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Report: Arsenal 5 – 1 Everton (inc. goals)

Result: Arsenal 5 – 1 Everton
Competition: Premier League
Date: 22 May 2022
Venue: The Emirates Stadium

Arsenal: Ramsdale, Cedric, Holding, Gabriel, Tavares, Xhaka, Elneny, Odegaard, Saka, Martinelli, Nketiah

Subs: Leno, White, Swanson, Oulad M’Hand, Lokonga, Patino, Pepe, Smith Rowe, Lacazette

Arsenal ended their season with a flourish by winning Everton 5-1. Martinelli opened the floodgates with a penalty followed by an Nketiah goal in the first half. A small lapse on concentration allowed Everton back into the game but the Gunners made sure of the win in the second half with goals from Cedric, Gabriel and Odegaard.

A fantastic result that saw us finish the league three places higher than last season, with a return to continental football in the form of the Europa League.


Arsenal went into their last game of the season with the strongest team they could field. A half-fit White could only make the bench and Holding returned in his place after serving his suspension. The rest of the defence picked itself with Ramsdale in goal, Cedric at right back, Gabriel in the middle and Tavares down the left.

Xhaka and Elneny anchored the midfield while the trio of Odegaard, Saka and Martinelli supported Nketiah up front.

First Half

With Arsenal still in with a chance to finish fourth, the home team gave everything they got by pushing high and playing with urgency. Everton could hardly get out of their half. Cross after cross, high and low, were whipped in to the box but Arsenal lacked the killer edge to get the goal.

After all that pressure, it was an ex-Arsenal man who provided that golden opportunity for the Gunners. Martinelli volleyed on goal and Iwobi looked to have blocked with the upper part of his arm. After a lengthy VAR review, the referee called to the spot and Martinelli didn’t miss as he tucked the ball into the bottom away from Begovic. 1-0 to the Arsenal

Arsenal didn’t have to wait long to double their lead, just 3 minutes, in fact. The Gunners went ahead via a corner that was well worked but also poorly defended by Everton. Saka’s cross was flicked on by a mobile Martinelli and Nketiah made an instinctive finish to make it 2-0 to Arsenal

Arsenal continued bossing the first half and could have even ended it with a third goal as Saka streaked towards the Everton goal during a counter attack, but he could only push the ball wide.

We were dominating with 17 attempts on goal to Everton’s 2 towards the end of the half but it wouldn’t be Arsenal if they didn’t make things a wee bit more uncomfortable for the fans.

A little complacency crept in and they allowed Everton back into the game. Calvert-Lewin held the ball up well and cut back the ball into the centre of our box. Our defenders were not quick to respond and allowed Van de Beek to tap in for make it 2-1.

A major shame to have let the opponents back in after displaying their dominance.

Second Half

After what I can only assume was a bollocking from Arteta in the dressing room, Arsenal came out after the break looking to reassert their superiority and avoid a dramatic equalizer.

The Gunners regained their focus and had their foot behind the ball as they zipped it around, orchestrated by the maestro, Odegaard. For all the smooth interchanging play, it was set pieces that proved to be the difference. Set pieces got Arsenal their third and fourth goals with Cedric playing a part in both attempts.

With everyone expecting the ball to be whipped into the middle during a corner kick, Saka laid the ball off to Cedric who lurked just outside the box. The right back surprised everyone and curled the ball in to make it 3-1.

Just moments later, it was another corner whipped in and cleared. Cedric received the rebound outside the box, dribbled towards the left and slipped in Gabriel who slotted the ball in for 4-1.

The home side were so comfortable at this point that Arteta replaced Xhaka and Nketiah with Sambi and Lacazette, the game feeling like a friendly and an opportunity to say farewell to the forwards.

The subs may have been an eye on the outgoing but it was the future of the club that caught the eye. Odegaard was a metronome, he controlled the entire game and deserved to cap it off with a goal. The Norwegian dribbled through the Evertonian defence and curled a left footer towards the bottom corner, away from Begovic to rapturous applause. 5-1 Arsenal.

It was a bold win and Arsenal ended the season on a high. The result saw Arsenal return to European competition for the next season but just fell short of a Champions League place as Sp*rs also won at Norwich.

