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Report: Fulham in talks over Leno switch

According to reports from James and David Ornstein via The Athletic, Fulham are in talks with Arsenal over Bernd Leno.

The German keeper joined Arsenal in 2018 from Bayer Leverkeusen, ousting Petr Cech from the number 1 position, but lost his place last season after the arrival of Aaron Ramsdale.

With one year left on his contract and a World Cup in November, Leno’s departure wouldn’t be at all surprising, and perhaps as it’s another Premier League club that’s interested we might get a decent fee as opposed to what we might get if he went elsewhere in Europe.

The 30 year old has made 125 appearances in his four years at the club, the last of which was during a 1-0 win over Aston Villa towards the end of the season.

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Lord Bendnter

Can you imagine if we “loaned” him to Fulham for the year? Boy, we would be a joke

Zadok the Regular Priest

Yeah and imagine if we made him retrain as a striker and then played him as backup to Nketiah next season. There’s no suggestion in the article or any other reason to think we’re considering it, but if we did, boy, we would be a joke.

I’m suggesting we retrain Rob Holding as a striker .

Tomaury Bischfeld

Maybe Mari too – then we’d have a Mari holding Jesus front line


Flip I found this funny


Nicely done! Can’t post it here, but if a comment deserved the Chris Pratt “Oh no you di-int!” repeating surprise face GIF, it’s this.


“Mari Holding Jesus” lmao. You win the internet today.

Imagine if we loaned Saliba to Fulham for the year – the internet would crash.


Well, if that happens Fulham will be without there No. 1 in two matches against us. Now tell me who’s the joke here..

Mayor McCheese

Can you imagine if the article didn’t say anything about a loan but we suggested it anyway because of no reason whatsoever? Boy, we would be a joke.

Heavenly Chapecoense

If Ramsdale has failed, there would have been a strong “Arteta Out” push. Arteta made up for buying Runnarson who had kept in touch with one if his assistants. That was almost like Souness recruiting a player recommanded by someone on the phone who pretended he was Weah.


Great keeper


Quality keeper and a few years left in his locker.

Hope we get a decent fee for him.


Fair that take a min of 10 mill for Leno. Time to get back some £££, and not always give away for free


It is frustrating. All we hear about are players that are sold, players that can’t be gotten rid off because clubs are forever bargaining for lower price like Torreira . At the same time, we hear our competitors like Chelsea and even Spurs snapping up players that they want. Looks like purchases will be made at the very last minute as usual and we will suddenly hear of name like Squillaci.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Early days and most top players are on international duty so negotiations would be slow.

But we’ve signed 2 (Turner, Marquinhos).

Sp*ds have signed 2 (Forster, Perisic).

Chelsea have signed no-one – and lost their CB partnership.


3* don’t forget Austin Trusty

Nainsley Aitland Miles

Trusty me when I say I didn’t forget him!

But Arsenal have confirmed the intention is he’ll be loaned out for the 22/23 season.

Tomaury Bischfeld

Don’t really get the Trusty business unless it’s for marketing and having an older presence in the u23s


I’ve always seen it as nothing more then a way to get him a move into European football while Stan also lines his own pockets by negotiating with himself. I don’t actually ever expect to see the bloke in an Arsenal shirt

A Different George

All this stuff about how we wait to the last minute and then get screwed–really? Last summer, we got Odegaard, Ramsdale, White, and Tomiyasu (all starters) plus Tavares and Lokanga. Yeah, I hope we can get things done early, but if we have a similar transfer window again, I’ll be pretty happy.

Walter White

Would have thought more clubs were interested, as he is a quality goalkeeper.
I don’t think any of us saw the need to change him last summer, because he is that good.

Death by 300,000 Passes

Probably more clubs are interested, but are waiting to see how the transfer window develops — if there is no serious interest, they might be able to get the fee reduced. So I find it positive that so early in the window a serious interest appears, no we can hope for a bidding war. He is a quality goalkeeper, would do fine in most PL clubs.


