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Torreira: No chance of me staying at Arsenal

It was widely expected that after a successful loan spell with Fiorentina last season, Lucas Torreira would join the Serie A side on a permanent basis.

The two clubs had agreed to a €15m option to purchase at the end of the season, but Fiorentina offered less than half of that to Arsenal, and understandably that was outright rejected.

Any chance of reconciliation or negotiation was put to bed earlier this month when the Uruguay international penned a goodbye to the fans, and since then has been left in limbo with regards to his future.

However, any suggestion he might stay and fight for a place in North London has been shot down, as he made clear his desire to leave stems from being told there was no role for him in Mikel Arteta’s current set-up.

Speaking to local press, Torreira said, “Chances of staying? None.

“From the beginning they told me that I had no place, so my desire is not either to stay since I suffered a lot, it cost me a lot to adapt.”

The Gunners are looking to recoup as much of the €28m spent on him when he joined from Fiorentina in 2018, and he continued, “Any team that wants me has to buy my contract, which today has a value of approximately €15 million.”

The 26 year old has previously expressed a desire to play for Boca Juniors, but given their record transfer remains the £10m paid for Juan Román Riquelme from Villarreal in 2008, it seems very unlikely they’ll come anywhere close to that for Torreira.

It’s a headache Arsenal could have done without, but such are the vagaries of the transfer market, and it remains to be seen where Torreira ends up this summer. It feels like this is one that could drag on late into the window.

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Johnny 4 Hats

I know he’s small but he really should be looking to play for Boca Seniors.

A Different George

Also, Sheffield should try playing on Saturdays.


He’s not the youngest in our squad but he could still play for Young Boys if the worst comes to the worst

John HanCock

“He’s not the youngest in our squad but…” Newell’s Old Boys it is then

Cooked Patino

Bolton would have been nice but I’d love for him to stop traveling to see his family


I feel like he is a player that was woefully mismanaged. I still imagine what he would have developed into if he came at a time when the team had more stability

Des's Hammerhead

Yes, strange to think back to how much we loved him in the first few months.


He really isn’t that good.


Somebody should point out to him that it’s Arsenal who decide where he plays next season. That’s what contracts are for.

Chuck Felsea

That’s actually not totally correct. Arsenal decide if he plays at Arsenal or not, however, they can’t force him to play in a specific other place.
That is why the statement to NOT play at Arsenal is pretty bold, because that is definitely not his decision at all.


Suffered… Ughh. I hope it’s a translation thing. To me he never even really tried to settle in. Good player though.


Cries all the time. mofo should have a crush on ember heard or something.


I think Ember Heard is smokin’….

Left Testicle

Definitely smoking something!


In hindsight I should have gone with ember is smoldering instead of ember is smoking I guess

She’s way out of my deppth.


So what’s your plan for your user name if we sell AMN? Are you going to keep it or change it to something like Remile Mith Sowe or Lalbert Ambi Sokonga?

Determination Cultured

Never loan to fiorentina again, and put in a mendatory purchase clause for loans for players thst we want to sell, like the guendouzi clause


This cry baby needs to go already.

Cygans Parting

Arsenal signed Lucas from Sampdoria.


Lad obviously immature, comments really unprofessional. Can see why he didn’t meet Arteta’s non-negotiables

Funsho Patrick

I wonder what the back up plan for Partey is? Maybe we have to move these players first…hardly ideal…our weakest link is in defensive midfield..


Fully agree. That’s why the rumours about Martinez make sense. DM plus a but more quality depth in attack

The back up plan for Partey is Elneny.


Elneny is good and always gives 100%, but Martinez will add more speed and aggression I think.


That was harsh of Emery to tell him right at the start that he had no place

Heavenly Chapecoense

Emery bought him. That still doesn’t indicate to you that it was Arteta who did not want him?


Ah I was being ironic


Well, to be fair, Torreira was purchased just after Emery joined us but I’m not sure how much influence he had in our transfer dealings (I’m thinking about the Pepe vs Zaha decision for example).


I remember that Emery wanted Nzonzi instead and they gave him Torriera. As much as he is a good player, I don’t think I have seen him win a header in Premier League. If he is to play in this league, he will have to be an offensive player or maybe at right back. Right back will suit him with his energy and technical, but it will be a case of AMN, though AMN is better physically.

Heavenly Chapecoense

I am sure Torreira was winning headers against Holding in training. Mr Holding has such a bad timing that his football height is shorter than Torreira’s.

Trixie Popsicle

Jesus wept……..

A Different George

I think that Boca preference was when he had serious family issues and wanted to be near Uruguay. My guess is he would be happy to play for most Serie A clubs. I think the criticism that he is a “complainer” is both ill-informed and ungenerous.


Well, to be fair, he does kind of complain a lot……


Obv just basing this on what I see/hear like anyone else but the stance he is taking makes me feel that the problem lies mainly with him at this point. Arteta may have a slight penchant for not utilizing players that he ‘doesnt like’, but I would argue any justification for Torreira not being part of the plans would mostly have to do with the fact that he was vocal about not being happy here rather than ability. Everyone was told if you work hard you will have a chance – he decided he wanted none of it. Fair enough… Read more »


For sure the Raul era peed off many a player even a loyal servant like Koscielny and Ramsey and Wenger

I’m not sure what exactly went down with Torreira but he started off well but each time he wanted to get away he burnt his bridges that little bit more


Not exactly a great look for a prospective club

Death by 300,000 Passes

“…The Gunners are looking to recoup as much of the €28m spent on him when he joined from Fiorentina in 2018…”

He came from Sampdoria, actually.