Still, a solid season overall which promises a lot more in the next campaign.

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Well there’s two ways of looking at this.

The first is to say that we are one win away from Spurs ; and two wins away from Chelsea. So fourth or third are eminently doable.

However we are 24 points and 8 wins away from City – which frankly isn’t.

Depends on how you want to see it – I suppose.

Reiss Neverseen & El Dicteta

Good point. I think we can objectively say that this league season has been easier for us than the previous one.

We had 61 points and +16 GD last season. That would have been enough to still have us finish in 5th place this season.


5th is probably what we deserve from this season. Plenty of good, but also plenty of shit. People keep saying we should be happy with 5th, that we were overachieving and with such a young squad this is good – i get it, but it makes me a little uncomfortable. Yes we were overachieving when we were in 4th, and had a lead with some games in hand, but we did well to get there, and i do think we should have done better to hold our lead. At one point we were (according to bookies) at a 75% chance… Read more »


Well I guess the most objective way to look at it is it’s a lot better than it has been and we’re going in the right direction.

Gutted to miss CL but that wasn’t really expected this season, it’s been fun to come so close.

Medium term, Chelsea will struggle without sugar daddy, Conte will wander off and Son/Kane will age, Utd are going around in circles, so Arsenal will rise as we’re building something good and sustainable here.

Long term is where citeh and ‘pool come into focus, let’s ignore them for now!


Bob well put, a balanced analysis.


I think if ‘pool lose Mane, they’ll be come vulnerable, too. Will be interesting to see City with a real CF again. It’s not like they’ve missed one.


Yes re Mane, Salah is interesting too. They struggled with VVD injured last season also. I’m really intrigued by City/Haaland, likely amazing which is scary, but he’s not a standard Pep player, much like Aguero wasn’t.


I’m kinda hoping Salah goes the way of Auba and goes off the proverbial cliff after signing a big money final contract, leaving them financially burdened for a few years.
Mane is tremendous, but in Diaz they seem to have a quality replacement


We played less games with more periods of rest than any of the top four and we still could not do it.
That was our best shot of a top four finish. If we could not do it with the advantage we had how will we manage playing every Thursday?


This is such an odd point people keep making. As if we’re not going to strengthen in the summer. Yes we’ll have more games, but the young players will be a year older and uglier, and we’ll have signed at least three more players for squad depth/ improving the first XI.
Final day of the season must be a record for making doomsday predictions for the next. Let’s see how we’re looking in August.


uglier? not sure how that would be relevant even if it were true…


Apologies, it’s a turn of phrase often used in the UK relating to age and experience. Not genuinely commenting on their appearance.


Stay positive mate. Young, paper-thin squad, injuries to key players at the sharp end of the season.
Strengthen the squad this summer, and somehow learn not to lose once we concede first, and we’ll be fine.

Cannon Fodder

We played ‘fewer’ games…

Jean Ralphio

It also means more pressure to make games count so it’s not always easier from a pressure perspective.


We really missed Partey. No clean sheets since he was injured and even one more win would have taken us to the CL.
Hope we can improve midfield and get a decent goalscorer (keeping Eddie too, our top goal scoring striker in the PL…). Plus sign up Saka and the other youngsters down for many years to come…

Hope you all have a good summer.


“One more win”? Not that straightforward my friend


Mathematically it is…


Mate, whether you like it or not, we missed out on the ECL by three points.

One win.


How is it not straightforward?

The dozens of ‘iffy’ moments during this season – the burgled penalty by slithery Silva, Xhaka’s reds, Cedric/Rob/Nuno’s (even Ben and Gabriel’s) brain-farts… the curiously nervy displays vs teams we should have put away….
This season could very, very easily – but for the odd precious minute of loose play here and there – have ended with 4th. Even third.

Your comment is utterly pointless.


For the foul on Demarai Gray (86′) … you may stay.

Naked Cygan

Good win. Hopefully this time next year we will be in the top 4.


Wrote this after the third game of the season.


22 Aug 2021 5:35

Artera will come good. 5th this year. 3rd in the 22/23 season.