The need to change him last summer was principally driven by his contract, big fear was he was aiming to run it down then join Bayern on a free as is their usual tactic with the top German players. Remains to be seen what being displaced by Ramsdale has done for Bayern’s interest levels. I still think they’d still love to bosman him in a year, but we seem to have rather called his bluff in terms of him playing any football in that year if so. I wonder therefore if Fulham can turn his head with a bit of… Read more »


Either way he’ll probably be off to Bayern next summer anyway cause he won’t stick around for Championship football & we’ve seen this story before I.E Norwich/Watford/Fulham recently


He should have higher ambitions than Fulham.


That is true, but then Edwin Van der Saar also had a stopover at Fulham.

Nainsley Aitland Miles

He seems humble, could be content with a Premier League club, still London based, billionaire owner so may not have to take a drastic wage cut.

Thought maybe West Ham could have gone for him; Fabianski is 37.


Probably end up wishing he’d gone back to the Bundesliga when he realises how much of a coked up nutcase Tony Khan is. Fair play to him for taking any move to help him get to the World Cup, as said on another comment, hope he has a relegation release clause inserted though. Best of luck to him, except when they play us ofcourse

Nainsley Aitland Miles

But Tony Khan is All-Elite.

I hope for Leno’s sake he gets a relegation Get Out of Jail card inserted into his contract.

Seems like a decent guy, good keeper, wish him all the best.

Pity we couldn’t have exchanged him for Fabio Carvalho.


Perisic is a supreme athlete and one of the fittest players in Europe, he will prove to be a valuable signing while Forster is a big upgrade on Golini who frankly had the positioning of an outfield player handed the goalkeepers gloves!

Naked Cygan

Knowing us, we will probably give Fulham 5million to take him. If there was a transfer League table, we would be in the bottom 3 for sure. We are too soft and too easygoing in our negotiations. Sp*rs already got 2 decent players in for free and now maybe Richardson for 52m? Wtf!! Wake up Arsenal!!

A Different George

They got an okay back-up keeper, and a quality player who is quite clearly past his best days. He may help them–but it looks a lot like when we got a quality player, consistent winner who showed little sign of declining, from a very good team on a free. His name was Willian.

Public Elneny

They’ve signed 2 aging squad players, it’s hardly something to be jealous about. And Richarlison is a whole load of hype for a fairly average return, I wouldn’t want us to spend £50m+ on him. But I’m not too pleased we look like spending £40m+ on Jesus either. The problem is when we sell players, we tend to make it totally obvious that they’re not in our plans by the time we get around to it. The players we managed to get decent fees for recently – Iwobi, Ox, Martinez, Willock, looked like they might have played plenty for us… Read more »

Heavenly Chapecoense

At one point, they thought they could count on Okonkwo as No. 2 but the boy had two bad games and they lost confidence in him.

Crash Fistfight

Good point about selling Leno. They could have signed Mat Ryan fairly easily as the back-up.

I agree with everything you’ve said here, basically.

Man Manny

I hope Matt Turner is ready for EPL. Any injury to Ramsdale and we are in uncharted waters.

Tomaury Bischfeld

I wonder if signing Turner and Trusty and influenced strongly by Josh and for marketing purposes. I don’t think the MLS is a reliable breeding ground for Premier League-ready players, particularly if they’re already well into their 20s. Is that part of a well thought out recruitment process or a bit of the little contact book approach? That has seen some fairly shocking signings. At least they are inexpensive but I doubt they’ll play much.


Please sell Saliba too before everyone realizes how bad he is.
Mustafi 2.0 incoming.
You heard it here first.


Silly man

A Different George

Yeah, Saliba has done a fantastic job of fooling everyone. Didier Deschamps, who wouldn’t recognize a good defender if one of them helped him lift the World Cup, has fallen for the ruse.