I assume the same statement has been voiced by the club as well. Good luck boyo.


Off topic, but the training photos just got posted on the Arsenal site. Funny to see AMN, Hector, Reiss Nelson back in the mix. Also Rob Holding, looking like a blond Marouane Fellaini.


And Patino took 15 pounds of muscle?


Looks like it right? Took me a second to realise who that was

Nainsley Aitland Miles

There’s been a lot of leftovers in the canteen since Lacazette left.


I thought his pix were photoshopped!

Pat Rice and Beans

There’s a contract which he happily signed in 2018 and its valid till 2023. If there’s no team willing to pay ~€15M, let him train with the reserves and jeopardize his chances to make to the Human Rights WC22®.

Death by 300,000 Passes

And what do we gain by doing this?

Man Manny

I see another loan dea scrambled on dateline day. I hope not.

The £200 million Arsenal lineup we won’t be seeing next season;

Bellerin, Ballard, Mavrapanos, Mari;
Pepe, Guendouzi, Torreira, Maitland-Niles, Nelson;


That is the level of incompetence Mikel has brought in, and arrogance, acting like he’s at city where he can just discard players because he doesn’t like them, instead of developing them – working with what he has and what the club has invested serious money in.

Naked Cygan

Very sad situation. Had high hopes when he signed. He also lost one of his parents. Hope it all works out for both parties and we learn not to let these kind of situations happen again. Will always remember his goal vs sp*rs.

Kentish Gooner

Not being funny, but he’s got two years left on his contract… coming out with a statement like that is BOLD.

He’ll get loaned out but I’d shove him in the reserves. Hasn’t stopped blathering and has been completely unprofessional about the whole thing. I get that he’s had a few personal problems, but at the end of the day if he’s struggling he should call it a day and hang up his boots – or buy himself out of his own contract.


One year left


I bet we struggle to sell Torreira, and he has to go out on loan for the final season of his contract. What a waste.


His complaint seems to be with the “system” plus having been told by Arteta he has no place in it… narrative till now has been that he doesn’t want to play in England. Surely in that case a PL club lower down the table would happily snap him up for 15m… he was a standout at Fiorentina by all accounts, and played 35 games for them

Tierneys Tescobag

I know, but again who is advising him. Him continuing to complain in the media doesn’t help him at this point. If he’d showed more of a fighting spirit, i’d think he’d be more attractive to potential suiters

It Is What It Is

It’s just a reminder to Edu to, maybe, not Saliba him. If it’s a loan or a sale, I’m sure he’d like to start pre-season wherever he’ll be playing. He clearly is not at the top of any ‘To Do’ list. If he does nothing, shame on him. He’s got to prioritise his exit. Buy out his contract, or make more of an effort (I feel if we were doing enough, we wouldn’t have this piece) to move him on. Seems fair. He needs to be placed on gardening leave though. Cannot have him around the team or the youth,… Read more »

The Pommy Gooner

i mean.. he’s not seeking out the media to complain.. he’s being asked a question and giving an answer. It’s not remotely controversial.

Tierneys Tescobag

Check his history. This is his fifth time in the media being discontent with a situation. He’s seeking out the media when his agent goes on air to complain about “bad people” in fiorentina, and himself posting a crying goodbye-letter on instagram blaming bad guys. That’s a couple of weeks ago. And i havent even started with the boca stuff…

Tierneys Tescobag

Honestly, who is advising this guy? I liked him when he came to the team and i know about the tragedy of his mothers passing, but he lives in a fairytale world. Thinks he can just go to boca juniors for nothing when we spent 28mil on him, wheres the respect for our club and what we paid for him? And then everywhere else he’s gone he either complains that he’s not happy in that town or says he loves it but the clubs dont cash him out. With the way he carries himself in the media, never being happy… Read more »


Too true. All this talk about suffering and being mistreated. For pity’s sake man – get your head down, work your backside off, get some game time, do a professional job for a club that pay you handsomely, make the most of living in one of the world’s great cities, and in a year you’re free to do what you want.

I know people like him, but I can’t really see why. Good player, but needs to get his head down and let his football do the talking.

Yellow Ribbon

Thank you. Pointed noted.
Now please find yourself a club and leave.


I feel like every time my guy speaks, he lowers his valuation by a million 🤦🏻‍♂️

Merlin’s Panini

He’s a decent player, Torreira, but I wish he’d just shut his mouth. It is off putting and will only drive his value down.
He seems to be such a whiner. That can’t be attractive to other clubs. Shame.

Eazy Deezy

If anyone wants to buy me, I’m available for just £1m
Bids to [email protected]

Jeremy DG

He’s a tad whiny isn’t he? Also contributing to diminish his own transfer value by speaking out. Kind of sick of this guy.


That’s a good way to get yourself banished from team training. He thinks he’s lonely in London now? This won’t make him any new friends. What an idiot. Buy yourself out of your contract then, Lucas. Oohhhh, right. Monnaaaaayyyyy…’s a gas….

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