Heavenly Chapecoense

Golden boys, score a lot of goals when it means nothing.


4 goals from set pieces (3 corners 1 pen) and just the 1 from open play. Pretty standard (read bad) Arsenal attacking performance, just that Everton are comically bad at defending set plays.


Congratulations. 5 goals at home and you think this was a ‘bad’ performance…. FFS.


I didn’t say bad performance, I said bad attacking performance. A single goal from open play against an Everton side with a leakier rear end than dog who just ate chocolate is not a good attacking performance and it’s pretty consistent with the average we’ve seen from Arsenal.


Any team that scores 5 goals has not had a ‘bad attacking performance’.


Arsenal have had better attacking performances this season and scored less. The number of goals scored isn’t always reflective of the quality of performance. I’m sure you know that, don’t know what you’re arguing for.

Group Captain Mandrake

Last time I checked, set pieces are still part of the attack. If they don’t score those, you’re probably banging on about how they couldn’t score against a bad Everton defense.


If you want to convince yourself that a team could mount a top four challenge based on their set piece prowess I won’t stop you.


26 shots and 9 on target with 5 goals and it was a bad attacking performance – stick to FIFA


How does it matter how the goals go in? Is there a rule about the manner of scoring that makes some goals more valuable than others? Your argument makes zero sense.

Group Captain Mandrake

I don’t have to convince myself of anything. Penalty, set piece, open play, they all count the same. Did they go in? If the answer is yes, I am happier than if they didn’t. And while I am disappointed they didn’t make top 4 , I never really expected them to challenge for it this year.

The Beast

But didn’t we just mount a top 4 challenge, partly by massively improving on set pieces? We don’t have to convince ourselves, we’ve literally seen it play out over the past 9 months.


Please never feed a dog chocolate… Cocoa is highly toxic for them!!


They all count mate. You don’t see the Spuds moaning about the soft pens Kane gets every third match.

Morrisey fan #1

I didn’t cheer any goals but I was happy. The disappointment of the last two games still lingers. However we are light years ahead of last year and the year before. That’s something to be happy about, so chin up fella or go
Support Liverpool.

Reiss Neverseen & El Dicteta

Light years? Come on dude… Did we not just spend £105 million on defensive players only to concede more goals than last season? Is 6 more goals scored that drastic of a difference?


Fuck off, Spud.


Yes of course.
Shit on the team that has improved significantly from last term. Not ideal. But progress.

Jog on, bro-negative.

Aleksander Włodarz

The 5th is the new 4th… 🤔?


He’s back! Wenger’s twin!

“Look, ehhhh…. Listen, ehhhhh…..”



Is 5th place good enough? I think so, given the recent seasons underachievement’s. We deserved 5th, but in a positive way, that’s how it works. The summer transfer dealing will determine the direction and ambition of the club. We need an elite level striker and an elite level central midfielder. Failing both of these and it’ll be a disaster, because Man Utd and now Newcastle will be up there. Europe will also take its toll on the players so we need to strengthen.


I think it’s an average finish; neither good nor awful. In a season without European football, we should have gone much further in the cup competitions. Having said that, we’ve also come a long way from where we were after 3 games. Summer is crucial.


As a season on the whole, its very average, as we were dreadful in the cups. Our squad had a lot of dead weight, which has been trimmed on the whole, although we still have quite a few too many below standard players in the first 11 for me. 5th place is decent though because we don’t have star players in key positions, definitely up front. Arteta needs to learn too, because he has made rookie mistakes but thats fine because he is still learning.


We barely have a squad after some injuries.


The NLD was terrible, should have played 3 at the back and tried to catch them on the break, instead, as usual, we walked right into the trap with help from the ref and Holding.

Man Manny

The gains we would have from lack of Euro football was offset by the threadbare squad and blunt attack.
If Arteta had brought in two decent players on loan in January – a striker and a midfielder- we would have added a minimum of one more win which would see us qualify for CL.

Reiss Neverseen & El Dicteta

Bittersweet end to the season. A good game with good goals, but I felt that the players’ celebrations were a little restricted by news elsewhere


The idea of sticking with Arteta for I-dunno-how-many-years is really not something I look forward to.

