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Report: Arsenal targeting summer deal for Gabriel Jesus

According to journalist Jorge Nicola, Arsenal are looking to sign Manchester City forward Gabriel Jesus this summer.

The 25 year old has just over a year left on his contract, and with Edu wooing his fellow Brazilian, is in ‘advanced talks’ about a summer move to North London.

The info comes via Sport Witness, and we asked our resident Brazilian football expert Tim Stillman for his own opinion on the veracity of these reports.

“Jorge Nicola is variable,” he said, saying that like many transfer insiders he gets some stuff right and some stuff wrong.

“I’d say the truth is probably that he has wind that it’s something Arsenal would consider and he’s dressed it up a little,” he continued.

With the Gunners very much in the market for a new striker, and with Man City set to sign Erling Haaland from Borussia Dortmund this summer, this makes sense on a number of levels.

Relationships between Mikel Arteta and Pep Guardiola are good, and assuming the two clubs can agree a price and the player is interested in become our third Gabriel, it could be relatively routine.

Jesus has scored 89 goals and created 45 assists in 229 Man City appearances since joining them from Palmeiras in 2017.


Our interest in him has been confirmed by David Ornstein, so there’s very much smoke to this fire.

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Wouldn’t oppose that at all providing financial aspect is reasonable.

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

The last 2 or 3 years both for City and his national team not good enough for what Arteta said he wanted (a player who is known to put the ball at the back of the net).

Johnny 4 Hats

Feels a little underwhelming if I’m totally honest. And a very, very different striker to Vlahovic which does raise some alarm bells. Do we have a profile of striker we want?

Jesus just feels a bit like a better Nketiah. So happy to be proven wrong. But I struggle to see how him alone will be the transformational striker we so desperately need.

Alan Sunderland

We need more than one striker, could be an vlahovic type lined up as well. I think he’s a good player, city don’t really play with an 9 so he mostly plays wide on the right.

Johnny 4 Hats

Yeah, you’re right. He could be useful right across the front line. Maybe it’s just arrogance about taking a City reject but I’ve never really seen him play and thought he had an outstanding game. But then I hate watching City because all the passing makes me want to see how tightly I can wrap an elastic band around my testicles. Obviously Arteta knows better than anyone as he watched him train for two years. If we could get him for around £20m then I suppose it makes sense. But if he’s plan A for CF then I think we… Read more »

Alan Sunderland

At worst he offers more than lacca. We might realistically need 3 forwards in the summer if balogun goes on loan again.


Yeah, good addition to the squad who doesn’t mind being on the bench. Hopefully that’s the plan, get him and another superstar striker like Osimhen/Nunez or Isak

Mesut Ö’Neill

This aged well


Not sure. ..he couldn’t prove himself yet with city ..may be he isn’t suited to premier league. ..

This culture of buying (left over) at arsenal is hounding me…need to stop…try fresh new ideas


Like who?


Willian and Cech most recently?…

Martin R

Are you seriously saying that Cech was a bad signing? His last season wasn’t great but still was one of the best keepers in the country in his earlier years.


Averaging 19G/10A over 5 seasons as a part-timer at City.
What is it you’re seeing?

Johnny 4 Hats

I must say, I didn’t realise until just now how good his goalscoring record is. He’s almost in the 100 club and, like you say, he rarely gets a solid run in the team and comes off the bench a lot.

I am buoyed by that. Nearly a goal every other game.

Hhhmmm. I’m really conflicted about this one. Maybe if we brought in DCL as well I’d actually feel pretty ok with it.


Dcl bad injury record would rather have Richardson

Alan Sunderland

He’s 25 has 54 caps for Brazil. Who do your you suggest? Mbappe Lewandowski. Harry kane maybe?


Alexis Sánchez
Mesut Ozil
Thierry Henry
Patrick Vieira
Dennis Bergkamp

Left overs are sometimes delicious.

Mesut Ö’Neill

Vieira was a 19 year old, hardly leftovers


The guy just scored more goals in an hour than Laca did all season. Sign him up I say.

Blian Gliffin

Extremely PL-experienced, very good numbers (admittedly in a strong dominant side), accustomed to England’s ghastly weather, never seems to get in any trouble and has his best years to come if age alone were a determinant. Wouldn’t be against this at all should it happen.


I’d prefer a different option, but if we get him will be behind h 100%




Nunez, isak or someone else who can score headers.
Maybe someone who can hold up the ball and not be paper thin.

Not saying I want to put holding up top but a proper cf, Jesus is an older plateaued martinelli imho and I wouldn’t want him getting his minutes.

Artetas Assistant



Well, hopefully, we are going to buy two strikers. Love the look of Nunez but I don’t think we’re going to be front runners for him.

Also, I suspect Pepe is going to want to move too. So we’re going to need a wide forward.

