do.

“It’s the Arsenal that we are,” he said. “To compare with what we were three years ago or 20 years ago or what is going to be, last week or next week…this is constantly evolving.

“These are human beings. You’ve seen many, many examples, that this team doesn’t give up, has a real character and a real togetherness about them but, in the end, this is defined when you win.”

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OK…. FFS why didn’t you sign anyone in January you tight m*therfncker and why haven’t you giving Martinelli a chance up top…!


It worries me, that people like you or Piers Morgan can constantly only see what is not working right now. Instead of looking at the progress we’ve made this season and giving this young team the chance to develop, there’s constant hounding and whipping. The fact is, in the last 10 years I haven’t seen an Arsenal team that has stuck together so strongly and been so united behind the coach. Trust the process, that’s it.


I think Arteta is in the last chance saloon for a lot of fans tonight

Lose four on the bounce and all this talk of progress and trusting processes will start to wear more than a tad thin.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Looks like you will also stick behind Boris.

Charles Charlie Charles

“Trust the process, that’s it.” See you after the Chelsea game tonight then, mate?


Anything to say now? How’s that pie tasting?


Haha, thanks mate. Seems I was late to reply


Worries me that people like you don’t get a joke and throw around comparisons to Piers Morgan, don’t tell me you think he shouldn’t be criticised for that – also I don’t follow celebrities on Twitter so I don’t copy what Piers Morgan has to say or read them.


Blame Edu. Arteta has his veto on signings, but the legwork is still done by Edu on making deals.


Because Vlahovic didn’t trust the process. And can we really blame him?


he doesnt care about the criticisms coming his way. his job is not on the line regardless of the result at the end of the season. i highly doubt he reads/listens to the comments in the first place.


I am still firmly supportive of Arteta.
Because my eyes tell me that the football is getting better, even if results are not there yet.


Definitely not better during the Southampton game. Oof that was difficult to watch.


Tbh I’ve seen them play worst but even through out the games we were wining there were warning signs.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Many including players said that when Emery was the manager.


Use your eyes to read the numbers. 11 games lost, fewer goals scored, likely more goals conceded. The football is getting better compared to what, last season when we came eighth?

Charles Charlie Charles

Whoever charged you for those glasses then saw you coming a mile off!


Is he for real?
He is the only person I’ve seen consistently blame the results on our young squad – just like he does here.


ArtetA made a stupid decision to put Xhaka at left back against Brighton and it cost us. And, yes, other aspects of our collapse at the most important time of the season can be blamed on the youth of the side. That’s very likely what’s largely behind our last three losses, but fuck all that really. Who expected us to even be in the driver’s seat for 4th spot four games ago. They are young but they put themselves in a great position after 27 games. They’ve dipped badly since Partey and Tierney got injured. They may not get there… Read more »


Prophetic words indeed – 2-4 and fuck the Russian-loving cunts!

You need to get to a casino mate…


Isn’t it the price of having a young coach, too?


I was 18 years old when we started hearing about getting behind the young squad. I’m now 34.
Atleast the young squad back then were consistently qualifying for the knock-out stages of the champions league.


True i thought i was hearing Arsene Wenger for a moment when i heard young squad

Charles Charlie Charles

“Look erhhh, listen erhhh…”


only man utd and chelsea were good in those days so finishing at least 4th was a lot easier.


He’s mentally resilient, have to give him that.

Arshavins left foot

We should try a different formation tonight 3-1-4-2: Ramsdale – White, Holding, Gabriel – Xhaka – Saka, Odeguard, Smith Rowe, Tavres – Pepe & Martinelli


Hit me with your shovel, Mik.



Larry McCarthy

Not making snap decisions what like the one you made with Saliba. Let’s hope we can pull it round tonight and at least make the Europa


In the deserts of Sudan..
And the gardens of Japan..
From Milan to Yucatan…
Every woman, every man….


Had a love affair with Nina
In the back of my Cortina…

Mach To Be you

No points hitting anyone, except hitting the back of the net more times than opponents. Too much tactical strategy weighing on the minds of players; if scenario 1-10 happens, we do this and that and *screams from touchline*. Oh no, what in scenario 11-12.5 is this??! *cue collapse* Le sigh

Jean Ralphio

“Stop trying to hit me and hit me!”


I was critical with MA on his good days.
This though is a Leaders statement

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