Announce Bendtner

Yes I hear Pep and Klopp are repeatedly ringing Edu wanting to replace Arteta.

Or there’s that other option Ancelotti, but wait didn’t he just leave Everton to go Madrid. Imagine if we’d recruited him instead.

I suspect the get a new coach process that Man Utd are taking won’t end well. They were excited and anticipating immediate return to golden years with VanGaal/Mourinho/Ragnick


Implying that the only better managers than Arteta are the two best managers in world football? Lol

Announce Bendtner

Just stating that there are no exceptional managers wanting to come. Also the approach of changing managers hasn’t worked for Utd.
Believe me, if there was an exceptional manager available and interested I think the board should consider it but right now we’re slowly moving in the right direction.

Reiss Neverseen & El Dicteta

Yep. The same arguments are resurfacing from last summer. “No excuses for Arteta next season” (We’ll see about this one😂😂), “There aren’t any good replacements out there”

Imagine my surprise when Conte, the man many said was out of our league, went to Spurs. A team with that had more debt, less money and were below us at the time.

Reiss Neverseen & El Dicteta

There are more coaches out there than Klopp or Pep.

Ruben Amorim, Graham Potter, Simon Inzaghi, Mattias Jaissle, Domenico Tedesco, Patrick Vieira, Julien Stephan – All bright coaches that are still fresh to the game.

For proven coaches – Galtier, Enrique or Mancini.

There are more options than dipping into the recycling bin of managers.

Morrisey fan #1

He’s shown improvement every year, and this is his first job. I’d like to see what happens. He’s learned a lot of hard lessons this season.


Depressing idea

Martin R

So which available manager could do any better?


better than 26 defeats in two seasons without midweek Europea football and huge investments in the market? bet there are more than a few…

Martin R

Well tell me who would have done a better job.

Reiss Neverseen & El Dicteta

Like I said to goonero… The same excuses are going to be repeated next season. Just look at this comment thread, at least two users already implying that there isn’t any better coach available.

It’s been Groundhog Day at this club but the jam tomorrow mentality still prevails.


You notice none of the #artetaout are giving names. It’s not about MA, it’s about #nothim and no matter if there was someone else, after a couple of losses, he’ll be the next #nothim

Greg in Seattle

It’s also about baby-men wanting instant gratification. Cleaning up after the corrupt Raul regime, offloading and massaging egos of past-it and don’t-fit and meh-youth to stockpile wages for when we are ready for the leap, integrating six new signings into the core of the team, sorting out the style of play, working through the pandemic, while bringing back the warm Arsenal culture that I thought was gone for good…with the toxic side of this fan base clamoring for yesteryear glory NOW…. Well, aside from the sting of being this-close to CL, I am so much more optimistic than I’ve been… Read more »


This is exactly it and exactly how I feel and see it too. When the new season starts, I hope everyone will pull together and provide full support to the manager. If we dont get CL by the end of next season, then fair play, time for a change. But until then, lets go full tilt on the support. We do not want to become the next Manchester United. No our model should be Liverpool.


Top comment. My only qualification to it would be bravo Edu… I think he could/should have done a little more in January: GIroud for a million – cannot argue he wouldn’t have nicked at least 3 or 4 goals, especially in at least one of those vital 4 recent losses vs Palace, Brighton, Saints, Newcashy Tammy A for 32m – 26 goals since Jan, and counting; Renato Sanches – very able back-up for Thomas, who’s injury was always a possibility and should have been forseen; Arthur… enough said Aouar Bruno – who effectively cost us 6 points at the death…… Read more »

Spanish Gooner

Giroud and Tammy would never have come. Tammy only signed in the summer and has since then probably doubled in value, and Giroud was an important member of a Milan team that were fighting for their first title in a decade. Renato/Arthur/Aouar – we’ll see. Personally I would love to see Aouar come in summer, but Lyon probably wouldn’t have sold him and Guimaraes in January. Bruno – fair enough. In terms of transfer fee I can’t see why we didn’t go for him, but he’s apparently on £250k at Newcastle which would put him above everybody at Arsenal, so… Read more »


Sorry – my post was confusing: I meant we coulda had either Tammy or HFB earlier as both stated their willingness to move to Arsenal. Likewise Edouard for 19m (although the jury’s probably still out on him).

