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Confirmed: Arsenal sign Fabio Vieira from Porto

Arsenal have completed a deal with Porto for attacking midfielder Fabio Vieira.

The 22-year-old joins the Gunners for a fee of €35 million (plus €5 million add-ons) after  technical director Edu negotiated a price below the player’s €50 million release clause.

Including his senior debut for Porto, just over two years ago, Vieira has racked up 76 appearances, scoring 10 goals and making 18 assists. The numbers are impressive and all the more so when you consider he’s averaging just 37 minutes on the pitch so far.

Well aware that Arsenal are not scoring enough goals at the moment, we assume manager Mikel Arteta views his new recruit, who can also play as a second striker, as someone who can unpick opposition defences. In so doing, Vieira should help share the burden placed on Bukayo Saka and Martin Odegaard.

Vieira is Arsenal’s third signing of the summer after 19-year-old Marquinhos, who joined from Sao Paulo, and American goalkeeper Matt Turner, for whom a deal was struck in January with MLS franchise New England Revolution.

The new boy will sport FABIO VIEIRA on the back of his shirt alongside the number 21, a number previously worn by Calum Chambers, Lukasz Fabianski, Mart Poom, Jermaine Pennant and Tomas Danilevicius.

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Good age, lots of ability, good luck to him stepping up to the PL!


Johnny 4 Hats


Johnny 4 Hats

I think he’s further down the road as regards development than Sambi, but not loads.

Especially in the first half of the season, we need to be patient as a fanbase.

He may well hit the ground running but I also wouldn’t be surprised if he has a quiet six months or so and then starts to build his presence in the side when the inevitable injuries start mounting up.

Really very, very excited to see him in preseason. Great work M&E 🌟👏🌟


And I hope, during those 6 months, he gets in the weight room. That is a very slight dude.


so is bernardo silva, or the previous silva fella they had, to be fair.

Funsho Patrick

Agreed mate! We should manage expectations..good thing we’re playing more competitions next season…he should have enough time to bed the 5substitution rule..I also expect one or two breakout hale enders…also easy to forget reiss Nelson is still an arsenal player and he’s also 22


You never heard of him until now. Eff off.

Johnny 4 Hats

How dare you?! That is a lie. Slander. A falsehood of the highest order!

I have, in fact, known about Fabio Viera for four whole days.

So there.

Mr positive

Fabulous Fabio
Vantanstic viera

Mr positive

Fabulous Fabio
Vantanstic viera .
Welcome Son.

Johnny 4 Hats

Anyone else missing the ‘Ryan Fraser on a free’ rumours?

Emi Rates

The rumour that fills me with equal parts laughter and dread is the one about Morata. For fucks sake let that one not be true!


or isco, poor guy has all the pace of last season’s laca

Johnny 4 Hats

There are some Alexis Sanchez rumours flying around that I pray are bs and I’m convinced are.

The last thing this team environment needs is Mr G.O It’Alone.

Great player. But he was so clearly the most annoying kid to play on the same team as in the playground. Like the kind of kid where when he scored for your team, you still wanted to kick him really hard in the shin.

Emi Rates

Sanchez had a couple of good seasons for us but Christ did he think he was god’s gift to football. That aside the best I can say for him is that when he turned to shit he at least had the good taste to inflict it on Man U.

Emi Rates

People really rate that primadona after how he behaved at ours? Personally I couldn’t wait for him to go after he went into his season long sulk. What a twat!


Agree tho he got a league winners medal at inter.

Santi’s Thigh Grab

Very skilled individual player. TBF the gulf in quality of Alexis and Ozil was clear to see from the other 9. I thought they played well together in the final third always looking for each other. Both were ego merchants.


Pleasure to see him as a Gunner. Welcome Fabio!

A. Williams

He doesn’t look too happy


Yes we’ve just made him a very rich man, a little smile wouldn’t hurt.

Alan Sunderland

Who gives a fuck if he can play.