Considering he has a load of PL and CL experience, still only 25, and isn’t going to cost a fortune. I’m on board


20% of his premier goals have been with his head. He’s an all rounder and is destiny for greatness in my opinion.


Destined for greatness but couldn’t achieve it at city? Doesn’t inspire confidence tbh


He played something like 250 games for city and scored nearly 100 goals and 45 assists or something. He’s up for sale because they’re buying the best striker on the market.

He’s better than what we’ve got.


Odegaard didn’t make it at Madrid. Henry didn’t make it at juve. Bergkamp. I could go on. I’m not suggesting MO or Jesus will reach God like status but players slip through the cracks. Especially when City have so much talent.


Surely if anyone can reach God like status, its Jesus?

Mesut Ö’Neill

Underrated comment!!


You smashed that one in -take a bow!


I suppose we can rely on him being good at crosses too?


He could resurrect our CL. chances next season.


He’s very effective on the end of a cross.

Mark Mitchell

Bergkamp = inter btw

Alan Sunderland

He’s a proven 9 in league and internationals. I don’t see why everyone is so keen to move martinelli out of his best position.

VfB Talheim

… which option ?


Hell Yeah


Hmmm, I guess…. But pep don’t seem to trust him much, they played without a striker a lot this year rather than play him up top. Then again none of the other names like Issak and David have thrilled me either, as least he knows the league.


Agreed. Only players like Nunez and Osimhen look really exciting, so I guess they’ll be going elsewhere.


Osimhen is the best of the lot, he plays in a stronger league than Nunez, and he is well rounded.


Can play wide forward it up front. He’s still young and a brilliant finisher. Why not?


The idea guy we should go for is a big, strong target man with plenty of pace.

But Jesus is a decent shout, as long as he doesn’t cost too much.

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

Drogba retired a long time ago.


Big, strong, fast, excellent technique and clinical finisher.
Would be handy if he could fly too.


We should sign him solely to have a third Brazilian Gabriel

Mayor McCheese

And another Jesus to replace Ramsey.


I’d welcome him as 2nd choice wing/striker forward option, but wouldn’t want him as the main man upfront. Think he is more of a Robin than a Batman. Him plus another elite striker would be perfect.


This fits perfectly with our model. Tim wrote a very interesting article a couple of weeks ago, about certain buys, will not be at their peak when we purchase. To me this could be compared to Odegaard purchase. Jesus is obviously not valued by Pep, Arteta knows him well.
He’s stats are pretty good, especially considering Pep does his hardest not to play him. The reality is we can only attract potential. The top stars will only come if we are in champions league, and we have no guarantees on that front as yet.

Artetas Assistant

That man is an elite, hungry motherfucker from the continent Arsene likes his forwards from (based on their nurture). He’s a real badboy and I’ve noticed he looks down on our players (previously) in a good way. Kinda like the Wolves fella who said we shouldn’t celebrate. Signing him (maybe both of them) is a W and financially, potentially a steal.

Crash Fistfight

His stats are crap if you ask me. A goal every 3 games (or thereabouts) for Man City isn’t saying much.

Plus, my eye test tells me he’s bang average based on every time I’ve watched him in action.

Oh, and he has a really annoying face that looks like he’s constantly whining/about to cry.

No foot Norbert

How many starts though. A d how many off the bench and for how long¿

Mesut Ö’Neill

Beats Laca’s goal every 10 games


Very underwhelming for me. Unless he’s the Eddie replacement while we go all out for a Darwin Nuṅez type to lead the line. We need more physicality in the team to complement the technical players


Sounds like a good signing to me, caveat being I wouldn’t expect this to be the main fwd signing – with auba, laca and probs eddie gone, we’ll need a few!


Proven premier league goalscorer and decent assists.


Proven Premier League and ECL experience and still only 25. Plus Arteta has already worked with him and knows him well.

We could do a lot lot worse.

Thumbs up from me.


It feels a bit underwhelming really. He is kind of a 1 in 3 striker and that is with the level of opportunities a team like City provide.

Artetas Assistant

I see him as an Ian Wright and this is comingI changed my wifi password to Ramsdale at least 6 months before it came up Arsenal were going for him.

Naked Cygan

With all the stupid pointless crosses we send into the box we need a striker who can win headers or hold the ball like Giroud. Looking back now it was a huge mistake to let him go.


I’ve always held a lot of love for Olivier

Teryima Adi


Alan Sunderland

The giroud love in baffles me, was a decent player who we had to sell to get aubameyang, a superior player who at times carried us.

Reiss Neverseen & El Dicteta

Very true. He did have a lot of frustrating games when he was with us. I think it’s mostly because Lacazette has been worse than Giroud for considerably more cost.

Alan Sunderland

Someone said on one of the podcasts lacazette might be our worst ever signing. For the money and wages it’s got to be close to it. He’s been ordinary from the beginning when Wenger would take him off at around 60 minutes.


