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Report: AS Roma keen on Bellerin

According to Italian site Calcio Mercato, AS Roma are making progress in their pursuit of Hector Bellerin.

After 11 years at Arsenal, it is widely expected that the full-back will leave the Emirates on a permanent basis prior to the new season.

Off the back of a successful loan spell at Real Betis, the 27-year-old harbours hopes of a return to Seville, however, with the club struggling to raise the necessary funds to finance a move, the door has been opened to other suitors.

Fiorentina, who were supposed to be doing a deal for Lucas Torreira, have been sniffing around, while Roma, who flirted with Granit Xhaka last year before taking Ainsley Maitland-Niles on loan in January, are now said to be in pole position.

It’s claimed that Arsenal want €18 million for Bellerin but with the player out of contract in 2023, it’s likely we’ll settle for less.

Given Rome’s status as the world fashion capital, it’s hard to think of a more apt destination for Hector; it’s just a shame he might have to share a dressing room with that sociopathic Portuguese moron.

One to keep an eye on.

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Steve Killick

A story absolutely made by the most brilliant of sign offs. Thank you so much for the ‘sociopathic, Portuguese moron.’

A Different George

I disagree. Mourinho is not a moron.

Finsbury Park Gooner

You’re right. He’s an absolute cunt.

A Different George

Yeah, that was my attempt at humour. I’ll keep trying though.

Eric Blair

Is he really Portuguese? I never realised!

You’re welcome 😉


We have a Mourinho fan!! 😂


True – he’s a Maureen.

Heavenly Chapecoense

If it was Mourinho our manager in that critical game against Spurs, we would have come out with the draw we needed, no questions asked.


If he had been our coach, we would never have been in the situation to come that close to a CL spot in the first place. He finished fckn 6th in the weakest of all European Top leagues.


I can honestly say – and it still hurts – that I’d rather have lost the NLD to Spuds than have Maureen as our manager.


Mourinho is a ‘has been’….we would be at 10th place if he where our managers plus all our young tallent would be wanting to move to different clubs


I know if we don’t manage to sell him there will be frustration but I think the reported refusal by the club to tear up his contract is a step in the right direction when we talk about the need to improve how we move players on. Fingers crossed it works and we bring in a decent fee for him to re-invest


Let’s swap him with Tammy


Please oh Please Lord! Just read the chat on Tammy’s settling in to the England squad. That for for me is part of the true cost of the Laca/Auba stalmate over the past season and a bit. Edu said the only reason we didn’t pull the trigger on Abraham was that we couldn’t get offers for (a) Auba and/or (b) Laca – at least to shift the wages off the books. 32m at the time and we’re now looking at around 70-80 to even talk to the lad! Never mind the pursuit of Osimhen at 90m, which I cannot understand… Read more »


Maybe time to rekindle our interest in Max Aarons as a replacement? What with Norwich being relegated and all.


Hickey can play on both sides. Would bring him and Zinchenko in. Full backs sorted for about 50 Mio.


Mourinho is such a joyless cunt.


He will flirt with the player convince him it’s the right project then back out with hours left for the transfer window to close.


Paris, London, NY, Milano. No 😉


I had the same thought; Milan would be the best destination. Its almost like these football reporters don’t know where its at in the world of fashion…

Kentish Gooner

Roma can f*ck right off, the bunch of dossers.


Why the random haye towards Sergi Olivera in that last line

Chipper 49

Always loved Hector. Even though he didn’t turn out to be the player we hoped he was a great advert for the best aspects of the club and a lovely bloke to boot. So I wish him all the best wherever he goes.
Because I like Hector so much I fervently hope he goes somewhere other than Roma and the sphere of influence of that short-arse Portugese twat!

Heavenly Chapecoense

Whenever our season goes wrong, Bellerin was the Chief Underperformance Officier.


Surely if it’s fashion capitals he’s after he’ll end up at one of the Milans or PSG.


Bellerin is too poor to play for any team in those cities you mention


I do hope the club tell this bunch of piss-taking, time-wasting cunts where to go stick their inevitably-lowballing bid …


Just give them an inflated number to reach (basically whatever we’re hoping for plus a 5 mill Roma-tax) and tell them not to bother calling unless they’re gonna pay it. Wastrels.


Right said!

Merlin’s Panini

I just read he wants us to rip up his contract so he can join Betis. As much as I dislike Moronho I’d rather we got some money for him and given how much we’ve done for him you’d hope he’ll appreciate that.
I thought Milan was the fashion capital rather than Rome though?


He defo deserves respect for the commitment to the club over the years. Ripping up his contract though is a step too far. Yes knocking off a couple of million to make it work is probably the right order of things but not writing off £15million.


He also agreed to a huge pay cut in order to make the Sevilla move happen. We‘ve done it so often in the past, ’ector is the first player I’d have no problem doing it. Like the guy a lot and he deserves to be happy. Have you seen the videos of him and his family after the cup win? Boy needs to go there and enjoy himself. Wouldn‘t get much from an Italian side anyway and everyone knows he‘s not in our plan and in his final year with us. Will get peanuts anyway so if terminating the contract… Read more »

Yep, it’s definitely Milan.

