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Arsenal 2-1 Leeds – player ratings

Two Eddie Nketiah goals and a red card before the half hour mark for Luke Ayling should have made Arsenal’s win over Leeds a comfortable one.

In truth, the visitors barely threatened, but when they scored from a corner in the second half to reduce the deficit to one goal, it made the rest of the game extremely nerve-wracking.

The Gunners  should have done better with some second half chances which would have made the game safe, but it feels we’re contractually obliged to give us all heart failure.

Still, it sets up Thursday as a chance to secure top four at White Hart Lane, so I think we should just do that.

Here’s how the players rated this afternoon.

Read the Arsenal 2-1 Leeds report and see the goals here

Arsenal 2-1 Leeds – Player Ratings

The ratings are hidden by default until you vote, but if you just want to view the ratings and the comments, flick the switch at the top above Aaron Ramsdale. Also, please give the ratings a few seconds to load.

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Sorry, but Pepe needs to be sold.


Yea..till he has some value..get it done! Just so disinterested and frustrating..and he demands game time on top of this!


Sold, given away, a full brass band send off with a bright ribbon attached. Anything willl do at this point.

Have to admit that I got this one wrong as well. Kept telling mates that he just needed a bit of time. If anything, he’s simply gotten worse and worse as time has gone by.


Yeah. But what time has he been given?
15 minutes at the end of a game for the first time in.. 3 months?
How the fuck is anyone supposed to find form with that sort of lack of trust from the manager. He was man of the match on the FA cup final and has had some storming games for us in the past if you’ve not forgotten. He’s a talented player who’s not been treated with respect.


Spot on. For me, he is being played out of position. He has always been a second striker rather than chalk-on your boots winger. His finishing is deadly, so put him in positions to finish. It’s as simple as that. I wanted him to come on for Eddie today.

Challah Baker Soldier Spy

Agree, he’s more of an inside left than a winger. Also, it wasn’t more than 8 weeks ago when everybody here was saying Nketiah was awful, look how some minutes and faith brought him to a new level. Maybe pepe doesn’t gave a long term future here but Mr blogs calling him useless week after week for not lighting up the emirates in his occasional 11 minutes of game time is pretty silly.


Pepe hasn’t been given enough time to prove himself. He’s very much capable, look at how he’s been doing when playing for his home country. A little faith in him is all that is needed.


But he’s surely not being asked to play as a ‘chalk on your boots winger’… saka in that same position drifts regularly, brings the ball inside and carries it with serious intent. Why would Pepe be asked to play a vastly different role in that same position?


+1 on that. He got a huge talent i feel we are not really taking care of.


+2 look how improved elneny and Holding are with consistent minutes

Unfettered tr...

They played themselves into “consistent minutes”. They proved to the manger that they’re mature enough to hold down the fort till the end of the season.
Pepe’s just phoning in his performances (like the flip of a coin, you might get Epep if you’re unlucky), thus simply lacks the consistency/discipline to usurp a very tired 20 year old.
… Also, can we kindly stop submitting his FA cup performance (he was ok in that game) as an exhibit of “proof for inclusion” in a side gunning for a top 4 finish – THAT WAS TWO F*CKING YEARS AGO!!!


The closing stages of Wolves at home, on the other hand, wasn’t two fucking years ago.

Some of you on here…

Comedy Gold.


I approve this message.


Admittedly less and less, and he has absolutely shown moments in the past two years or so which indicate that he can be a class player.

Maybe it’s a case if fitting a square peg into a round hole? Either way though, he’s not shown nearly enough drive, nor dynamism to even warrant a chance in the first team at the moment.