You’re probably right on Bruno’s wages though, I’d forgotten that curve ball!
I see that Lyon now only want 12.5m for Aouar – that has GOT to be a good deal, surely?


Same am not looking forward to it

Walter White

Can’t help not to have regrets about the season when we had everything in our hands. There are a bit too many games we can look back at and be very disappointed about. What if he had just grinded out a result instead of just focusing on the proces? Meanwhile, Spuds have had games at the start of the season with the nuno guy in front, where they got some very lucky points that have helped them get over the line. It just shows that every point is important from start to end. Hopefully we won’t have as many slipups… Read more »

Aussie Gooner

Well done guys. I think we over achieved in the overall context of the league. IMO Saka, Martinelli and ESRA are one year ahead of where they should be in their development curve. Next year with a full season of being PL regulars, I think they will be immense.

What’s needed is some real quality up front and 3rd isn’t out of question.


Word. 😊🍺👍


Spot on. We are in the best position we have been for years.


Well done boys. A good result to end the season. We might have fallen just short of the ECL, but that’s all we were – a few points short. We have European football next season, we have a great young team and with a few additions this summer, we can approach next season full of confidence. As for Spurs – and the media hell-bent on their blatant bias – fuck ‘em. Much good finishing 4th will do them, because not matter how many times next season Son cheats, no matter how many penalties the refs give them, no matter how… Read more »


Meh. Iv never felt so deflated after such a big win. Guess I should be happy that we had something to play for in all but the last game.


Thats life though.
Welcome to adulthood; and the real world!

He’s got no hair but we don’t care...

Yes after the first three games to think we’d finish 5th is amazing BUT in true Arsenal/Arteta style, we get ourselves more than back in with a chance of top 4, even after another 3 defeats in a row by beating chelsea & man utd, the transpire to throw it away just so those twonkish c*unts down the road pip is to the champions league position.
Project or no project why would a top world striker come to Arsenal with no CL football?

Aussie Gooner

Because its PL and you get a chance to be THE MAN at one of the largest clubs in the world with a very exciting young team which plays an exciting brand of football and a club with a very likeable culture.

Who wouldn’t want to join?

He’s got no hair but we don’t care...

Yeah because top flight footballers are all about selfless behaviour and likeable culture. They’re not at all about trophies, playing at the highest level and money.

A Different George

Well, I think trophies and money are important but so is having a good life–you live in a city that you like and that your partner likes, the team (your everyday working environment) have few cliques and few assholes, the boss is tolerable or even inspiring. Can we compete for Mpabbe? No. Gabriel Jesus? Sure.


Exactly. Why would you choose where you want to play based on 1 season when you will likely sign for 5 years. Who would choose Marseille over Arsenal even though they’re in e champions league ‘this season’.

He’s got no hair but we don’t care...

Very true, I believe a player would choose is over Marseille.
However, if we’re competing with Marseille for a striker then we’ve got real problems. We need the sort of strikers that Man City, chelsea, liverpool etc want and they would never choose us over them.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)



exciting brand of football – there are at least 10 games where the football was the complete opposite
likeable culture- yes indeed where you get rewarded with contracts with mediocre targets


Nice win and nice goals. Too bad it didnt matter.

The Arsenal

Good way to end an overall good season. But it is getting increasingly galling watching us fail to perform whenever their is any type of pressure and then produce scintillating stuff when it ultimately means nothing. Im not saying we should be challenging for the title yet or that we have a divine right to anything but the way we consistently not only fail but completely crumble and capitulate when it really matters is so disappointing. Champions league was needed for the desired squad turnover that we need now, instead we wont have the resources or ability to attract what… Read more »


Not good enough and next year likely to fall behind Newcastle and manure , the c#unts will only pull further ahead with champions league and top manager,
There is nothing to be positive about, your in dreamland if you think 5th is good and the sum of the clubs aspirations


Is that the same Manchester United that everyone in the media reckoned would finish above us this season…..?


