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Transfer Tittle-Tattle: Paqueta, Milinkovic-Savic, Tavares, Pepe, Gomez

It’s Friday. It’s quiet. Only one thing for it…a quick peruse of the sports pages for the latest gossip. 

Lucas Paqueta
🛬 Lyon
Source: Various

Something just seems a bit off about this one. It’s as if we enquired about the player earlier in the summer, bought someone else – Fabio Vieira – and the link, instead of dying off, is lingering like a fart on a dance floor. Sure he’s Brazilian, sure we’ve done business with Lyon in the past but we’re not really sure another attacking midfielder is what we’re after right now.  

Poo-o-meter: 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

Sergej Milinkovic-Savic
🛬 Lazio
Source: Various 15-year-old virgins

Charles Watts (good lad) is quoted as saying this link feels like it was made up on social media and we’re not going to disagree. Up to now, we’ve just ignored it but the time has come to give it the poo-o-meter treatment. 

Poo-o-meter: 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

Nuno Tavares
🛫 Real Sociedad
Source: Evening Standard

The Spanish side are said to be rivalling Marseille for a loan of the Portugal under-21 international. Their interest in the left-back isn’t new, they tried to get him to San Sebastian last summer before he agreed terms with Arsenal. Given yesterday’s Zinchenko update, we’re clearly still in the market for someone who can play at left-back which continues to suggest Tavares’ days could be numbered…in the short-term at least.

Poo-o-meter: 💩💩💩💩

Nicolas Pepe
🛫 Leeds United / Sevilla
Source: Diario de Sevilla

Flush with cash from the sale of Raphinha, Leeds are on the lookout for a right-winger with a left foot. We’ve got one of those and he’s not being used so you can see the logic in the link. How much there is to this, it’s hard to say. Leeds are listed alongside Marseille and Lyon in an article about Sevilla’s chances of signing the Ivorian. The only thing that’s certain is that Arsenal will look to offload Pepe this summer if it’s humanly possible. 

Poo-o-meter: 💩💩💩💩💩💩

Sergio Gomez
🛬 Anderlecht
Source: Fabrizio Romano

The Spanish left-back enjoyed an impressive first year in the Jupiler League having joined Anderlecht from Borussia Dortmund last summer. The Germans had earlier snapped him up from Barcelona and sent him on loan to Huesca for a couple of seasons. Presumably the 21-year-old has been flagged by the scouting team after posting impressive figures (15 assists and 7 goals in 49 games) last season. He may well be a fallback option if the Zinchenko negotiations falter. Local publication La Dernière Heure claim to have been in touch with Anderlecht who say they’ve not been approached by anyone. 

Poo-o-meter: 💩💩💩💩

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Source: Various 15-year-old virgins 😂😂😂

Johnny 4 Hats

Hey, we work really hard on our transfer speculation and this is pure slander.


That’s a bit harsh on Romano.


Tielemans and Zinchenko, I’d be ok with that. Add a marque signing on top of that and it’d be our best window I can remember.

Johnny 4 Hats

A marque signing hey…

You thinking Keisuke Honda or David Bentley? Takumi Minimino?


Tent Alexander-Arnold?


If Arsenal were keen on Tielemans, it would have been done by now. The player wants it and Leicester have to sell. It feels like they think there is a better option and it is only the relatively cheap price that is appealing.

Zinchenko is a much better idea to cover both positions and I doubt you could sign him just on the promise of backup to KT.


A marquee signing would be a big show of in tent.


Did you canvas for opinions on that comment, John?


I think he needs to be taken down a peg or two for that one


Such a teepeecal response from John

Left Testicle

Wigwam. Teepee.
That’s too tense.

Left Testicle

…or two tents!

Left Testicle



Summer 2021 begs to differ.


I maintain Tavares is a good enough backup to Tierney. He did really well in his first stint, and was only poor when our midfield was deccimated.