Give the man excuses but lets be honest here, he’s not playing cause he’s far too inconsistent, poor on the ball, cannot make simple passes and losses he ball far too frequently. Even Sir Maximillian or Emmanuel Eboue had good games at some point and it worked without better replacements. We have a lot at stake to keep on experimenting to see if it works. Saka is leaps and bounds better so is everyone vying for the front positions. Its not a matter of minutes, you train well and apply yourself give the manager reasons to put you in the… Read more »

Pepe has talent, but he’s got one idea in his head: juke his way past the first defender, cut inside, and fire a left-footed shot into the top corner. How often does that work? He does not find the right pass and he does not do the defensive part of his job. He is too often a passenger, and we can’t afford that. He doesn’t play because he does not contribute when he does play. We won’t get anything much for him, but we don’t need to carry him. Maybe another manager can figure out how to get more out… Read more »

Greg in Seattle.

He’s a confidence player who needs runs of games for form but in this team he won’t get it and is thus stuck. Seemingly incapable of strong cameos. Too bad because there is a goal-dangerous attacking player in there. His value is so low you wonder if we will eat our losses and sell or see if a run of cup games next season will unlock him. I’d sell but only if we are also buying another winger. We are going to wear Saka down.

Trixie Popsicle


djourou's nutmeg

suddenly this gets a lots of thumbs up. he’s been playing like that for a long long time now, the only exception being a few cup games in which he tried dribbling or something that resembled that. genuinely asking, can somebody tell me what has changed for you to change your opinion about him? i’ve been pointing out he brings nothing to our game for ages and always got a very negative reaction around here.

Alan Sunderland

It’s like the backup quarterback syndrome in America. Whoever isn’t playing/injured is the magic bullet. Just look at the comments below the lineups before every game. We don’t need a 72million backup for saka, Nelson could do the job.

Funsho Patrick

Yep…his minutes should be given to the new hale enders

Petit's Handbag

I think he’s a good player, seems a bit short of confidence at times. But, to the people saying he needs to play here or he’s not getting enough time….who should be dropped to allow him to come in?

Diaby's Left Peg

Still think the Willian signing killed him as he was just finding his feet, still – Emery wanted Zaha, a Prem experienced inside left so the club bought him an overpriced inside right instead… doomed to failure.


I’ve often wondered if Emery still would be manager if they had purchased Zaha. Ultimately I think that decision and his inability to pick up English sufficiently were his downfall.

Exit the Lemming

When Villarreal went two up in the 2nd leg of their semi final against Liverpool I really started to think he could pull off a miracle. It wasn’t to be sadly but No, Emery was not the right man to take Arsenal to the next level but yes, he was a thoroughly decent man who behaved with class and dignity throughout his time at the club.

A Different George

I am coming to Arseblog a bit later than usual, and I am surprised that so much of the discussion is about Pepe, pro or con. Tomiyasu’s success at right wing (albeit mostly against a 10-man side pushed back by Martinelli) is a much more important development for Thursday and the Champions League race, in my opinion. El Neny’s calm and maturity, Martinelli, as mentioned, terrorising their defenders, as well as Eddie’s first half, all make me optimistic about the outcome. (Of course, I assume I will be sick to my stomach for the final 20 minutes.)


Absolutely agree that Pepe needs to be sold. It would be best for both us and for the player. His fanboys can use all of the excuses they want but the fact is he can’t even get the simple things right on a consistent basis and that’s the most frustrating part. For each of his goals there’s 3 or 4 moments in the game where he tamely gives away possession or lets an opponent glide past him. Pires struggled big time in his first season in the PL but you just tell that there was something there to build upon.… Read more »


Thanks for the tip.

I’ve just put a bet on Pepe getting the winner at the toilet bowl.


Exit the Lemming

Hopefully also a number two for them to wash it down with his number one.


Read somewhere about Stuivenberg scolding Pepe after full time. This needs to be discussed in the next arsecast. And also about James went out to concourse on min88

Teryima Adi

He needs the scolding- Pepe.

Johnny 4 Hats

Yeah, he shouldn’t come on again, especially if we are hanging on.

But let’s not forget his key contribution against Wolves at home. I’m not saying he’s good or we should keep him, but he was a game changer that night.