If true, this could be a great signing. His talent is obvious, does not have any known attitude issues, proven in the league, familiar with our manager and shouldn’t cost a bomb considering contract situation. We might still need to make him one of our better paid players – considering his track record over 6 seasons, nobody can begrudge him that. As long we don’t agree on anything financially ridiculous, this one checks so many boxes.


He’s just waiting to explode in my opinion. Injuries have held him back from being on well over 100 goals already. He is k consistent but his numbers are there.

Mesut Ö’Neill

Think he exploded today 😂


I’d like to see it. Plenty of premier league experience at the highest level. Still young and has a point to prove.


Maybe trying to resurrect his career as the main striker.Hopefully a Jesus that loves a cross.


We’d all love a Nunez but if we can’t quite get that caliber I’d prefer Ivan Toney over Gabriel Jesus. More of a physical presence.


Ivan Toney is a total moron.

Reiss Neverseen & El Dicteta

Genuine question V… Do the likes of Partey, Auba, Nketiah, Lacazette, AMN and Toney have any redeeming qualities to you?


Toney is a bad egg, Arteta has had to put too much time in getting rid of the ones he inherited to now go and bring in another

Cygans Parting

I vote that the club also signs Gabriel Byrne as back up right back, Gabby Logan as our left footed central midfielder and Gabrielle (she of the eye-patch wearing singer of the 90s) as our third choice striker
Champions League here we come!!!


Oh, Gabi da-da-da-da-da-da
<insert your chosen one here>
He/she comes from somewhere or other
And he/she plays for Arsenal!

Alan Sunderland

Dreams can come true

Cygans Parting

Well played! I can’t believe that I didn’t spot it and go there during my original post! 🤣

Alan Sunderland

I would have went for gabriel Byrne as the fall guy, ala Wenger xhaka ozil Cedric Eddie. Maybe batistuta, what might have been.


We will have so many Gabriels that that surely is the track for the players to run out to. 😂


Crying in Gabby Agbonlahor voices

Horse breath

Would be a good signing and would provide someone for Cedric to try and cross to

Mesut Ö’Neill

Hopefully Cedric isn’t on the pitch for too much longer

Teryima Adi

Not a bad deal to consider.


If we have the option I’d jump at it. Few years ago people thought Aguero was done because Jesus was so good (he wasn’t because he’s freaking Aguero). Compare him to Lacazette and they are miles apart.

Bergkamps boots

Will he be relatively cheap? Yes
Is he an upgrade on Lacazette? Yes
Will he be our main striker? No
Get him in I say, scores goals, gets assists, plays across the front three, still young, point to prove. Where’s the downside to that deal?


It’s definitely interesting. He feels like a more refined and more productive Eddie. The little I’ve seen recently when he plays on the right is impressive. More so than as a 9. He does have pace and decent technique. He’d be a great choice only if we got another striker of equal talent, or maybe slightly younger w potential. Two strikers out of Jesus, Darwin Nunez, Jonathan David, and any others of that ilk would be nice.


My initial thoughts:
Is the plan for him to be our main striker or a “backup” to A.N. Other?
Relatedly, would he more often serve as a winger (maybe a Pepe replacement?).
Not sure his finishing is good enough to be our main #9. But I’m intrigued!


I have always said it, Arsenal should go all out to sign Victor Osimhen from Napoli, he is a hugh upgrade on Lacazette, pace, power, hold up play, and finishing..
He will fit well with Arterta’s current set-up.


Part exchange for Pepe with Napoli , who we out bid for Pepe!!


Quality player. Not sure exactly how he’d fit in, but a much more useful than Pepe however nonetheless.

utk v


Horse breath

He’s always been reliable and provided solid points in my Fantasy Football Team, so that’s good enough for me. 😂

Gary Neville

Would be a brilliant False 9

He would excel at dropping deep, linking up play, holding the ball, quick one touch and play with his back against the goal

A perfect upgrade on Laca to be honest
While id love to have Nunez i think he would fit perfectly

Besides Arteta has trained and improved Jesus so i do think we can go for him


Jesus is coming look busy


Good signing. We have Europe next year (please!), so need quality options in the squad who can push for the 1st 11. He fits that bill nicely. He works hard, is super disciplined and scores at a decent rate, so better than Pepe as a right/forward option.


He might have gotten a bit more expensive… Four goals, although against Watford.


the other goal was his assist too


“That is why he will have a long successful career, because of his incredible positivity in his mind and how he is always thinking for the team. Good things are going to happen to him in his life, that’s for sure – I am older than him and I know what I’m talking about.” -pep

This makes the arsenal link more viable imho


I like this solely for the possibility of a ‘Yo Gabi Gabi [Bukayo, Jesus, Martinelli] front three.

Determination Cultured

How about for once we lowball another club with a player with 1 year left on his contract and loan him for peanuts before,signing him on a free?

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