Btw Mustafi is a world cup winner-2014 you might remember. Some very average players have lifted the world cup Roque Junior, Kleberson and Guivarc’h spring to mind. Also Saliba was pretty much ever present in Marseille’s run to second place in Ligue un last season and deserved his call up- no ‘ruse’ however there are clear flaws to his game still- remember the young man has been loaned out for 3 seasons as he was patently not ready for the Premier League. Even when Arsenal looked very threadbare at the back and in desperate need of reinforcement If you had… Read more »

Kyle C Asamoah

Yeah dude that was more Squillaci than Van Dijk!

The truth is sometimes unpopular.

A Different George

So your trollish post was based on something–on taking one or two actual facts and exaggerating them beyond all context. Saliba is not the finished product, and he makes mistakes, especially when he is part of a completely unfamiliar defensive pairing. But logically, he is likely to get better, not worse. Apparently others agree. Deschamps–who has more good choices in every position than any manager in the world, including Pep Guariola–thinks the very young Saliba is good enough to play for France now and possibly in the World Cup squad. One of the most comical defensive mistakes I have seen… Read more »


Van Dijk! I’ve watched a lot of the player over the last few seasons and was sharing my observations, I cited a recent example from his last game to support my argument, it’s a technique used to back up one’s point and was allowing anyone else to catch up on his progress. He also struggled against Cornelius of Denmark in France’s shock defeat last week and was outmuscled for the winner. As I previously stated his stock is high as he was part of Marseille’s exciting run to 2nd in ligue 1 and merited a call up. Maybe you should… Read more »


Hes young and can learn. Mustafi had already played in the prem with everton and obciously wasnt good enough. Did germany have much choice to play him in the world cup? Is he like maguire and plays well for his national side but is shite for his club team? Dont write saliba off before hes even kicked a ball for us

A Different George

Yeah, that’s not what your original post said. You said he was awful (as bad as Mustafi), though very few people realized it yet. And I said that apparently even people like Deschamps don’t share your view.

So, to repeat, your original post was trollish at best.


Cool your jets bro. Critical objective discussion of a player based on performance with a comparison to an Arsenal alumnus was what I brought forward. Believe the hype if you prefer or take a closer look at the matches and judge for yourself.
Looking forward to seeing the fixtures announced this week.


And perhaps you could raise your point in a more constructive way, rather than stating “I know best, don’t disagree with me!”


Don’t ascribe false quotes to me. Merely stated some observations of having watched the player closely since his signing by the club 3 years ago. Also cited some examples for anyone who wished to catch up, it’s called supporting one’s argument. Anyone is welcome to disagree and once he pulls on the famous Arsenal jersey all here will form their own judgements.

Naked Cygan

I agree with you. I feel like this kid is getting over hyped. The French league is nowhere near as competitive as the Premier League. He deserves to get his time and prove himself in England but the hype is just bollocks.


👍 you’re an invincible bro!


Out of topic, but we do need a CM, or maybe 2.
What do you all think of Ruben Loftus-Cheek?
Good age, English, tall, technically sound, and could likely be gotten with loan and then option to buy.

Xhaka Demus, no Pliers

100% agree, I think he’d be very good for us.

John C

No thanks, but if you’re talking about left field targets i think Dwight McNeil is a good shout for the left 8.

He played there for Burnley against Spurs and looked really good. Could beat a man, drive forward and has a classy left foot.

He’s young, relatively experienced, good defensively and because Burnley have just been relegated could be affordable.

I thought he had the look of a Leicester signing, talented but underrated because he plays for an unfashionable team.

Public Elneny

Surprised he doesn’t seem to be getting much interest from mid-table clubs at the very least. Assuming it’s a similar Fulham to the last couple of times they’ve been in the PL, he’s far too good for them. He’d be a pretty big upgrade for Newcastle, Palace, Southampton, Leicester too with Schmeichel’s struggles last year + his age.

Merlin’s Panini

He deserves a better club than Fulham. Leno is an excellent professional and should be playing at a club in Europe or top half at least. I wonder if West Ham might put in a cheeky bid given Fabianski isn’t a spring chicken anymore.
Despite the money I’d rather see him sold abroad.
He showed when he got games after a shaky start that he still has a lot to contribute.

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