In fact, if we make top 4 it will be the Cedric’s and the Eddie’s and the Mo’s and the Holding’s we’ll have to thank.

And who said we have no squad depth?

Johnny 4 Hats

Yeah the James video was beautiful. Poor bastard.

I could tell I was feeling stressed because I stopped laughing when the commentator said Koch.

Mayor McCheese

I blame Raul for this £72m albatross. Nightmare. What do you think we could get for him this summer? Realistically? £15m?

Johnny 4 Hats

I’m sorry to say I think it could be a loan. I’m not sure anyone is going to pick up his wages and supply a healthy transfer fee.

If we can get his wages off our bill and he impresses on loan, we could get 15m next summer, maybe.

He needs to go back to France, or a country with a much lower standard of defending.

El Mintero

What a load of bollocks. The kid has talent and is a proven goal scorer for us IF he’s given the opportunity to play regularly in his best fkn position. Pretty fkn simple actually. People on here very short memories of his goals for Arsenal end of last season when he was our only realistic threat…he gets 15 mins out of position and suddenly he’s fkn shit and needs to be sold? Catch a grip son…

Crash Fistfight

That’s what the club got for siding with that slimy git over Sven Mislintat. Meanwhile, Sven is going to buy Mavropanos off us for €3m and sell him for €20m.


When we were telling earlier that Arteta has made us more solid defensively this is getting us pumped and ready to go from first minute offensively. Great energy from the start with the song before kickoff and then from the team. Martinelli with Saka on the wings absolutely superb, Gabi deserved a goal today. Leeds lost their heads, its just lucky that Gabi didn´t get seriously injured by that tackle from the fucker. Eddie deserves this, he has been impressive in the last few games. I think that fans inside that stadium have liked him and supported him (Eddie, Eddie)… Read more »

Challah Baker Soldier Spy

Agreed re: Nketiah, I’d be happy for him to be here next season, you need at least 2 centre forwards at the club, if we brought in Gabriel Jesus et al would still be useful to keep around. Also agree on Luke Aylings ‘tackle’, that was something from 8 divisions down and required effort to go in with both feet like that. The youth cup medal he won in 08/09 is forfeited, give it back son.


i’m convinced that any decent player/performer named eddie will have their name chanted. it’s such a pleasing name to call out. pleased as all get out that it’s working for nketiah. he’s got some bite to him that i don’t mind

Exit the Lemming

Are we really that much more solid defensively? We conceded 39 league goals last season and with 3 games to go this season we’ve conceded 42. Eddie has certainly improved his all round play and kudos to him for taking his chance with a run of games but he couldn’t even get in the Leeds team while on loan when they were in the championship. We’ll get slapped in the CL without some serious recruitment investment in the summer.

Crash Fistfight

This might sound stupid, but I wouldn’t care if we did. The extra £50m-odd and attractiveness to better players is well worth getting pumped in the CL. We’d probably drop into the EL and have a decent chance of winning it, as well.

Exit the Lemming

I don’t think it’s stupid but we want better players to come to Arsenal to build lasting careers helping us to progress and win trophies i.e. we don’t want mercenaries who don’t care if we get slapped in the CL using the club as a shop window/stepping stone to reach stronger suitors. Maybe I’m alone in this but I don’t give a discarded fig about the Europa League. I want Arsenal to be credible contenders for the Premier League, Champions League and FA Cup every season.

Bleeding gums murphy

Is Ben Whites partner related to Leslie ash and friend of Mrs Rooney and Mrs Vardy and was she a contestant on a reality tv show.


Google Milly Adams mate

Mesut Ö’Neill

This came up:

‘Milly Adams lives in Buckinghamshire with her husband, dog and cat. Her children live nearby. Her grandchildren are fun, and lead her astray. She insists that it is that way round. Milly Adams is also the author of Above Us The Sky and Sisters At War.’


Mayor McCheese

Author of The Waterway Girls. Nice catch, Ben!