Nice big win just when it doesn’t matter.

Who gives a fuck?

Arteta out.

DB10s Air miles

He’s back!


Come on – you’re smarter than that. We could have the second coming of Christ as our manager, and we still wouldn’t win the title.
We have a younger and much more coherent team.
Lots of deadwood gone.
We’re back in (shitty) Europe.
All 3 goals you’d have given your right arm for a year ago.
Given the players we have available (quantity and quality) 5th is worth a Nobel Prize.
If you keep setting unrealistic goals, you’re just knowingly self flagellating. This is Football. Not Football as you remember it from growing up.


Does Tottenham have a better team, player by player?


2 potent goal scorers in Son and Kane. That’s basically what gave them the advantage.



They are a two trick pony and will win fuck all yet again next season.

And this is them at their strongest. Son – the jammiest forward of all time approaching his 30’s and Kane, the refs favourite, also approaching his 30’s.

Once our kids really get their eye in, Spurs and Conte will be dust on our boots.


Fuck off. I detest SK apologists like you who are content with the crushing mediocrity that we have become. We have become a complete joke. No ambition, no leadership, no class. Next season will be more mediocrity. But wankers like you won’t care. You’ll probably be more concerned in getting your replica kit than us winning anything.

We’re just a franchise now: and cunts like you with no ambition are to blame.


I think you’ll find you’re the joke, pal.

You make Piers Morgan sound reasoned and articulate, with the negative bile you post up on here.

We finished 8th last season. We’ve now finished 5th, two points of the ECL with jokers like Cedric, Tavares and Lacazette running around in an Arsenal kit.

It’s not just progress, it’s a fucking miracle.

Now think what we can achieve in the future, with the deadwood gone and some decent additions like Gabriel Jesus.

Oh, hang on, my apologies.

I’ve asked you to engage your brain and think…..🙄

Merlin’s Panini

Don’t lower yourself to name calling

Greg in Seattle

Baby man gonna baby.


Fat Piers is already on the bottom rung mate… can’t you tell?
Nowhere lower that he can crawl, no matter how hard he tries (and he does!).


maybe yes, maybe no. we’re where pool were a couple of years back. let’s see which direction we go now that the club is finally stopping being disoriented post-Wenger. we surely won’t compete with the qatars or the saudi levels of money, and that’s fine by me – just need to get rid of ‘visit rwanda’ too. now, whether we become a pool or an everton is a different question. for now i think we’re more likely to become the former with guys like Mikel and (maybe) Edu at the helm than.. who, next Unai? Ralf Ragnick type? Graham Potter… Read more »

Merlin’s Panini

I watched Invincible again today. Arsene Wenger set a target everyone thought was impossible and achieved it. We must always set the target beyond what we think is possible to achieve great things.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Wenger had world class players, some of the best this country has ever seen.
World cup and Euro winners.
Arteta has the youngest team in the league who are playing their first full season together

Greg in Seattle

Toxic rays of sunshine out in full force.

Martin R

Welcome back. Missed your toxicity. 🙈


A little radioactivity never hurts ☢️☣️


Thanks Piers.


Disappointed that Lacazette and Pepe came on rather than a couple of our youngsters when your 4-1 up with 15 minutes to go.


Letting the buyers know they’re in the window!


And that’s 5th then !!! I’m not celebrating that shit & I hope Arteta isn’t either ? Anyhow ! Saka Martinelli Tomiyasu & Ramsdale have done us proud & ESR but we still lack an ability to turn losses into draws & draws into wins it has to be a mentality thing ? Next signings have to be leaders of men !!

Man Manny

But we can keep leads and win games; that is a mentality thing too.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

It’s the not turning losses into draws that cost us. Considering we only drew 3 (the least in the league) and won more than Chelsea. 13 losses out of 38 is too much


I’ve rarely felt less excited by what’s to come.

A summer where we have to hope that Edu pulls out multiple miraculous transfers to put a semblance of a squad together and hoping that our manager finally learns how to manage a squad, in terms of playing time and man-management. It’s too much to reasonably expect


You really know how to take the shine off everything don’t you?