Johnny 4 Hats

Ah, I wish I could agree. And it’s not that I don’t think he’s talented. But against the big boys, I would feel very unsafe with Nuno in there. And he would be immediately targeted by all opposition which is not good for a young players development.

I really think a loan would be great for him with a view to provide cover for Tierney (which basically means playing 20 games a season) the following year.


I am normally completely risk averse, but I found myself mesmerized by the chaos engine that is Nuno. In general I thought he was more a danger to our opponents than to us. The issue here, I think, is that he drives Arteta mad. Here’s my advice to Mikel: don’t strive to be comfortable. Comfort inhibits personal growth. Nuno also adds size, speed, aggressiveness and bravery to a team that has tended to be small, slowish, and physical victims. I understand that bravery and stupidity are often defined in hindsight based on the results. I hope he stays, and does… Read more »

Alan Sunderland

Nuno can’t defend mate. He doesn’t have the basics of full back play that u15s know.

The Real Vieira Lynn

spot on A-nut…the primary impetus behind the MA hiring was his supposed ability to coach-up players, so it’s high time he proved this largely suspect narrative…there’s a lot on offer with Nuno, if given the proper coaching attention and a suitably-designed game script…far too often MA has shown a propensity to cover up his managerial flaws by simply throwing others under the bus…it’s time that both Nuno and our young manager put on their big boy pants

The guy who loves Tierney to bits

I love Tierney to bits, but we need competition for him – not a back up. The most important ability is availability and unfortunately he hasn’t shown he can stay fit over a season.

Let’s get some serious competition- and if tierney plays every game this year I’ll be stoked and Zin can play in midfield instead.


If Zinchenko is signed and Tielemans (or another midfielder) isn’t, then we’ll still need Tavares as backup LB so Zinchenko can take over for Xhaka. We need both deals to go through.


We seem to think that Xhaka won’t be here this coming season! Think there’s a good probability that he will, like it or not!


Oh I have little doubt that Xhaka will be here next season, I just don’t want him starting as first-choice midfield alongside Partey. That’s why we need another midfield signing. Let Xhaka play EL games and provide backup.


The most important ability is availability… Dude, you should be a rapper!!!


I agree. If Tavares had not been benched for 4 months, maybe he wouldn’t have lost so much form. There is a real talent in this player.


Try factor 30 next time.



Tavares’ first stint in the team included 90 minutes at Anfield, 90 minutes at Old Trafford & a half hour at Goodison, all of which were absolute car crash performances from him.

Bleeding gums murphy



He was keeping Tierney out of the side. I agree that he needs to be more polished, but he had some very good performances early in the season. It’s not like there aren’t established left backs who struggle against Liverpool and Man U.


That’s true….but I think there is a huge difference between a player struggling against those teams & a player who just looks like he has no idea what he is supposed to be doing out there. Those 3 games…add in Forest, Palace, Chelsea, Man Utd….at what point do we accept those ‘what i am doing here’ performances are a truer reflection of his level than the odd good game ?


I guess. I feel like early in the season though, I wasn’t left with the impression that he did “okay”. Like he was putting in 7/10 performances. I just feel like there’s a player there, but he has nerves. I think he has the talent, but whether he can sort his head out is another thing. Some players never really get there.


He had 6 PL starts & that one sub appearance v Everton in that spell early in the season and as I said 2 of those starts & Everton he was just terrible. That’s a big percentage, even in his ‘stronger’ spell in the team.
KT didn’t start the season well & Tavares was a shiny new signing = people seeing more in there from Tavares than there actually was during that spell…..(imo obviously…..maybe I’m wrong…)

Johnny 4 Hats

I think with the Paqueta thing, Arteta just thinks that his attacking midfielders can also do a job at WF. That seems to be the Pep model who often plays Bernardo and Foden in the front three.

I think for Arteta, the 10 and the two WF’s are pretty interchangeable.