Crash Fistfight

If he wasn’t a footballer, he’d have been on Love Island by now, wouldn’t he?

Mayor McCheese


Bleeding gums murphy

You get it 😜


Thought Pepe suffered from Cedric taking twenty touches and waiting till he was treble marked before giving him the ball every bloody time

You’re fond of my lobster

Yea I agree – that’s also a big reason Saka was relatively ineffectually (by his lofty standards), yet our left-sided forward was predictably great with Tomiyasu behind them

Baichung Bhutia

Exactly. Saka suffers as well since he never gets the early ball.


I honestly never wanna see Cedric standing over another cross, corner or free kick in the (hopefully) 3 games left of his Arsenal career


I’m all for the heart monitor sponsorship if in lieu of money they send free monitors to all Goobers as this would be a great public service
We move on. COYG!


Gooners…thank you Bill Gates for the best/worst invention of the technology era.. autocorrect.


Back in the day, there used to be a guy who made his way through the North Bank yelling “Peanuts, ROASTED peanuts..”

2022 and you could make a killing with the following business enterprise at the Emirates…”Valium, ROASTED Valium…”

Mayor McCheese

Also a cleaning service for all our soiled underpants.

Exit the Lemming

What are these ‘underpants’ you speak of?


Bit late to reading the ratings and I can’t believe it’s taken this much scrolling to get to a comment on the bonus rating. Sums up how I feel perfectly!
I was listening on the radio in the car and my nerves were all over the place. The commentators made it sound like every ball into our box was almost a goal. Or maybe it was just my imagination, but I didn’t like it. Nearly had to turn it off. One of those, ” can’t listen but can’t afford not to listen” feelings.


I thought Elneny was absolutely superb again. His use of the ball is so intelligent and I rarely feel he’s going to get caught in possession. I would have given 100/1 odds of Mo and Eddie being our main drivers for top 4 a few months ago but here we are! Really genuinely thought the season was fucked when tierney and Partey got injured, so happy others have stepped up! COYG


A 7 is much too low. In my opinion MOTM


Elneny was very close to flawless and his defensive positioning was crucial whenever Leeds threatened


We all know blogs has his favourites and if you’re not one you’ll never get more than a 7.

Mick Malthouse

Agree but Mo has to learn to scan and go forward when he can. Too often he kills momentum by passing backwards when he doesn’t have to. That said, he has been excellent lately.


Bless our Pyramid Pirlo.

Exit the Lemming

Toblerone Pirlo would be more accurate but yes, he’s been very solid for a while now.


Iam now wishing that we started with EL those games we started with Lakonga. I also hope that Arteta never tries Xhaka on the LB I am sure we will do again tho.


He really does not deserve backhanded compliments like “playing against 10 men actually really suits his natural game”


Exactly – he was streets ahead of Granit in this game, who was sluggish, caught in possession repeatedly, asleep for their goal, botched the clearance…. and yet he gets the same rating, with a double-edged compliment to boot???

Challah Baker Soldier Spy

I know what you mean, he suits controlling a game vs 10 men with his pace setting and sideways passing.



COYG 1001

Love the man, but was he the one out of position for the goal?


I’m all for the heart monitor sponsorship if in lieu of money they send us supporters a free heart monitor as a public service.
We move on. COYG!


North London Forever,
Whatever the weather,
These streets are our own,
And my heart, will leave you never,
My blood will forever, run through the stone!

Mayor McCheese

I love that this was sung at the game. Perfect song for the supporters and hope it becomes a mainstay for years, if not decades.

Teryima Adi

I wonder what Arteta told the boys at the break- the second half performance was awful.

Exit the Lemming

Looks like they thought the job was done. If Leeds still had 11 men it might have been a different outcome.