So it’s yet another “let’s see how we spend, and we’ll be great next season”. I think I’ve read that every single May in 15 years or so.. we remain a “lets hope” club. Let’s hope we can sign a big name. Let’s hope this big player doesn’t leave – but really, so what. We’re not going to be City or PSG – not without their money. And frankly.. I’d rather not. I’ve long since stopped imagining we’ll win the title, or win something in Europe. Makes life more managable, instead of building up naive hope every year. “If we… Read more »


I don’t know why you don’t believe anymore we’ll win anything in Europe.
Next season we’ll have an excellent chance of winning the Europa League.
If we’d taken 4th, not a chance in hell of winning the CL.
That’s why I’m happy because the EL fits this Arsenal like a glove, the Conf is too low and the CL too high. This is just right, for now.

Yellow Ribbon

It is sad but it is the reality. We just don’t have the resources to compete at the highest level and it has been way too long and we without any surprise have lost the winning mentality. It is just depressing.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

To be fair, last summer was all about clearing out and bringing in improvements. We were never expected to compete near the top after 1 season with a new squad. Mikel’s building is still just beginning


Gabriel’s finish was better than Laca has been giving us all season!


Oh those halcyon days of January and February when I warned you all that Lacazette was a busted flush with all the pace of a sponge pudding.

“Laca is a far far better finisher than Auba!!!” I was told, amidst an avalanche of thumbs down….😂

Give youth a chance

Nice to finish the season with a big win, and I’d be delighted if you offered me 5th at the start of the season. Now we need to take another big step forward over the summer. Aside from striker, we have a fantastic first 11, we just need to upgrade our squad players. I expect Pepe will be sold, along with some of our players on loan (Bellerin, Torreira, Guendouzi) and Lacazette will leave on a free. Saliba will come in at CB to fight for a starting role and we may see Nelson come back to fight for a… Read more »


Please no more ‘Saliba’ back comments on this forum, it’s self delusion at it’s best. Face facts ‘no way’ he’s coming back. Players have all the power now.

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Mikel said he only wants players who are passionate about Arsenal.
Saliba said yesterday that he wants to stay at Marseille and play Champions League next season.
Let’s see how this plays out

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

“Cover for Partey”?
How about a partner for Partey


The Partey of the first part and the party of the second part can party on.

Announce Bendtner

Overall I think next season the pressure and expectation ramps up. Top Four is a must.
Firstly Kroenke/Edu need to deliver.
Arteta/Squad cannot afford another bad start.

Merlin’s Panini

That was our most convincing result this season. Where was that fight last week? Still, have to draw a lot of positives from this and I’m hoping Eddie will sign a new contract and stick around. He’s scored a few when given a chance. We could still do with a top striker but he’d be a fine option too. Let’s hope we keep the good players we’ve got and can make additions at fullback, midfield and striker. Then we can start to compete over a full season. Shame Norwich showed why they deserved to be bottom but at least Burnley… Read more »

Merlin’s Panini

Other than Sp*rs I mean


It was like a meaningless friendly for both teams. Nice but too late and too little.

SG Gooner

We finished on a high as was expected with this poor Everton side. Next season, Arteta needs to figure out how to deal with a) high pressing opponents and b) Low block defensive teams. We will need fast midfielders who have pace to recover if we are playing high line as well as player with good technique in tight spaces. We also need a mobile forward who can hold the ball and cause problems to defenders. Besides that, it’s time to say thank you and bye to Xhaka, Pepe, Laca and Elneny. I know lot of people would like to… Read more »


Twas a good season to be jolly.
I think a few points here and there from ref decisions and luck or lack of luck make me think our performance vs Spurs or Chelsea overall is much the same… Could have gone either way the last couple weeks. Just didn’t go our way. Message in a bottle I guess 😅

Des Lynam

Look, I’m disappointed as much as anyone else, but champions league next season is too bigger step at the moment. If I’m being honest we’d be walloped against the bigger teams. Let’s build on this next season, sign a striker who knows how to lead the line, finish in the top 4 and win the UEFA Cup. I don’t ask for much. All in all, a positive season for sure, we at last have a style of play, some good players, and if we are clever in our business this summer, real hope, and we’ve not had that for years.… Read more »


Not sure how I feel about that Amazon documentary now, could have been a blockbuster finish but now it’s just going to be a bit ‘meh’


As per comments by ex professionals,
They had no Europe, weak opponents and a massive transfer spend. Next summer, none of these things apply.