Sounds like the good old Wenger days. Remember a CL game where we beat Dortmund and Klopp afterwards said that it’s pretty hard to play against a side with 5 number 10s on the pitch.


Paqueta only truly started playing as a 10 last season of I’m not wrong. He’s very versatile and used all over (8, 10, right wing, left wing) but his previous season for Lyon was largely at 8, and that’s where he plays for Brazil as well (his competition there is Fred). Don’t know how much is in these links but IF true i suspect it’s as a left 8 rather than competition for ode/Vieira or saka on the right. looking at some of the high positions xhaka was taking up last season, paqueta would thrive there, he’s fucking excellent. His… Read more »


There have been a couple of journo’s saying that they can’t really get much insight into what Arsenal are actually doing this summer – the Jesus signing clearly was all over the papers, and the Vieira one, just as clearly, wasn’t – i guess it’s back to the ‘pre-interweb’ type days of having no idea what is happening until or unless something is announced, which i think is great. I do wonder whether we are working on a few outgoing deals in order to splurge a little more – we know there are a lot of players who are surpluses,… Read more »


Paqueta link may not be all BS. Whoscored says he has played 5 different positions last season – including center forward, right forward and center mid in addition to his designated role of AMC. If versatility is something we are looking for, he can be considered.

Mark Hazelwood

My brother in law has a Lyon season ticket and rates him very very highly. Says he is their best player and the fans favourite.


Is it true about Omari Hutchinson to Chelsea? If so, thats a shame.

A Voice in the Noise

Would be a HUGE shame! Although I did feel that way as well when Amaechi moved away, and he hasn’t been heard from since.

Also seen whisperings of Barcelona being interested in Marcelo Flores. Hope we won’t lose either of these young lads, but it does seem odd that neither are part of the US tour.


You have missed the big one, I’m afraid: a Gabriel M / Arthur Melo swap. It’s bubbling along. Why I think it will happen: Very appealing for Gabriel M: Will get a lot more money (what happened to his contract renewal?), will get a nailed-on starting position (replacing Chiellini) and champions league football; Arsenal will get about 40 mill and Arthur Melo. Edu has been stalking Melo for 7 months. Couldn’t get him January because the board refused to agree to a loan with financial conditions and Juve walked away. But he has always been the target for CDM (not… Read more »


The Freddo Arthur obsession continues…..


Don’t think Arthur Melo was considered anything more than a short-term option.
It might be that Juve really want Gabriel, but I don’t see us selling this year. Next summer maybe, once the rest of the team is fully functional, and if we find the right replacement.
Time will tell!


He wasn’t short-term. The board killed the deal (said the club blew its transfer budget in the summer) Arteta and Edu desperately wanted him. They now have more funds.

In Arthur’s first year at Barcelona he absolutely bossed the Classicos. Then he got Frenkie de Jong-ed to Juve. Arteta knows his quality.


Tielemania: a system of belief entirely sealed off from reality.

Artetas Assistant

Trust us bro


Respect that you have committed yourself.

Artetas Assistant

Trust him bro


Arsenal now being linked with Topsoba, ANOTHER 50 mill euro, highly technical Left CB. If I didn’t know better, I’d assume that Gabriel is going to Juve.


For Pepes mental health he needs to have a decent season in France with a team who counter attack really well.


Sevilla counterattack. I would love to see what he could do in La Liga!

Vaibhav Pandey

Just read we lost Omari Hutchinson to Chelsea, it seems like a setback, losing a young promising talent to rival. We should have done better there.


If we get Paqueta it’s an indication that Arteta wants to move to a more 433 system. Paqueta has played deeper as some say but it rarely if ever in a two. When playing deeper its as a Wide 8. When Brazil plays 4231 Fred and Casemeiro is in at the base. Would be interesting but I agree it’s a weird rumor. Seeing the Zinzhencko deal seems to moving on nicely. Crossing fingers and toes


Anything on Omari Hutchinson?

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