Crash Fistfight

Yeah, call me a miserable bastard but I didn’t appreciate the players smiling after those misses at 2-0, as if they were just in a training match for the last 45 minutes. Or Alan Smith acting as if it was game over at 2-0. Yes, in hindsight it was, but it would have only taken a mistake/wonder goal from nowhere to completely spoil things. I was desperate for that 3rd goal!

Jamie Hunter

Hugely harsh on Cedric, I thought he had a very solid game

Guns Up

I’m with Blogs on this one. Of the many adjectives I might use to describe Cedric’s performance today, “solid” isn’t among them. Fell in love with Tomiyasu all over again today, however. What a miss he’s been while injured. Is there anything he can’t do?!?!

Mick Malthouse

I thought he was generous. Cedric was awful again.

My Arse-nal

I actually though the majority if his crosses were quite dangerous today and that he played pretty well.


100% agree. There are games where he hurts the ball in pointlessly but today wasn’t one of them. Some really dangerous crosses that if his teammates were cleverer/braver could have led to goals….


Agree, a centre forward who could head the ball would really help.

Exit the Lemming

The seagulls and pigeons also thought his crosses were quite dangerous


Yeah, I thought he was quite good defensively. Winning the ball back during a rare Leeds chance and being aggressive, competitive, and available.


I think he was ok today, although i do agree with blogs, he just kept on crossing to no one pretty much all game. Yes crossing creates chances but when no one has been in the box all game, why keep doing it?


Mate – Cedric is an accident of the Mustafi variety just waiting to happen. I am praying that Ben White is fit enough for Thursday and that Arteta pairs him with Gabriel and Holding in a three at the back. We can then play Tommi and Saka as wing backs on the left and right respectively. Sit deep, keep it nice and tight and then hit those Spud idiots on the counter with the pace of Saka, Martinelli Odegaard and Eddie. For me, the best place for Cedric is out of harms way on the touch line. He can still… Read more »


I still think Pepe har something in him left for us. He just needs to find his place in the team and someone to link up with on a regular basis. And im thrilled that we have a great Japaneese defender. How cool is that? 😀


Blogs you are being unfair to Cedric. In fact, some of his crosses created good chances. Sometimes I feel blogs is searching for a player to put under scrutiny after every game.

Mick Malthouse

You’re fooling no one Mrs Soares – your son is rubbish!!!


Do you really believe that this is the way a true fan should refer to a player who does his best every time he is called upon?

Exit the Lemming

As the old legal adage has it: can’t be slander if it’s true


Pepe should be sold. Reiss Nelson would be an upgrade
hickey would have to be an upgrade on Cedric
eddie is a good 2nd forward but we need a better option
did Laca play today as a farewell? Rather have seen a kid get minutes. Even Nuno for Cedric

Public Elneny

I know Tavares is chaotic, but taken as a whole I’m not convinced he’s a worse left back than Cedric is a right back

Mesut Ö’Neill

No chance. Cedric had some good moments defensively, Nuno doesn’t possess those attributes.

It’s clear that KT will always miss a lot of games. Cucurella should be high on Arteta’s list.


I second that!!! I always liked Cucurella ever sunce I saw him play against us early in the season. He gives 100% every time

Mayor McCheese

Cucurella is very good. I just wish he didn’t have that face.

Exit the Lemming

Or that hair while we’re at it but a very fine player certainly

Public Elneny

I’l don’t know. Cedric is a more well rounded player, but just like a 5/6 in all areas. I don’t really trust him defensively, and he doesn’t offer very much going forward. A little bit prone to brain farts and silly decisions too. Compared to Tavares he’s the safe and sensible one, but in the scheme of things he’s not that safe or sensible. But also lacks the athleticism and energy that Nuno brings which I think gives us a better balance when we have quite a conservative right back It depends on the game. I think against Spurs we… Read more »

Public Elneny

Also ability to move inside on the weaker foot is a massively underrated trait for full backs, and Tavares has that


He does….but once he gets inside…..what happens next mostly negates the pluses of that trait…