Spot on, why are so many deluded with arteta ?,
He has spent loads , who is first up with the excuses?

Reiss Neverseen & El Dicteta

Probably because the club has put a lot of effort into Arteta’s PR.

The club did something unprecedented when they brought a consultancy company “fix the culture” after we lost three consecutive games in April. That announcement calmed a lot of nerves in the fanbase and kept many onside with the manager.

Would they have done that if it was Emery who lost those games? Probably not


Wow. Reading some of the whingey, pathetic, momma’s boy/football manager comments here youd think Arsenal finished 15th or something.

We won. Were back in Europe. Weve much to improve and are clearly going the right direction.
If folks cannot get behind that, then I would most politely invite then to go Fu@k themselves.

And have a good Summer!

Reiss Neverseen & El Dicteta

You have a good summer too 🙃


I don’t understand all this talk about us not having European competition and therefore we should finish higher because other squads are somehow knackered, overworked, etc. Both Spurs and Chelsea have deeper, more experienced teams; Arsenal hope to build that and, IMO, are moving in the right direction. Hoping for a good summer and a favorable EL draw, COYG!

Merlin’s Panini

If we were in the Europa League this season we could easily have won it. West Ham even got to the final. We should be winning that next season.

Mad Mick Madison

It’s all good! COYG!


Nice to finish the season on a positive note, but hard to get excited about this meaningless game, still getting over Monday’s debacle.

Der Kaiser

Clear progress but lack of squad depth

Need top level central midfielder and top class 20 goal plus central striker

Would like to see Saliba recalled and maybe Reiss Nelson

Also just need more depth but we don’t know which other young players we have who may be ready next season

I think Lacca and Pepe will leave. Leno May also

I have faith given our more recent recruitment

Thierry Bergkamp (non negotiable)

Well Saliba did say yesterday that he wants to stay at Marseille and play in tbe Champions League with them


That’s a shame but it’s understandable.

Merson's Grin

Why no player ratings?


Whilst it was disappointing to see Arsenal “choke” at the end of the season and miss CL, I still think given the age of the squad, the depth of the squad (or lack of) and the results gained this season that 5th spot is a damn good result. I reckon most sensible fans would of taken 5th with a fight for 4th if that was offered after 3 games. Context is everything. We can enjoy 5th, enjoy some europa next season and now we need to pressure the club to invest so they can get the talent they need to… Read more »


All in all to be frank, I think Arsenal actually exceeded my expectations this season finishing 5th. But this does not mean I feel the manager /DoF has done a good job. Contrary, I feel we have fallen short because of actions not taken or poorly executed both in January and last summer. We are as I predicted outside top 4. There is reason for optimism given young players coming through. But also reason to doubt we will again do the right thing in market this summer not only bc we have fallen short and will be handicap as a… Read more »


All in all today, we were what we should have been against Spurs or Newcastle or Southampton or Brighton or Palace take your pick. One of these in our favour and we would have been in CL. Which is the difference experience makes to this promising but wet behind the ear squad. Spurs found 2 players in January (Bentancur and Kuljevski) for free. For today (and overall for season), here is an assessment of the squad IMO- 1) Ramsdale – This was a successful signing. I mentioned him end last season. He’s been great for us with his passion but… Read more »


Having read the entire thread, the barometer seems to suggest an upswing and positivity that (albeit cautiously) bodes well for next season. To the numerous voices of discontent and frustrated ‘Insta-grat’ slaves, I say this: THE START young, inexperienced manager and core of team new ‘system’ and players trying to gel for the first time nightmare beginning (BOTTOM!) partly outside of their control admin structure in tatters post Fat Raul & Co squad littered with deadwood, want-aways and non-performers (for whatever reason toxic ‘fans’ ranting on social media THE SLOW-BUILD clawed our way up from bottom spot concerted effort to… Read more »

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