Think he’s trying the hard man look.


My guess is this all has happened so fast and is a bit overwhelming for him. I hope he gets settled in quickly so he can start having a positive impact soonest.

Man Manny

Yes. He had just been briefed about the end of last season before that photograph. What irked him most was when the identity of the team that edged us out of top 4 was revealed.
The photographer said he kept muttering something that sounded like revenge in Portugese, and it was only after Edu and Arteta assured him he will start the game against them that he managed to hold himself long enough for the photograph.

Sir No Goals

Welcome to Arsenal.


Can’t wait to see him in the shirt!

I have a feeling this could turn out to be one of our best signings for a long time.
Cazorla vibes…


Great to see Arsenal bring in a quality player without anyone knowing!

Olawale Olayemi

This signing is prime Wenger biz


The club have missed a trick, would have loved to seen Wenger by his side with a cheeky smile(meaning this guy is good….)


Excited to see Fabio in action this upcoming season. Gotta keep the momentum going and get Jesus in our camp! Praise be…


Seen lots of discussion over whether this lad is challenging for Xhaka, Odegaard or Saka’s spot in the starting XI. Love the versatility, but filling Xhaka and Lacazettes spots had to be the priority and still hoping for bog news on those two.

Mayor McCheese

If it’s bog news you’re after, look no further than Denmark, which unearths a couple of gems every so often.


Also try the Armitage Shanks company newsletter.


A Lisandro or Zinchenko type signing would give us some serious and needed additional depth. Hoping for one + Jesus. Not too bothered about Rafina/ Tielemans (wouldn’t complain, though).


Listening to his interview, I don’t see him starting in Dhaka’s position. He says he likes to play between the lines in an attacking position to score and provide assists.


Two completely different positions. DefaultGray is just saying that he also wants news on transfers that can fill the Xhaka and Laca roles.


Xhaka wasn’t even playing in Xhaka’s position last season… up until Partey got injured. Xhaka was playing more advanced near Odegaard. That’s where Vieira will likely play.


Welcome to The Arsenal, Fabio Vieira! UTA!


Only took 17 years, but we finally signed the new Viera.

Determination Cultured

Hope can bring in 1 more and,sell xhaka. Ideally we can play 2 8.5s in CM running the attack while 1 DM sits


Vieira!!!! He comes from Portugal, he plays for Arsenal!! Vieria!!!


My old man’s got a Ford Sierra. Woah, Fabio Viera!


He is going to be a first team player. This is Arteta’s second attacking midfield signing, this is his guy.

Santi’s Thigh Grab

They are all first team players.

Edward Spencer

That’s some big shoes to fill.
Tomas Danilevicius


Put some respect on the man’s name young Edward, it’s “Arsenal Legend” Tomas Danilevicius don’t you know 😉. Tbf that shows we’ve had some utter cack with squad #s down the years but I did meet Mart Poom at a Reserve game at Underhill the day we signed him, lovely fella even if he did look confused at so many people wanting him to sign team sheets


As a lithuanian, I just couldn’t be more happier that my country has even tiny bity but still connection to this wonderful team and it still shows it’s face in some strangest places like this for example. But the sad news is that my countrie’s football situation for ladt several years is in utter shambles and much responsibility lies on much corrupted maphia-esque federation which president is the same Tomas who is just a pawn. 🙁 (but still in interviews, he always remembers that call from Wenger which changed his life forever)


So infuriated he has the gall to take the #21 shirt of the great , Lukasz Fabianski, the provider of the biggest thrill ever in a FA Cup final. I almost soiled myself. He is even going so far as have the letters “Fabi” on the back of the shirt.


And when Turner reports next week he better not ask for any number…

Emi Rates

Fabio the Fabulous!




They’ve given HIM the 21 shirt? OUTRAGE. He disrespect the memory of Tomas Danilevicius. Furious man. Furious.

Reiss Neverseen & El Dicteta


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