Jenas Wright Martin Mour

Tomiyasu kept Son quiet on Spur’s Left earlier this season but this time they have Kuluveski on their Right who is very dangerous too. Dont know for sure what Arteta will do but got a feeling this game is a test run for Tomi on the left ahead of the Spurs game. I am also not sure how Arteta rate Cedric chances vs Son in a back 4 formation. . But if White is available and he is not confident on Cedric 1 on 1 vs Song he can also go with the fluid back 5 formation with Saka operating… Read more »

Jenas Wright Martin Mour

Except for the win and Nketiah contributing 13 points to my FPL team, there’s not a whole lot I like about this match individual or collective performance.. So we move on to the next game..One part of me keep thinking perhaps our players and our coach purposely dont want to show our hands too much this week…So as to lull their players into thinking “No need to get fire up..we can take on this bunch of sorry players hands down every day of the week” I am hoping this is actually the case, and I hope our players will bring… Read more »


He might not be in time as he has young but right now, he certainly is.


Lol.. I was very angry at Pepe’s fluff with that chance to shoot or run through…
But hey dude absolutely looked frustrated, after his Performance vs wolves u would ve thought he would be given a start but none.
Nketiah was given the chance.. AND TRUST.look at it now.
Arteta has never trusted Pepe one bit. And I hope come summer they both can find the suitable ends to the sour relationship.
I have this feeling we will beat spuds at their home.. hahaha.
It will be so iconic😆😆😆


Fair points but with some major differences. Eddie was given a chance when Laca was out for 2 games and there were no other pure striker alternatives. Arguments to be made for martinelli up top but that was never going to happen with Eddie waiting. As for Pepe you can’t tell me that you would drop any one of Saka martinelli or ESR for him in the way this team plays and the way those three have played. ESR missed several games and came back in blazing. When ESR plays a few games in a row and martinelli is given… Read more »

ichi iori

Pepe and cedric is hurt to see, every time they got the ball I just pray they are not doing stupid, sell them. And in the game like this, we should score more goals, not back pass and back pass, why we always make the game difficult for ourselves?


I still think Pepe’s deal was shady AF. I have never felt comfortable watching him play even when he hit his peak form for us

Exit the Lemming

It would be interesting to learn if the same people were also behind the protracted Saliba transfer/loan debacle.

Murphy was an Arsenal Fan

Bonus rating 10/10 to Arsenal:
Always caring for fans enough to provide free cardio workout in each match.


In the first half the stadium was electric, ive rarely heard it so loud. Second half not so. I think we got a bit complacent in the second half, we took it too easy forgetting if they scored 1 it would make the game much more difficult. 2-0 is a very precarious scoreline! Luckily we held on to get all 3 points. Whole stadium sung north london forever before kick off, genuinley made the hairs on my neck stand up!

Guns Up

The bonus rating is superb, ha ha.

Man Manny

We need to win on Thursday. Newcastle won’t be an easy game.
I am not sure I can stand the trepidation of needing to beat Everton on the final day!


I am very hopeful against Nuwcastle given how easy City folded them today.


Yeah. Why not? A win on Thursday and we could be in line for third spot!


Great to win it but failure to put it to bed against 10 men is concerning, especially following on from the rather scrappy win against WH. Would love to see them win on Thursday but tbh will be very happy if do to them what they did to ‘Pool yesterday. Good news is that they will have to come at us, not shut up shop, which will leave them more open.
Squad needs considerable strengthening for CL football.
Really happy for Eddie. He’s shown a lot of character.


Was thinking the same. Why do Arsenal raise their supporter’s BP for no reason. Some of our shooting was dismal. Need to be more efficient with our chances or many of our supporters will be visiting the doctors often.

Challah Baker Soldier Spy

Well done lads, we’re getting close now. Stay away from any hotel lasagna and stay focused.

Alan Sunderland

Didn’t think of the lasagna, stay at home night before the game, take no chances.