Rome is an absolute dump of a city.

Santi's Thigh Grab

You would know.


Whereas Milan is lovely, with its own sewers and hordes of angry mosquitos.


Fucking autocorrect.

Eric Blair

Rome is twice the city Milan is, but neither are in the top 10 cities of Italy

Kareem Mohamed

I know very little about Italy but I’m surprised to hear that Rome and Milan wouldn’t even make top 10 cities.
I’m unsure if I can even name 10 other cities.

Football knowledge = Naples, Turin, Palermo, Parma, Cagliari,
General knowledge = Pisa, Venice, Florence
Food knowledge = Bolgona
Shakespeare knowledge = Verona

I guess I scraped it.
Still curious to hear your top 10 lol


M*****nho has only a year or so left before he does a José. Good first year, second year the storm clouds gather. Third year he gets all whiny, blames the players and gets himself sacked with a big payoff…

A Different George

I think it’s accelerated in recent jobs–his constant public disrespect of players comes earlier, he loses the dressing room by the middle of the second season, and is gone soon after. (I was really hoping he would be hired by the murderous owners of Newcastle, which would have been perfect.)


Just read Mbappe is considering him for the PSG job. How long till he throws Neymar under the bus?


Depends how long it takes to find exactly the right bus for Neymar to agree to being thrown under.


Wouldn’t harm Neymar at all.

Coz’ Maureen’s bus is always parked!!

Baddabing (exits quietly stage left)


Don‘t eben know if you can call it a good first year. Finished 6th in Anriss poor league. Yes, he‘s won the world famous conference league but if that makes it a good season is up for debate I guess.


It is important to get a decent fee for a decent player, who when happy and in his stride, was actually a good player. But right back was a position that we struggled in due to Tomi injury. I’d rather have a competent Bellerin as back up to Tomi than get a poor measly fee.

Charles Charlie Charles

Piss off Mourinho.


Fuck off Mourinho, you Olympic level of Cunt.


Who the fuck downvoted that?




Hector was a very likeable player, but I don’t mind where he goes now. This club needs to protect its assets and make some money back.

We have given him a big salary for years and cannot just give his registration away for nothing. It’s important for future deals too.


Thing is hector really wants to return to betis, took a pay cut and the betis fans have set up like a funding page for the move. Betis wants to use this against us.

Guns Up

Probably right. But, meaning no offense to them, Betis can fuck right off. This is a business and if they want our player they can pay what he’s worth, or something close to it. Hopefully for Hector’s sake their crowd funding works, but we simply can’t afford to just throw an asset away because Hector’s a nice guy. Arsenal have been quite accommodating just with the loan, but there’s got to be a limit to that.


You don’t have to tell me, that’s what I meant when I said that they want to use the sentiment against us in hopes we’ll just rip up the contract for players sake, who we obviously want to see happy regardless of where he is. Clubs take our kindness for a weakness, just look at the torreira situation, he was great for them, got a free season out of him, scored a lot for them, fans love him and he was their player of month like twice I believe and most importantly, he loves it there. Now fiorentina tell us… Read more »


You forgot the bit where they tell Torreira it was all our fault the transfer never went through, so he throws a hissy fit on social media & demands to go somewhere he’ll play

A Different George

But “what he’s worth” is what someone will pay, but only if Hector agrees to pay for them. If Hector is determined to play for Betis, he can refuse any other sale, stay at Arsenal another year, and then go for free. That may be the right thing for Arsenal: we get a very good second-choice right back who knows the club and the league and is respected by his teammates (assuming, as I think is right, that he remains fully professional during that year). But then he does leave for free.

A Different George

agrees to play for them.

Arteta-tinted Glasses

Rome to become the fashion capital of the world now. Milan and Gazidis in the mud.

Billy bob

Nice description of Moanino 👍


Why are we signing Jesus for 50m when his contract ends in a year’s time


Completely agree. He does even score many goals at City, which is a chance creating machine. I hope he turns us down.

The Far Post

Because he wants playing time to make the Brazilian squad for the WC, which happens in the middle of next season. If we wait, he would find another club, and opportunity gone.


It’ll save Mik’s voice though – he’ll only have to shout GABI!! once from the touchline and 1/3 of the team will listen…


because city have the backing of a nation state, don’t need the money, and can simply send jesus somewhere else rather than a PL opponent


Because his time to save us is now!


Naaaa, Roma became more trashy with Maureen. They won’t pay the value and Belle deserves better

Walter White

Ideally kept him as a back-up, but not with only 1 year left.
He’s still a good player now heading into his prime years. 15m is not too much, but probably decent enough business in this post-pandemic market.

Death by 300,000 Passes

If Hector would agree, I’d gladly keep him as baxk-up right back. Sell Cedric instead, Moronho ideed have some fetish fir Gunners, he’ll buy him too.


after their very public courting of xhaka then claiming they didn’t have any money weeks before dumping north of 40m on abraham, we should allow arsene to call that psychopath and tell him to ‘stick it in yer hoop’


Not the I’m offended but mentioning Portuguese before moron is unnecessary.. Jose mourinho is uniquely in his own mornic state.. Countries secluded


It’s just descriptive so we know which particular moron is being referenced

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