We would have a remarkable backline and more cover if we just cloned two or three more of Tomiyasu. Easy.

Mayor McCheese

Two ‘o me? Yessir!


I was 150 yards away when Ayling flew into Gabi, how on Earth did He only get a yellow card and why did it take 5 minutes of VAR for the corrupt Official to change yellow to Red?


I like Pepe but today he was truly awful. When their stranded in our half and he had one Leeds player to beat why did he try a trick instead of pushing the ball forward and having a race for an open goal?

Unfettered tr...

He was ahead of the Leeds player; he could’ve pushed the ball and made it a sprint, but instead chose to slow down and attempt a nutmeg!

As close as the scoreline was and considering the scale of what we’re trying to achieve, I nearly lost it.

Exit the Lemming

I’m starting to think he’s just not that bright frankly.


He kept cutting back and turning it inside. Not Pepe’s game at all; one wonders how much he was under instructions from the manager to just retain possession rather than going for broke.

The irony is that he kept giving away possession anyway…. 🙄


Another Xhaka nutmeg towards the end of the match, wasn’t as impressive as the one v Chelsea as it was quickly turned over, but nonetheless funny.


Honestly,Pepe does not deserve a 0.5 rating

Exit the Lemming

It’s not his fault we paid $74M for a player whose now been found out about where his true level lies.


So true about Cedric, how has Arteta not kicked his habit of crossing whenever he sees the freaking box


Wow..the anti-Cedric sentiment by this blog author is truly amazing. Consustently ever since he signed for the club. Toxic.

Challah Baker Soldier Spy

Cedric is solid enough, I’m fine with him as backup and he seems a top pro. Very useful that he can play either side. He’s not brilliant athletically or 1v1 but he’s quite good technically and if we had more of an aerial threat we’d be praising his crossing ability.

Exit the Lemming

I think we’d have to be allowed to field at least 16 outfield players on trampolines before we could start praising his crossing ability. He offers us a mammal with a pulse.

Obama Young

The goal before the game: Win. Win ugly. Win lucky. However it happens, it doesn’t matter. Just win.

And so we did.


Energetic and in control if struggled to finish them off for good. 1) Ramsdale – Not entirely much to do 2) Cedric – Some good recoveries and steals but seem to tire off and wane towards the end. Solid enough experience on the pitch and getting better with regular playing time. 3) Holding – Calm 4) Gabriel – Competitive. OTOH Cbacks need to organize themselves and the players for set pieces better. No one picked up Llorente for their goal 5) Tomiyasu – Super Tom deployed to Lback and did not dissapoint. not only had Raphinia in his pocket but… Read more »


Phew… at least that’s out the way! We really need to learn to kill games like that off next season. Should have been 4-0 up by half-time and resting our key players for the balance. A word on Mo-Nenny and Xhaka – one who was flawless and the other whom Blogs himself admits: ‘Let himself get wound up a bit, lost a man on the corner and his clearance in the build up wasn’t good.’ And rates him SEVEN – same on Mo, who did not put a foot wrong? Xhaka got caught in possession at least 3 times, misplaced… Read more »

Lars-Göran Ehn

Wasn’t Tomi a little bit off position on their goal? Otherwise a strong performance from him.

Gooner 49

So very harsh on Pepe, doesn’t play and then get slung on expecting Miracles i’m not saying he should be 1st on the team sheet but give the lad a break.
All of a sudden Mo’s the greatest you need to play often to get the pace of what’s required at this level.
This game reminded me of the Tottenham game blinding first half 3-0 up and then hanging on with Kane missing a good chance to make it 3-2.
Something must happen at half time(Arteta keep ball) and it doesn’t work.


Breaking News: City have an agreement to sign Erling Haarland.


Still, that more or less seals our deal for Jesus.

I just think we’re going to additionally have incorporate Divine Intervention and sign his namesake in order to challenge City next season… 😔

Exit the Lemming

We could certainly use someone on the end of a cross

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